ALBANY, NY (AP) – New York lawmakers are considering what could become the first state ban on electronic cigarettes, devices touted on the Internet in ads promising all the pleasures of smoking without the deadly health threat.

Health officials say e-cigarettes are just another addictive habit, one that can hook kids early and legally on smoking. But advocates who have used the devices to quit or cut down smoking tobacco call the battery-operated smokes a miracle.

“I got interested in this because I saw all these ads for e-cigarettes, so I did some research,” said Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, a Manhattan Democrat. “I found what is in the e-cigarettes is a mystery.”

She wants to ban e-cigarettes in New York until they are more thoroughly investigated and regulated. The bill could be voted out of the Assembly Health Committee as early as Tuesday, said Rosenthal, a 20-year smoker who quit more than a dozen years ago.

Her bill was approved in the Assembly last year but stalled in the Senate, which was then controlled by Democrats. Senate Health Committee Chairman Kemp Hannon, a Republican, said the bill likely will be considered by his committee and a hearing may be held, but it’s too early to predict what will happen with the proposal.

E-cigarettes have prompted debate nationwide since they became widely available in the United States in 2006. But as either a tobacco cigarette substitute or a much more extensively tested and restricted drug-delivery device, the future of e-cigarettes will likely be decided by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA lost a court case last year after trying to treat e-cigarettes as drug-delivery devices, rather than tobacco products, because e-cigarettes heat nicotine extracted from tobacco.

Powerful lobbies are involved. If treated as a tobacco product, e-cigarettes would avoid the research and trials required of competitors in the pharmaceutical industry, including anti-smoking patches and inhalers. As a medical device, e-cigarettes could draw opposition from that powerful lobby as a fresh and less expensive competitor.

Advocates of e-cigarettes are now watching New York “very closely. They kind of snuck up on us,” said Elaine Keller of Springfield, Va., vice president of the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association.

“I would still be smoking if not for this product,” she said.

Keller said she has been tobacco free since March 2009 after 45 years of smoking. She said her group amounts to a grass-roots effort of those who feel the government has blocked this “miracle” product.

“There is no industry support on this thing at all,” she said of the organization. “We want to keep it this way so no one can say we are a shill for the tobacco, drug or e-cigarette industry.”

She also tries to recast the safety question.

“I can’t point to anything to say it’s 100 percent safe,” Keller said. “The thing is, it only needs to be safer. The only standard is that it’s safer than smoking.”

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  1. J Coffey says:

    Can be addictive,come on anything can be addictive. I quit smoking over a year ago with a E-Cig and couldn’t be happier.I feel 1000 times healthier and I save money too.
    This cuts into Tax revenue from Regular cigarettes plain and simple.
    Nicotine is no more harmful than Caffine.
    This country is so stupid..sigh

  2. Your blog actually hits home relating to cigarette smoking, I’ve successfully converted to ecigs and take pleasure in the considerably more. Smoking is often a terrible habit, I have to know, I’ve been smoking for 40 years. I got a hold of one of those electronic cigarettes about a year ago and haven’t picked up a actual cigarette because. If you happen to are a smoker, it’s best to give them a attempt, just do a search on the net under ecigs. You will not be sorry.

  3. Charly says:

    Hrrr, I cant believe this!!! I don’t know whats going on in the minds of the politican!? I live in New York and just researched about the electronic cigarette and came across this article REALLY don’t understand why they ban it…

  4. Alex says:

    Why don’t they just come out open about their goals?!
    Why just not to admit: We want you to die you selfish greedy multiplying animals.
    We don’t want you to smoke anything that’s natural. We want you to smoke tobacco poisined cigerettes and continue getting lung cancer.

    When will you people understand that money is not their main concern (they have billions and trillions by other means of stealing from you). Their main concern is population control!!!

