Both Sides Represented; Congressman Refuses To 'Cave In'By Mona Rivera

MASSAPEQUA PARK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — New York Congressman Peter King wants to investigate why Muslims are becoming more radical here in the United States.

But as CBS 2’s Demetra Ganias found out Muslims say those controversial hearings will give them a bad name.

Muslims, Jews and Christians gathered outside Rep. King’s office Tuesday to ask him to stop targeting Muslims and cancel hearings on what King calls the radicalization of Muslim-Americans.

“A bomb doesn’t differentiate between a Muslim and a non-Muslim. We are just as afraid of extremists as anybody else,” Seemi Ahmed said.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera hears arguments from both sides

Demonstrators for and against hearings into Islamic radicalization showed up at Massapequa, L.I. district office of Congressman Peter King (Photo/Mona Rivera)

About 200 noisy but peaceful protesters — split about evenly “for” and “against” — were watched by at least 30 police officers in Massapequa Park.

Opponents of the hearings — from all different faiths — had billed their event Tuesday as an interfaith “pray-in.”

“We stand here outside Peter King’s office because we believe that singling out an entire community, such as Muslim-Americans, is un-American,” one demonstrator said.

Muslims fear the hearings will demonize peaceful members of their faith, those clearly against terrorism.

“If you want to talk about terrorism or extremism it should be about everyone. Muslims are a part of the fabric of society,” said Saad Sheik of Valley Stream.

They’re urging the House Committee on Homeland Security chairman not to hold controversial hearings on what he calls the “radicalization” of some American Muslims.

Congressman King has said he’s obligated to investigate. He has also added the overwhelming majority of Muslim-Americans are outstanding Americans.

He told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera that the hearings will go on as scheduled.

“I’m not going to cave in. The overwhelming majority of Muslims are outstanding people. But the fact is there is a real threat coming from that community,” King said.

“But the fact is there was an element in that community that as in all communities is threatening the U.S. The difference is with this they are allied with an overseas enemy – al Qaeda.”

King points to homegrown terrorists like Faisal Shahzad, the man behind the failed Times Square bombing in May 2010, believed to have been financed by the Pakistani Taliban.

In November 2009 at Fort Hood in Texas, American-born Muslim Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly killed 13 people in a shooting spree.

But King’s rationale is not sitting well with Muslims.

“The nature of the investigation that representative King’s committee seeks to pursue has the potential of holding the Muslim community hostage to suspicion and fear mongering,” Rabbi Jerome Davidson said.

Protesters said the hearings, due to begin March 7, are nothing more than a witch hunt against Muslims.

“We need to heal divisions not create more separation,” Sister Jean Clark said.

Some protesters held up crosses or Muslim crescent symbols.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs in Massapequa Park

King supporters carried signs that read, “Don’t Tread on Me” and said the hearings will root out homegrown terrorists.

“This war on terror is not some campaign overseas. It goes on today right here,” said Andy Sullivan of the group the “9/11 Hard Hats.”

“Congressman King is taking action on this. For people to call him Islama-phobe or bigot is ridiculous,” retired NYC firefighter Tim Brown added.

King was at his office Tuesday but did not come outside during the demonstrations.

Which group do you side with? Let us know below

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Comments (93)
  1. Cynthia Guilllen says:

    Haha, I think everyone who demonstrates so much hate towards one set of people just want blood-shed to keep shedding. They’d declare another civil war just to get some action in their small pathetic lives, what I find even more ridiculously funny, is that they actually believe their opinion counts. Muslims, Islams, Jewish, Christians, Atheists, they are all people, and because of this, no matter what some humans do, they won’t be remembered more than a far away voice. I think, America is on its way to grow up, but people like King, keep messing it up.

  2. Anon says:

    Hey phaggots, Muslims are here to stay.

    Accept it.

