Man's Attorney Insists 100-pound Little Lady Started Altercation

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — You’ve probably seen it before: people standing in the street saving parking spaces.

But in the East Village, one man’s violent reaction nearly cost a woman her life.

Police said the parking rage escalated to the point where the man punched the small woman in the head, causing brain damage, reports Pablo Guzman.

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Lana Rosas’ car was being driven away on Friday, her neighbors said, by her boyfriend and another man. It had been in front of her Bronx building since the fight that sent her into a coma on Feb. 25. The incident happened on East 14th Street, between the 25-year-old, 4-foot-11, 100-pound Rosas and the 35-year-old, 5-7, 165-pound Oscar Fuller.

Fuller’s lawyer, Tom Kenniff, said Fuller was trying to back into a parking spot that Rosas said she was standing in, to hold that spot for a friend. Fuller then told her to move.

“She refused. At which point Mr. Fuller stepped out of his vehicle to speak with her. She immediately began striking him about the face. He has the injuries to substantiate that. We have photographs of those injuries,” Kenniff said.

The NYPD said surveillance cameras across the street at Stuyvesant Town may have captured what happened.

When asked if there’s any video that supports his version of the events, Kenniff told Guzman, “From conversations with the district attorney”s office, there is video. I believe that that video will substantiate the fact that the young lady, who is in the coma, was the initial aggressor.”

“The coma.” Rosas has been in Bellevue Hospital since the night of the altercation. Residents were alarmed by the savage beating.

“That’s crazy, that’s crazy. It shouldn’t happen, shouldn’t happen. It’s a woman, you know? It shouldn’t happen,” neighbor Yolanda Drayton told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

“That’s terrible news, terrible news. I don’t know much about her, but that’s terrible news.”

As the police complaint against fuller says, “The woman…is…in a coma, her skull had to be opened to relieve pressure on her brain, and the woman might die, stay in a coma, or…have permanent brain damage.”

“If there is anything he could do to make this right, make this better, he would do it,” Kenniff said.

The suspect is being held on $100,000 bail.

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  1. Tiny Tim says:

    I don’t know that much about what happend here. I was not there and I did not see a video or anything.

    But I do want to say that just because someone is a woman and 4’11 that does not give them the right to attack someone. Also a man has a right to defend himself if a woman (or man) is attacking him. Also women and men who are shorter than 4’11 can attack and hurt people who are tall.

  2. Patrick Meyer says:

    First thing you do not hit a woman agressor or not, second with the weight difference were is this mans brain. I do understand savng a parking space and he should not have challanged he waiting in the space, but then too get out of your car and go for her I could understand her raising her fists to stand her ground. He does not have a let to stand on in a civilized society.

  3. blarney says:

    I’m surprised at all the talk about what’s legal. Because none of it matters.

    She’s in a coma. He put her there. You think this is about whether holding a space is legal or not? If it is, think that helps her? If it isn’t, think that helps him? Does the definition of self-defense mean anything to either party at this point? Sure it does – because each performed a difficult-to-fathom stupidity that makes it important. Sort of. Because it will involve a judgment of some sort to benefit someone who would gladly hand the judgment back to never have had this happen at all.

    She shouldn’t have been in the space. He should have driven by without a word – unless he wanted to tell her how she could end up, instead of actually doing it himself.

  4. LordPet says:

    Her boyfriend was about to join the fight, which is what made him panic. So he slugged her and got away. If he doesn’t, maybe she jumps on his back and then her boyfriend stabs him. If you don’t want to end up in a coma, don’t go around punching people in the face. If and when she wakes up, she should be charged with assault.

    1. Justice4kidz says:

      “Her boyfriend was about to join the fight, which is what made him panic.” LordPet
      Response: Well he should have punched the boyfriend.

      “If he doesn’t, maybe she jumps on his back and then her boyfriend stabs him”
      Response: Well if she hit him first (we don’t have proof of that yet) it may be because she felt threatened, if anything she and her boyfriend were in danger because FULLER has prior arrests for weapons possession and a felony assault conviction.

      “If you don’t want to end up in a coma, don’t go around punching people in the face.”
      Response: Considering how short she is I would need to see video proof that she could reach to punch him in the face. Plus his attorney claimed that Fuller had facial wounds to prove he was attacked but he has none in the videos taken by several media outlets.

