Mayor Wants Albany To Let Him Pink Slip Based On PerformanceBy John Montone

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A plan for possible teacher layoffs was generating plenty of anger Monday. The City Department of Education released a list of thousands of teachers who’ll get the axe unless Albany kicks in more cash.

EXTRA: List Of Proposed Teacher Layoffs (Excel Document)

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb: Bloomberg would welcome a check from the UFT

1010 WINS’ John Montone: Bloomberg says we have to downsize intelligently

The doomsday list details the worst case scenario under the mayor’s current plan to make deep cuts to education. It shows exactly how the planned 6,000 teaching jobs will be eliminated.

Around 1,400 positions will simply go unfilled but 4,600 teachers will be formally laid off. Nine schools will lose up to 70 percent of their teachers. Other schools would be untouched.

Almost no subject will go untouched, with art, gym and music likely taking the hardest hits.

Michael Mulgrew, UFT President, tells CBS 2 the layoffs will be catastrophic for education in NYC. (credit: CBS 2)

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“I don’t know how that process would go. It’s a very scary thing,” said teacher Roberta Rowner back on Feb. 17.

Under the current “last-in-first-out” policy, schools that are new or have recently added a newer crop of teachers will be the hardest hit.

However, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was pushing for a change, lobbying lawmakers in Albany to allow him to lay off teachers based on performance rather than seniority,  getting rid of teachers who meet several criteria including an unsatisfactory rating and high absentee rates.

“We’re not trying to hurt anybody. I would love to have more teachers in the classroom rather than fewer,” the mayor said on Feb 17.

The teachers unions were fiercely fighting any change to the seniority system.

“We’re looking at a list that is absolutely designed to cause a lot of fear and panic in schools and communities trying to pit teachers against teachers and community against community, and it’s something that is not needed,” said Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Federation of Teachers.

1010 WINS’ John Montone: UFT President Michael Mulgrew calls the layoffs unnecessary

WCBS 880’s Mike Xirinachs: Mulgrew to Mayor Bloomberg: “Knock it off!”

Monday turned into a war of words between Mulgrew and Bloomberg. In the morning outside P.S. 126, Mulgrew accused the mayor of fear mongering and playing politics with the children of New York.

“Knock it off,” Mulgrew said. “Stop playing games, stop politically maneuvering for your own reasons and work with the teachers of this great city.”

“We are not, we are not going to allow the mayor to divide us,” Mulgrew told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer. “We will speak truth to silly, silly, silly political tricks so that someone can do things in Albany that are very, very bad for all of the children and the people and the working families of New York City.”

Bloomberg later fired back saying, “Any time he wants to write us a check to close what is now a $600 million deficit I’d be happy to cash the check and say thank you, then we still would have to find more money to keep the 6,000 teachers that we’re assuming we’ll downsize,” Bloomberg said.

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The layoffs will be especially hard at one Brooklyn school where half the staff could be pink slipped, reports Kramer.

As she went from class to class at P.S. 682 in Bensonhurst on Monday Principal Josephine Sportella-Giusto said she is haunted by the fear that half the teachers in her school won’t be there next fall unless seniority rules are changed.

It would just cause havoc among our entire school community. Our parents are invested in our teachers. Our teachers know all the students by first and last names we are a tight community,” Sportella-Giusto said.

The principal’s problem is that when her school opened two years ago half the educators she hired were new teachers, either just out of school or making career changes. They have little seniority.

One of those whose jobs would be lost is Theresa Nguyen, who gave up a marketing career and spent her summer taking special training to teach autistic kids here.

“It doesn’t seem right and it would be very unfortunate, both for the children and for myself. This is actually a second career for me and this is a love that I have. I chose to go into teaching because I have a love of children and to be able to teach them,” Nguyen said.

Angry at the idea of teacher layoffs? Happy seniority may be altered? Tell us in the comments section below.