  3. Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout says:

    “About 200 noisy”!! I never seen a TV station calling protesters “noisy”! What do you mean noisy? Are they inside a public library or are they protesting after 11 PM.
    You sounds not fair at all covering the story.
    By: Sofian Zakkout,

  4. David says:

    To all the Muslims out there. YOU ARE NOT AMERICANS!!!!! You come here in search of a better life and then you hate our way of life. You blow up buildings and anything else you can think of. We have to spend so much money in the hopes that we can prevent another terrorist attacks. 60 years ago we placed Japanese people in displaced persons camps and that was wrong. What we need to do is to send all of you Muslims back to your native land this way Americans can live peacefully and not worry if the train, plane or bridge that they are on will be blown up. YMuslims and their actions alone caused Americans to hate them.

  5. Edgars Freibergs says:

    Where do I stand???? Where does America Stand.

    Texas Muslim Arrested For Attempted Use of Weapon of Mass Destruction, Plot to Kill Former President

    We welcome them in and they attempt to kill US!

    Its time we said no more. An stop selling our country to Political Correctness that is KILLING US! Our Civilization our way of life!

  6. nyc says:

    There is enough evidence to agree with Peter King’s pro active ideas going forward. I would like to see the mosque’s iman’s support going after radical muslims and help prevent future domestic radical muslim problems !

  7. Eddie says:

    These muslims are the worst threat the U.S. has ever seen. Their leaders have a goal that only ignorant Americans are not aware of, and that it to make America Islam. I just saw an actual video of a 12 year old boy in Pakistan beheading an adult male. How many adult muslims are capable of this? I’ve heard enough of their leaders talk, and they have no use for anyone who is an infidel. Americans had better wake up.

  8. Doc says:

    Muslims are barbarians. Period. There is no redemption for any of them that live by the words of the blood laden Quaran.

  9. Ellen says:

    It’s nice to know that Muslims are free to protest in this country, but let alone in their native countries how many Christians could do the same thing? Could any one of these meek and mild Muslims explain that one to me.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Coptic Christians were protected by their Muslim brethren while they spoke out in Egypt just these past few weeks.

      1. Joel Weymouth says:

        They also have been murdered and bombed too. Don’t Cherry pick your stories
        Also COPTS are scared now that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking the lead. Bottom line – you don’t want to be a Christian in a muslim country. A muslim can accuse you of blasphemy for not agreeing with him that Mohamed is better than Jesus Christ.

      2. Ron Reale says:

        They were also ordered to bow to allah.
        islamists are a stain on any free civilization, a barbaric cult bent on world domination.
        We need to change the first amendment to read, “freedom of any religion that does not call for the subjugation, forced conversion or death of non-believers”.
        Ron Reale

  10. ExSophus says:

    Of course a bomb doesn’t differentiate and choose its victims…

    but the extremist bombER does.

    What a misleading argument from Ahmed.
    Seemi Ahmed said, “A bomb doesn’t differentiate between a Muslim and a non-Muslim. We are just as afraid of extremists as anybody else,”

    1. Michael H. says:

      He’s saying that moderate Muslims are some of the most common targets of these extremists, and he is right. Do some research to see where most bombings take place and tally up how many Muslims vs. non Muslims are being killed.

      1. ExSophus says:

        He wants the hearings canceled. I stand by my comment. His specious argument that the bomb itself doesn’t differentiate has ZERO bearing on the actual subject of the hearings, yet he says it as though it should.

    2. Joel Weymouth says:

      Contrast the Muslim community with the Korean. When that Korean boy killed all those people in that school: the community apologized.
      On 9/11 – the Muslims justified the reason why those men did it. Same with Fort Hood. The moderate Muslim uses the radicals to pressure the Christian majority to grant the Muslims special privileges. There is evidence that some of the muslim community KNEW that something was going to happen (not what specifically) – and they kept silent.

      1. Eric Siverson says:

        If I recall correctly the Korean murderer had a tatoo that read Ishmels axe . sound like to me The muslims had gotten to the korean too . Or is Ishmel’s axe a korean saying too .?

  11. Questions... says:

    To the immigrants: If Islam is so wonderful, why move to the US?

    To the US born: If Islam is so wonderful, have you converted? Are you considering moving to an Islamic part of the world?