    2. Justice4kidz says:

      “Her boyfriend was about to join the fight, which is what made him panic.”
      Response: Well he should have punched the boyfriend.

      “If he doesn’t, maybe she jumps on his back and then her boyfriend stabs him”
      Response: Well if she hit him first (we don’t have proof of that yet) it may be because she felt threatened, if anything she and her boyfriend were in danger because FULLER has prior arrests for weapons possession and a felony assault conviction.

      “If you don’t want to end up in a coma, don’t go around punching people in the face.”
      Response: Considering how short she is I would need to see video proof that she could reach to punch him in the face. Plus his attorney claimed that Fuller had facial wounds to prove he was attacked but he has none in the videos taken by several media outlets.

  5. Notayankee says:

    I’m shocked at all the people that take up for this sorry excuse for a human being Oscar Fuller. My husband is the same size as Mr. Fuller and I am the same size as this woman. If I came at him swinging, he would simply grab me by the wrists and laugh at me. Please people, this guy couldn’t have possibly been beaten or scared by this tiny woman. AND I think everyone is forgetting, he punched her then drove off! If it was self defense and he was in the right, why did he leave? Have you considered this, she hit him because he was aggressive verbally toward her and she felt he was going to hit her?

  6. Waleed says:

    I live in NJ. I have driven there and parked there all of my years driving. Never had too much of a hard time trying to find parking, but I am only speaking for myself. The first time I actually tried to park on the street in nyc it took me 45 minutes to find a parking spot 5 blocks away. I was beyond irritated. So I could imagine how someone who lives in NYC would not tolerate anyone who is holding parking space. On top of that there is a law out to prevent these types confrontations. In addition it is just basic instinct to protect yourself if someone is attacking you. Only people I feel bad for is this woman’s family, Oscar and his family for having to go though this nonsense.

    1. Justice4kidz says:

      “In addition it is just basic instinct to protect yourself if someone is attacking you. Only people I feel bad for is this woman’s family, Oscar and his family for having to go though this nonsense.” Waleed

      Well, you know he could have avoided this confrontation if he would have stayed in his vehicle and called the police; but he escalated the situation when he stepped out of his vehicle, which I am sure made her feel threatened causing her to PROTECT (although we have no proof of this yet) herself from an angry man who was coming towards her.

  7. Joyce Chang says:

    This is a big lesson that “Evil Kity” could have prevented if she didn’t hold the parking spot and assaulted the man. Hope she would wake up from a coma and would not have permanent damage from her brain. She is a 100 lb woman but so what? She held the spot which she shouldn’t have done. She started the fight which she shouldn’t have done. Just from seeing her pink license plate, we all know she is not a descent person. Although she is already 25. She is so immature. Sad to say..God punished her for being so evil. If she wakes up, then she better grows up and thank God for giving her a chance to change.

    1. crazy king says:

      seriously??? these are your thoughts??? GOD punished her!!

    2. Justice4kidz says:

      “God punished her for being so evil. If she wakes up, then she better grows up and thank God for giving her a chance to change.” – Joyce Chang

      Joyce Chang you sure are a special kind of stupid. I hope that this god you are worshipping is not the same one a DECENT person loves.

      Well, since you think she deserved this, I guess he will punish Oscar Fuller for hitting her (when he could have called the police or stepped away from her) and PUNISH YOU TOO for your Nasty Immature Ignorant response.

    3. Justice4kidz says:

      Joyce Chang
      “This is a big lesson that “Evil Kity” could have prevented if she didn’t hold the parking spot and assaulted the man.”

      Well, this man would not have been assaulted (his claim no proof of this yet) if he would have stayed in his vehicle and called the police. I am sure because this happens to short people often, when he saw her size he felt he had to threaten/scare her into giving him what he wanted, if the person would have been bigger than him he would have drove off and left it alone.

  8. Harvey says:

    New York is pedestrian friendly. There is no reason for private cars to be carousing about on our island.

  9. Gerald says:

    Here’s the law form the NYC site.