Comments (104)
  1. bill says:

    This country is heading toward a real class war thanks to the billionaires like Bloomberg. The problem is that there are so many mindless morons out there who actual believe the pablum that the Bloombergs spout. If you don’t believe me, look at how popular Ronald Reagan is today.

  2. Greg Boyle says:

    Is it any wonder why we can’t compete with other countries from around the world in regards to education? Whenrver thare is a fiscal shortfall in the buget our education system is always the first to take a hit.Mean while we have these empty suits in the City Council making a base salary of about $112000. a year plus perks for a part-time job and they alone get to vote on their own pay raise.This is why Johnny can;t read!

  3. SAL FERRARA says:


  4. Sick of Bloomberg says:

    You know what, I am a teacher and I have had it. For over 20 years I have beaten my head against the wall to try andfind ways to help your kids. Now, some snot nosed crook named Bloomberg comes along and decides he knows better. Fine, fire us all, and you and he can teach all your children. Let’s see how great you do. Call us in 10 years, let us know how it’s going. If you want us back, the salary will be 3 times what it is now. You union and teacher bashers deserve Bloomberg. You all smell the same: BAD.

  5. MMR says:

    Amazing! And yet, the bankers and Wall Street are all free! Tax cuts for the wealthy have been extended and A-Rod only has to pay $1200 in property taxes. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. You knew when they started opening up these charter schools that Public Education was slowly being destroyed!

  6. angelina says:

    Why are educators the first to go. Why not ask the politician to do some sacrificing once in a while they have the best medical care in the country make decent money. I don’t see politicians sacrificing a thing. What selfish people they are. They are elected to represent us the people not their own pockets. There is something wrong with this picture……

  7. zeppel mudder says:

    He has the nerve to call himself the education mayor. Not one of his chancellors came from the rank and file, they all needed waivers. From the outset, you might not think so, but his plan was to de-educate the students of the city. Just closing schools, was not the answer. That’s why half the students cant tell you anything, about how the gov’t is structured, no technical, or vocational education., and he wants to call himself the education mayor, thats why he wanted mayoral control. A sorry excuse for a mananger, and worse as a mayor.

    1. bob says:

      High school janitors making 100K a year.Great .In many countries teachers are making 10K a year.Here janitors make 10 times more.

  8. R says:

    If the achievement of the students was only based on the teacher’s hard work then go with a new system. If you have a lack of parental participation in not only academic matters, but also in behavioral matters then you will have a poorly performing class no matter what teachers do. Student achievement is not only based on our work, but also the work of parents and the children themselves. You can say it is blaming the victim, but the only constant factors in a child’s education are the child and their parent. Each teacher only has them for less than a year, and if they come with problems that teachers have to solve as well as teach them new material, they will achieve just so much. The parents are the child’s first teachers. Teachers are not the only ones responsible for what and how a child learns, and they should not fear losing their job each year based on the performance of the children.

  9. Arbiter of Sanity says:

    The billionaires among us want us to turn on our teachers and all unionized workers so they can make even more–tax cuts for billionaires, lay off teachers. This country has gone insane.

  10. frank perr says:

    the best thing to do is a 10% cut in all things inc. all employees,starting at the top. to me that would be the fair thing to do. but it’s not a fair world when the mayor is a millionaire, now is it?

  11. ellie says:

    The problem here is who decides which teachers should go, the principal who doesn;t like you or the male principal who only wants young and cute in his school.

    1. NotMyProb says:

      Young and cheap is more like it. Higher paid teachers will be the “first out” under this plan. If anyone thinks that money isn’t driving this issue, they’re fooling themselves. This is not about what is best for the kids.

  12. Jay says:

    Why do we have to lay off the teachers? Whyis education always the first to go and then people wonder why our youth is so troubled? They need to lay off all those useless city workers like the ones that left us with unplowed streets in December. I had a visit from a DEP inspector last week that gave me a duh moment. I said to myself that’s why the city’s crying broke because they have these complete yahoos on the city’s payroll.

