While the Best Rap and Pop albums might cross paths on your playlists, they’re kept pretty separate at The Grammy Awards. Just as well; Eminem might have met his match with today’s nominees.

Last.fm Trends takes a look at your most popular among the nominees.

Today’s picks are dominated by one performer; Lady Gaga rules the roost among the Best Pop Vocal Albums, and with a hefty margin.

Her lead isn’t particularly surprising. With 96,837,043 plays from 2,090,912 listeners she’s one of the most popular contemporary performers among Last.fm listeners.

But Katy Perry‘s relatively strong showing is a surprise. She’s got a little under half the reach of Gaga, but her album only dropped in the late summer; in less than a third of the time that’s a considerable impact.

As far as Last.fm fans are concerned she could come from behind to snatch the coveted award.

John Mayer‘s done surprisingly well too, particularly compared to Justin Bieber. The teen pop sensation might be a YouTube phenomenon, but listeners clearly don’t want him to spend too long on their speakers.

And as for Susan Boyle, she’s far away the outsider of the category. After a difficult twelve months for the singer it might be best that she doesn’t get her hopes up.

We’ll be checking in on Grammy nominees throughout the month, but remember that the results will only be revealed on CBS on Feb. 13, 2011.

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  1. CBill says:

    Yes, poor Susan, such a difficult year – singing at the Papal Mass in front of 65,000 live and one billion televised. Singing for Prince Charles, releasing a second album – best selling Holiday Album of 2010 in the world – 14 million albums sold in 14 months. Poor Susan.

  2. Serena says:

    Not to worry. I don’t think Susan Boyle or any of her fans expect the Grammy’s to be any more honest than the Brits about true talent. It is all for the half-(or less) dressed youngsters. Susan will stick with what makes money for her ane everyone else in the business-quality music.

  3. cynic says:

    What do you mean, “a difficult twelve months” for Susan Boyle? Sony just announced that she sold 14,000,000 albums in just 14 months; she had two simultaneous #1 albums in the US & UK in twelve months, equaling The Beatles; she has outsold every one of her competitors for the Grammys; and she just returned to the studio to record her third album. If all those accomplishments add up to a difficult twelve months, every other artist out there would love to fall on such hard times.

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