    Section 4-08
    (7) Unofficial reserving of parking space. It shall be unlawful for any person to
    reserve or attempt to reserve a parking space, or prevent any vehicle from
    parking on a public street through his/her presence in the roadway, the use of
    hand-signals, or by placing any box, can, crate, hand-cart, dolly or any other
    device, including unauthorized pavement, curb or street markings or signs in the

  10. Anna says:

    Do you all realize that what has been stated about his alledged “self-defense” was ONLY from his ATTORNEY? Right or does everyone here need to have some reading comprehension lessons.

    1. Liane says:

      He needs to build a case on SOMEthing, yes? No attorney goes to court saying, “My client is guilty as hell. Sentence please?” The objective is to win the case somehow and self-defense is the angle that this attorney is going with. Sometimes law is not about justice but about who can convince the jury beyond reasonable doubt using the principles (and loopholes) of the law.

  11. Gerald says:

    I guess the people who have never tried to find a parking space in Manhattan need an explanation. Just consider this, parking garages can get up $25 to $50 an hour. Even at that rate they are often full. Street parking is very hard to find. A person normally drives in circles looking for a spot for 40 to 80 minutes. This is why people are not legally allowed to use the body or a physical object to hold a parking space for someone. I just came back from Manhattan (the J, L, A, F, E, M trains are not running correctly this weekend) so rather than spend 2 hours using public transportation I decided to risk and drive. It took me 40 minutes to find a parking space. There was person holding a space for a relative. Each time I would drive by them my wish the I could put them in the hospital became stronger and stronger.

    1. Anna says:

      One you don’t know Manhattan parking. I do. I have a monthly and before that I paid. You will pay at most for 24 hrs $45 and that is with taxes. It is not $25/hr anywhere in the City even if you parked at the Four Season, so that is patently false. Just look-up Kinney Parking that is the largest parking group in NYC.

      Further, self-defense is not so easy to prove as you think. The amount of force comes into play and if you have the ability to retreat. He had an ability to retreat that is why his attorney is stated no intent and in other articles that his client hit Rosas on instinct. However, it is all refuted because intent is not needed in assault. The intent does not need to be pre-meditated. The wtinesses at the scene stated he hit her multiple times. He also left the scene of the incident. Why leave when you have someone on the ground bleeding. You know the police and ambulance would be called. He realized his actions and fled.

      If she dies he will be manslaughter in the first degree. Good luck Oscar in prison for 15-25 years. You will be everyone’s butt body with no teeth once they smash them from your mouth.

      If she doesn’t die he will have aggravated assault. Nice 5 to 10 years in prison, but if she is impaired for life he will get 15 depraved indifference.

      Anyway he cuts it he will be destroyed. He should commit suicide now. It is much better than what he will have in the next few years.

      1. Gerald says:

        $45 for 24 hours is less than $2.00 an hour. The parking meter is $2.50 an hour so somethings wrong here. I also did what you said and went to the Kinney site and checked. It says the cost to park for one hour on Tuesday is $30.00. That doesn’t include taxes. Why isn’t anybody commenting on the fact she broke the law?

      2. Gommer says:

        If she hit him first – he’s not going to jail and if she wakes up she’ll be paying restitution.

        That’s the law, son. There is no law that requires you to retreat when being attacked.

        Don’t be stupid.

  12. NYC Expert says:

    She ought’ve just defecated on the spot (having pre-equipped her boyfreind with a plastic bag or something)

  13. Charles U. Farley says:

    ANYONE who assaults anyone else must be prepared for consequences. The day of women being allowed to hit men is OVER.

    Reap what you sow, and do NOT stand in parking spaces. What makes YOU so special?

    1. blarney says:

      That’s the critical issue here. Assault is not only wrong, but idiotic. Legality is beside the point.

      She acted with extreme stupidity by trying to hold down gold – unarmed, in NYC – in the first place. (Boyfriend: hope I’d never do that to my GF.) He acted with even more by not just driving by the spot to look elsewhere. Bet right now he’d love to be Gerald, the poster above, who was able to harness his desire to maim the illegal idiot in the space he wanted. Numerous things can happen when you do what this guy did – and none of them, says here, are worth enduring for a simple parking space. And yes I’ve parked in NYC more than once and yes I HATE IT.