    1. Randgrithr says:

      I don’t allow a religion to determine where I live. More importantly, I don’t allow practitioners of religions other than my own to determine where I can live. The US was founded on the principle of the separation of church and state. Our freedom of religion is one of the things that makes this country great. It’s one of the principles I swore to protect and defend with my life as a member of the US military. If you don’t like your neighbor’s religion, my best advice to you is to do your best to practice your own in peace, obey the law, mind your own business and if you are a bigot, shut your pie hole.

      1. Don Hillier says:

        I’m a veteran too. Does that justify sticking your head in a hole in the ground? Go to youtube, search for Dearborn, Michigan. Christians are being railroaded by Mulims, and denied their right to free speech on PUBLIC PROPERTY. They were accosted and assaulted by muslims at the fair. The police allowed it. You, and the rest of America better wake up, and learn about this so called “religion of peace”. It’s anything but. Search youtube for Lt.Col. Allen Walker. Listen to him. He fought in the sandbox. He knows!

      2. DH says:

        Actually, you sound like you either don’t know what you’re talking about, or a liar, or maybe both. The U.S., after separation of church and state didn’t happen until the early 1960’s. When communists got a good hold in this country. America lost its way then. And as far as practicing your own religion in peace, why does the FBI state that 90% of the mosques in the U.S. teach radical islamism, dedicated to the overthrow of the U.S.? That’s called sedition, NOT freedom of religion.

      3. Bob Snyder says:


        As a Veteran myself I’ll be the first to say everyone has the right to practice their own religion. However you may have noticed, or apparently have NOT noticed, that most so called peaceful Muslims will not denounce the radical side of Islam. Now some say that could be because they are afraid of the retribution from radicals but that has never stopped Christians from standing against radical forms of Christianity. If they do not stand against radical Islam then they are at the very least cowards and have no place in American society. Where is the outrage from so called American Muslims for the forced attempt at spreading Sharia Law in America and “Honor Killings” taking place right here in the good ole USA just to name a couple? Where is the tolerance for other religions in Islam? It is non-existent! Would some Muslim or Muslim supporter here care to explain these questions?

      4. Randgrithr says:


        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

        That’s 1791 AD, you lying moron.

      5. Ron Reale says:

        What if your neighbors cult demands he subjugate you by making you pay tribute, (like we are doing now,paying for muslims health care while they are exempt from paying), or forcing you to convert, or killing you because you won’t convert.
        Should we still shut our pie holes and allow this, or should we seek out, crush and ban every cult member from civilized society?
        You may be happy in your dhimmitude, we will practice our God-given right to self-defense.
        And you won’t be told to shut your pie hole by us, we will let you enjoy your freedom of speech so they can find you while you try to live alongside them, and cut your head off.
        Ron Reale
        Ron Reale

    2. GWF says:

      Islamic part of the World? That’s the probllem they want the whole World to be Islamic. The Quran says it’s alright to lie to defeat the infidels. Are there really peaceful Muslims or just good liars? I’m behind Rep King 100%, we need many more like him in Congress.

      1. Randgrithr says:

        No, we don’t. You bigoted idiots want the entire United States to be Judeo/Christian, including Peter King. There’s no difference except that your version of “no separation between church and state” idiocy is a lot closer to home. My America has no room for bigots. Go move to Jesusland.

      2. DH says:

        GWF, I couldn’t agree with you more. We need someone who can’t be bought by the muslims. He has the right idea and backbone to get the job done.

      3. DH says:

        America WAS FOUNDED ON JUDEO CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES, YOU IDIOT. We have no need to change to meet your demands. And we WILL fight to retain our JUDEO CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES. Just why do muslims want to come to America? Just go back where you spawned from…heathen.

      4. Randgrithr says:

        I spawned in Brooklyn, and yes I AM Heathen. And PROUD! You don’t like it then YOU leave! Most of you wannabee chickenhawks have only ever served this country with your lips and not your lives. Stinking bigots and hypocrites, your own God would kick you right in the ass. Perhaps you should do a little reading on where the Good Samaritan came from. SAMARA IS IN IRAQ!!!

