NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Firefighters were investigating the cause a fire that destroyed two boats overnight at the Chelsea Piers.

The fire started on the 46-foot boat, the Quid Pro Quo, — which later sank — just before 3 a.m. Friday at Pier 59, on the south side of the Chelsea Piers golf range. The flames spread to a 35-foot boat and damaged part of a dock as well.

The fire’s location presented some unique challenges for firefighters. As FDNY Chief Christopher Boyle explained, “We had a problem because of the low tide. We couldn’t get the big boats in, but the guy stretched some hand lines. Ice was a problem, but finally we were able to put the fire out.”

Mark Stoss, who lived on one of the boats, was treated for minor smoke inhalation, but his dog died in the fire. The German shepherd, named Chloe, was the same dog who made headlines last month after being rescued from the frigid Hudson River.

It’s believed a faulty electrical heater may have started the fire.


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