      It’s a shame that women need to learn the hard way that what has always gotten a guy decked will get a girl decked now. To me, that’s how it should be. Stupid aggression is inexcusable, no matter who does it, and you ask for what you get when you indulge. When teeny tiny women fly fists at much bigger guys with no apparent fear of retaliation…well, ladies, it wasn’t totally safe even back when Knights Were Bold, and it sure as hell ain’t safe now.

  14. TeeOff says:

    “excessive force”, probably, even if the woman had a prior medical condition making her “prone” to an injury of this type.
    in spite of the arrogant rude incosiderate nature of some people – punching is irresponsible at best – especially on women. RAGE is the culprit here… he could have “grappled”, even “body punched” – or better yet – walked away.
    though “feminine mystique” is largley gone, giving way to loud obnoxious even aggressive street babes, I guess it’s not ok to punch women – almost all are physically incapable of withstanding facial punches – or any punches for that matter.

    1. Charles U. Farley says:

      Then they shouldn’t be hitting others, should they? Stupid IS as stupid DOES.

  15. Liane says:

    Over a PARKING SPACE?!?! Come on guys – how do you justify something like this – the two parties are 25 and 35 years old – NOT 5!! What is this world coming to?

    1. Charles U. Farley says:

      It’s NYC… What do you expect?

  16. Caleb says:

    You yankees are funny people.

    If the woman attacked the man he had a right to defend himself until HE felt that he was no longer threatened.

    Women’s lib has convinced some women that they are men, when in fact it is only our socail construct that allows the illusion.

    Women, dont attack a man, he may break your face.

    1. Charles U. Farley says:

      10-4, Eleanor.

  17. Samuel Rivera says:


    1. Gerald says:

      She can’t hold it for her boyfriend. It’s illegal.

    2. Charles U. Farley says:

      He should have just run her over. How would THAT have been? Parking spots are for CARS, not morons.

  18. Abraham says:

    Seriously, do you really believe the man here is a victim? He probably try to bully her into giving up the parking space and she didnt. They should throw the book at him, freaking punk. If I was a 250 pound man holding the spot , I know Mr. Fuller would not have had the courage to tell him to move and hit him…..
    He is a woman beater and should be charged with 2nd degree attempted murder.

    1. ky.frombrooklynallday says:

      even if she cut him in the face with a metal object? he was telling her he was comin rite back out,and she started yelling and cursing,then cut him in the face with something.maybe a if yall dont know the true facts,please keep your negative comments to your freakin self!!!!!

  19. Dont hit anyone says:

    I believe that a man should not a woman, but I also believe that the right to self defense overrules the first rule. The reason men should not hit women is because women are presumed to be weaker and not present a physical threat. If a woman feels brave enough to start hitting a man, then she risks getting hit back. A woman should think that she can go around attacking men and they just have to accapt it.

  20. Steve M. says:

    dominicanjim…..I guess we’ll all know what your plate says….’out2Lnch’ or ‘no1home’

  21. dominicanjim says:

    Her license plate says evil kitty — not something a quiet little woman would put on their car — sounds like there is some truth to her being the aggressor — and a real bxxxx

  22. SOrry truth hurts says:

    You assault a man you better be prepared to take a hit like a man. I believe that and I’m a woman.

    1. ax says:

      Did anyone notice that her car plate says EVL KITY — which I read as EVIL KITTY…. sounds like maybe she could have been an antagonizer

      1. A says:

        yea, you are so right.( sarcastic tone)..heck, lets just arrest anyone who has a licensce plate that says the word evil. Or any title that refers to someting similiar such as thr band callled the Killer and Foo Fighters…based on your logic …they probably committed some type of crime….Arrest them too..
        My god people ,,,

      2. TeeOff says:

        personalized license plates do convey a personal message – she was displaying an “attitude” – we used to call it “cruisin for a bruisin” ! she was looking for trouble and “trouble is easy to find”. that said, it is unreasonable to punch an unarmed 100lb female – there are many choices – grapple, trip, body blow, push, defensive actions – RAGE was the factor here. Women in general have become more aggressive but should realise they are generally physically incapable of withstanding punches as most men can.

      3. Justice4kidz says:

        Your screen name is AX, does that end with Murderer?

    2. Charles U. Farley says:

      You are my new hero.

