Officer Rachel Morgan Hit 3 Times, But Stable After Surgery

PARAMUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A Paramus police officer was recovering from surgery Monday, in critical but stable condition, at Hackensack University Medical Center as police investigate what sparked a late-Sunday night shooting.

Officer Rachel Morgan, a two-year veteran of the force, was pursuing driver Michael Carmody south on Route 17 in Paramus around 11 p.m. Sunday.

The Westwood resident, according to authorities, sped off, lost control and crashed on the entrance ramp to the Garden State Parkway.

On Monday night the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office said it filed attempted murder charges against Carmody, 23.

1010 WINS’ John Montone with the latest on Officer Rachel Morgan’s condition

Police Investigate Garden State Parkway Shooting (credit: CBS 2)

“He did a 180. Officer Morgan approached the car and as she was doing such the suspect immediately opened fire on her,” said Paramus Mayor Richard LaBarbieria.

She managed to get several shots off at the suspect, along with a backup police officer who also opened fire.

“The suspect was hit at least five to six times,” said LaBarbieria.

Morgan, 31, was hit three times, but she was wearing a bulletproof vest which may have saved her life.  However, LaBarbieria  told 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg the officer was shot on the side where she was not protected by the vest.

1010 WINS Reporter Steve Sandberg Spoke With Mayor LaBarbiera About The Shoot-Out

As dozens of police from other jurisdictions showed up on the scene, Officer Morgan was rushed to Hackensack University Medical Center and into surgery for hours.

“The operation went on for approximately three hours.  Everybody’s hopes had come to be realized when we heard the good news that everything went well,” LaBarbieria said.

The suspect was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

“He’s had a troubled life and what I heard about this didn’t surprise me so much but he … it’s shocking,” Michael Machorek, Carmody’s neighbor, told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

On his MySpace page, Carmody talks about brushes with the law, including drugs and DWI arrests.

He writes: “I been through hell and I’m still in it. Caught up in the legal system since I was 15 … still fighting to get out of it. When my mom died I lost my head.”

A neighbor who saw police at Carmody’s Westwood home Monday morning said he thought Carmody had left his troubles behind.

“I saw police cars and my initial thought was oh no he’s up to something no good. I drove down Route 17, wanted to take the parkway exit, but I couldn’t. I had no idea that was related to that,” Machorek said.

As for Officer Morgan, the mayor said, “She’s a strong person and a great cop and we wish nothing but the best for her.”

This is the second officer in New Jersey in less than a month to be shot in the line of duty. Officer Chris Matlosz was killed in Lakewood last month.

The name of the other officer involved has not been released, pending the outcome of an investigation.

Has New Jersey become too violent? Sound off in the comments section.

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  1. les says:

    Since the shooting all morgan has been doing is drinking like a fish

  2. Mr Armenia says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Carmody family tries to sue

  3. otto says:

    Once again, CBS is asleep at the wheel. Just about every other news site has updated this story.

    Thankfully, it looks like officer Morgan is doing really well 🙂

    Also seems that Carmody has permanent brain damage as he turned his gun on himself and shot himself in the head – this being the critical shot.

    Prayers to officer Morgan for a complete & speedy recovery. She seems like one tough lady!

    Also prayers to the father of Carmody, who will have to live with the aftermath of what his very disturbed son did.

    This world is turning darker by the day. Prayers for all of us – we need it!

  4. Jamie says:

    For all of you people saying hateful things about Michael, I knew him personally. He was close to my family. Yeah, what he did was terrible. But, the news is making him seem like such a monster, when he clearly was not. You should not say rude and harsh things about people, until you know them on a personal level.

    1. TheFifthBeatle says:

      Really? Look at his MySpace. The piece of trash was going nowhere and proud of it. He deserves the chair.

