NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Organizers of the New York City Marathon and other races are concerned about a proposed fee to cover New York Police Department expenses.

The issue centers on so-called “noncharitable athletic parades” with registration fees. The NYPD is thinking about charging the full cost for such work as controlling traffic and shutting down streets.

That would affect events like the Marathon, the New York City Triathlon and the Five Boro Bike Tour.

The president of the New York Road Runners, which puts on the marathon, says such charges could be difficult to estimate in advance.

What do you think? Should there be a fee for these iconic New York events? Sound off in our comments section.

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  1. j says:

    Welcome To TAX CITY.

  2. AIG rules says:

    Mr. Mayor with the small appendage, just keep going to Bermuda to molest young men. Can’t wait till that comes out. Pedophile.

  3. TONY says:

    loss of revenue to NYC will be too much, 2 years ago the city last the Nascar Champion’s Week because becuse they tried to charge for street and fail it just up and move to Las Vegas so if they try this with the NYC marathon , Macys Parade, The Irish Parade or any other event that has made New York what it is today then what do people that visited the city do if this is their chance to is for the first time live. Come on ideas like these or the one that have the city and the state losing money years.

    1. KPMc says:

      Seriously… did you go to school here in NYC? I read an article that said educators have stopped even teaching grammar because somehow correcting students is politically incorrect.

      Do you know what the words punctuation, sentence or paragraph mean?

      I was educated by NYC public schools in the 70’s and 80’s when teachers were still allowed to correct, and thus teach, children.

      Do you hear that? It’s the sound of third-world countries passing us in education, math, science, business and common sense while our youth tweet away.

  4. old nasty says:

    Races ,wait races.They actually have races in New York City. What are they called.
    National Run from the muggers day! What happens if they have to stop and bend over to tie their sneakers.Look out their a priest behind you!

    1. KPMc says:

      I’ve lived in NYC all 42 years of my life and never been mugged or molested. What Utopia are you from old nasty and can you say the same thing?

  5. Vin says:

    Oh and if people are concerned about what the City collects in revenue from this, I’d say cancel it and bring on Walmart in every borough. There’s your revenue!!!

  6. Vin says:

    Dang straight! If the FDNY gets to charge just to show up at a fender bender, this is right along the same “fair” lines. And hey, Joe from Queens — you hit right on the nose. It is their basic responsibility. It also the FDNY’s basic responsibility to put out fires, and free people from their cars when they’re involved in a car accident without charging that pathetic fee. I think this is a totally fair at the hands of NYPD. And besides, that people are trapped wherever they live because this bridge is closed or that bridge is closed or that road is closed. Our lives still need to go on with or without these thousands of people puking, spitting, peeing on the streets of NY. They should pay a fee for their right to do all this. Mayor B can kiss my butt if he reads this and doesn’t like it.

  7. DonS says:

    By the way, remember the event is SUNDAY MORNING, starting before many have even woken up!
    I cant think of another event that raises the money, creates a genuine spectator event, at a less inconvenient time.

    1. John Clancy says:

      Unless you run the marathon in less than 2 hours, then you know that this marathon lasts well into the evening with police protection.

  8. DonS says:

    Well just cancel the NYC marathon and calculate the loss of revenue to NYC!!
    Each Year NYC has about 45 million visitors which spend about 30 Billion dollars!
    The NYC marathon has 38,000 participants,they do not come alone, and they are not here for just one day. There are thousands of volunteers and about 2 Million spectators. It is likely that the majority of spectators are new yorkers & their taxes already pay for the NYPD. The event is obviously a great event to watch for well over a million New Yorkers live in the streets – for no additional cost. The participants either live here or are spending their money here. The city collects not only the sales tax as mentioned above but also through all taxes on all extra revenues raised on that day by citizens and participants as well as through participants during their typical week long stay. What is the value of probably 20,000 non-residents participants and the typical 1-5 people that come with them for a week? Add up the taxes from the airport, taxis, hotel, food, entertainment, retail, etc both directly from these expenditures and through the payroll taxes of the extra employment needed during marathon week (even the NYPD)! Its Huge.
    By the way many of the runners run for many different charitable organizations.

  9. mnzr says:

    So now the right to assemble comes at a price

  10. Joshua says:

    They should charge a large fee when the Democrats or Republicans have their conventions in NYC.

  11. john says:

    I think all runs, walks, street fairs, and parades should require the entity running the event to pay for police expenses. Too ofter these events inconvenience residents who also wind up paying for the event in their taxes

  12. Eve says:

    Fantastic idea! I believe that my taxes should not be spent on policing of special events while services are being cut for poor citizens who have bigger needs. I would pay a fee for the privilege of running in all five boros in the great city of NY while inconveniencing millions once a year. The city can’t be expeced to pay for everything and that’s not how I want my tax dollars spent!!

  13. says:

    thats funny,if nypd really concerned with cost why not start with the 10 million a year in lawsuits for not following thier own rules.Nah to easy.

  14. Kitty Liquor says:

    We should ban everything except mass consumerism. Consume, collect, collapse – it’s the american dream!

  15. CityEmployee says:

    There should a fee for Macys Parade, The Irish Parade. those cost money too? how come they dont mention it? Race discrimination?

    1. John Clancy says:

      I mentioned it.

  16. peg swanson says:

    I fully agree with Linda Pletscher – I thought fees were being charged all along. Huh

  17. Joe from Queens says:

    Controlling traffic and shutting down streets are basic responsibilities of the NYPD. They have a whole department for that, NYPD Traffic. Why do these unions get paid more for work they should be doing anyway? When the marathon and other events are not taking place, most of the NYPD and NYPD Traffic are simply blocking traffic with their patrol vehicles anyway. I’d gladly pay extra only if the money goes to providing healthy recreational activities for NYC children.

  18. Mr. Quinn says:

    The only people who would really consider fees for city services for events like marations and parades are those with ties to criminal organizations.

  19. Linda Pletscher says:

    Absolutely there should be a fee for tying up traffic and keeping people
    who pay taxes all year out of Central Park, etc.
    I am surprised to hear there is currently no fee.

  20. John Clancy says:

    About time. Should do the same for all the ethnic parades as well. These events cost money to make safe for everybody.

  21. RichieT says:

    The marathon is good for business, like restaurants and hotels in the area.. The city doesn’t make money directly. They do from things like local sales taxes, but that’s nowhere near enough what it actually costs..

    1. Chris says:

      I agree with Richie, as there is no direct cost for the marathon the city is getting revenue indirectly that is gained by the local business. Many of these runners come from different parts of the US and even the world just to compete in these events. If the fee like any other fee is charged to compete what is going to happen which always happens, every year or every other year the fees are going to rise. Then eventually pedestrians watching the event are eventually going to be charged just for witnessing such events. It can happen.

  22. brianvh says:

    These events are good to have, but the city should not be shouldering the costs. I think most people wouldn’t object to paying an extra $20 to participate.

  23. C.J. says:

    Who cares about these races anyway?

    1. andrew says:

      Obviously you are not a runner. These races actually generate a lot of business and just about all of them raise a substantial amount of money for charities.

    2. ghgh says:

      Awesome comment, CJ. glad you took the time to make your valuable opinion known. Glad I took the time to read your incisive observation, and that I’m wasting more of my life writing about your absolutely worthless comment. Nuff said. Who cares, anyway?

    3. badman says:

      obviously not people with extra wide loads in the rear like you, CJ.

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