HARTFORD, CT (AP / WCBS 880) – Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says Connecticut cannot sustain the wage, health care and pension benefits awarded to state employees and it’s time to begin discussing labor concessions.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau reports from Hartford

The new Democratic governor, who addressed a joint session of the General Assembly on Wednesday, unveiled his two-year, nearly $40 billion budget that calls for $2 billion in labor savings and concessions.

Malloy ticked off some savings ideas, such as moving state employees to a health benefits package like the one covering federal employees. He says that would save about $300 million over two years. Three more furlough days over two years would save $80 million.

Malloy says the cost-savings suggestions made by state employees so far are not enough to cover the state’s projected $3.2 billion deficit beginning July 1.

Malloy is also calling for across the board tax hikes.

Larry Dorman, spokesman for the State Employee Bargaining Coalition, told WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau that “the real issue here is that Connecticut has a revenue problem, not a spending problem. You know, cuts to public services will not get this economy moving in a forward gear.”

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  1. Marc says:

    The Governor is an idiot!! and to understand media bias, I had to google him to discover he was a Democrat. Nowhere was the usuaual “d” next to his name.

  2. bubba says:

    I think they should look into Stmford. Starwood hotels corp. move and all the tax brakes they got ? why. And BLT used out of towners not ct. workers to biuld. most were not even citizens of usa. and hes gov.

  3. Mrgaret E Macdonough says:

    Many top Conn. senators, congressmen, legislators, and top officials have more than one home. Dan Malloy makes a large pay check each year about 120,000.00 a year. He could cut his pay check just like many of to top officials and learn to live on less. I lost about 50,000 from Citi Group which has hert me a lot. I live in the range 20,000 to 25,000 each year. It is not easy but I make ends meet and d without. I relize I am fortunate to have a roof over my head.

  4. middleclass america says:

    So lets see now……we sold our house in 2009, slowly laid off our 4 employees, brought our daughter home from NY to live with us because we could no longer keep her in NY to attend college and is unable to find work after 4 yrs of college….have the max deductable med insurance allowed with a husband that has seizures. Oh and did I mention we did all we could to help my brother and his wife that is laid off for 2 yrs now, (home heating fuel and food). We have never had assistance and will do what we can to survive on our own. And you what…….you want to what.?…..Wake up and smell the coffee! THESE TAX CHANGES WILL PUT US ON WELLFARE TOO….Where is the next ANTI DAN MALLOY RALLY….WHERE’S THE PETITION….GUYS!!!

    1. Jerry says:

      As they said in 2008, elections do have consequences. Foley won the election but lost Bridgeport when they were able to keep the polls open extra hours to get the count they needed. Tuesday there is a special election in Cheshire and Meriden to replace Gaffey. VOTE TUESDAY! VOTE REPUBLICAN!! Vote for LEN SUZIO on Tuesday February 22!

  5. NK says:

    Hey Union Thug Dorman– Ct state spending has DOUBLED in 10 years, THREE TIMES the inflation rate, with a declining population. No spending problem there. Taxpayers and voters get wise. When United Technologies, Chubb, Aetna, the hedge funds all pull out of Ct., these Union parasites will move on, they’ll retire to income tax free Florida and Texas. They are like the mafia, they bust out the joint, then they torch it.

  6. Moody blue says:

    This is garbage ! People living here in CT that are working parents putting food on the table are having all they can do to make ends meet.

    Cut back on your welfare programs ! Our pockets are bare !

    UP the tax on cigars!!!!! for a change.

    1. Dan says:

      And yet, according to a Money Magazine report, the incomes of the wealthy have grown by 33% in recent years.

  7. Devenio says:

    Wanna make money? Demand the Healthcare industry lower its prices. Demand accountability in all public works projects. Tax EVERYONE at the same tax rate. Raise the tax on Cigarettes and Alcohol by 500%. Tax churches. Legalized drugs. Legalize hemp. Allow gambling in all states.

  8. gil says:

    We need a pioneer who can cut spending not another spendthrift that can only raise taxes to balance an out of control budget !

    Wisconsin Seeks to Gut Unions in Push to Rein in State Budget

    Wisconsin is poised to strip collective bargaining rights from most of the state’s 175,000 public employees and try to tackle budget problems by confronting labor.

  9. Richard Allen says:

    Americans need a good swift kick in the pants….not a Wussie like this guv.

    No more wasteful spending you have to do for yourself and each other….No more welfare unless its coupled with Reading, Writing and Speaking ENGLISH

    No more parole unless inmates can speak proper English…No more High School grads who cant speak ENGLISH

    Being Helpless is not going to be tolerated or paid for anymore….

    Man up woman up…buck up…….should be the new buzz words

    1. Wont you listen? says:

      Amen! the middle class is becoming the underdog here !


  10. johnny says:

    Was it any wonder once this guy got into office that your taxes would increase? The same garbage over and over again.

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