    2. Hornet009 says:

      He’s a piece of human GARBAGE and you are too for talking that waste of words. Whats the matter, you got high with em that many times your afraid you lost your partner?? That miserable loser should’ve turned the gun on himself. Unfortunately he didn’t, so I hope he becomes a vegetable and is eating and defecating through tubes for the rest of his life. THEN, you should sit there next to him watching and helping, then you can be personal with him for us.

    3. Mr Armenia says:

      He shot a cop Jamie

      1. Lukas Banya says:

        Big freaking deal! Cops kill innocent civilians all the time. That cop must have been going for her wallett…..I mean a gun.

    4. patricia says:

      As a friend your emotions will say that, but he knew right from wrong, speeding kills, as do guns and he tried to kill soimeone. There are a lot of troubled people in this world who do not use violence as an excuse. We all have to take responsibility for our actions.

    5. DanTe says:

      Jamie = another dumb f\/ck that should die off before it spawns and further infest the gene pool.

    6. JOHN says:

      Jamie wake up he is a piece of trash. For trying to gun down an officer in cold blood he should be given nothing less than a firing squad. He is a piece of trash. Always has been alway will. Go for the light Michael Carmody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Soap says:

    PS. In jail cop killers are heros. He needs to be put to death.

  6. Soap says:

    Sorry for the cop but that should not make a diffrence. Fact is he shot a human being and he should fry, cops are not better human beings and it should not make a diffrence how the the perp is treated.

  7. eleanor says:

    I for one have worked in a few police stations, most are over worked and under paid for the job, i would like to see you do there job. never knowing if some nut has a gun ,knife or what ever . you knock on a door and whats behind it ???? it takes a man to do this job are you a man.

    1. tommy Gunn says:

      Yeah it does take a man, but sadly, they hire too many racist cowards with trigger fingers. Maybe this should be a wake up call to all the corrupt cops out there.

      1. sean says:

        Tommy Gunn, speeking of cowards why dont you put the badge on and go out there and show us how to do it. Perhaps you are the racist, there is nothing in this story involving race yet you bring it up. Why because you are a race baiter!! So when you find your b@lls in your mom’s purse, put your own ass on the line, or leave those who put thiers on the line for yours alone!!!

  8. captbill'sdaughter says:

    pull a gun and put 3 bullets in a cop, i really don’t givev a patootie about your troubled life. in the days of the vikings, a transgressor was taken out to the fjords at low tide, and buried up to their neck. if odin (chief god in norse mythology) saw fit to spare you the wind pushed the tide away. maybe time to go back to the old ways. a speedy get well to the wounded officer. good police work to her comrade for coming to her aid. thanks for your service from an extended member of the long blue line.

  9. Larry Schwarz says:

    I don’t care about the suspect,I do pray the officer makes a full speedy recovery.As far as the suspect,well I dont think I can use the type of language I’d like to use to talk about him.

  10. WhatCouldBe says:

    and if i had wheels, i’d be a wagon

  11. Alf says:

    HIs mother is deceased

  12. Mr. Armenia says:

    I enjoy the company of young men.

  13. MIKE JONES says:



    1. NY Cop says:

      Hey savage maybe we should kill your ghetto mother for spawning such a productive person of society such as yourself!!! Go die savage

      1. NY COP 2 says:


    2. kim says:

      You must be a perp Mike!! Lets put you out there and see what a coward you become! You slob!

  14. Mr. Armenia says:

    Maybe the cop was agressive?

    1. gahdoo99 says:

      Aboosh strikes again.

  15. Robert Henke says:

    The female police office should fully recover, go to the bedside of the perp, and put aanother six in him.

    1. Larry Schwarz says:


  16. Paul G says:

    As a NJ resident, I can say MOST of these cops have a chip on their shoulder, MOST are unprofessional and MOST think that they are God. I truly believe that a majority of them were bullied in high school which leads them to act this way as adults. BUT, this guy got what he deserved! This is NOT excessive force. The officer(s) had every right to empty their clips on this guy and reload for more. This guy shoots at armed police officers, just imagine what would he do to an unarmed civilian. A menace to society is off the street!