  5. Emmitt Warden says:

    Pssh. As if the American or any State government has ever had the health of the people in mind. Alcohol: Legal. Cigarettes, Cigars: Legal. Petrol Cars: Legal. All of these things cause cancer; in one form or the other, but looking at the alternatives. Electronic Cars: Stopped. E-Cigarettes: On the way to being stopped. Prohibition: Stopped.
    The point of fact here is freedom and revenue. Freedom that ‘every’ adult American should have; to do whatever they want to themselves as long as it isn’t harmful to anyone else. Yet, alcohol causes many deaths by drunk drivers, people die everyday due to secondhand smoke, and many ‘accidental car deaths’ are because someone forgot to turn off their bloody engine. Now reviewing this, e-cigs cause almost no harm to the person using them and no harm to the people around them. Prohibition reduced violent crime in the states. As well as e-cars could stop pollution being released into the atmosphere.

    Now as all of these do not need regulation, they also provide no revenue. Stopping the sell of alcohol requires a simple law, yet takes away from alcohol sales tax as well as mandatory and regulatory taxes on alcohol itself. (Corn or Potato alcohol made at home is illegal.) Electronic Cigarettes takes away from revenue based on tobacco tax, as they contain no tobacco, and help to prevent people smoking real cigarettes (analogs). E-Cigs are also more affordable, are not diluted to 8 major producers, have competitive pricing and are safer than real cigarettes (3-6 chemicals in e-cigs compared to over 4,000 in real cigarettes of which 47 are cancer causing. E-cigs mainly contains nicotine and propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is approved by the FDA for human consumption.) E-cars use no petrol (gas) and that is easy to figure out. Gas is around 4.8 – 10 pct of an americans paycheck: 4.8 pct from; around 10 pct from my own experience.

    Now say they care for anyone in your family, even children.

  6. Brenda, RN says:

    Come on NY, maybe us smokers want to have e-cigarettes to help improve our health and finances. Keep your nose out of our business and your hands out of our pockets !

  7. Sassy says:

    Dollars to donuts people, this is the replacement for the real thing. Unfortunately, the govt started a crusade against cigs which really picked up momentum thus leading to people quitting, thus leading to less tax income, thus leading to the high prices on cigs today (because they have to make up the difference). They basically cut off their nose to spite their face. So, let’s mainstream a product that is similar without all the toxins….keep the nicotine so addiction is still the main component. Let’s then leak some propaganda about it…that it may not be safe…that it may be considered a tobacco product because it delivers nicotine……Hey……why not let us, the govt manage this product….. we’ll make sure it’s safe……we’ll have it studied by the FDA and once we say it’s safe…..ooops, I mean.they say it’s safe…….we’ll then tax it!!!! Voila…social problem solved……taxes flowing again….lobbyists all happy!!!! Wow….it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out! If they can send rockets to the moon, they certainly can find a substitute for cigarettes. NO way our govt does anything solely for the good of the people whether they are banning something or inventing something….there is alway some type of financial gain involved. Just sayin!!!!!

  8. LISA says:

    why is ny politicians worrying their little heads with this product, there have been petitions and letters all over the place to prevent this ban. if you wanna ban the e-cig (e-ni ELECTRONIC NICOTINE INHALER) cause they THINK its dangerous.. how about banning cigarettes in general. ive been a smoker since the age of 15, im 25 now, i got into smoking because its readily available. i have tried everything i could to quit since i was 19. patches gums.. spent hundreds on chantix which physically made me ill. these devices can help alot of people, these are NOT for kids and are NOT being sold to appeal to children or ones who are under the age of 18. these are for ones who are already smoking and would like an ALTERNATIVE see that ALTERNATIVE… but cause the politicians are so ignorant and know nothing about this product and what it can do to help many who try to avoid cigarettes but cant. try for once ny politicians and spend my tax money on things that matter please. go ahead and ban the ecig.. but to be fair go ban the tobacco companies from selling cigarettes too cause we ALL know that kills millions. we will always find an alternative .. people will drive out of state, move even.. stop trying to be money hungry freaks. thanks..

    happy vaping everyone.