  13. a teacher says:

    Im a teacher and I hate the seniority system. I am not in trouble of losing my job, however, I have watched many of the best teachers get let go while mediocre and horrible teachers get to keep their jobs. I understand tenure is to protect us from an administrator that doesnt care for you or doesnt like it when they cant get you in the sack( Lord knows there are plenty of those), but it needs to be reworked. Some of the teachers are there for summers of and the pension and it makes hard working teachers who spend a lot of their own money sick. It is time to change the system!

  14. Robert Gillies says:

    Todays kids are very hard to handle so we should keep the teachers who are the best at it. What we need in the schools is more discipline so the teachers who stay have to be really tough or else the kids will just run over them.

  15. Stan says:

    If the teacher is doing a good job, why fire them. Instead, get rid of the lousy teachers and give the kids the best avalible. They deserve it (a good education).

  16. Porgie Tirebiter says:

    This is sad, but what is going on in NY, Wisconsin, California, etc, etc, etc…it is what it is. We cannot bleed the taxpayers dry anymore. All politicians from both sides of the aisle have kicked the can down the road as far as it can go. It is time to suck it up and do what we have to do. It is time for the U.S. to show some of the backbone that created this country and realize that all publically funded jobs need to be reviewed, and some ‘essential’ ones will have to go. Folks…we honest, truly, can’t ignore it anymore…are BROKE. Can’t borrow anymore. The feds won’t bail out the states, the states won’t bail out the counties or cities. IT truly is the end of the cash cow line.

    This has always been the flaw in the lib/democratic vision of government. In their ideololgy they just assumed that government could magically grow ever bigger. Well, it cannot.

    1. Jacob Funk says:

      Are you a teacher? If not you should not be talking so big, since they too pay their taxes. And by the way they paid a lot to become teachers, did’nt they?

    2. Robert Gillies says:

      I am not a Republican but you are right. There is not an unlimited amount of money available and we are reaching the point where we are broke.

  17. bill says:

    This has nothing to do with the quality of teaching. He wants t save money by getting rid of the higher paid teachers. So if it has nothing to do with money then the same amount of teachers will be laid off by quality of teaching and not tenure. 4600 gee i wonder how many will have time on? Bloomberg Liar? Answer Yes.

    1. Miss n says:

      Ding ding ding! Getting rid of senior teachers means not having to pay out in pensions and health insurance.

  18. Barre Flynn says:

    This reminds me of Bloomberg’s remaking of Lower Broadway where he took one lane of traffic out and made a bus lane of one of the others. Result, a major traffic Jam. It reminds me of Coney Island. He swiped the life out of Coney Island and replaced it with Corporate Presence. Now he will take away parts of education that are important in a child’s development. I don’t like Bloomberg and resented his paid slaves coming to my home during the election time.

  19. pat says:


  20. pat says:



  21. cptsoap says:

    Kids in the US don’t learn anything anyway. Give them all Iphones and let them read.

  22. sk says:

    lets lay off more teachers.. and still complain how bad the schools are. by closing more schools, laying off teachers, funding etc. we are making the schools worse. We are facing budget crisis taht no one is able to us out of. One big solution: more parents need to get off the streets and work. We have hardworking earners who are paying for other parents to send their kids to school. No one seems to address the bigger problem that is effect on the NYC city schools.

  23. Teacher says:

    YCYTeachers rock. I am a teacher and I agree…get rid of the bad ones and keep the good ones…seniortiy or not. But here’s the thing: what’s constitutes a “good” or “bad” teacher? Is it ONE standardized state exam? Or is it a combination of things to get a fair judgment of the teacher? And how exactly will this evaluation be done…over the course of several years? Several months? Several minutes?

    1. Bcorp says:

      Teacher- Come on be honest. The students and the rest of the teachers know who are the good teachers and who are the bad ones. To not face the reality is folly, if you as a teacher are not perceptive enough to evaluate your peers you should not be in this profession.