    1. bart s says:

      really, u know MOST cops in the entire state, and they are unprofessional and act like god…really…MOST?!?!

      1. Paul G says:

        In my line of work, I deal with close to 1000 Police Officers per year. So the answer is Yes. Don’t misconstrue my statement, there are a lot of good men on the job.

  17. Glenn says:

    Sorry….should be hear………..not here.

  18. Glenn says:

    Lets me the suspects mother and here her claim that her son is an angel, altar boy, church choir member and so on. It’s time we see the families that bring these misfits into the world. Sterilization as its benefits.

    1. bob says:

      his mom died

  19. Mr. Armenia says:

    where is Al Sharpton

    1. Bartsimpson says:

      The guy was white, Sharpton doesnt care about white people.

      1. mamar says:

        you got that right, he is the racist

    2. Devenio says:

      Can you read? Are you stuck on stupid? Why the hell would Sharpton be here. You should be asking Wheres Hitler?

    3. gahdoo99 says:

      stop representing the rest of us educated Armenians…you are just an aboosh person.

  20. Abe Benesch says:

    Me personally, I would like to hear ALL the facts of what happened before I throw the switch on the electric chair. I guess I’m just funny that way.

    1. Devenio says:

      Here’s the facts: The guy shot a cop. Case close. Fry him!

      1. bob says:

        He is already brain dead and on life support

    2. Kim says:

      You shoot a cop you should be shot yourself! end of story~!!

    3. patricia says:

      He had a gun, what other facts do you need. If you have a gun you are up to no good and should be put in jail and not let out, because that person will repeat the same violent behavior. Some people are just bad.

  21. Molitor says:

    Need to make stiffer penalties on drawing a gun vs. a cop and carrying a unliscened gun.

    1. Devenio says:

      Why? How much stiffer than life in prison can you get? On another note, most cops – many 90% are good. The other 10 percent need to be fired or buried.

      1. DCLaw-1 says:

        Devenio, would it be okay, and less ignorant, if a person made the same general statement about a minority? Except, maybe adding that the 9:1 ration should e reversed.

      2. Sgt Stendenko says:

        Exactly, but at 90%, I think you are being overly generous….remeber, 10% committ the crimes, the other 90% look the other way.

    2. 01608 says:

      Gun v cop, okay but I like gut v anyone better. I don’t nor want a gun. DIE MO FO DIE… the end.

  22. cs1482 says:

    what an ignorant comment.

    1. dominick says:

      @ cs1482 your an idiot. whos side are you on. he shoulda been chopped into little tiny bits an uses as fretilizer for the grass on the parkway

      1. Devenio says:

        If you are not a cop – you are not on the cops side. The police look at you like this: ITS THEM VS US.

      2. Devenio says:

        If you are not a cop – you are not on the cops side. The police look at you like this: ITS THEM VS US. Their job is to serve and protect themselves. They no longer stop crime – they investigate it. A crime must be committed before the police get involved.



    1. SEAN HANNITH says:


  24. Micha says:

    Why do we even take dregs like this to the hospital? let him bleed out… save the taxpayers some money ..

    1. Devenio says:

      Wait until it happens to you.

  25. KPM 1602 says:

    Please use some common sense. It is not like one police officer shot 41 times! A cop is shot . How many police officers in Paramus and surrounding towns are going to respond? Well in Paramus, probalbly every single office that is ‘on duty’ … and I am sure a couple of off duty officers. If each responding officer acted within their power to return fire you would have to believe that 8 or 9 officers fired 4 to 5 times each. Not excessive… completely reasonable. Ask yourself. If ‘someone’ was trying to kill you. Would you fire back? How many times?

  26. Fingers Crossed says:

    Let’s all be rational and hope that the shooter is in lots of pain, and is receiving sub-par life-threatening medical care.