  9. LISA says:


    shut up.. you know nothing

  10. Smells Beautiful Michele says:

    I have a great idea….why dont we let the pharmacutical companies sell the E-Liquid for the E-Cigarette….oh we cant do that….why….there are no harmful side effects…..Linda Rosenthal i commend you for being an ex-smoker….but what works for you just may not cut it for others… we are using this alternative of E-Cigarettes….dont you have some other bad habit you should be working on (cause no one is perfect) and let us who are trying to quit our bad habits ALONE…Sincerely Michele from NJ who feels and smells beautiful because of E-Cigs

  11. Professor says:

    The FDA is the Organ Grinder
    and Linda Rosenthal is their “Little Monkey”

  12. leo46 says:

    Though I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY…all I can say is thank God I’m leaving this stupid city!!!!!!! Amazing how stupid and ignorant these politicians are..if this idiot feels so strongly about e-cig, then why are the tobacco industry still thriving..the hypocrisy of the politicians and as for New York City? Good riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. MARIA says:

    I smoked for more than 35 years . The last few I had developed chronic bronchitis and asthma . tried EVERYTHING to stop MANY times . For the last year and a half I am smoke free . I inhale and exhale naturally flavored vapor with zero mg nicotine . I have a new life . I don’t use inhalers or meds anymore ,I’m back at the gym . PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t ban this lifesaving product . Big Pharm and tobacco greed is fueling this ban , blood will be on big Nannies hands.

    1. barbara says:

      First it was second hand smoke, not it is concern that children will use the e-cigarette. Bull! I have yet to see anyone under age with this device!

      1. candi says:

        I am confused. The FDA knows what is in cigarettes and that they areaddictive. They come with warnings on them, that they cause cancer, yet they are sold openly and children can buy them. Now their concern is e-cigarettes and they should be banned because they don’t know what is in them and children might get ahold of them? Why are cigarettes OK, but not water vapor? Could it be the tax dollars? I wonder if the state and the pharmaceutical companies made money off of them, if they would then be OK?

    2. Kathy Piatko says:

      My husband had smoked for over 40 years with no desire to quit. A heart attack and 4 stents later, we bought him the electronic cigarette even before he came home from the hospital. I cannot tell you how much this has helped him. You can get different levels of nicotine, which we have gotten my husband “0” nicotine which is even better. People want to quit cigarettes and this seems to be a popular product that is helping greatly, but once again the great government of NY State has to interfere and put their 2 cents in. If something is working for a person and it is safer for themselves and others, why not let it be? All New York State wants is the revenue from the cigarettes that are sold. They are a greedy bunch of polititioners who only care about their own salaries and not the welfare of the general population. It’s no wonder no one wants to live in New York State anymore. Too many rules and regulations. If the e-cigarette keeps my husband from smoking and satisfies his craving for regular cigarettes, then I am all for it. It’s only water vapor, hardly harmful to anyone. Of course, children should not be able to buy them. Actually, they should just ban regular cigarettes if they want to ban something harmful. Little by little the government is taking away our rights. They need to be stopped right in their tracks! Is there nothing else more important going on to vote on other than this???

    3. Smells Beautiful Michele says:

      Ok Linda Rosenthal here is a wonderful example of a woman who is actually vaping with ZERO mg of nicotine…..why would anyone want to ban something that is working for this woman….keep up the good work Maria…..I am at 30 mg of nicotine and looking forword to the day I am at ZERO mg….i would say take care Maria….but it looks like you are already taking care…..of yourself….Michele from NJ

  14. Aunt Bo says:

    I put this up there with hot dogs, baseball and apple pie…come on NY…pull your head out of your butt and join the rest of America…It works!!! Gee, I wonder if President Obama used an e-cig when he tried to quit???

  15. Happy to be smoke free says:

    The flavors attractive to children are not e-cigarettes; they are called e-hookah and they don’t deliver any nicotine- or smoke! It’s water vapor- flavored water vapor.

    Get over it!

  16. Happy to be smoke free says:

    I am completely uninvolved financially with e-cigarettes, except for the fact they save me over 5 bucks a day, not to mention the danger to my health and other people’s health now that I’m not polluting the environment with real cigarettes. I’d like to remind those without pity and without souls who claim we’re still smoking that there is no fire and no smoke in an e-cigarette and that if you knew me you’d be glad I have this alternative. KPMc, how much worse could the long term effects be than actual cigarettes? If you’re scared, don’t buy any.