      1. TeacherSouthBX says:

        Yes, I agree with what you’re saying Bcorp, we might know who are the good teachers and who are the bad teachers but how do we create a guideline to evaluate that>

  24. Mark Silvers says:

    Let’s cut everything equally, get rid of ALL entitlement programs, farm subsidiaries, oil subsidaries , cut 5% from all (police, fire, etc) rather than protecting some. If we’re going to feel the pain, let it be spread equally. This is for city,state,federal.

    1. jesus cristos says:

      This is the answer. Your solution is the right way to go-even on the federal
      No more foreign aid to other countries is one place to start.
      Cap salaries of individuals to who make too much like sports figures, actors,
      dentists, lawyers, etc.
      If we capped all salaries, that would solve the problem since the middle class
      would have more money to spend by not having to pay these outrageous fees.
      Who says a lawyer should be paid $500 an hour. Is there a law that says that
      and who says a ballplayer should get $10 million a year. Salary caps are
      needed for all jobs: Sports, Wall Street, medical profession, etc. If these people
      do not like it, there is no where to go in the USA and they would have to go

      1. Bcorp says:

        That’s exactly where many of them would go. So if you came up with some great idea, fantastic one, like the absolute cure for cancer. I ask would you then not want to profit huge from this? Perhaps start your own business manufacturing the product, hiring thousands of people, or just keep it to yourself because it would be pointless to do so because of the limit you could make? This concept of being successful is what made America as strong as it was.

    2. Jacob Funk says:

      Mark, I am a Canadian and have been a teacher for 14 years. At present I am not a teacher. Considering the education they need to have and the stress that they live with every school day I know that teacher are not over paid. Why always punish the “middle class and give more to the multi millionares!

  25. Unions-Blah! says:

    Go to the Times Herlad Record for Southern Orange County, NY and go to page 11 of todays (Monday 2/28/11) and read the article about NYC teachers and pay and Union duties, can them all!!!!!!! Enough is enough. To all you Union people in the public sector, get it though your thick skulls you work for us, the taxpayers!!!!!!!!! We are your bosses, we own you butts!

    1. MYOB says:

      Buddy you couldn’t do thier jobs for one day. I work in a school. I know what these teachers have to put up with. Yeah we work for you. Damn hard.

    2. Devenio says:

      @Unions-Blah! You ignorant fool. Unions are the reason you work an 8 hour day and not a 20 hour day. Unions are he reason you have a fair wage. Unions are the reason you have health care. Unions are the people. Unions are a collective of working people who have a voice in the goings on in the country. The corporations would love to get rid of the voice of the people. Its the only way the average Joe can have a say on the government. Also, do you really think unions are the ones who made these cities broke?

      1. Trishe says:

        YES!!!! UNION ARE THE CAUSE!!!

    3. jesus cristos says:

      Police are part of unions as well.
      How about canning all police.
      So, if they all quit and you get mugged- have a nice mugging.

      1. Homie says:

        Not all police are in the union genius

  26. GMT says:

    Its time for goverment workers to pay their fair share. The states simply cant afford the social programs and footing the high cost for pensions and healthcare anymore. Blaming the rich for paying 90% of all taxes only makes one sound foolish. The facts are that there’s no more money. Period! Corporations, employees in the private sector and their familites have all had to cut back. Those of us who work 80+ hours a week generating wealth have to pay enough while we watch others do very little and expect hand outs. The gravy has derailed. Time to get to work and pay your fair share. Stop whining and do it. End of subject.

    1. adr says:

      First of all, no one works 12 hrs a day or more 7 days a week idiot, and anyone who says they do is lying. I agree EVERYONE should pay thier fair share EVERYONE including the wealthy who pay what amounts to pennies into Social Security. The cut off is a little over $100k…rediculous, that money means more to someone making $30k than it would to someone making $300k, that individual wouldn’t even feel it. EVERYONE should pay a flat percentage of their gross, in taxes and social services….period no complaining no whining no favoratism no criticism.

      1. Homie says:

        Yo those Indians work more than 12 hrs a day/ 7 days a week. If u don’t know that means you’re not a regular of a 7-11 or dunkin donuts!

