NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Two days after he was charged with a spree of murders in New York City that left four people dead, a CBS 2 news producer spoke with accused killer Maksim Gelman from his psychiatric ward at Bellevue Hospital.

Gelman claims he was the victim of a Drug Enforcement Administration “set up.” On Tuesday at the hospital, Gelman told a handful of reporters the same thing.

PHOTO GALLERY: New York City Stabbing Spree

“The DEA set me up, they let this happen. They were there. If you are who you say you are, you have to look into this,” Gelman said appealing to the reporters to further investigate the issue.

CBS 2 Producer Pam Tighe said Gelman’s hands were “very nicked up” and that he had many cuts on his hands. Gelman did not make much eye contact with reporters during the seven-minute meeting.

The 23-year-old man also seemed aware of the hatred towards him.

“They are going to kill me. I am trying to make my peace with God. Sometimes, my mind isn’t right,” he said.

Tighe said Gelman appeared both anxious and agitated while rambling on.

“He didn’t seem to be a normal person sitting there,” Tighe said of Gelman.

Gelman refused to talk about his obsession with 20-year-old Yelena Bulchenko, who was laid to rest along with her mother Tuesday afternoon. He also would not directly answer the question of whether he killed anyone.

When asked if he seemed to recognize the gravity of what had happened, Tighe said it remained unclear.

“When he talks about…’it’s a conspiracy’…that makes you think he might be…mentally ill. When he talks about ‘I’m trying to get right with God’ maybe that makes you think that he knows he did something really wrong,” Tighe said.

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  1. Daniel Zaretsky says:

    Why is he in a mental hospital? He has abused PCP for years and is a vicious killer, he should be in rikers with all the other hardcore criminals. with him in bellevue this case already looks like it took a turn for the worse. He could be let off with a psychiatric evaluation and a 15 year sentence!

  2. zack says:

    He isn’t mentally insane and deserves Life in prison.

  3. DanTe says:

    Question. Does it have any siblings? Is this infestation going to continue?

  4. Mike Hyland says:

    Snuff this defective unit out.

  5. too muckinfuch says:

    The guy is nuts. I feel so sorry for the victims. I feel sorry for the prison that has to feed him until he dies. Plus that’s our tax money paying for it. I feel sorry for all of us.

  6. keepin it real says:

    this is what happens when you smoke dust and crack. its call spacebase. he should be hung from his nuts.

  7. Scrooge McDuck says:

    This is your brain on drugs.

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