      1. Patriotmomma says:

        A good point? The Samaratins were half Jews. They retained the worship of the one true God but were looked down on by the full Jews in Israel. So…the Good Samaratin in Jesus parable was a God fearing half-Jew, living I might add 600 plus years before Mohammad made up his religion after meeting many Jews, half-Jews and Christians as he travelled the Arabian deserts as an illiterate traveling merchant. Too bad Mohammad missed all the teachings about the true God the Jews and Christians following being a God of love. Jesus said it best- he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. Islam is spread through force, by intimidation of physical punishment. Christianity is spread by loving your neighbor-founding hospitals and giving food and safe water to the oppressed in Muslim countries. Thomas Jefferson purchased a copy of the Koran when he was president, as a good commander in chief, he needed to know what his enemy, the Muslim pirates on the Barbary Coast believed so he could use it to squash them. Good thing Jefferson was able to understand the little darlings wouldn’t stop kidnapping and killing Americans until he sent the mighty American Navy to kick some Muslim butt on the shores of Tripoli. Jefferson knew who America’s enemy was, and he was a good enough leader and a strong enough man to take care

    3. inkorrekt says:

      USA is a Christian nation built over the Bible and 10 commandments. Only because USA is a christian nation, it allows freedom for people of all other faiths. President Obama does not believe this. For these muslims to come over here and transform USA into a theocratic dictatorship is arrogance and intolerance. They should leave the country and go to another muslim country so that they can freely practise their religion. . We are the most generous people on earth. When our own generosity is being abused, we must stop it. Mr. King, Go ahead and even investigate all the mosques inside USA. Our own freedom is being used against us. Look what the muslims have done to UK , Germany and France. The muslims are destroying Europe. We must not allow them the freedom to infringe upon our constitutional rights. Islam is a religion started with a sword and is now being sustained by the sword. The Quran calls upon muslims to kill Jews and Christians. The muslims are blindly following it.

  12. Randgrithr says:

    Peter King is like watching a bad rerun of All In The Family. I don’t want Archie Bunker for my Congressman. If this clown actually cared about American security he would devote resources to examining all threats, including those represented by the out-of-control extreme right wing. Radical Muslims aren’t the ones leaving swastikas all over the place, knocking over Menorahs or attacking Hispanics. By focusing on a single religious group he shows himself to be racist and stupid. With blind and idiotic representation like this, who even NEEDS terrorists?

    1. DH says:

      You’re right, radical islam is under the radar in America, for the most part. But we are finding out about you, little by little. The time is coming when you WILL be dealt with. And harshly, as those of you who are U.S. citizens are committing treason aiding and abetting the jihadists. The sentence for treason is death. How do you answer to islam in Dearborn, Michigan. YOU ARE THE RACIST, TERRORIST, AND LIAR. One only has to examine your conduct here and abroad.

  13. THA FACTS R says:


    1. DH says:


  14. Ellen says:

    I fear anyone who is a radical no matter what religion they come from. Wether Jew, Christian, Muslim, or Hindu radicals come in all colors, race, and nationalities. But I can understand why after the horrific 9-11 attack on the Twin Towers why many Americans are leery of the Islamic religion, and Muslims should understand that fact of life, and speak up more forcefully about radicals that plague their own religion.

    1. Barbara says:

      Maybe radicals come in all races and nationalities (yes, I’m sure they do). But the American Muslim community doesn’t often say, “we reject that behavior” when there is a terror attack. The only Muslim who stepped forward after 9-11 was my superintendent. His family is from southeastern Europe and yes, they are Muslim. Very assimilated. Anyway, the group as a whole needs to speak up against terror. Then they will not be as mistrusted.

      1. MY Muslim says:

        The American Muslim community has spoken up several times, but our agenda driven media likes to show stereotypical stories about “violent” Muslims for the higher ratings they will draw. Do the honest Muslim cabdrivers or the patriotic Muslim street vendors get credit in the news for doing what’s right because they are Muslim? I rest my case- not often enough or not at all in some cases.

    2. inkorrekt says:

      It is plain and simple. Did you know that all the 19, 911 terrorists had a check list and the 13 the item was to read the Quran?. Why? Read Surah 33-35 where Quran calls upon all the muslims to “EXECUTE ALL JEWS AND CHRISTIANS”

      Contrast this with Christianity. Jesus Christ calls upon all His followers to Love their enemies whereas Muhammed calls upon the Muslims to Kill their enemies.