  27. grant says:

    CBS’s reporting of this story is pathetic.

    If you want to read some details about what happened, check out NorthJersey. They actually put a little effort into the story.

  28. tony says:

    1st, my prayers for the officer & my wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Perhaps 1010 WINS should have a picture of the officer instead of the suspect !
    All reports are that the suspect fired first…. How can this be a case of excessive force by the police??? if you shoot at a police officer you are shooting at all the rules of society and you had better expect a response such as this! I submit that 41 shots showed great restraint on the part of the officers on the scene!



  30. Mr. Armenia says:

    valicia correction I did not realize the driver shot first/

    1. valicia says:

      thank you for realizing the error Mr. Armenia

  31. friend of cops says:

    if a skel shoots a cop, he should die. plain and simple

    1. nobama2012 says:

      you mean shoots ‘at’ a cop

  32. Mark E says:

    This criminal ran from the law and then shot a cop with full intent. The back-up officers were MORE than justified to fire on an obviously violent and dangerous criminal.

    I agree withVALICIA, if it was your relative that was shot, you’d want justice. Mr. Armenia unless you are a criminal yourself perhaps you’d better take a dose of Common Sense.

    1. ladyv says:

      People, MrArmenia is nothign but a troll. Check out to see some of his other work. Don’t let him get to you!!

  33. ratso says:

    They need to arm these cops with assault rifles like they do in Alaska. THis mofo would have never had a chance as the officer would have had the ability to riddle his car with tons of lead. They also need better bullet proof vests to stop the higher caliber ammunition.

  34. valicia says:

    Mr. Armenia, if it was your wife, your sister, your mother shot..would you still be calling it excessive force? vutch Leo wife is correct… you are an esh if you truly believe what you wrote..shame on you

  35. skeletorumbero says:

    41 shots, not shot 41 times. Get a new line loser.

    1. Dave Lasky says:

      AND if womeone breaks into your house and starts killing your family who are you going to call, your borther, your friend next door, your drunk buddies on the corner, your coke sniffing buddies around the block? No you are going to call the police, and even though you are an ignorant slob, they will still come to help you and your family. Grow up and grow a set.

      1. Joe says:

        NJ: THERE IS A COP FOR EVERY 3 PEOPLE IN THAT STATE, AND THESE GUYS GET PAID 6 FIGURES IN MANY TOWNS AND THEY DON’T DO MUCH OF ANYTHING…..You spit the wrong way in NJ and people call the police, never have i lived in a state that is so police-driven and filled with cop-lovers. Then you go to NYC and the police are underpaid and the citizens don’t pay much respect to them. Funny how night and day two states are that are next to one another. I prefer NYC, at least you can live your life there without being probed and harassed by the police. Too bad this happened though.

      2. Donny Ramone says:

        They’ll still come by and help….themselves to whatever of value is left in your house.

  36. Mr. Armenia says:

    Excessive force by the police. An civil rights investigation is a must.

    1. LEO wife says:

      Mr Armenia, you are an embarrassment to all Armenians! Amot amot amot! This was no excessive force esh!

    2. John says:

      There is something wrong you with you. You must be an utter moron or one of his criminal cohorts. Nice picture of the perp. Lovely orange suit he’s wearing. He fires at her hitting her and the police are to believe he can be reasoned with. I hope he makes it. Death would be too easy on this piece of human garbage.

    3. Mr. A says:

      Are you on drugs? A guy opens fire on the police and you say the police used excessive force? That guy should be hanged. I agree with your wife

      1. mike jones says:

        let him go..hes a white guy…whites r goooooooood!

  37. JR says:

    Shot a cop, go to jail for life, period, o if’s, and’s or but’s about it.

    1. John says:

      Do you always ask stupid questions? No reply necessary then.

    2. nobama2012 says:


  38. vengeance says:

    People are losing their minds! What is going on in this world?

    1. mike jones says:

      chickens r coming home to roost!

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