  27. rocharome says:

    i agree with a Tax Payer a thousand per cent.

  28. louis b. says:

    re wiki:

    An estimated 345,000, or 11.7 percent, of the K-12 public school students in New York are children of illegal immigrants.

    According to FAIR, Illegal immigrants in K-12 public schools cost New York taxpayers $1.5 billion per year. Furthermore, the U.S. citizen children of illegal immigrants cost the taxpayers an additional $2.8 billion per year. When these two numbers are combined, the total cost of educating illegal immigrants and children of illegal immigrants in K-12 public schools is more than $4.3 billion annually for the state’s taxpayers.

    ESL 2,796 Excluded from layoffs

    1. usmcmaggot says:

      Alot of people will be OUTRAGED at “louis b’s” comments but IT’S THE TRUTH…

      HOUSEHOLD across America are making decisions on what to SACRAFICE everyday…this country has do something to SAVE ITSELF from ITSELF!!!

      As a VETERAN & AMERICAN I would like to see DONATE TO PAY OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT on my IRS 1040 FORM rather than “Donate $3 to the Presidential Election Campaign”!!!!

      Listen people, America makes NOTHING anymore!!!
      Our kids do not want to do PHYSICAL LABOR, if the job can’t be done from a LAPTOP from STARBUCKS they don’t want the job.

      The USA still gives BILLIONS to other countries when we can’t help our own people.

      LOBBYING in Washington DC is just a “cute” name for BRIBERY!!!

      Pass a law, all Federal/State/Municpal Elected Officials convicted of ANY CRIME while in OFFICE will endure the MAXIMUM PENALTY & forfiet thier PENSION regardless of how many years they serve!

      1. JB says:

        You are right, sir.

  29. Kim says:

    basically, the money needs to come fromAlbany, right? So where is the money?
    Corrusption and scandal and the little people, the working poor and the students just get the shaft time and again.

    No one not even the new govenor is accountable as to why there is no money for basic, basic service- education, transportation, first responders.

    we have become a 3rd rate state.

  30. A Tax payer says:

    What Major Bloomberg is doing is correct. How do you pay teachers when there is NO MONEY? Why don’t we pay the teachers with monopoly money because that is so much better? Paying people with fantasy money, I am sure they would love to hear “the check is in the mail”? At least Major Bloomberg is FIGHTING to keep the GOOD TEACHERS. Unlike the Union who is trying to keep teachers that set a bad example, teachers that have sex with student, teachers caught inappropriately with one another, teachers that call in sick all the time, teacher that show up to the classroom and don’t teach this is what the union is fighting to keep. Parents are sick and tired of this. KEEP THE GOOD TEACHERS and get rid of the BAD ones that eat the budget. At times the union encourages laziness.

    1. JB says:

      Actually, there is a lot of money, but Bloomberg doesn’t want to use it to help students. And there’s more money in the pockets of millionaires, billionaires and corporations who get the benefits of the city and usually don’t pay taxes. But they have money for bike lanes, pedestrian plazas, cameras photographing each of us, police driving in lines of cars around the streets (pretending to do something) and tax breaks for corporations who end up sending jobs overseas (or worse — the South). Does anyone here realize the value of an education? Must not, because I find your misspellings, bad grammar and convoluted writing an example of a bad education. You are blaming people who have to get a second job to live, have no money for simple supplies for their students and get ridiculed by dumb parents and dumber politicians. But the dumbest of all is people like you, who blindly make remarks about the most valuable people in our society — students and teachers. Without valuing their special efforts, this country will become a group of fools and idiots — like you.

      1. GMT says:

        JB you are a moron.

      2. MBloom says:

        No GMT you are a moron

      3. JB says:

        GMT – I admit to being a moron, but you have said nothing that refutes what this moron wrote. It’s easy to put someone down. It’s hard to have a civilized discussion. Maybe we should fire your teachers. They should have done a better job with you.

