NEW YORK (AP) — A drug raid in the Bronx went awry Saturday when a police officer accidentally fired his gun and wounded the suspect’s elderly father, authorities said.

The shooting happened at around 7 a.m. as a tactical squad entered an apartment in the Soundview section to arrest a man on a narcotics charge.

One of the arresting officers, Andrew McCormack, inadvertently discharged his weapon, striking the 76-year-old in the stomach, according to a law enforcement official who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the ongoing investigation.

McCormack is the son of a police officer who was killed in the line of duty in 1983. He was a child when his father, Joseph McCormack, was shot by a mentally disturbed man who had barricaded himself in a Bronx home.

The man wounded in Saturday’s raid was hospitalized in stable condition, authorities said. He is expected to survive.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly visited the man at Jacobi Medical Center on Saturday afternoon, police said. The commissioner also met with members of his family.

The drug suspect, Alberto Colon, 41, was in custody and wasn’t available for comment. Heroin was found in the apartment, the police department said, but charges hadn’t been formalized.

Colon’s father wasn’t alleged to have done anything wrong or to have had any knowledge of his son’s crimes, police said.

McCormack has been on the police force for 11 years. After his father was killed, his mother, Susan McCormack, co-founded Survivors of the Shield, a support group for the families of slain police officers.

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  1. Scott says:

    Come on, it was an accidental discharge. Police responded to actual drug related call. Drugs were found in residents. A crime!, This cop followed his fathers footsteps, he and his family grew up without there father, a hero!!! So, get over your talk of charges and suits. The guy is only human, and we all make mistakes.

    Try to remember, 11 years on the job, the loss of his father as a child, and his mother’s dedication to help other family’s of slain officers. Give the guy a break.

  2. Andy Buck says:

    Blame the drug dealing son for putting his elderly father at risk, not the cop.

  3. Officer Joe Bolton says:

    Sitting here on my $75K a year pension watching a group of ignorant, illiterate vermin criticizing the actions of a man who works to keep them safe. None of you have any idea what it takes to do the job each and every day. Glad to be retired from the NYPD so I can sit here and laugh at you miserable mongrels.

  4. The BS press says:

    The big zeros do another number. Press is there crying the tears about his dad. He knew the deal when he took the job and was looking for a pension. Now taxpayers will pay the price too now

    1. Officer Joe Bolton says:

      That’s life. Get over it and quit your bellyaching. At least he is doing something for the people of this city.

      What have you done for others lately?

  5. ringo says:

    i wonder if there is a parallel universe where justice would dictate that the suspect would now be allowed to shoot the police officer’s father. that would be a strange universe to live in. i have a feeling that by even writing this, i have now created that universe. boy, quantum physics sure is a mind bender.

    1. Officer Joe Bolton says:

      Step away from the bong. The universe will then resume normal operations.

  6. Jack O says:

    Time for Civil Law Suit – Wrongful Shooting of bi stander.

    1. Officer Joe Bolton says:

      It’s bystander you blow hole.

  7. oswald says:

    One of the problems we face with many police officers is what is known as “juicing”. The illegal use of steroids and human growth hormones by cops. This can lead to excessive rage and a possible lack of judgment. This is a frightening trend within the law enforcement community.

    1. Officer Joe Bolton says:

      How you determine that the officer involved is a juicer from the article is beyond me.
      I’ve got it now!

      You’re just another ignorant blowhole spouting off at the mouth without having a single clue as to what happened and not one iota of intellect or evidence to back your position up.

  8. Ran says:

    Te cop just get nervous. He probably has no recollection of the actual shooting until after it happened. It’s always stupid for them to have their guns out of the holsters and this is the result. He did not went to the apartment to shoot anyone but with gun drawn anything can happen.

  9. Gnasher says:

    It was an accident.
    Not attempted Murder!!

    1. Vincent LoRe says:

      The gun is not supposed to be out of the holster!

  10. Vincent LoRe says:

    The victim was complying with the search warrant. The cop’s gun should have been in his holster. So what if his son is a drug dealer – that’s no reason for him to get shot.
    The cop should be fired and charged with felony assault. He is trained to know better. It is another case of NYC trigger happy police at their best.

    1. Ant928 says:

      And you have experience with this? These guys are on the line day after day. Until you walk a beat…shut your mouth and just say” Thank you”.

      1. Oh Vey! says:

        First there are plenty of cops that get rosy patrols. Second there are corrupt cops and there are plenty of cops who should not be cops. Too many bigots from LI make their way onto the force. Why did the NYPD fight to not have cameras mounted onto the cars? Everyone knows most cops have a I can do what I want mentality and I’m a hero.
        Real heros do not get paid so see an example of those real hero’s who risked their lives. NYPD and FDNY use hero because they want more money. In the bad old days in the Bronx many cops would not respond or get out of their cars. Look at some cops and wondered how they were able to afford to send their kids to expensive colleges. Plenty were on the take. Did you see the recent mob roundup?
        With this said there are some good cops but unfortunately the bad seem to stand out more. Yes I have seen plenty so instead of disliking IAB you should appreciate them since they are cleaning the bad cops out and not act like a gang member and keep your lips sealed. Rat any dirty cop out. BTW this will cost the taxpayers plenty of cash now and really the guy is 75 years old.

    2. Officer Joe Bolton says:

      Just because you keep bleating “the gun should have been in his holster” does not make it correct procedure. Try getting a clue about the topic before you open your trap in public. You will embarrass yourself less frequently.

  11. JL says:

    look at it that way father was acop shot in the in the same town geust what i will will happen the cop will get some kind of therapy and that thats look and see

  12. Johnny says:

    Is the cop going to be charged with attempted murder and felony assault against a civilian?

    1. Lutgardo Rodriguez says:

      He will be rewarded with his pension at such young age; God bless him:this is NYPD

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