  17. Jimmie says:

    I would also like to hear that all those voicing opinions in here in favor of the vapor stick are NOT retailers or distributors of the product. Be honest.
    Seems like the most ardent supporters seem to know the most about the product (as if the sell them). And why do they sell them in flavors that are attractive to children?

    1. Karen C. says:

      Probably the same reason vodka can be purchased with raspberry flavor. It’s because now that we have our taste buds back, even though we are ADULTS, we actually like flavor.

    2. Brewlady says:

      Ardent supporters of this product don’t have to be vendors. There are thousands of adult Americans, like me, that stumbled on this product and found it actually worked. Once I discovered vaping, I learned all I could about the product, because it made no sense to me why a product invented to reduce harm would be something the FDA was against. This innovation is the only thing that actually got me off tobacco, and I will advocate for it to remain available to me until I take my last smoke free breath.

  18. Jimmie says:

    Two things about these comment amuse me.
    First, how can anyone say they have stopped smoking in one sentence and then say they are ‘smoking’ the vapor sticks. Isn’t that still smoking? The real difference is not getting all the lovely chemicals the tobacco companies add to traditional cigarettes. Your brain has no idea what you are smoking, just that you are smoking. Could be a pipe, cigar, bong, joint or cigarette. How does sucking on one of these things make you think you are a non-smoker?
    Secondly, why are smokers in such denial about what harm smoking does? Anytime there is a discussion about raising taxes or banning smoking from certain areas the smokers go crazy. Just stop smoking and you don’t have to be bothered with it all.
    I just celebrated my 6 year quitaversary from a 35 year pack and a half per day addiction. I used the quit smoking laser therapy and it was like a miracle, no pain no drugs and I was a non-smoker after just one treatment.

    1. Happy to be smoke free says:

      How nice for you.

      I guess you think everyone experiences it just the way you did, except we’re all whiny babies.

      I tried laser, and it worked for me for about 24 hours. I can’t adequatelty describe how hard it has been for me to quit except to say that people who talked me into trying usually buy me cigarettes after a few days.

      They are loving my e-cigarette.

    2. Brewlady says:

      There is no smoke, since nothing burns. The liquid is vaporized. We aren’t in denial, but we are smart enough to realize that we don’t want to keep smoking. The last time I tried to quit, I was using the patch. That ended the day my aunt and uncle were killed in a head-on collision. A truck crossed into their lane and killed my aunt instantly. Sorry, but every time I tried to quit after that, the association was there. We all know people who should quit but can’t. Would you rather that we continue to smoke because this wonderful innovation wasn’t around when you quit? I congratulate you for quitting, but you don’t have the right to tell me what to do.

    3. Chinelasone says:

      Just because you have $$$$ for expensive surgery that does not mean that you can bash on the majority. You sought out a solution for your problem. Why do you have to pick on the solution for others? Also, I am not a reseller but have just started on the e-cig about 2 weeks ago. Heavy cigarette smoker and have not touched the regular cigarettes since! How can you say stop smoking on one sentence and on the 3rd sentence you mentioned that you used laser therapy. Jim my boy…bottom line is your an idiot!

      1. Jimmie says:

        I spent less on the laser therapy (not surgery) than you are spending for your vapor stick ongoing nicotine addiction . My $249 vs your ???
        Nice to see you had to resort to name calling in an open discussion.

    4. LISA says:

      good for you jimmie, not everyone can have such will power. we physically need the nicotine.. as a bio researcher, it is in fact the same category as caffeine.. they need to do THEIR rsearch before they can try and ban this. we are not in denial of anything, we are essentially inhaling water vapors laced with nicotine (which is NOT sold to minors).. like a humidifyer,. why not ban them? good luck staying quit…

    5. Richard says:

      probably cause its just habit to say smoking. Its not smoke. Its vapor. we all know that. Banning the ecigs would be proof that our government wants us all dead and taxed all the way to the grave.

