NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — After the Jets’ latest disappointing playoff loss, New York fans were left wondering: Who, or what, is to blame?

According to Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, technical difficulties may have been a factor on Sunday night.

Things got so frustrating for the Jets, Sanchez said, the headsets to communicate with offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer malfunctioned multiple times in the game. That caused the quarterback to have to run back and forth to the sideline to try to get plays.

“The problem was the headset kept going out,” said Sanchez. “I had to run over and get a couple of calls, piece together some calls in the headset that came in broken up.

“It’s just one of those things that we were fighting through and I was proud of our guys for trying to piece it together.”

LISTEN: Mark Sanchez on what went wrong against the Steelers

Then there was Pittsburgh’s goal-line stand that effectively shut down the Jets’ comeback in the fourth quarter.

Facing a second-and-goal at the one-yard line, Schottenheimer called pass, pass, run – ending New York’s nine-minute, clock-killing drive with zero points to show for the effort.

Schottenheimer decided to run LaDainian Tomlinson on fourth down instead of their short-yardage workhorse, Shonn Greene, a decision that left many fans scratching their heads.

Tomlinson finished with merely 16 yards on nine carries.

Fans weren’t the only ones upset with Schottenheimer on Sunday night.

When asked why he was on the sidelines for the Jets’ first offensive snaps, a miffed Santonio Holmes referred the media to his offensive coordinator.

“Ask Coach Schottenheimer what was the reason behind that,” said Holmes. “I just had to go with the gameplan. That’s the way things were called, and that’s what I had to do… Ask Coach Schottenheimer what happened. He’ll explain everything to you.”

New York failed for the fourth time in the AFC title game since 1969, when the Jets won perhaps the most significant of all Super Bowls. It was a devastating finish, particularly after the Jets beat Peyton Manning and the Colts, then Tom Brady and the Patriots on the road to get to Pittsburgh.

Who do you blame for the Jets’ premature exit? Sound off in the comments below…

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  1. joey tix says:

    The Jets will never win as long as Schittenheimer is calling the offensive plays- absolutely pathetic- tannenbaum should be fired right along with him for leaving the jets so vulnerable with over
    free agents on the team

  2. Wish We Played The G-MEN says:

    To bad we werent playing the Giants. I imagine that a 24 point lead would be soo much easier to overcome against the G-men. We would probably only have needed a few minutes at the end of the game to score 25 points and win a game that would be dubbed “another miracle at the meadowlands”. I wonder if the Giant chokers will learn from the Steelers and use the headset trick to try and stop another complete collapse and just miss making the payoffs…again!

    1. Big Blue says:

      first, The Jets would not have played the Giants in the AFC Championship because the Giants play in the NFC, shows you’re not to bright, Second and most important, the chokers here are the Jets who’s coach & fans claimed in pre-season they were the team to beat. So much for wishful thinking. By the way, Giants won the title just 3 yrs ago, Jets haven’t won in well over 42 years. Choke on that.

      1. alene nemetz says:

        that’s right! tell em

  3. A Bout says:

    So, basically, the Jets lost because they scored fewer points than the Steelers?

  4. Debra Anne says:

    No one cares what you did in the past. Points are awarded on a per play basis. So stop waving that flag…I’m tired of embittered Giants fans driving that point into the ground. In the NOW the Jets have built a talented team which is becoming more seasoned every game and surpassed the Giants THIS YEAR. Unlike SOME teams we don’t have a quarterback that crumbles under pressure- The Jets will be GREAT (as long as Schotty goes away…he crumbles under pressure)
    Buy headsets, get a new OC, get Leonhard better, and get that kid Matthews from Green Bay…

    1. True Blue says:

      “The Jets will be great” You keep drinking that Kool-Aid. I’m sure you haven’t notice, because after all, you’re a Jets fan, and you believe only that you want to believe, but the teams in the NFL change every year, unless you’re the Colts & the Patriots, teams that make the playoffs one year may not make it the next, so the chances of the Jets making the playoffs next year may not be there, but you keep believing that, like you believed the Jets were going to win it all this year, how did that work out for you? LOL Giants won in 2007, Jets last won before you were even born, way back in 1969. Life is good.

  5. rich kotite says:

    Shotty MUST go, period. 1st down RUN, 2nd down RUN, 3rd and 7, pass. It’s all he does….totally predictable…..and how do you not give the ball to Shonn Greene 4 times at the goal line. Sanchez has the goods to be great, but not with this schmuck calling the plays …. his father was a loser and so is he.