  23. FJ says:

    ok my 2 cents. First, I have held parking spaces and have had them held for me before and NOONE has ever told me I could not do so or that i had to move. Then again, I am over 6′ feet tall and 215lbs. Maybe thats why. I didnt think there was anything wrong. If I saw someone holding a space I would keep moving. But thats just me. Maybe I just live in a different enviroment. Secondly, I don’t think it’s ever ok to hit a woman. With that said, I don’t think a woman should hit a man either. I will say this, as far as the law goes, he did not brake any laws by hitting her if in fact she attacked first. If you are attacked physically by ANYONE regardless of sex or size in the state of NY, or most states in general, you have a right to fight back. If this man has no history of violence, it is a shame that his and the life of this woman will be completely ruined by this. If in fact she hit him first. From what i have been reading she went off. Maybe the guy got scared? He should have been more careful. Did he hit her more than once, or was he so much stronger that the one punch did that much damage? It is unfortunate all the way around. Please , dont attack me here, just giving an opinion. He should not have run away. That is the thing that is bothersome. Anger is a terrible thing in the moment and can get the best of even the most subdued people. Would I have hit her? NO. But did he have a right to protect himself? Absolutely.

    1. Gerald says:

      It is illegal (it’s a law on the books) to hold a parking space for anyone at anytime.

      1. Molleja says:

        You keep saying it is illegal to hold a parking space, so is Mr. Fulller an police authority? If he wanted to park and was somebody on the spot, why he didn’t call the police? It is clear that he wanted to fight. And let me tell you something else, you comment about wanting to put people holding a parking space in the hospital is showing you are like Mr. Fuller, an abuser that thinks you can do what ever you want…. and how knows maybe with a record like him.

    2. BklynChick37 says:

      You’re absolutely correct on a few things you mentioned in your response: (1.) People are certainly within their right to defend themselves. (2.) It might not be against the law to stand in the street or a parking space to hold that spot for someone else. And like yourself, I’ve done it for someone and others have done it for me. (3.) IF the video shows Ms. Rosas as assaulting Mr. Fuller first then, yes, he is within his right to defend himself. BUT, here is also where things went very wrong. And, of course, this is based on the new report. First, Mr. Fuller got out of his car and approached Ms. Rosas. NOT a good move because this will certainly portray him as being the aggressor. Secondly, if he struck Ms. Rosas after she hit him then Mr. Fuller and his attorney will have to show proof that such force (from defending himself) is warranted. Lastly, Mr. Fuller will likely have to show cause for him leaving the scene which FURTHER weakens his case! There are so many ways in which this situation escalated to a needless conclusion.

  24. badman says:

    charge for all street parking in Manhattan. no more free parking. if you don’t like it, leave.

  25. mj says:

    I’M GENUINLY DISTUREBED. not by the article , i’m just this way in general

    1. badman says:


  26. Glenn says:

    Sounds like she got what she deserved, but he still has to be a punk for running away.

    1. BklynChick37 says:

      Nah…Ms. Rosas didn’t deserve to be put into a coma.

  27. Don't Hold A Spot says:

    She got what she deserved. You CANNOT hold a spot. They should really make a law to do that.

    1. Nick says:

      Wow…luckily until then, there are still laws in place against violence such as this. He’ll get what he deserves, and you’ll still be a moron.

      1. Idiot Nic says:

        Nick you’re the moron — Learn to read an article. Half the story is presented. For all we know she is the instigator and threw the first punch. I don’t care how small you are, but self defense is self defense. In a tough neighborhood, I wouldn’t chance anything from anyone. Child or woman.

    2. Nick says:

      I did read the article moron, it does in fact state that SHE was the instigator. I’m saying that it doesn’t matter, he was still at fault. Don’t get carried away with the ‘self-defense’ laws of this country…putting a 100 pound woman in a coma over a parking spot will hardly hold up as ‘self-defense’ in any court of law.

      And as far as throwing ‘children’ into your argument, even more idiotic than the other comments on here. Children aren’t safe from your anger either? Seek help. Idiot.

      1. The Great Nick Strikes Again says:

        A 14 year old can be as dangerous as a 20 year old. We don’t care what you say. You have a lot of anger vent up. Did you get beat up by bigger bully too?