      4. A Tax Payer says:

        I agree with what you said about the bike lanes. I also think it is stupid to waste money when it can be used on something more important. The problem is for every good teacher there are six bad teachers. Let’s get rid of the useless teacher and save some money. Anyone who pays rent, car insurance, and buys food for their kids knows the economy is bad. People are hurting. People every where are trying to do more with less. So what is the union’s problem? Weeks ago I read an article which said Union leader arrested for miss use of union funds. He used the union funds to buy expensive meals and a car for his mistress. Who regulates the union corruption? Why aren’t the union members upset about this? Let’s get rid of the corruption and disgraceful teachers.
        1. A teacher who has sex with our children
        2. A teacher who has sex with another teacher on school property
        3. A teacher who constantly calls in sick
        4. A teacher that can not be bother to stay late to help a student
        5. A teacher who always has an excuse not to help
        6. A teacher who has not kept up with the new technology or their teaching material
        Why is it that other countries who have less are able to produce smarter students?

    2. rocharome says:

      i agree with you a thousand per cent.

    3. the letter h. says:

      Listen you moron. I am a 16 year old student in the public school system and if you want to fire thousands upon thousands of teachers, I’d like you to spend a week in my school. No really. Come audit. You might learn a thing or two. In that week you will see clumps of hair on the floor from the lack of janitorial staff in my school, as well as teachers under immense pressure from people like yourself, biased parents, biased students, biased coworkers, biased principals, and biased politicians. I’m pretty sure it’s 2011, and not 1860, so if I were you I’d think before you call hardworking parents morons and suck up your pride enough to open your ignorant mind to reality: the next generation of political, business, artistic, and industrial leaders needs teachers to guide their learning; not people like you poisoning the atmosphere. It’s people like you who could learn a thing or two from the teachers you’re firing.

      1. A Tax Payer says:

        We are not saying to get rid of ALL THE TEACHERS. We are saying get rid of the BAD teachers. Society will always need good teachers. They are the foundation that builds a strong society. The problem is there are too many teachers with no morals or work ethics. The BAD teachers give the good and hardworking teachers a bad name.

      2. sean farha says:

        agreed. But you know, the education system has to be evalued, Fact is, and its being admitted here. The system is not working too well. So if its not working too well who is to blame? The gov? The students? their parents or the teachers?
        A little bit of both probably

  31. Vinnie says:

    How about cutting sports programs, saving all the money spent on uniforms, transportation, supply costs, and other intangible costs which benefit a minority of the students, before cutting teachers who benefit ALL students.

    1. Genie says:

      You point is justified…kudos!!

    2. JB says:

      What’s to cut? The players have to fundraise for uniforms and equipment (or have to buy their own equipment). They take the subway on their own dime. The coaches are usually PE teachers doing extra-duty (that includes training and making sure the players are safe). They play on old fields that belong to only some schools or fields owned by the Parks Department. The refs are barely paid and are a couple of dollars above volunteers. Parents pitch in as assistant coaches and students volunteer to keep score. Like I said — what’s to cut? How about cutting your vacation time or whatever you do on weekends. After all, it only benefits you. What kind of world do we want for our kids?

  32. John Q says:

    This is why the mayor should not be in control of the schools. Bring back the Board. Then again, you got what you paid for you let him take an illegal 3rd term.

  33. Mike says:

    This is another tactic used by this mayor to divide and conquer, and in the process distroy a noble career. Should LIFI be abolished do the short sighted workers think it would be a good thing? Yes, but what they fail to think of is what happens when they are the senior teachers! You always have more time on a job then you have less. Should LIFO be stopped what stops administrators from balancing their budgets again by getting rid of senior teachers and hiring two juniors in their place. Don’t ruin a profession that you worked hard to get too. If administrators had done their jobs all along there should not be any incompetent teachers at the senior level.

    1. Genie says:

      Guess what, administrators did not do their job…DUH, now what ?????

