Detectives Say 27-Year-Old Vincent Luisi Ran Red Light, Crashed Into 2 Cars

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Three people are in the hospital after detectives said a drunken driver ran a red light crashing into two separate cars in Hempstead on Saturday morning.

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Police said 27-year-old Vincent Luisi, of 8 Inlet Drive, was driving eastbound on Fulton Avenue and drove through a red light striking two separate cars.

The crash injured all three occupants of the first car. A 35-year-old female suffered a brain hemorrhage and a lacerated liver, a 31-year-old male suffered multiple complex factures to his face, and a 27-year-old female suffered a cranial contusion. The first two are in critical condition and the third is in stable condition.

The two occupants of the second car did not report any injuries.

Luisi, meanwhile, faces charges of aggravated vehicular assault, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, driving while intoxicated, and aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle.

He will be arraigned on Sunday at First District Court in Hempstead.

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  1. Lindenhurst Neighbor says:

    His driving skills are that of a 14 year old boy on a joyride. If you know him and have driven with him you know what I’m talking about. 1 day outta prison and His Status says ” Back in Action ” Smart move to have removed his FaceBook Page, His defence is that this was a fluke and that he never gets drunk lol. If the DA was Smart they collected all his pics from facebook where 90% of his pictures he’s holding some kind of alcholic beverage. This is the first time he’s gotten caught. He has no remorse for the lives he affected and changed forever, he goes about life as if its nothing. Just hope the DA puts this guy here he belongs

    1. Copiague neighbor says:

      Well said!

  2. lfksjdflsdjfklj says:

    listen you a holes u do not kno anything he does not have any other dwi’s he never got jail U ASS HOLES stfu u dont kno anything it was a lil acident stfu i swear all u need to stop wht if this was ur kid i dont kno who of u all think u r


    THIS IS HIS THIRD INCIDENT. He killed someone fleeing the scene and got away with it while he was DRUNK. He is a drain on society and should be put away for good. There should be no mercy for felons like this, no excuse especially for someone who has has as many chances as he has had. Enjoy prison!

    1. Copiague neighbor says:

      Yea right! He murdered someone with his car while he was drunk, why do you stick up for someone like this? What if he hit your relative, would you be saying this now? This is indeed his third drunkndriving incident. He went to Copiague High School with his white Escalade, so trust me…i know him. He is a waste and should be locked up. Not for nothing he was driving drunk without i license this time. As i said, a waste and drain on society! Kathleen Rice is going to send him away for a long time!

  4. aaa says:

    this kid is a pompous ass, belongs on the jersey shore.

  5. Pete says:

    Don’t be surprised if he get’s no jail time…I bet if this kid was hispanic or black or any other minority it would be a wrap! You can count on that

  6. peter says:

    Sara come on now….this is your typical long island guy who’s smothered by a typical italian mother and this is the result of a spoiled kid…its the truth. He did kill someone before aciident or not and some people just never learn….guys 27 not 17….get with the effin program stupid. i feel dorry for anyone who was innocently involved.

    1. bbbbb says:

      Yeah well Its not the parents fault ….It is the kid who drank and the kid who made the mistake not the parents. I feel horrible for all involved.

  7. Mr. Armenia says:

    How do you know for sure if he has 3 dwi accidents?

    Were the other drivers also tested for drugs and alcohol?

  8. associate of vinny says:

    this isint his 3rd drunken accident. he’s made his mistakes but lets get the story straight.

  9. Copiague Neighbor says:

    This is Vincents 3rd drunken accident. The 2nd time he got away with running over a pedestrian who was leaving his job late at night.

    1. sara says:

      you people don’t know him so dont judge him!!!!

      1. bbbb says:

        I Agree with you!!!!

      2. Copiague neighbor says:

        Please, dont judge him?!? Until he gets in a 4th dwi!! When is enough enough? Its people like him that make insurance rates go up, make innocent people get seriously injured and die, do you want that on your conscience? Dont talk about judgement. He should be judged because he is an immature brat that simply has no regard for human life if he gets behind the wheel in that state.

  10. Egbert of Wessex says:

    Wow, those are really serious injuries in that first car. Prayers that they recover from this tragedy.

    Alcohol … no good ever comes from it.

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