NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Our eager countdown to Spring is also a countdown to misery for allergy sufferers, but as Elise Finch reports, there are things you can do right now to help stop allergy symptoms before they get started.

Spring time and seasonal allergies go hand in hand. “Tearing eyes, blowing my nose a lot, sneezing,” said Benjamin Burnat of Teaneck.

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“It feels like you can’t breathe for me,” said Joe Arlak of Manalapin.

“You feel run down you’re not sure what the problem is, you think you’re sick but you’re not,” said Regina Alama of Park Slope.

Alama finally figured out what her problem was a few years ago.

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“We can do very simple allergy testing in the office. It takes less than 20 minutes to pinpoint if you have allergies to seasonal pollens,” said Dr. Clifford Bassett of allergist.

Her allergist, Dr. Clifford Bassett, said this year was expected to be an aggressive and early pollen season, thanks in part to the heavy winter snow.

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That means now is the time to get prepared.

“Many people don’t realize it but allergy season occurs weeks before you start to see the tree pollen and weeks before the Spring arrives,” said Dr. Bassett. “Have a plan in place and learn to pre-treat your allergy symptoms before they occur.”

A good allergy action plan begins in a medical office but it should continue in your home.

“Find out what the indoor triggers are in your home and learn ways to eradicate or control them. It’s important to de-clutter your bedroom. That’s where you’re exposed to the number one bad guy, the house dust mite,” said Dr. Bassett.

Dr. Bassett said in addition to de-cluttering you should also dust while wearing a face mask.  Wash all of your bedding in hot water to kill dust mites and neutralize other allergens.

Replace your pillows if you haven’t done that recently and purchase or change the air filters in your home.

“Everything together will hopefully make me into a healthier person,” said Regina Alama of Park Slope.

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So far Alama said medication and environmental modification really are working.