  19. ace says:

    bullcr@p!!! im mad that they baned e-cigs in NY! ive been vaping for almost a year now and im cigarette free, considering that im 22 and ive been smoking for 5 years now. its so much better. my e-liquid had the ingredients on the bottle. does cigarettes have it on the pack? NO!!!! all in it is nicotine, glycerin, and flavoring from lorans flavoring.. btw nicotine dosnt cause cancer, its an addictive substance that is as addictive as coffee… lets shut down Starbucks if this is the case. i dont want twacked out people on my street high on caffeine if thats the case. its MURDER if they ban this. its gonna mean its gonna come to California and i would have to go back to smoking!!! thanks RJ renolds. my doctor even said its better for me. i dont smell like an ashtray, i smoke in my car with people in it. i have friends that complement me on the vapor smell. ( the best one is fruit punch, and its tasty!!!)

    1. Mike says:

      Actually they aren’t banned yet. It just passed in the assembly. It still has to get thru the Senate.This gives us citizens some time to educate these nanny politicians on the benefits of this amazing product. Thousands of people have quit tobacco cigarettes using this device when all seemed hopeless after trying the various other remedies..Do they even research this before this rush to judgment? The fact is is that these are proven to be 100 times safer than traditional cigarettes, have been on the market for several years and are being used worldwide with no ill effects reported.

      Banning this miraculous device would be a slap in the face to all us hard core smokers that tried so hard over the years to quit and never could until the e-cig arrived. They should be thrilled with the amount of people quitting!

      Banning this product will only send the message that they don’t care about our health, only the tax dollars lost from people quitting. It’s their own fault really. If taxes weren’t so high i’d probably still be smoking. I should actually thank our tax happy politicians for making taxes so high on cigs that they became unaffordable for a good majority of us.

      I should note that e-cigs aren’t advertised as quit smoking devices. They are smoking alternatives. You’re puffing in air vapor laced with nicotine. It satifies you’re craving for nicotine and satifies the habit of holding a cigarette. It simply works. The taste is a little different but if you think of it as switching to another brand of smokes it helps mentally. After awhile it starts tasting better than cigarettes. The smell of cigarettes is putrid to me now.

      In the end it doesn’t matter what they do because if they ban them i’ll just drive to another state and buy them if necessary. I need these to keep me from smoking and my health is more important than any nanny laws this state comes up with, even it it means i’m a criminal by using them. I’ve already had a heart attack and it looks like the great state of NY wants to get me smoking again so i can have another one!

  20. scott says:

    People should start a walk out……of NYS. I left years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.

  21. DivaB says:

    I notice in some of the comments that some people are confused and think that electronic cigarettes have smoke. There is no smoke. It is a vapor that disappears just like any other vapor…or maybe it is easier to understand as steam. There is an element that heats the liquid, that is how the vapor is produced. There is no second hand smoke…it doesn’t hang in the air like smoke does.

  22. DivaB says:

    Since starting e cigarettes in August of 2010, I am now off all of my breathing meds and my lungs sound and feel so much better. I tried everything out there to no avail, but e-cigs worked. Guess who turned me to looking into e-cigs? My Family Physician. I am so glad that he did. Lastly, I deal with many suppliers online and all of the ones that I deal with, make it clear that you need to be of legal smoking age.
    There are bigger and better things to be concerned about, rather than wasting it on electronic cigarette usage.

  23. TheNewDrag says:

    I don’t think that this will actually pass. Considering the Court of Appeals just stated that they have to be treated like a regular tobacco product when the FDA was trying to ban them. Does NY State think they are above the law? BTW there are some electronic cigarettes like American Blue Tips that don’t even contain nicotine. How are they going to explain banning that? It certainly isn’t going to get any one addicted if it doesn’t contain nicotine.

  24. Dee Cee says:

    I have been a 2 pack a day smoker for 25 years. I have tried it all, Acupuncture, Chantix, Zyban, patches, gum, cold turkey…blah, blah, blah. I have been using the e-cigarette for 6 months now and nothing has worked better. My children are thrilled, no edginess or mood swings. I knew I had to stop because I felt like there was a cement block on my chest. I am now able to take a DEEP breath and my smokers cough has completely disappeared. I no longer stink. Do your research, there is so much widely available on the net. It’s not all good but it should be our choice to make. My family was full of smokers, so was my office & many friends. Some are at different stages of nicotine levels, some no longer using the device…..point is….IT WORKS and that is why it is becoming so popular. I have to wonder who is really behind this ban, the big cigarette companies? the states lost tax revenue? They sure are losing a lot of revenue from my immediate circle alone lol. NY has so many serious problems, our politicians need to keep their eye on the ball and focus on some real issues. This is just one more shining example of how our government decides what is best for us!