      Thank you Mr. King for your courage to take action on this dangerous religion. It is unfortunate that Mr. Bush called this a “Religion of Peace”. It is also very sad that Mr.Obama calls USA not as a Christian nation. Mr.Obama as well as those who attack Mr.King must take a primary lesson on the US history, the constitution, Christianity and Islam.

  15. Tricia says:

    Protesting hearings about radicalization of Islam (not the religion, but sharia law and jihad) is racist?????
    Sharia law and the attempt to create this system of government here, should be what muslims and real americans protest. It is nothing more than INSURRECTION to support or abet the radicals of islam.
    INSURRECTION -an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government
    If these muslims were americans too, like the sign reads, they wouldn’t be protesting hearings that are trying to REVEAL TRUTH AND PROTECT AMERICA and its constitutional government.

    1. MY Muslim says:

      So what “truths” are you expecting to come from a Congressional committee witch hunt led by an Islamaphobe like Peter King? That Muslim Americans want the same rights as people of other faiths to practice their religion per our country’s Constitution? Glory be to Allah/God! Our Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves!

      1. DH says:

        In reality, nothing will come of any investigation into islamist terrorism. Not with barry playing prez, and holder denying justice. Allah is a false god. If you weren’t ignorant of history, Biblical and Secular, you’d know that.

    2. DH says:

      Sounds like the closet muslim playing president. He’s sure likes to hide stuff too!

  16. kingPIg says:

    Peter King is a known racist Pig whoes entire politics runs on the principle of hating minorities. Nothing new. These low life morons hide behind Flag and Patriotism to extend their extremist agenda.

  17. rd1379 says:

    Stay the coarse Rep. King. Don’t let these liberals deter you!
    God help America.

  18. joeet b says:

    go king get um

  19. Glenn Erdmann says:

    America was founded on the Judeo-Christian ethic, not on the Muslim ethic….If you come to America the simple thing to do is convert. If not stay where you were. Remember you came here, I did not go to your country.

    1. Flynn says:

      Wow..and people call them Radical.

      How ’bout this slick — the country was founded on the ideas of Religious FREEDOM. So I can talk to my Jewish Friend and tell him how my Christian girlfriend went to Midnight Mass on Christmas eve while I stayed at home and celebrated my Wiccan Yule Season.

      People like you are the reason this country is falling apart. Make no mistake.

      1. HUGO says:

        People like you? Stop being so racist!

    2. MY Muslim says:

      Did your ancestors happen to be native American Indians as mine were? This is a free country whose Constitution respects the right to worship freely, without forcing religion upon anyone.

      1. HUGO says:

        We don’t care about your Indian roots. You don’t have to be Indian to be a real American. Stop being such a racist!

      2. Randgrithr says:

        I think his point is that if you don’t like immigrants, get back on the Mayflower. And it is a very valid point. Racist? The Native Americans were the victims of racism from the very beginning. We came in and took everything they had.

    3. John says:

      True. They came here. Its high time to jump in the melting pot. Renounce former allegiances, remove the garb that screams, Extremist first, American second and America will welcome new and loyal citizens into the fold. Can’t deal with it? Leave. Simple.

      1. MY Muslim says:

        There’s no reason for us Muslims to leave, because Founding Father Thomas Jefferson respected, referenced, and owned a copy of the Quran, which helped him to write the Constitution. Check out the history on other than right wing Islamaphobic websites before you sound like a fool again. Some of us are also American Indian, so if anyone has to leave because they’re foreign, it is all the palefaces like you John!

      2. The Enforcer says:

        MY MUSLIM:

        It was Madison — not Jefferson — who wrote the Constitution. And Jefferson had a copy of the Koran because he wanted to understand what drove the Barbary pirates to kidnap and enslave American sailors prior to the Barbary War in the early 1800s.

  20. Stephanie says:

    Muslims never protest anything, unless it has something to do with the truth about Islam becoming well known. Islam is a totalitarian, violent, ideology that seeks domination in every sphere of life. Go read the world news in Muslim-dominated countries and see what you find. Islam has blodoy borders and they blame the victim constantly.Go read Muhammed’s biography and see what you find. That will tell you all you need to know.

