By Kelly Waldron

TRENTON, N.J. (AP/WCBS 880) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told anti-abortion activists gathered in the bitter cold Monday that they have an ally in him.

But he urged them to speak “calmly and clearly and forthrightly” about their beliefs, saying “this is an issue whose time has come.”

Right to Life Rally (Photo: Kelly Waldron/WCBS 880)

At a rally on the Statehouse steps, the governor said hearing the heartbeat of his unborn daughter 15 years ago convinced him to step off the sidelines on the issue.

Abortion opponents gathered around the country Monday, the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade — the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision legalized abortion.

Christie’s remarks come as Democrats continue to criticize him for cutting money for family planning from the state budget.

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  1. Carlos says:

    abortion, like murder, adultery, jealousy, and all the other less than ideal human traits, has always been a fact of life. and abortion will continue regardless of whether laws are passed one way or another. you may not like it, but that’s just a fact. better to regulate and minimize the harm to women, and society, than to pretend that making it illegal will magically make it disappear.

  2. trish says:

    You cannot deny , after seeing an ultrasound of a baby in the womb, that he or she is not a living human being. Who not only tumbles , turns and sucks it thumb but actually stops to look at its surroundings. I saw my grandson this way at 4 months. My daughter saw him at 3 months. His heartbeat was heard much earlier. But our president and others see it as a mistake that can be destroyed at will. Adolf Hitler thought the same way and did just that, only that s.o.b. didnt reach inside and kill the baby or kill the baby after it was pulled out alive like the doctor in Philly has been doing. Adolph just ripped the stomach open. People with that mentality do not deserve a life.

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