      2. Nick says:

        Make jokes, you’re a classy guy. No ‘vent’ up anger here, just no patience for idiots with disgusting and violent views in our society, such as yourself.

    3. Gerald says:

      There is a law (on the books) that says in NYC no one may hold a parking space for someone.

  28. Daystar says:

    Fools gives full vent to their anger…and a person with no control of their spirit is like a city with no walls…may God have mercy on them both.

  29. A Brittle Heel says:

    “Classic Ghetto”

  30. Milette says:

    I used to know this individual, and she has a very bad tempre, she mouthed off, and has done very nasty things to close friends of mine. This is not the first time she has hita man bigger than her, this is just the first time he hit back. I hope she is okay, and recovers. The truth is she more than likely started this, and wound up literally taking a hit for it.

    1. Nick says:

      Stupid thing to say. No one deserves this, doesn’t matter what their past may look like.

      1. The Great Nick Strikes Again says:

        Nick I suggest a mirror and if you still don’t understand what you see, it’s ok. Bliss is ignorance.

      2. Milette says:

        You say it is a stupid thing to say but it is a fact, if this girl has a history of being violent, and someone finally got upset enough to hit her back, why is he wrong. I do agree he took it too far, being how small she is. Still, she is the kind of person to instigate a fight, or start one herself. She may die, that isn’t okay, but the truth is that she was not a sweet nice person, like many are saying, she was nasty and rude, which is something that most likely played into it. HE will get what he deserves.

      3. Charles U. Farley says:

        Get lost.

    2. Anna says:

      This man has a history of violence. He has committed felonies in the past and been convicted, so by your logic his history of violence demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt he is guilty.

      Your own logic used against you. Ha ha!!!

  31. molly says:

    he could have turned and walked away lol …this is not his wife ,or someone he knew ….its a women who attacked him …. he could have turned and walked away and got shot in the back or stabbed or maybe sliced , he could have been dead …. i dont care what anybody says , if a stranger started hitting me , man or women , im gonna protect my self , i have a family too ! maybe this guy was just as shocked that this women was attacking him over a parking spot ….everyone seems to think just because your small you have no strenght , and maybe thats why theres thousands of men who are be abused everyday , by women ,and dont say anything ….. no wonder the laws are f up …we all want to be treated equal right ! …well if the camaras show she hit him first ….when and if she comes out of her coma ,she should be cuffed like the rest of the abusers …. people think women arent dangerous , most of them people are probably dead now .

    1. Michael says:

      Hush, you dont even know what went down. He was in his vehicle he started it by getting out his car with an ego trip screaming. He could have left and got another space or double parked and called a cop. He knew he was going out to scare and intimidate her. Self defense and plain old assault are two different things. Maybe you should pick up a law dictionary and stop using your own moronic definition.

      1. Marcus says:

        please enlighten us michael. by the way you describe him getting out with an ego trip, you must have been there to witness this.

      2. Dont believe everything you read says:

        No Law was broke until she hit him. Sorry, what he couldve did is not the case here. Its not illegal to be a jerk. She assaulted him first. It started with words and she took it to the next level by hitting him first. I know Oscar, he would never hit anyone first! He has too much to lose.

      3. Nick says:

        To you, who actually wrote “what he couldve did” …. don’t comment unless you know how to speak proper English.

      4. Shawn28 says:

        Marcus, what would you call it? A man who actually gets out of his vehicle to approach a woman over a parking spot has what intentions in mind? To calmly reach a solution? And really, no ego involved? What are you talking about?

      5. Gerald says:

        Michael apparently thinks in a civilized society everybody gets to do anything they want unless somebody stops them. Remember people she broke the law. It’s not a felony but it’s still the law. People do have to let other people abuse them just because they can get away with it.

  32. Patrick Long says:

    If she hit hit him first he should have gotten into his car and left the scene thats what a real man would have done. He should be ashamed of him self that poor women will never be the same even if she lives , he should go jail for along time

    1. Trance says:

      This woman was the sole cause of the problem, she has no right to stand in a parking bay “reserving a space”. She was the trouble maker and deserved everything she got. The guy retaliated to a physical attack, he had every right to get out of his car and ask her to move her ass, she had no vehicle and was causing an obstruction. Tough $hit, women want equality, she got it.

