NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Apparently, the Taxi and Limousine Commission is sick of those televisions in the back of cabs too.

TLC Commissioner David Yassky says he’s looking to change the channel on the programming when you first sit down in a cab. The announcement comes as the TLC tries to find what it’s calling the “Taxi of Tomorrow.”

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It’s all part of the TLC’s ongoing effort to improve you’re cab-riding experience.

Yassky says he’s looking to provide more compelling content for riders who are compelled to watch.

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The screens aren’t exactly what you’d call “popular.” Some 31.3 percent of people surveyed called the taxi TVs “annoying,” making them the second-most disliked feature of a cab ride. The most disliked, by the way, was the cost: 36.8 percent said cab rides were too expensive.

The survey quizzed 22,600 respondents and was commissioned by the TLC. Anyone who filled it out had a chance to win a prize. Abdul Mohammed of the Bronx, who was one of the people who filled out the survey, won the free year of taxi rides for his participation.

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