  25. wros says:

    BTW I stopped smoking 14 weeks ago thanks to e-cigs after 20+ years of smoking and dont miss cigs one bit.

  26. wros says:

    KPMc… are you worried that the long term effects will be worse than emphysema, cancer, smoke related illnesses from second hand smoke, etc?

  27. Bob S says:

    This is typical for the state of New York, they don’t really want you to quit smoking how are they going to quit spending the cigarette tax money with all of spending habit’s, they use the excuse that smoking is not good for you so they raise the taxes on cigararettes, and when someone comes around with a way to get you to stop smoking they want to ban it, we need new leaders in this state with common sense!

    1. Peter T says:

      You’ve put your finger on what I think is the real reason for this, Bob S. They’re afraid that e-cigs are cutting into their outrageous tobacco tax revenues. That and the tobacco lobbies are spending millions to try to get e-cigs banned. I get my e-cigs from the U.K., where they have to disclose all ingredients. (One of the legislators up in Albany lied and said that we can’t find out what’s in e-cigs.) I’ve been smoking for 30 years and these help me smoke less. As always, Albany knows just how to kick us when we’re down. Can’t wait to leave this stupid state!

  28. Debbie Gillette says:

    My dad once said 20 years ago that if people quit smoking and drinking for a month that the whole economy would collapse…he was probably right…..I, like others on here have tried every avenue to quit smoking for years and the e-cigarette is the first time I have really felt like I can kick the habit…..I feel great and I am no longer coughing up a lung every morning when I get ready for work…..what the heck is wrong with New York…..I can’t wait to retire and move to another state……

  29. Edward F says:

    BTW I spent almost 25 dollars a day on cigarettes. 25 a day!! I now spend about about 40 a month.

  30. Edward F says:

    Thanks to electronic cigarettes, It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve had a cigarette. That is the longest this 2 pack a day smoker has gone without a cigarette in over 40 years.

    Please try them if you wish to quit smoking. They are amazing. Search the internet and learn about them and all the people who have been able to finally quit cigarettes. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Educate yourself and take the opportunity before big business takes over. There are lost of people who are very afraid of the success rate of the electronic cigarettes.

  31. THE BIG D says:

    Maybe its time for the tea-party movement to vote Ass!embly Women LINDA ROSENTHAL out of the… since she cant find anything better to do with her time in office.. after all it,s the taxpayer who pays her salary………
    as soon as she can think of a way to stick a tax on it it will be okay to keep using it. I don,t smoke never have but why should the people we but in office dictate what they think is best for us enough is enough.. we must keep the TEA-PARTY movement strong and tell the people we vote in to office that they work for us.and when they forget that we VOTE them out,,,, hope this helps the smoke tip users with your fight,,,,,remember don,t give up your rights or your freedom ,GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Joe says:

    Another reason to leave NY. My wife and I quit smoking using the e-cigarettes. Its all about the loss tax revenue from traditional cigarettes as so many people stopped buying them due to the tax increases. They won’t ban cars though, that’s what is really killing all of us!!!

  33. DAS says:

    I have been a smoker for many years. I have quit and started back up again many of times.I have been using MY e cigarette since May 2010 and have not even missed regular smoking.I no longer have a cough and can even exercise with out getting short if breath.MY HEALTH HAS IMPROVED.
    I already feel like the LAND OF THE FREE is fading in New York . The politicians are only worried about there own pockets because of not taxing the e cigarette. Maybe insurance company”s should jump on the band wagon. Look how much money they will save because of peoples health improving

  34. NYS says:

    to KPMc: No we don’t know the long term effects, but we sure the heck know the long term effects of cigs and we don’t see NYS banning those; I wonder why that is….$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!

