WASHINGTON (AP) — Congresswoman Nita Lowey is urging the Drug Enforcement Administration to investigate a new street drug sold legally as “bath salts.”

Police say the powders, sold under names like Ivory Wave, Red Dove and Vanilla Sky, are snorted, injected or smoked.

Some say the effects are as powerful as methamphetamines and can produce hallucinations and suicidal thoughts.

Several states have outlawed products containing the active ingredients, mephedrone and MDPV.

The chemicals are in products sold at convenience stores and on the Internet as bath salts and even plant foods.

Lowey, a Westchester County Democrat, wrote to the DEA urging an immediate investigation of the substances.

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  1. cat says:

    Why do kids have so little appreciation for how much we have that they resort to this garbage to feel alive?

  2. MasterLeeMochow says:

  3. Kyle says:

    These news stories only serve to inform teens of new drugs they should try, well done!

  4. Fred says:

    An new opportunity for additional tax revenue.

  5. nyc says:

    Snorting bath salts ? Sounds like something out of an old Chiche and Chong movie !

  6. Nick says:

    Just let the users die off. Problem solved in a few years.

    Basic economics: No Demand = No Business/Gangs.

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