  34. Tricia says:

    I have an idea, lets start at the top.
    How many assistant principals does a school need? Why do schools need mulitple school security officers? How many school office workers does one school need? The schools are bloated with administration jobs!
    If the school administrators were honest “children first” they would start cutting their bloated selves first!!!!

  35. jerseyjoey says:

    Remember this, both partys claim to be the education party, fine. It takes money to live out the liberal shangrala with unicorns and happy open minded smart kids all living in harmony. Now back to life 101, we the people are overtaxed and broke, the endless well of money haseth runeth dryeth. Sorry unions Sorry teachers we cant afford you anymore as it stands now, so either make concessions and carry your wieght and pay more towards your pensions and health Ins. or lose your job, even you DFA educators should be smart enough to understand that, DUH DUH Liberal yet again hurt us American tax payers.

    1. Devenio says:

      Look at the spending records over the last say 100 years. You’d be surprised who the real conservatives are.

  36. Benny says:

    I think that all parents of children who attend private parochial and religious schools should register their children in NYC public schools next semester because the city and state have refused to give them tuition vouchers. That’ll shut down the entire system with its bloated beaurocracy, failing crime-ridden, drug-infested schools, ridiculous pensions, tenure and seniority, blood-sucking unions and let’s not forget the infamous “rubber rooms!”

  37. Genie says:

    I am for losing seniority status. Entirely, too many teachers who has seniority status, are a waste of the tax payers time and money. How many times have children failed under the tutelage of a low quality, under performance teacher. These teachers should be removed. Teachers who makes a difference in these evolving minds should be commended. I remember a low quality teacher I had in a NYC school, because of seniority, that teacher stayed and ruined more minds for the sake of seniority.

    1. MissN says:

      You remember ONE low quality teacher therefore all senior teachers should be fired? That make NO sense!

  38. jaypee says:

    If there weren’t so many illegal aliens crowding our schools we would be better off. No cuts to English as a second language teacher?. Give me a break.

    Some of the ancient worn out teachers that do not care need to be removed.

    Try calling a school, the phone will ring forever and there are several secretaries. Cuts in education should include non teachers as well.

    I am glad my kids are grown up.

  39. Jackie says:

    If politicians keep saying education is so important and the future for our children is at stake, why do they keep lying and contradicting themselves by making these horrible cuts? America is DUMB. We have cut so many educational programs and decreased salaries so much that we will never be able to produce another Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Edison, Thurgood Marshall, etc., etc. It’s not only in NYC, it’s everywhere. Obama needs to step up to the plate and hold true to his promises for education being a priority. What will happen to our kids? How will they ever have the knowledge to compete with peers in other countries? We are no longer a democracy, we are an idiocracy.

    1. Trishe says:

      The gra hing abou America is that you can always leave. So, if you feel that we are so dumb, you are more than welcome to pack and go! if not, enjoy, just enjoy the freedoms you have.

  40. M.W. says:

    Where are the parents in all this? Why haven’t they descended upon city hall in large numbers to demand that the Mayor stop playing politics with their children’s already paultry education?

    Why isn’t there talk from the Mayor’s office of laying off those over paid retired principals and other DOE officials who are moonlighting as consultants. Find younger consultants who will be paid less, just as they want to replace older experienced teachers with newer teachers who earns less?

    1. sparky1130 says:

      Great question! That’s the whole problem. The parents don’t care is why the system is broken. Teachers are only part of the equation when educating our children. Half the battle is in the classroom, the other half is at home.

  41. Josh says:

    Bloomberg’s threat to layoff teachers is a slick cover for his ulterior motives – to bring the school system closer to privitization, to allow Wall St. investors in on the game through charters and to allow his friends to become suppliers in the vast system of no-bid contracts. Remember folks, Bloomberg said he wanted to be the “Education Mayor”, but most seem to complain that our system stinks more now than ever. Laying off teachers is fine, as long as we lay off City Hall bozos and other lazy, underperforming gov’t employees too. If you can read this, thank a teacher.

    1. Ben says:

      Dead balls accurate comment, Josh.

