NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Giants safety Antrel Rolle is at it again.

While New York’s outspoken defensive back softened the blow by calling Tom Coughlin a “very caring, honest guy” on Monday, he also delivered strong criticism for the Giants’ “uptight” head coach.

“That’s where the problem comes with me, as a coach. When you’re talking about the coaching side of things, do I feel like things are a little too uptight? Yeah, I do,” Rolle told WQAM’s Sid Rosenberg. “If he just loosened up just a little bit, run the ship the way you want to run it, run the program the way you want to run it but let us have a little fun, because at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about.

“He has to understand we have a great team, we don’t have guys with discipline problems. We’re going to pretty much handle our own outside of football. When it comes to football we’re going to take care of our business on the field. Just let us have a little fun a little bit, man. I like the coach, I understand what he’s trying to do but he has to understand it’s 2011, man, things have changed.

“At the end of the day, yeah, we’re professional athletes, we get paid a lot of money to do what we do but we’re all human. No one is a robot at this level. We do have feelings, we like to have fun.”

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According to Rolle, the Jets owe a lot of their success to chemistry, something he says the Giants are lacking.

“I’d like to see the Jets take it, I honestly would. I’m a firm believer in you get what you deserve. They’ve been working hard all year long,” Rolle said. “Do I think they’re the best team out there? I don’t think they’re the best team out there. You can name a lot of teams better than them. If you match us up against the Jets, do I think they’re a better team? No, I don’t think so at all.

“But when it comes to their chemistry, I think their chemistry might be better than ours. I think they have a lot more fun than we have.

“People want to talk about Rex Ryan and this, that and the other. That team is going to war for him, they would die for him.”

The Giants had hopes of playing for an NFL title in Dallas in February, but their postseason playoff hopes were dashed in December when they blew a 21-point lead against Philadelphia on Dec. 19 in the NFC East showdown and then lost to the Packers in Green Bay the following weekend to lose control of their playoff destiny.

While they salvaged a 10-win season, their playoff hopes had vanished when the Packers wrapped up the final wild-card berth with a win over the Bears.

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  1. GiantFan says:

    Mr. Jet21 have fun watching the Steelers play your Superbowl. Please take the loudmouth Rolle to play for your loud mouth coach. All talk.

  2. Alex says:

    This kind of stuff should be kept in-house. If Rolle has something to say to his coach, it shouldn’t be communicated by taking jabs at him through the media.

  3. Johnny Blaster says:

    After the Giants fell apart for the second year in a row. This moron needs to get a clue. We the fans pay their salary threw the costs of tickets and everything else that is going up in the NY area. It’s time to step up, this guy turned on the fans and his coach , he was a bad free agent pickup and it time to move on….

  4. ttc says:

    maybe if rolle could run a defense consistently, the Giants would be in the playoffs.

    1. Tom F says:

      that’s the trouble with a lot of players everything has to be fun, well your paid to do a job the way the boss tells you; if you want to be the boss buy your own team. we dream about the salaries of professional athletes; many of us could care less if we had fun making that kind of salary

  5. Buster says:

    Rolle is simply not a fit for the Giants in his demeanor. He’s criticized the fans and the coach now several times. Trade him.

  6. Devenio says:

    “I understand what he’s trying to do but he has to understand it’s 2011, man, things have changed.” These young idiots these days… Fool he is the COACH! He doesn’t have to understand anything! You need to understand. How many teams have you coached youngster? None? How many superbowl rings do you have? Then please shut your high priced mouth. After the Philly game, you all should have been fired. Only dead people can be winning by such a wide margin and loose! Worthless. I’m a huge Giants fan but you guys were not better than the Jets this year. If you were, you’d been headed to the NFC championship game instead of being home running your damn mouth.

    1. Devenio says:

      …and another thing…. When I go to work, I don’t get to have fun and you more than likely make in a day what I make all year. So no fun for you.

  7. Mike says:

    I would like to ask Rolle if he was on the field when the Giants played Philadelphia in December. Was he having “Fun” that day? I can tell you as a 50 year New York Giant Fan I was not. Maybe this guy should see if he could play somewhere else. Just another talented player player who has a big mouth.

  8. Rich says:

    Err, Amen, that is…

  9. Mark says:

    Can someone remind Rolle that Coughlin has a Superbowl and Fat Rex DOESN’T! Rolle needs to just shut his mouth and play football. All he does is run his mouth and not back it up. Until he wins a Superbowl too I think he should keep his comments to himself. Let’s not forget that it was his defense and especially his secondary that lost that Superbowl for the Cardinals back in 2008. He can go have fun in his offtime with his record breaking contract. Lets just trade him to the Jets so that he can be happy. He seems like he fits with that team anyway. A trash talking loud mouth who hasn’t proven anything yet. We can trade him, keep Grant and go out and sign Nmada Asomugha. The team would be better for it.

    1. MrJet21 says:

      Spoken like a true bitter giants fan….Handle your own disfunctional family over there, we have a Super Bowl to attend shortly….

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