MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBS 2) — A Long Island mother was sentenced to three years probation Monday after admitting to having a long term sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy.

Stephanie Finnerty, of Oceanside, was also fined $1,200 and ordered to stay away from the teen, who was a high school friend of her daughter.   She was charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

“This was a low time in her life. She recognizes that she made a mistake. She was very remorseful, crying in court,” defense attorney Nancy Bartling told reporters including CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan.

The underage sex acts are said to have taken place inside Finnerty’s Oceanside home, which she shares with her husband, Michael, and their children.

Michael Finnerty is a former mobster who testified against Junior Gotti in his racketeering and murder conspiracy trial. At the time, Finnerty credited his wife with saving him from a life of crime.

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Michael Finnerty was not at Monday’s sentencing, but Bartling said he was “remaining supportive” of his wife.

The teen victim has since switched schools. According to court testimony, he has also been texting and harassing the Finnertys and has posted lewd comments and photos on his Facebook page.

Alane Fagin, of Child Abuse Prevention Services, said while people may believe a boy having sex with an older woman “might be another notch on his belt,” it can have a detrimental affect.

“It can have psychological damage and that it is sexual abuse,” she said.

Some also called Monday’s sentence of probation a double standard. They argued that if a 42-year-old man had sex with a 16-year-old girl, he would be jailed and registered as a sex offender.

Jennifer McLogan

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  1. katmoon63 says:

    someone was paid off here.it all comes down to money.there are plenty of women in prison for the same thing or atleast there on the sex registry.there is no double standard here.$$$$$if you have cash you can do anything you want.

  2. punter says:


  3. Lieutenantdan says:

    There must be an awful lot of money from government and private funding trickling through the system from the VAWA. (Violence Against Women Act)
    Enough to make all the players fat and happy.
    I do not see any other explanation why father’s are treated so poorly.

  4. WJJ says:

    Does the name Joey Buttafuco come to mind? He was ( and rightfully so) crucified for sleeping with a 16 year old ( he was 37 at the time). Look at that poor kid who’s now married to that Letourneau old bag. A confused teen in a sexual relationship (male or female) can be devastating if it goes wrong. Just b/c the perp is female (the hotter she is, the greater pass she gets) should the case be whitewashed

  5. Lieutenantdan says:

    This person should get jailed. What an example the courts set for society in their decision not to jail this woman. Well ,I guess it is another victory for the feminist and Joe Biden’s Violence Against Women’s Act.

  6. John Smith says:

    The kid is a moron. His parents are to blame

    1. Rodin says:

      Hey, the kid’s no fool. He just took what was there for the taking.

      GOD is to blame, for He createth pubescent hormones!

  7. CSI says:

    Thats a slap in the face for the husband.

  8. raging hormones says:

    If it were reversed, a male would be hung out to dry. My daughter brought home some friends that were amazing looking but I never would have touched them. If my son brought home some of his friends and my wife slept with them, I would consider it sex abuse. I know people claim for the boy its a notch on his belt and it probably is, however, girls now a days are worse than the boys when it comes to the whole sex thing. I have to admit, at 16, there were definately friends moms I would have nailed.

  9. Rodin says:

    ” …endangering the welfare of a child.” A 3-year-old is a child. A 10-year-old is a child. A 16-year-old is nothing but raging hormones. Sexual abuse …. Pfft!

  10. mj says:

    the double standard is alive and well in america . if the situation had be reversed people would have been screaming to have the guy castrated and put away for life .

  11. James says:

    No question a double standard. I agree if a 42 year old man was having sex with a 16 year old girl, they would rightfully thrown the book at him and appropriately have him registered on a national sex offender’s listing. This is the same nonsense that take’s place in family court. Women have all the rights, men get to live in the poor house. Women end up with his money, her money, child support and not to mention the new boyfriends money / support. Totally bias / discrimination.

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