  6. Steve says:

    Brian Shottenheimer: Like father, like son.

  7. Johnny Blaster says:

    You are a idiot

  8. Reality Means The Truth says:

    Reality is the Jets haven’t won in 42 years. if the Jets overrated coach and it’s overrated QB were the best , the Jets would be in the big dance and not looking in from the outside, like it’s not too bright fans will be doing this year….again. The truth must really hurt, making up excuses Jets fans does not make up for it. Enjoy your cold winter.

  9. HUGH BLOW says:

    Bart Scott – YOU cant stop a nose bleed!

  10. 12th man Angel says:

    If we could of just stopped Ben at least once on a 3rd down conversation we would of one this game , but it didnt happen and we will be back next season but this time a home championship game to get us over the top !

  11. Danni M says:

    Good point Jets fan. Reality is the Giants were at home watching all the playoff games this year. Sure its a tough loss, but we are on the right track.

    1. Big Blue says:

      Guess who’s else is now going to be watching the Super Bowl at home? but this team will be watching for the 42nd straight year. Giants were there and won just in ’07. Final 4 is meaningless if you don’t get to & win the big one, period.

  12. wes says:

    How about kicking the ball into the end zone . Maybe if tomlin is on his own 20 or so and we make a stop or two he thinks twice about throwing the ball on 3rd down and maybe we get the ball back at the end. Special Teams hurt us badely

  13. Paul Vella says:

    Bottom line is that Schotty choked… His play calling was atrocious on all calls when near goal line. He just choked under pressure…

  14. The Good Samaritan says:

    The officals also discriminated against Mark Sanchez

  15. Fred S. says:

    Rex Ryan can go back to smelling his wife’s feet. The Jets can go home and tell us they’ll be back next year. Sanchez blames it on his headset. The fact is that they’ve had two straight shots at getting to the Super Bowl and they couldn’t deliver. Their best chance was beating New England, and they still blew it. Next year they won’t be so lucky.

  16. Daniel Pedraza says:

    dennisfromtully, You are so right. That 4th quarter saw a tale of 2 teams. One a 6 time champion with a good coach and the other champion wannabees with a young head coach. The 3rd and 6 pass play was a huge gamble but the steelers made the play because Tomlin had a hunch that if Sanchez got the ball back anything could happen. A 70 yard TD pass, 70 yard pass interference or punt return for touchdown. Ryan chose to kick off with 3 minutes left and 3 Time Outs. Hows about an onside kick??

    1. Killer D says:

      hey Pedraza, Ryan is already 48 yrs old, that’s not young. Tomlin in ONLY 38 yrs old, that’s young and with a Super Bowl ring, he’s more then just a good coach. .Ryan will always be a wannabe champ.

  17. Jaime Endemano says:

    You can’t just blame one guy. The defense played badly in the 1st half and the offense couldn’t do anything. I was however very confused as to why they decided to pass, pass then run with LT rather than Greene who was running over everyone on that drive.

  18. Peter Mizerak says:

    holmes comments says a lot, i dont think the team can be happy, those 2 pass calls on the goalline were horrible

    1. Connie T says:

      agreed and another questionable decision was the first one to hand the ball to the Steelers when the Jets won the toss….they ate up almost 10 minutes of the clock, made the defense look – well “defenseless”, and caused the offense to sit out way too long!

  19. dennisfromtully says:

    Replace the Steelers with the Giants in yesterdays game, the Giants run 3 times then punt. Jets win 26-24.

    1. Reality says:

      replace the Steelers with the Giants in yesterday’s game, Sanchez gets sacked 7 times, knocked out of the game, Giants win 35-7

      1. Jet fan says:

        Reality is the Giants collapsed 2 years in a row including blowing a 21 point lead against philly at home with their season on the line and 7 minutes left – they hate their coach and are going nowhere next year. Jets have the best coach and QB in the city and are a few pieces away from having a Super Bowl caliber team. So take a good hard look at reality!

      2. Reality says:

        I guess Jet Fan is a Monday Morning Crybaby. Also bright eyes, check your Jets roster, many starters will become free agents, Jets will not be able to sign all of them, so to say the Jets are a few pieces away from the Super Bowl with the team already losing key players is moronic, but then again, you are a Jets fan and will all know how smart they all are.

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