      1. John379 says:

        Equality is putting people in comas over a parking spot? Wow, well then I hope you’re treated as an equal as well.

    2. Charles U. Farley says:

      Don’t be stupid. Women do NOT get a free ride anymore.

  33. Mac says:

    Its the man’s fault, whether a woman attacks physically with her hands, he should have not punched her so as to throw her in coma, thats what I say cowardly act. He is a man, he can just hold her two hands or push her away, but striking with punches until the woman goes into coma is very disgusting for a man. Being a man, he should have just tried to find a new spot and let her have the spot.

    1. NYCPatriot says:

      Have you ever seen Divorce Court? You would be surprised how many men are battered. These are small guys. They are pretty big guys. Like one episode had a woman straight up say, she stabbed him with her car keys, a punched him in the balls repeatedly, and ran him over with the car becuase he made her mad. the thing about it is she said “It’s okay becuase I’m a woman”. She is not the exception, but the very common.

      In fact if you see the stats on domestic violence, men are as abused physically by their spouses a t the same rate as women. The difference is men don’t talk about it. They just show up at the hospital near death. I know becuase I’m an at a local hospital and have seen too much domestic violence by BOTH SIDES.

      Gender has no bearing on the kind of damage people do to each other. I just think the pendulum has swung to far for both genders. At one time it was okay for men to beat their wives, today its okay for women to beat men..

      I just wish people just learned its not okay for ANYONE TO HIT EACH OTHER.

    2. Charles U. Farley says:

      You’ve obviously never been attacked by a maniacal woman. They can KILL you.

  34. Alex says:

    I have been told since I was a child NEVER HIT A WOMAN. I do not know what is happening to our society now a days.
    There are always other ways to deal with a problem. There are laws. Violence is not the one.

    1. Auburn Dale says:

      NEVER hit a woman? Even (or especially) in SELF-DEFENSE? I know a few women who would love to take advantage of that.

    2. Charles U. Farley says:

      Tell it to HER.

  35. gozafa says:

    No one should hit anyone! He is a whole lot bigger than she is and if he was defending himself, the force he used was not reasonable. He going to jail.

    1. Dont believe everything you read says:

      Gozofa how big is he? There are no descriptions of his build in any articles I’ve read of this.. Why? Because they want you to image a guy of average height andf build so that you can visualize a monster in your head .I know him personally. He is a small guy.

      1. moki says:

        There was a description of him in the 1010 wins news report. he sounds pretty big.

      2. moki says:

        35-year-old, 5-7, 165-pound Oscar Fuller.

    2. Charles U. Farley says:

      Again, tell it to HER.

  36. QM says:

    You are probably right. Evil Kitty stands for something.. Let’s see the camera.

  37. Marcus says:

    Seems to me to be a case of self defense. Play with a bull, you get the horns. Poor miss little fire cracker. If the story is correct, I would have done the same, except for sticking around to be judged by suits. Just goes to show you, you never know who you’re dealing with. Just my opinion. Sorry if I offended any skirts.

    1. michael says:

      Yeah you would be the punk to hit a 4 ft 11 100 pound female. My daughter is those stats and shes only 13. What the hell is wrong with people??? I bet if a 6 ft 2 220 pound man was there you would think twice before trying some dumb isshh like that.

  38. equality says:

    always equal rights but never equal punishment. Sure, the women struck first, then 2nd, hell, then a few other times after that, But, hey, its the mans fault, for not defending himself with any thing sturdier then a pillow. No sympathy from me.

  39. QM says:

    I don’t think he would want her to die. We all get angry and sometimes react too quickly. I think this would wake him up, and not let it happen again. He could have just let her have the parking space.

    1. Charles U. Farley says:

      Some people are trained in self defense. The trainging takes over. Reaction is instant.

  40. molly says:

    i dont think she had any right touching him …. did anyone ever hear .. the bigger you are the harder you fall ….. these days your size doesnt matter , there are plenty of women and men in prison today that are even smaller then her … she had no right putting her hands on the man , especially over a parking spot … if the camaras show her attacking him , well then i rest my case …. for all he knew she could have had a weapon , knife ,razor ,gun whatever ….and im a women , obviously she didnt care how big he was.’

