NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A 16-year-old Brooklyn girl is accused of attempting a horrific attack on a classmate at Fort Hamilton High School.

According to prosecutors, Zhanna Smsarian admitted she wanted to burn 15-year-old Albina Eshimbaeva’s eyes out with acid.

Smsarian was arraigned Thursday in Brookyln Criminal Court on first-degree attempted assault charges.

The attack took place during their chemistry class. Fortunately, the hydrochloric acid Smsarian allegedly poured over Eshimbaeva’s head was diluted.

Eshimbaeva suffered only minor burns.

Eshimbaeva described the attack to CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez.

“My forehead was burning, really hot… . It caught my eye because I was rubbing it all over my face,” Eshimbaeva said.

A quick-thinking teacher immediately flushed Eshimbaeva’s face with water, averting more serious injuries.

The two were friends up until a few weeks ago when they had a falling out over a boy.

Smsarian’s neighbor Galina Stakhnva says she can’t believe the allegations.

“She’s very good girl… she’s quiet. She’s nice,” Stakhnva said.

Eshimbaeva is concerned that Smsarian is out on $7,500 bail, even though Smsarian has been ordered to not contact her.

“I am afraid of what she’s capable of doing next,” Eshimbaeva said.

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  1. You Dontneedtoknow says:

    this wasnt a fight over a boy, i know the girl, it was a much more stupid reason. she is known for being quiet, but she has talked to me about how she feels. this isnt surprising to me in the least.

    1. satansbuddy says:

      I would like it if you explained this a little more for all of us who find this crime unfathomable…we do need to know…

    2. hong says:

      so what was the reason?

  2. FedUp says:

    Through much of the nation a 16 year old is considered to be too stupid to be convicted as an adult for crimes like this. What are their morals, their priorities? Sex or education?

  3. J. MacDhai says:

    Another piece of New York Trash behaving badly! Imagine that?

  4. Roy says:

    Deport the perp…….

  5. onionsoup3 says:

    Because she is a psycho!

    1. Mr. Armenia says:

      It sounds like the victim may have instigated this.
      Still you do not throw acid at someone

      1. J says:

        How does it sound like the victim instigated this? Nothing I read in this article even suggested such…?

  6. Mr. Armenia says:

    Chris Hansen needs to investigate the 22 year old male.

    Is the victim gonna be investigated for stalking the 22 year old as he stated she was harassing him. This was in the daily news. Did the victim call this girl insulting names?

    The police must answer this.

  7. HARLEM GOING H.A.M. says:


  8. joe k says:

    Why is the name of this 15 year old the first thing in the headline??

    1. MM says:

      Did you not see the horrific thing she did! Her name should be plastered all over
      the place! Everyone says she’s a ‘nice, quiet girl’, but her actions speak differently.
      She shouldn’t be allowed back in school! If the parents of the other girls have any sense, they’ll keep their daughters away from her!!!

      1. Mr. Armenia says:

        Joe K your right she is a minor.

        This is a violation of her cvil rights.

      2. christine says:

        It is the VICTIM’S name in the headlines.

    2. Val says:

      Because she is 16 years old.

      1. jtorres says:

        Under the law, she is not considered a minor. At 16, she can be tried as an adult. And if she was arraigned in Criminal Court, that is exactly what they are going to do.
        And they should. No matter what that boy or man did to come between them, ultimately she is responsible for her actions. I love the way people are always trying to absolve themselves and others of responsibility. Rationalizing and blaming society. Place the blame where it belongs: on her shoulders. If she thinks she’s grown enough to do the crime, she’s old enough to do the time

      2. Steve says:

        And 16-year-olds are killing our soldiers — and themselves — in the Middle East.

        There is no excuse for trying to “burn out” her rival’s eyes.


    3. huglo helnow says:

      To make it obvious ithe attacker is a girl savage and a foreign savage.. Do these confirmed facts make you….hmmm. ..angry?

      1. satansbuddy says:

        Who cares if she is foreign? So is the victim…big whoop. It is the nature of the crime that is irritating. Whatever happened to meeting at 3:00 behind the school for a plain old ass whooping? Kids today are scary.

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