    1. KPMc says:

      My comment wasn’t to support banning of any kind. It was to point out how stupid people are.

      Take unproven supplements, medications, energy drinks/foods and now nicotine devices as much as you want.

      Personally… I don’t care if you burn as long as I don’t have to pay for it.

      1. Happy to be smoke free says:

        I’m pretty sure we were aware that compassion wasn’t reflected in your remarks, but thanks for clearing that up.

  35. Michael Mullins says:

    this bill would effectively force adult people who have found a better alternative to smoking cancer causing cigarettes to go back to killing themselves with tobacco.. this bill is ridiculous and should be stopped right where it starts.

  36. Mike says:

    Unbelievable! There is finally a product on the market that got me off of cigarettes and they want to ban them! What’s wrong with these people? The electronic cigarette is the best invention since electricity! I’ve smoked 2 packs a day for 35 years. I’ve tried many times to quit using patches, gum, Chantix, you name it and nothing worked. I’ve been puffing on my e-cig for 7 months now and it feels great not inhaling cigarrettes anymore. Also, my doctor is thrilled that i quit smoking.

    I agree they should not be sold to minors and i hope they see the benefits this has for people like myself before they vote on it. If they ban them, it gives me one more reason to pack my bags and move out of NYS because i’m not giving up my e-cig! It’s a miracle i was able to get off cigarettes using this device and i’ll never go back to smoking cigarettes again! Even if it means moving to another state that allows grown adults to make their own decisions to smoke an e-cig instead of politicians making decisions for us.

    1. Paul says:

      Mike it’s all about the huge tax that ny has put on tobacco… it is a major income for nys now …. it’s all about politicians lining there own pockets.

  37. Michael says:

    Ban them!? They should be encouraging people. Electronic cigarettes aren’t even one percent as dangerous to your health or those around you as any traditional tobacco product. This sounds like big tobacco pulling some strings. I’ve had my e-cig for 7 onths now and I feel great. I smoke it wherever I like and noone is disturbed by it. It’s harmless. I found mine at, they have a few types to choose from. I say go for it people, it could save your life.

  38. Les says:


    1. KPMc says:

      No… that’s your responsibility. Legislation and looking out for her constituents is hers.

      1. Happy to be smoke free says:

        Then why is she pandering to Pharma and Big Tobacco? She’s obviously a criminal, and should be fired and jailed.

  39. Jimmy D'Locks says:

    Anyone find Bin Laden yet? I didn’t think so.

  40. superdj says:

    I live in New York and I can’t believe with all the economical problems we have that this is even an issue discussed. Hey New York polititians, get your head in the game and adress some real problems.

  41. steve says:

    Pharma industry who wants a stronghold on nicotine alternatives AND big tobacco are against this, which out of the blue NY is suddenly against this. Bribes and payoffs under the table. E-Cigarettes could save my live by helping me quit, they rather have me dead, and tax me for that too (death tax). This is nothing but big business complaining that there’s competition. And I guarantee bribes and payoffs under the table to make this happen. Corruption is spelt all over this. Where’s the Guillotine.

  42. Captain Obvious says:

    Yes, this is an issue of revenue being derived from taxation.

    But, this is also a CONTROL issue. A continued erosion of the US Constitution. The elimination of Freedom of Choice. Our most basic and precious rights – these rights are God given – not derived from government.

    I am extremely well educated on the dangers of smoking. If I am informed and still decide to smoke, THAT IS MY CHOICE and no person or government should have the right to deny me that. I do not subject anyone to secondhand smoke, so this is an issue that only relates to ME.

    This is a very slippery slope we are on. The anti-tobacco people need to take a careful look at the big picture and not their small agenda. It will NOT stop with tobacco. Next will be any product that contains caffeine. But they’re also moving for the big one – the elimination of the 2nd Amendment and the ultimate confiscation of guns. Then, we will be in VERY deep trouble.

    Big Brother is alive and well. 1984 has become a reality. Dear Lord, I wish people could see this thru the haze of their own self interests.

  43. hipmonkey says:

    This is nothing less than mass murder by a mindset no better than Jeffry Dahmer. Forcing ppl to smoke cigarettes is murder!

