HACKENSACK, N.J. (CBS 2) — A police officer critically injured in New Jersey is on the road to recovery. The hero from Paramus was shot during a routine traffic stop, and she was cleared Friday to go home.

Dozens of Officer Rachel Morgan’s friends and colleagues, accompanied with flashing lights, drums, and bagpipes, were on hand Friday to wish her well. Officer Morgan was released from Hackensack University Medical Center just weeks after being wounded in the line of duty, reports CBS 2’s Brian Andrews..

Paramus Police Officer Rachel Morgan was released from the hospital Friday, just weeks after being wounded in the line of duty. (Photo: CBS 2)

“It’s very important for us to express to her, at this point in time, how much she means to us, and how we will always be with her and always have her back,” Paramus Police Chief Christopher Brock said. “We had Rachel’s squad who was with her that night actually lift the bed up and put it in the rig, and now she’s over one more hurdle and onto her next one.”

Officer Morgan was smiling as the ambulance pulled away from the well-wishers. Two big fire trucks – one from Hackensack, and the other from Paramus – hung a banner in her honor outside the hospital as dozens of spectators looked on.

“It’s amazing that she’s recovered this quick,” Paramus Police Captain Kevin Smith said. “It’s absolutely amazing, we’re thrilled to death, and to have this many people here, it’s fabulous.”

Officer Morgan was wounded earlier this month in a shootout near the Garden State Parkway when she tried to pull over Michael Carmody. He wouldn’t stop, crashed his car, and then came out shooting.

Carmody died days after the shooting from his injuries in the ensuing shootout, but Officer Morgan survived, thanks in part to her bulletproof vest.

The chief says she has a long road ahead – including significant physical therapy – but that she’s got a great attitude, and is already talking about getting back on the job.

“Every single day, she’s made it a point for us to know that there’s no doubt in her mind that she’ll be back with us, and the whole department looks forward to that day,” Chief Brock said.

Officers from Paramus, Hackensack and Bergen County were all in attendance to wish Officer Morgan well as she left the hospital.