    2. TERRI says:


  42. William says:

    The city does not have money to pay these teachers. New York City has been good to the Unions, now the Unions need to except salery cuts for the sake of the city. A teacher with less money is better then a teacher with no job.

  43. John A. says:

    There should not be any teacher layoffs! The school system will really be devastated if this occurs.Teachers are so fed up with this system,that many of them .if they can will retire this June.Others ,who do not have enough time for retirement ,might remain,or might just decide to leqve and look for another job somewhere else.It really is an outrage that the Mayor is targeting teachers in our public school system.

    1. rabbit says:

      john i bet you are a teacher?

    2. Allen says:

      Good let them leave, Then we can hire back the one’s that were laid off.

  44. Mr. Armenia says:

    At least the teachers will know in advance so they can at least apply for unemployment quicker.

  45. Scott says:

    Since when is New York City so puritanical? We need to turn Governor’s Island into a casino resort and keep the millions and millions of dollars each day that goes by the bus load to Atlantic City, Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, and the rest of the casinos right here.

    1. rabbit says:

      what about legalize sports betting and whoes

  46. John says:

    Most teachers are a mess in the NYC school system.They never leave the system from Kindergarten and go from school to teaching school.They should pass a law you needed real life experience before you teach anyone anything.I good place to find new teachers would be our veterans from our military services to teach discipline and how to be an American..

    1. Michelle G. says:

      Hey! I like that idea! Can anyone follow up on this idea?

      1. John is Ignorant says:

        Yes. It’s stupid and discriminatory. Veterans from our military to teach you how to be an American? America is the land of opportunity, for all people. Discipline? Does that mean that kids should be seen and not heard? That they shouldn’t think out loud? Most people who critiicize the school system have no idea what really goes on and why those problems exist. Blame the entire political system, not just teachers.

      2. Paula Gold says:

        We have vocational programs where industry professionals who become teachers can teach their trade. But hey, no one wants their kids to become a plumber, computer tech or chef. Its college for all, right?

  47. Dilly Bar says:

    My one desire is that we get it right for a change! If it is identified as ‘non-performance’ then cut it; from teachers to administrators across the country! Let’s get it right for a change!

  48. anthony says:

    Bloomberg should really leave office. He has bankrupt nyc by taxing the poor and raising prices on everything. They are finally getting what they want which is to get rid of everyone living in nyc. I wonder how they plan to steal our money once they have driven us out. One cannot live in the city with these crooks and their goons taking everything we work so hard to get. Tax the park ave residents a little more they could really afford it.

  49. Marky Mark says:

    Linda Goodman?! THE Linda Goodman?

  50. Linda Goodman says:

    My intermediate school has about 1300 students in 3 grades. There is a principal and FIVE assistant principals. For the first 18 or so years I worked in the school, there was one assistant principal per grade. Why are there 5 for 3 grades?? That’s about $300,000 in salaries per year! I never hear any stories about reducing the size of top-heavy administrations. Nor do I hear stories about getting rid of poor-performing administrators. Someone needs to dig into this!
    I’m fine with being contacted, but cannot risk being identified. It’s just that, after many years in the system, seeing money wasted, I’m really steamed by many of the latest reports relating to teachers.

    1. John says:

      Get real sweetie how about all the kids you pass that are failing because you are told to by the administrators .This is as just as bad as the NYPD who under report crimes so it looks like NYC is safe

      1. Andy says:

        “That you pass that are failing because you told to by the administrators…” So, maybe the administrators need to take some responsibility for the NYC schools problem.

        Or, conversely, with no system for weeding out the bad teachers, you fail that student, and the administrator fires you because he/she dislikes you. OK, John, which scenario do you find preferable for a teacher???

    2. Steven says:

      I grew up in Ohio where we had one principal and two vice principals. It was less politics and more about the kids. The school system would save money by reducing the amount administrators (I mean fat) and under-performing principals out of the system. To be fair, I do believe teachers and administrators should be willing to either take a small pay cut or contribute more into their pensions. The whole system doesn’t make sense.

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