NEW YORK (1010 WINS/WCBS 880) — The war of words is heating up between Mayor Michael Bloomberg and unions representing firefighters and police officers.

Unions for both departments have joined forces to combat what they call Bloomberg’s “campaign of misinformation.”

Bloomberg has referred to the $12,000 payments to retired police officers and firefighters as “bonuses” that the city can no longer afford. He claims pension costs in the city have increased from two percent to 11 percent of the budget.

1010 WINS Reporter Al Jones on the unions coming together to fight “misinformation.”

WCBS 880 Reporter Monica Miller spoke with PBA President Pat Lynch about the proposed pension cuts

“Nobody wants to get cut back,” Bloomberg said. “We have to make a decision, do we want to send out Christmas bonuses or have more teachers?”

However, Firefighter Union President Steve Cassidy said “one has nothing to do with the other, it is an outright lie.”

Cassidy said the payments are a part of their pension negotiated in 1988 as part of the financial deal to help the city get through that economic crisis.

“He’s unhappy with a deal that was struck 23 years ago, too bad,” Cassidy said.

PBA President Pat Lynch is taking issue with the Mayot’s comparison of an annual $12,000 payment made to many retired police and firefighters to Christmas bonuses in the private sector.

“It’s insulting to say that you should try to pit union worker, municipal worker, hard-working teachers and firefighters and police officers against each other. That’s a game they’re playing, we’re not falling for that,” said Lynch.

Any change in the payments to retired firefighters and police officers may need city council approval; the legislature would have the final say.

Whose side are you on? Let us know below!

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  1. chula says:

    Mr Bloomberg – has bought his way to another term – so he can finish ruining NYC – he has cut off fire fighters – NYPD -highway repairs – wants tolls and raised car registrion fees $40.00 or more- so we can support his bike lane project and MTA. – couldve used that money to really fix these dam roads – not even upstate where it snows more than here in the city – do you see pot holes 3ft wide – then if its patched – only lasts a weekend. We pay more to get less service – Shame on you Mr Blood –

  2. Johhny V says:

    Americans Wake Up! If Bloomberg can get a third term & Obama can get elected,
    then we all have to take a sober look at ourselves for allowing it. It appears we
    are either too tired or distracted to take our country into our own hands.
    Also, comparisons to Mubarek are right on. This little man mayor has the classic
    Napoleon complex. He would gladly be our master if he could. He has come very close as it is. I understand the city wants to save money, but I want him to cut all the contracting out, consultant fees, & other waste before touching those who
    serve the people of the city. W hy is the state & city responsible to spend billions on immigrants Medicaid? These folks have contributed nothing to this country.

  3. X Factor says:

    Even if he succeeds in taking the 12K away from cops and FFs, he will still only be 5 foot 2 and that’s what really bothers that little Napoleon. He will be following Mubarak soon. Out on his A$$!!!!

  4. FU Mayor says:

    Get rid of your 3 chefs first. They cost the city $245,000 a year. City Time cost us $700,000 but because it was his big ass mistake, Bloomturd keeps quiet about it.

  5. C.O. says:

    Bloomies got some balls after he changed his term limits (1st in history of mayors) now he wants to take away the variable. As a retired C.O., I am waiting patiently for 2019 when retired Correction Officers are eligible for theirs. Resign already Bloomberg, maybe you can hang out with Mubarek.

  6. henry says:

    This deal made after the stock market crash of 1986 was called the 88 sell out. This was because many smart Cops and Fireman knew that it was a bad deal for the workers. In a matter of years the mother of all bull markets was here. The City skimmed Billions and the workers got low ball checks for 2500 going up 500 a year until they reached 12000 in 2007.. This sell out of 1988, was great for the City and bad for the workers. The variable fund owned by the workers was traded in for a fixed payment plan. Today a person is calling it a Christmas Bonus, what a insult and false statement. Liar Liar you pants are on fire.

  7. Jerry_Leigh says:

    Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz just set up a hotline to report potholes in Brooklyn. It’s nice to know that we can afford a second pothole hotline, in these trying financial times. Why are we still paying for Borough Presidents, an Ombudsman, the State Senate (everyone thought it would be eliminated after the U.S. Supreme Court’s reapportinmant ruling, a lifetime ago), the Lieutenant Governor, etc. They must have really strong unions.

  8. Jerry_Leigh says:

    What about Crusading Cuomo’s Lieutenant Governor, who receives a police pension IN ADDITION to his Lieutenant Governor salary? Oh, yeah, he returns ten percent of his Lieutenant Governor salary–the reason he does it that way is that hte salary is set by law, and, as such, his additional (L.G.) state pension will be based upon his full salary, not the 90% one.

  9. Auburn Dale says:

    Here’s a thought…

    Maybe the police and fire unions should start allowing their members to actually live WITHIN the city limits. If cops and firefighters really want to “serve and protect” us, they should be willing to LIVE AMONG US instead of holding us in contempt from afar.

    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      When was the last time you saw To Serve and Protect on the side of a police car? That is no longer the motto. Its now Them VS Us. Also, why the hell should your job be able to tell you where you can live?

  10. homeless says:

    take the cut back and don’t worry about all the homeless and jobless people you fat jerks, your lucky you still have a job , Jerks.

  11. pookie says:

    The only reason that the private sector does not have pensions is so bloombucks can pay himself billions and pay his executive millions, after all that money is paid there is no money for the workers in the private sector to get the pensions that they deserve. if oy do not like the laws and regulations of civil service you should not have run for the job as mayor. Hey bloomturd show the city workers that you mean business and cut the saleries and pensions of your deputy dawg mayors and their staff, after you do that, then come talk to us. You talk the talk but you do not walk the walk.

    1. Delilah says:

      Woo Hoo you let him have it pookie.

  12. wondering says:

    What about the police commissioner, he retired from the police force with a disability pension and now he’s back as top cop. If he were disabled what’s he doing back in the department…….

  13. 6 feet tall says:

    This is the 43rd anniversary of the appointment of the class of 68 2.9.68 that was sent into the street without proper police training without firearm training and only one written test, but we survived of us that are still standing we say the MIGHTY MIDGET needs to get his act together because when all is said and done we are the only ones who run toward the trouble not away from it.

  14. nick says:

    He’s trying to be taller than a 5th grader

  15. DAVID GASKIN says:

    HWY 412


  16. sotired ofthisbs says:

    Thats right these are guaranteed rights earned by heros, mens men, the bravest, the best men in the world, superheros. No one else in the world can do what these men do and they are heros!. Just try to find another human being that can do what these men do. It is just unheard of! Heros like this deserve the right to choose any taxpayers home that they want after 20 years of service! Do you really think you could work a job for 20 years? I think not! 20 years of honorable service by these heros entitles them to anything they want! Now step aside and grant their wishes you servants!

  17. Fairness Rules says:

    Pension agreements are binding agreements between your employer, in this case, government and the worker. They are contracts that cannot be changed at someones whim. If you promised to provide benefits, you owe them so pay up as promised.

  18. laborer2000 says:

    Hes worried about the 12 k per year….what about the millions he spent on the new cititime clock issue…and is does not work!!

  19. John says:

    Bloomberg needs to deliver all the facts and history of why the unions get the $12000.00 payments. It’s not a bonus by any means. When the truth finally comes out, he will realize it should be increased!

  20. Little Big Man says:

    Finally, someone with the guts to stand uop to that little tyrant!

  21. pugpha says:

    Wow another reason for pensioners to quit smoking- they won’t be able to afford them on the city’s dime.

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