    1. Steve says:

      Oh, and when the Iranian national soccer team HELD A MOMENT OF SILENCE for the victims of 9/11 (BEFORE Bush 43’s stupid axis of evil speech, which truly drove Iran’s moderates from power), why did no US news agencies carry that story?

      1. HUGO says:

        Steve, go on and bash the ex president while you praise Al Qaeda. We know you’re not really a “Steve”. You were probably cheering the loudest on 9-11 I’m sure.

  21. Joseph Didonato says:

    Why doesnt he look into radical christianity???? Because that wont do anything for him politically. What a PIG!!!

    1. Everyone Here says:


      Why don’t you shut yer pie-hole?

      1. Steve says:

        Joseph is right.
        Everyone Here – why don’t you finish high school?

      2. rd1379 says:

        Keep your head in the sand. That always works.You IDIOT!

  22. Mohammed says:

    I am a Muslim and a New Yorker living in Long Island. I do like Mr. Peter King for the projects and funds he is able to secure for Long Island and as a matter fo fact I had supported him. However, I am not sure if he is knowingly doing this to give some hatemongers more chance to do false propaganda and intice acts against muslims.

    Many of you may not know this, but the person who alerted the police about the time square vehicle was a muslim. There are bad elements in all communities but the who community should not be blamed for the actions of some individuals. No one would blame the religion or community of the person who shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, then why this injustice against Muslims.

    May God help us live in peace.

    1. The Voice of Reason says:


      I wouldn’t consider this meeting an “injustice”. Radicalization within the Muslim community is undeniably real and cannot be ignored. No biggie.

      1. MY Muslim says:

        To “Voice of Reason”

        I guess you believe mental illness only strikes one creed? Ask Rep. Gabby Giffords if she cares what religion her shooter is.

    2. Jane says:

      If it is true that a Muslim alerted police last May, it did not get enough press. There is nothing wrong with being Muslim, per se. The anonymous bigotry on this comment stream is disgusting, racist, and unbecoming to an American. The Muslim-American community has to do a lot more to denounce terror to lower the level of mistrust and fear that has built up since 9-11. But I never heard any of the Muslims in America denounce it.

      1. MY Muslim says:

        Check out CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) and their “Not in the Name of Islam” campaign. You will see that this org. has refuted every claim that falsely ties terrorism to practicing American Muslims.

      2. Michael H. says:

        Unfortunately these commenters just turn around and proclaim that CAIR is an Islamist front group. It’s a sad state of affairs when even those who speak out loudest against radicalism are in turn accused of being radical.

  23. Steve M. says:

    So, let me get this straight. These folks are protesting a meeting (freedom of speech) that hasn’t taken place yet, and therefore no one knows what will be said…Yet, they don’t like it…..Oookay…Well, guess you’re free to show up and express your point of view, right?….Or you can just yell and scream…

  24. Pat Dellatto says:

    People who speak against American Muslims are caustic to our society and breed hatred. Muslims in our US are peaceful and praying people and the rest of us can learn a good thing or two from them. I was raised Catholic, however, I have many Muslim friends and I am proud of it. Muslims do speak against radicalism, however, they are peaceful and non-violent in voice and action. When are we going to start coming together and get rid of the bigotry and ignorance? Here’s to our Muslim friends!

    1. MY Muslim says:

      Thank you Pat. I was Catholic before I converted to Islam. I agree that we should all work together as Allah’s/God’s believers, as we have many of the same values and fewer differences than the fear mongers like Peter King would like us to believe.

      1. LM says:

        what if someone wants to “work together”, but NOT as a believer of Allah/God? Would that be all right with you?

  25. Tomas says:

    Michael H.
    The proof of the pudding is right here in the good old USA. Most Muslim Leaders were silent after 9/11…and thos that ere’nt (e.g. Rauf) BLAMED the USA for bringing this tragedy on itself. BALONEY. There is never an excuse for killing innocent people…non-combatents etc. Right On Congressman King!!!