    1. Michael says:

      This lawyer is BS , he hasn’t even seen this so called video evidence and already is saying that she attacked him. This is all a ploy to distort who is the real victim which is the female in this assault. If he was so innocent why did he flee the scene. It was so called self-defense he would’ve waited for police to arrive or went to a police station. He ran like a coward after he punched a small woman , you have to have more brains. But I guess some people are morons and go with what a slime ball attorney will say.

      1. peter says:

        When one has does something questionable in the heat of a moment the instinct is to run. One is not thiinking to full capacity in the heat of a moment with a result of a small size woman layed out in the street. One should not get all full of religion and bible and instant all goodness in the heat of the moment as described in the article.

      2. Justice4kidz says:

        “When one has does something questionable in the heat of a moment the instinct is to run. ”
        Sure it is……… for criminals!

    2. NYCPatriot says:

      Very true, Gender has nothing to do with how much violence a person can inflict on one another. I have seem very large men get beaten down by abusive wives and girlfriends. and the guy never strikes back becuase “it’s wrong to hit a woman”. What happened to not hitting ANYONE? Some women act like they have a free pass to inflict violence on anyone with no fear of someone striking back. People need to keep their hands to themselves.

      1. Michael says:

        Heat of the moment , instinct to run??? Ok buddy so if a cop pulls you over your heat of the moment instict to flee is justifiable?? I dont think so that don’t fly with any sane member of society. Maybe a felon or criminal would. NYCPatriot, Its not even confirmed by anyone that she hit him first or anything, What we know is he was in a car got out to confront her. Thats all we know. Making assumptions is just plain foolish. If this is a clear cut self-defense why is he being charged? HUH food for thought

      2. Michael says:

        Yeah peter and OJ fled because he was getting cookie dough ice cream!!

  41. Mr. Armenia says:

    He should have hit this lady all and should have called 911. There has to be more to the story.

    Look at the license plate of her car.

    1. John Prewett says:

      Mr Armenia, did you mean to type what you typed ? “hit this lady” …. or ….”should NOT have hit this lady AT all”

  42. Leonard Wilson says:

    5’7″, 165. I’m 6 feet tall, 200 pounds. I’d like to see that tough guy try that on me.

    1. Charles U. Farley says:

      I’ll be your huckleberry… Where are ya? Only faygetts and sailors are named Leonard.

  43. Gerald says:

    She deserves more than that. It’s illegal to hold a parking spot in NYC. With parking on the street at a premium holding a spot for someone, who’s not even on the block, is happening more and more. And even worse people get nasty when you call them on their self centered mean attitude.

    1. Nick says:

      Parking on the street is a premium…..but not someones life? Another moron.

      1. A says:

        Nick, why even argue with these fools who think that she got what she deserved?
        You are wasting your breath. Im sure if it happened to one of their mothers, sisters, girlfriends etc, they would be screaming bloody murder. It is sad that people can be so hypocritical like that. One word of advice though, be careful with arguing with fools, cause people from a distance cant tell who is who…

    2. Gerald says:

      Are you kidding. I’m the guy who measures makes sure my car doesn’t go beyond the building line. I measure the distance between the fire hydrant and my car. Even when I was a teenager I waited for the red light to change green before pedaling again on my bike. The law is the law. The law is there so everyone may have peaceful live. Those of us who break any laws are saying that they don’t want to part of society. We should honor their wishes an lock them away or find some other way to get rid of them.

    3. Charles U. Farley says:

      Park on top of ’em.

  44. Mike says:

    It doesn’t matter who started it or who was wrong or not. She could not have put him in a coma. The man should’ve been smart and walked away. Now he is a woman abuser and will pay the price because it was not self-defense.

    1. Gerald says:

      Guess you one of the guys who believes women copys are too weak to arrest a guy.

      1. Michael says:

        uhhh read the stats genious , she was no match with her height and weight compared to the perp. Be a realist not a moron Gerald.

      2. Gerald says:

        What’s a genious. This genius rests his case.

    2. Charles U. Farley says:

      Oh, yeah? She could if she knew how, how do you know she doesn’t?

  45. jennifer says:

    He should have held her down and called the police. He went too far and he should get jail time if she dies.

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