NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — While Jets fans may disagree, one British psychologist theorizes that Monday, January 17, was the most depressing day of the year.

Psychologist Cliff Arnall has developed a complicated equation on happiness, and contends that the combination of dreary weather, debt from the holidays and broken New Year’s resolutions add up to make the third Monday of January the saddest day of 2011.

The day has been deemed “Blue Monday,” and was a Twitter trending topic Monday morning.

By a similar equation, the same psychologist finds June 17th will be the happiest day of the year.

You tell us — do you agree?

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  1. lozer says:

    i don’t know any more about the day.can some one tell me that?

  2. Antonio J. Paredes Carceller says:

    Could anyone really remember how that day was like unless he won the pools, celebrated his/her birthday or give/receive her/his first kiss? I am sure I couldn’t.

  3. sandrea says:

    duh june 17th is mt birthday 😉

  4. Jessica Sue says:


  5. Roger Laidlaw says:

    I met Cliff once. Nice bloke. He isn’t a clinical psychologist but, I think, a teacher of psychology. I think it’s important to remember his ‘research’ was sponsored by Walls Ice Cream. Remember ice cream? The stuff you eat in, gosh, June, the happiest month. For a research project that may not have been entirely serious in intent it has done very well. It gets mentioned every year here in Britain and evidently now, over there too. See Ben Goldacre’s ‘Bad Science’ blog for a foaming denunciation of the research methodology.

  6. kc says:

    Not for me – just had a new baby born in the family and my late mom’s birthday is today – this child will be special because of their shared birthdays. Sad days come when they come – not when someone tells us they should be sad.

  7. Dave says:

    What if you live south of the equator?

  8. Travist G. Powell says:

    I am always happy,I guess I must be crazy
    but then I am old and see the end in sight sometime in
    this decade for the problems I have on earth.
    No I don’t buy the bible stuff either as I believe there is no afterlife
    and religion is self delusion.
    The only thing I know is that when I am gone catalogs will
    forever be coming to someone at my address with my name on it
    or “current occupant”.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    it is just a study…
    just because you are happy today, doesn’t mean that the statistics are not accurate!

    1. lellana says:

      It’s not a study. According to the article, it’s just an assumption based on an equation of generalized (also assumed) facts. Just like the rest of what they do. They think they can determine how you feel based on the science of their work. Which can be accurate, but I think they should listen more and analyze and assume less. Wanna know how someone feels? Ask. A study of just simply asking how people feel today would give more credible statistics.

      1. lellana says:

        Also, none of the examples in the equations bother me. I didn’t make resolutions. I didn’t put myself in debt for Christmas. I also kind of like dreary weather.

        I am sad, but for more personal reasons. Reasons that have nothing to do with weather or anything world-wide. My own little world has caused me depression. Not the world as a whole. Also, this is NOT the saddest day for me. Well, maybe if it is, the rest of the year should be grande.

        But really. While I don’t mind them playing around with their statistics, just don’t make it a solid fact. At least own up to the fact that it’s an ASSUMPTION about SOME people.

        I hate when they say “ALL people” or otherwise clump humanity up like this.

        I can see where it has the POTENTIAL to be the saddest day.

        Maybe if they’d say it that way, it wouldn’t sound so pretentious.

    2. Diane says:

      Why do you have to call people idiots?

  10. Carl McMurtry says:

    i just hate mondays anyway.

  11. stretch 56 says:

    If you can still poop, everythings fine. What he needs is an enema! LOL

  12. sunshine says:

    oh this explains why I feel sick it’s not cause I have the flu! what a relief!

  13. Happy Man says:

    The whole winter I feel sad,its cold you cant excercise or go for walks because its damn freezing,the sun is out and I am alive so I am happy.

  14. Patrick says:

    so….we should go around and say to people, “HAPPY SADDEST DAY!!!!” ????

  15. barbara says:

    amen, this BS. Of course, he is a freaking liberal.

