NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Along with some less-than-stellar reviews this week, the Spider-Man musical has suffered another big blow from state safety inspectors.

It’s yet another chapter in the ups and downs of Broadway’s Spider-Man show. While the box office rakes in the money, the production has racked up a new set of safety violations, reports CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

The producers of “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” were slapped with two new safety violations by New York State labor officials Sunday, adding to the show’s already notorious legend.

“It makes more people want to see it…in a weird kind of way,” audience member Alma Shandra said.

“Any publicity is good, right?” tourist James Sheffield, visiting from London, said.

The citations from the state were issued for a trio of accidents, one of them caught on tape. Dancer Christopher Tierney plunged more than 20 feet off a platform at a show in December because his safety tether was not properly anchored.

CBS 2 was there when Tierney later returned to the theater as a member of the audience – with a steel rod in his back.

“I believe in the show,” Tierney said. “I believe in everything that’s done on that stage.”

State officials say the second of the citations involved a pair of actors hurt while rehearsing a so-called slingshot stunt when the stage was out of position.

Members of Sunday’s matinee audience worried that the show is too complicated.

“All the air and strings and the pulling and the fighting – it’s pretty intense,” Jenna Gibson said.

No fines were levied in connection with the citations, but state labor officials will come to the show unannounced for inspections.

A representative for the show’s producers released the following brief statement: “The production is in full compliance of DOL guidelines and will continue to work with state officials to maintain the highest safety standards at all times.”

“If they put the quality work there for them, and they inspect them and keep on top of them, I think they will be safe,” Seham Nesheiwat said.

Dave Carlin

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  1. wcb says:

    If Spidey cant even save himself how is going to save the city from the villianous villians!

    All they have to do is wait until he get caught in his web again to make their move. Ho ho hah haha!

    Stan Lee better do something before Spiderman’s destroy himself.

  2. wayne says:

    SNNNPPPP!!! aaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhh! THDDDmmPP!!!! Crshhhhhhh!!!..oooohhhhhh!!somebody help meeeee!!!

    God help him!

  3. WB says:


  4. Steve B says:

    Good old Galt Macdermot

    My brother worked with Galt to try to revitalize Via Galactica !!!

  5. Jerry_Leigh says:

    Why do I have that nagging feeling that a Palin, somehow, is gonna get inviolved in this thing?

  6. Aristedes DuVal says:

    STUPID STUPID STUPID- stop it before someone gets killed-& that person could be an audience member! This should be done in a CIRCUS not a theater.

  7. Gabriel says:

    It is simply disgraceful that CBS NY leads the 11pm news and prior sunday nigtt (snapshots) with the spiderman story. WHO CARES???????? is this news? ……your own reporter acknowledges as much when you have WASTED 10 mins on this nonsenes…….. We are all not stupid we get the ‘wow’ effect and understadn the pressure of fox but really…… the real story is told at 11.40pm about the Egyptian issue and you acknowledge same with your comment about 60 mins – it is really sad that you simply assume the audience is stupid and doesnt get it.

  8. M. Filmvideo says:

    I remember another too expensive broadway play regarding
    space creatures that lost I think 20 million dollars and closed
    in just one night ,I was there on that night , it deserved it’s fate.
    “Via Galactica was it’s name .

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