NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Dwyane Wade plans to wear tinted glasses for the start of the Miami Heat’s game against the Knicks to protect his eyes from the bright lights as he recovers from a migraine headache.

“I’ll feel the game out, see how I feel,” he said after Thursday morning’s shootaround. “At times throughout the game, of course, I’ll take them off, and if I feel like my eyes are adjusting well, my eyes are doing well, I may go without them. But I’m going to start the game (wearing them) for sure.”

Wade missed Miami’s last game Saturday against Toronto because of a migraine, a problem that has plagued him for years. Bright light is one of the triggers for the headaches.

“I just want to take no chances right now,” Wade said. “I want to play.”

Wade said he felt better after Wednesday’s practice, but when he got off the plane in New York, he experienced blurred vision again and had to take more medication. He apologized to a reporter Thursday for not making eye contact while answering a question because he didn’t want to look toward a light.

Wade has practiced with the glasses for several days, experimenting with different tints to find the one that’s most comfortable. His peripheral vision will still be compromised some. Coach Erik Spoelstra said the glasses had been approved by the NBA.

As a gag, LeBron James wore sunglasses during Tuesday’s practice, unable to resist the chance throw Wade a jab.

“D-Wade is like a kid who transferred schools and doesn’t have any friends,” James said. “So I felt like me putting on the glasses today, I’m going to help him be accustomed to the new school.”

Wade still had one major uncertainty heading into his first game with the glasses.

“I don’t really know how I look in them yet — I haven’t even looked in the mirror,” Wade joked. “I’ve got to make sure I look good in them, too.”

Meanwhile, Heat forward Chris Bosh will be watching his team from afar, and there’s still no target for his return to the Heat lineup.

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