    1. john riker says:

      he’s british their idea of liberal is different than the United States, did you read the article?

  16. James says:

    First a prayer for Dr. Martin Luther King whose noble efforts were thwarted by an assassins bullet. Next, when you have God in your life, anytime you begin to feel depressed, you can communicate with our heavenly father through prayer and ask him to help you with whatever troubles you. Lastly, I would encourage you to attend a religious institution of your faith (because I am open minded to understand that not everybody believes in God) and associate with your brothers and sisters. Thank you God for blessing me with a wonderful wife.

    1. JR says:

      Your words are so nicely expressed and true. Thank you

      1. Diane A. says:

        I think I’m in love… ♥

        Just kidding. I love what you wrote. :o)

    2. Charlene says:

      Amen James! I thank God for each and everyday day that he gives me & I also thank Him for Dr. Martin Luther King. May all your God given days be blessed!

  17. DanTe says:

    The saddest day of the year is a day where the patients don’t kill the quacks call psyhco logists.

  18. martin fano says:

    Rubbish!….Great day…if you are stupid enough to have overspent at Christmas and ended up with a largr bill oh with it. More statitistics…I will not be told how to feel today….I feel fine….it is a nice day…

    1. Libby K says:

      I’m with you Martin. I feel great today. Life is what you make it so make it good – no matter what day of the year.

  19. Tariq Mahmood says:

    A sad day for all is wrong idea. For us and many I know it was a normal, perhaps good day.

    Psychology is personal behaviour not universal.

  20. maxwell says:

    Any day off from work is a happy day!

    1. DIane A. says:

      LOL!!! True, true!!!

  21. Jose says:

    WRONG Today does not make me sad. Sad is when we don’t celebrate Veterans Day, July 4, Presidents Day. Those are the days we need to celebrate and close schools and government offices.

  22. Jamie says:

    Well, I say why put out there a predicted feeling telling people how they should be feeling on this day, encouraging people to feel sad for no reason, really!!

    I had the best nights sleep in a week and woke up happy and have a day full activities to attend with a really good friend, so I’m choosing to be really happy today and I hope others will choose to be happy anyway, besides we individually desides our own happiness, it comes from within

    And to the person who’s friend said that you only got the interview because you were unattractive, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and believe me when I say if you believe you’re beautiful and attractive I mean really believe that, then so will others, it’s something about confidence,

  23. Joe Sr says:

    At my age everyday is a geed day, a very good day.

  24. bb says:

    Everybody is different. The saddest day in the world for me is Dec. 26th, the day after Christmas.

  25. Bill says:

    I got up this morning and intended to go for a walk, but it was such a struggle. I felt something was not right. I felt so tired and worn which was very unusual. When I read this article I had to laugh and said ..oh that is why. My first thought was that the moon change was affecting me. There could be some truth in it.

  26. trip says:

    better double up on my meds.

  27. cpotter says:

    I believe it is all in attitude and optimism! I feel every day I wake up is a good day!!

  28. Ellen says:

    Well, I’m depressed right now. Rain, sleet and snow coming our way once again. God the snow is bad enough but put ice on top of that and it’s scary to say the least. And on top of that The Pats lost.

  29. UJ says:

    BS. Everyone is different so you can not accurately predict something like that.

  30. mimi says:

    yes from morning it just sounded worse and even got worse when a friend told me the only reason we got the interviews was because we were unattractive i was like wow she really has the nerve to say something like that are there people out there with feelings….really..

  31. DAFG says:

    I’ve been wondering why I’ve been in a low-key mood all day, guess that explains it LOL

    1. joeywest1 says:

      DAFG, All day?! Your comment was posted at 9:47 AM.

  32. greedo says:

    VERY curious … I woke up this morning having had one of the worst nights sleep in a long time. And as I was thinking about why, trying to figure out if it was due to something physical or psychological, I came upon this little article. Coincidence … perhaps … perhaps not. Maybe there is something to it.

    1. Native Noo Yawker says:

      i thought han solo killed you?

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