    1. MY Muslim says:

      It looks like you Tomas have been brainwashed by Sarah Palin and her Tea Bag Partiers. What kind of tea was in their bags anyways that made you halucinate so badly?! Your pudding must have been spiked, and your baloney is 100% pork hogwash.

      As for the silent Muslims, you must either be deaf or you are speaking of those buriled under the WTC Towers who were only silenced by their horrific deaths. As for what the Cordoba House’s Imam Rauf said, he blamed US foreign policy, not it’s citizens, for bringing violence to our shores.

      Tomas, it’s about time you grow up and stop defending our military missions abroad as “in the national interest”, when in fact they cause the American people to become victims of our government’s corrupt transgressions. Rep. King is part of the pro-Israel, AIPAC lobby that has corrupted Washington for too many decades. America comes 1st, not Israel as Rep. King believes.

    2. Michael H. says:


      Muslims around the world spoke out against the horrid acts of 9/11. A simple google search confirms this. As for Rauf, he’s not alone in his assertion that it was the foreign policy of the United States that brought the attacks to our doorstep. Bin Laden himself stated as such. Rauf is joined by many American politicians, most prominently Ron Paul who correctly state that 9/11 was “blowback” from decades of intervention in the middle east.

  26. paul james says:

    they should be looking at the reason young people in america is so radical and it,s ad noting to do with muslims that guy shot the congress woman the judge and a baby girl is it because he a muslim kid,s shooting up school,s may be if people stop isolate these young men because of religion then they would feel more american feel like the are the devil because they muslim living in america

    1. what the....? says:


      you might want to get a handle on grammar so we can understand what you are trying to say.

  27. teetotaler says:

    Many American Muslims do want to speak out against the radicals but they fear revenge like the radical Muslim TV station owner in Buffalo who decapitated his own wife for speaking out.

    1. EdB says:

      Well, ….. Free people preserver, Muslims may want to spend more time correcting their faith and followers, and less time picketing and pretending they don’t have a problem

  28. smokersodysseycom says:

    If there be hexes, poxes, boiling cauldrons, covens, and the like, then there must be witches somewhere, uh. Go git em!

  29. Steve says:

    Peter King is an annoying loud-mouth. Did he even graduate from high school? I would not be surprised to see an onslaught of people reply to this article – birthers, uneducated loud-mouths (like Rep King), and other bigots, insisting that we treat ALL Muslims differently.

    1. Buh-bye says:


      You appear to be a mouth-breathing jack-wipe with no reading or comprehension skills: please turn off your computer.

      1. Steve says:

        For someone who knows nothing about me, your stupidity is earth-shattering.

        Why don’t you go sell bibles in Somalia?

    2. Mike Och says:


      You sound like you pee sitting down.

  30. Robert says:

    Shame on American Muslims !! They never speak out against the RADICALS in their religion. In not speaking out, they are just as guilty as the radical ones.

    1. Allah says:

      I agree. They NEVER protest against the violence of their brothers and sisters. Good thing they are in the USA since protesting in their homeland would get them stoned to death.

      1. nyc says:

        Agree Agree Agree ! When are these Imans going to take their flock to the streets and demonstrate against their radical brothers !!

    2. Michael H. says:

      Robert, you’re ignoring the FACT that Muslims around the world protested and held vigils against radicalism after 9/11. You ignore the FACT that Muslims in Egypt formed HUMAN SHIELDS to defend their Coptic brothers and sisters while they went to mass.

      You’re unwilling to acknowledge that your world view is flawed.

      1. HUGO says:

        Funny how they never formed that magical human shield on 9-11, eh?

      2. rd1379 says:

        Wake up from your dream. There were NEVER any protest in ANY Muslim countries. You don’t even hear from Muslims living in this country say anything about radical Islam.
        You’ve been listening to all your liberal friends to long.

      3. Bart Simpson says:

        I remember that. It got very little notice in the news. It should have gotten way more.

      4. Michael H. says:


        Open a new web browser window, go into google and type in 9/11 Vigil (insert muslim country here). You’ll see plenty of photographic and video evidence of exactly what I proclaimed to be true and you denied outright with no backup to your claim.

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