NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A New York City emergency medical technician accused of not helping a dying pregnant woman was in more legal trouble Wednesday.

Eutisha Rennix (credit: CBS 2)

Melisa Jackson was facing larceny charges on Long Island. Police said she tried to steal nearly $50 worth of cosmetics from a Walmart in Westbury.

The disgraced FDNY EMT was already charged with official misconduct, accused of ignoring Eutisha Rennix, 25, a pregnant woman who collapsed at a coffee shop in 2009 while Jackson and her EMT boyfriend were taking a break.

Rennix suffered an asthma attack at an Au Bon Pain in Brooklyn. She and her baby died.

“Melisa Jackson is the only person that morning who bears no responsibility and yet she stands here before you,” attorney Ben Heinrich said on October 12, 2010, when Jackson surrendered to face charges. “It’s a shame, a shame on the system.”

Heinrich said Jackson at least called 911, while others, including Rennix’s boyfriend, did nothing.

A lawyer for the Rennix family said that’s a poor excuse. “The father of the baby is not a trained a trained emergency medical technician and doesn’t have a duty, as she did, which she failed to do, which was to provide aid to someone in need,” Sanford Rubenstein said.

“She failed to perform her duty and I think it was a very inhumane act. You know, no feelings for someone who cried for help,” the victim’s mother said.

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  1. Gregg says:

    So many people have just lost a sense of feeling ! Maybe it’s the electronic age we live in. I just had a hospital proceedure that kept overnight and I was shocked that most of the nurses and staff have no compassion or understanding for you. I think most people just want to get by on their job ,get payed and go home. Sad times we live in now !

    1. nick says:

      so you take the tragedy of this young woman’s death as an opportunity to focus on YOU … now i understand why the medical staff just ‘did their job’ with you – people like you are a black hole of attention constantly sucking in but never giving back – yawn

      1. Gregg says:

        Shut up nick. You have no idea what I went through. I hate people like you who just sit and judge everyone with no compassion.

    2. Devenio says:

      Why should they have compassion for you? They don’t get paid for compassion. They get paid to get you better. Maybe you should move to The Wonderful Land of Oz!

  2. Dan Te says:

    We should not rush to judgment. There are always 2 sides to every story. Her story will come out in court.

  3. Mr. Armenia says:

    EMS should not hire these type of people

    1. Devenio says:

      What type of people is this?

  4. C.J. says:

    She looks like a criminal. I wonder how many people she has robbed while responding to emergencies in their homes.

    1. Captain Elisha Bosch USMC says:

      BRAVO,You are exactly right.That`s the miserable condition
      NYC has turned into when lowlifes like that are allowed
      to be hired as EMTs.What`s Mayor Millionaire Mike
      going to do to correct this? Absolutely Nothing.
      The Poor Victim does not live in Sutton Place.
      Looks like Mayor Millionaire Mike is showing his
      true colors;Just Another Creep Morale Coward
      Politician.NYC has had some real losers as
      Mayors.But Millionaire Mike Takes The Cake
      As The Worst Mayor Of All Time.

      1. Mike Bloomberg says:

        I’m a billionaire, Einstein!

    2. j.j. says:

      None since she was a dispatcher.

  5. INSANE CHICK says:

    Her story screams a cry for help or attention. This makes no sense, she makes a good yearly salary. Why would she go into “Walmart” and steal make-up ?
    She’s obviously crying out for attention, she should definitely be terminated and then sent to a shrink.

  6. Josh says:

    How would you feel if your plea for help was ignored by a an off-duty cop if you were being attacked? How would you feel if an off-duty fireman ignored you while your car was on fire?
    Justice will be served some day and I wish both of these heartless fools a lovely time in prison.

    1. patrick says:

      The off duty cop analogy is one thing, but what is an off duty fiireman with no hose and water going to do if your car is on fire?

      1. It's their job says:

        @ Patrick..Well he could use saliva..urine, anything.
        No seriously, it’s a matter of picking up the phone…flag down a passing marked car. SOMETHING..just don’t walk away and turn a blind eye to a life or death situation. They are paid and trained for such incidents.

  7. Alan Foos says:

    Typical government work where I came from, she’s got a promotion coming.

  8. Carlos Liriano says:

    EMT Melisa Jackson should do time in jail, a very long time, by not helping a dying woman it is the same as killing her and her baby, may you some day burn in hell, and i hope the devil dont give you any breaks for coffe

    1. ivana says:

      i think you are an idiot

    2. Devenio says:

      Then her boyfriend should go to jail also. If you believe in hell then you believe in GOD. If thats the case then you know GOD does not make mistakes. It was this persons time to crook. No one could have helped her. Her time was up.

      1. jtorres says:

        Um, her EMT partner/boyfriend was killed outside a nightclub a few months ago, remember? HIS time was up
        I’m not an EMT but if someone is choking, bleeding, having a heart attack or having trouble breathing in front of me, I’ll at least TRY to help. They say she “at least called 911” Never let it be said that she didn’t do the very least she could do.
        Her life is spiraling out of control. What goes around, comes around.

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