  44. Todd says:

    The only reason our elected leaders would want to ban such a thing as these is because they have nothing in place to tax the hell out of them and they might be losing the tax otherwise spent on a pack of cigarettes. Its ALL about the money, nothing else.

    1. Joe Sr says:

      You, sir, are absolutely correct! New York State banned out of state cigarette sale via the net, ostensibly, to protect the health of our youth. Also, tax revenue would be lost. What do you think was more important to the state? I used to buy my smokes this way. I have’t smoked in 3 years. I don’t know why and I don’t know how. I did not stay “Stopped”, that will happen on the day I die.

  45. vicki says:

    jlewis is exactly right. Do they believe their constituent’s are completely stupid? Anyone with half a brain can see that these people aren’t concerned with saving anyone’s life! They aren’t concerned with facts about harm reduction, nor that electronic cigarettes although not 100% safe are at least 1000% safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes! Why not include tobacco cigarettes with this ban????? MONEY that is why. There is no FINANCIAL gain from the sell of electronic cigarettes for the state to suck off of. Criminalize tobacco cigarettes if your so worried about safety for the people of NY, if you are so concerned about the “Children”.

    This entire proposal is all about Big Pharmaceuticals (makers of nicotine replacement therapies) and BIG TOBACCO, and TAXES! T

    Don’t be fooled into believing they are doing ANYTHING to benefit PEOPLE or to help save the lives of smokers in NY!


  46. Tony says:

    AZ had nothing to do with disagreeing, stop listeing to the liberal lies about the shooting being teh result of vitriol and caustic rhetoric.

    1. Happy to be smoke free says:

      Tony, they don’t sell an e-crack pipe yet.

  47. jlewis says:

    So let me get this straight. They would like to BAN the E-Cig for maybe containing “harmful, dangerous chemicals & vapors” ???

    Please enlighten me… WHY ARE CIGARETTES STILL LEGAL????

    Especially when we KNOW without a doubt IT CONTAINS VERY DANGEROUS/HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS as well as it’s adverse and long term affects? AND second hand smoke’s affects??

    This country makes NO sense. Cigarettes are the number ONE killer of ANYTHING else, in America. That’s it. The NUMBER ONE KILLER. The end. That’s based on nothing but pure FACTS , people.

    I smoked for 6 years straight before I finally just made the mental decision to quit. And you know what? I didn’t use any of those gums or patches…to me it’s still the same thing …deadly chemicals you are releasing into your body. It’s mind over matter, which yes is the hardest, but atleast you know intent is true. I’m all for encouraging and standing behind someone who is making the conscience effort to quit…I do believe for me, that none of those other chemically charged products helped..but instead are just given for someone else to make a dollar. Not to really help cure me from the addiction. It’s all mental. If you crave it, you will find any excuse to start again. Once made up in your mind that you truly do NOT NEED it. It’s as simple as that.

    We seriously have got to review our priorities as our country’s well being and health of it’s citizens are treated as just a dollar amount year after year after year.

    1. E.Ciggy says:

      Agreed… They keep cigs legal (and taxed), and ban e-cigs which are shown to be a LOT safer…even via the FDA’s own reports… than tobacco. Just buy USA-made e-juice. Easy.

      I hope Assemblywoman Rosenthal has the public’s best interest at heart when she bans the most effective quit-smoking alternative invented to date. It contains no carbon monoxide, is not burned, does not smell bad, optionally supplies nicotine, and satisfies habit. I know more people that have quit smoking (switched to vaping) using this method than have succeeded using gum, patches, lozenges and inhalers combined.

      1. KPMc says:

        And the long term effects are…..??? Oh that’s right… No one knows!

      2. Happy to be smoke free says:

        KPMc, sorry, is your Pharma Job at risk?

  48. Schmellma Arss says:

    All those with an anti-smoking agenda should be shot, flogged, and shat upon. Not necessarily in that order.

    1. Nick E says:

      Can’t we disagree without threats of physical violence? Haven’t we learned anything from the events in AZ? Maybe you don’t literally mean what you said… but there are some folks that don’t undertsand that.

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