NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A police officer responding to an early morning domestic violence call in Brooklyn was killed after he was shoved over a railing by a suspect and fell nine feet down a cement stairwell, landing on his head and breaking his neck.

1010 WINS’ Kathleen Maloney on Schaberger’s death

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Officer Alain Schaberger was among those at the Boerum Hill scene around 4:20 a.m. Sunday. Police were attempting to take a 40-year-old George Villanueva, who had a history of domestic violence arrests, into custody when he began to resist.

“The 48-year-old female caller told police that her boyfriend was threatening to kill her,” Kelly said.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell hears from Commissioner Ray Kelly

Kelly said the suspect had been shackled on one hand when he used both hands to push Schaberger over the railing. The officer fell down a stairwell which leads to the basement.

“This is the front door, and right there is steps going down to the basement,” neighbor Jamilet Martinez told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis. “If someone were to fall over, they would fall straight down. It’s pretty deep.”

“He had a gash on the left side of his head. His neck was broken,” Kelly said.

He was taken to Lutheran Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“Alain Schaberger gave his life trying to save another,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Villanueva was charged with first-degree murder of a police officer among other charges.

Schaberger was a 10-year veteran with the department.

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  1. tony from fla says:

    I moved from Ny to fla 8 years ago .. and the officer down here get shot at occasionally but not to the rate that nypd does..REASON= florida the citizens are allow to carry conceal weapons for protection purposes both property and self protection..state of conceal weapons allowed.. florida carries the death penalty for law officers killers ..NY carries mandatory life sentences (maybe) a good defense will probably beat it.. I dont know why NY doesnt adapt the conceal weapons act ..I know enacting that law will probably cause alot of stir ..but it can work if its monitored with tough stringent..ex cons cant get conceal weapons permits or violent offender cant neither.. bigger cities bring bigger problems and challenges..time for nyc to think outside the box!!

  2. J says:

    34,000 Cops vs. how many New Yorkers= do the math. Americans need to start toting guns, because NYPD can’t be everywhere!

  3. Jack says:

    If a police officer verbally abuse his wife in a family dispute, does he need another police officer to enter his home to tell him he is a criminal, without understanding what the family dispute was about?

    I ask all officers to think about this and stop acting like a machine that the system trained you.

  4. kevin aloser says:

    Kevin had an incurable vaginal infection….hes a bit cranky

    1. Darrell(Canada) says:

      I think you are an awfully rude individual to say something like that about the police. When a police officer recieves a call,he does not know what he is going to. So, that is why they recieve the adequate training that they do for situations such as this. Your narrowed mindedness about verbal abuse,which I think in officer Alain Schaberger’s call was not the case,well, if it it was the case,then obviously this individual was indeed more capable of things than just verbal abuse!!! So I must say, I do not blame police officers for acting like machines,which they do not(they just follow adequate training procedures).Give your head a shake man!!!!

      1. Big Daddy Z says:

        This is the same NYC police department that shot an unarmed man 37 times using over 100 rounds of ammo. What was the man’s crime? He was going to school.
        Don’t defend the cops, they won’t defend you.

  5. Micha says:

    Let Kevin say what he wants. I onyl wish people who are so anti-cop can be put on a registry. That way, when one of their “peeps” is in trouble, the cops won’t come to help them. People hates the cops, til they need one… Rip Off. Schaberger. Its a shame you had to die for a dispute that is probably already forgiven. Bet money this guys girlfriend visits him in rikers sometime this week…

    1. Jack says:

      You should respect people’s opinions. Cop are paid workers; they don’t work for free.

  6. jtorres says:

    Every officer I’ve ever spoken to says the same thing: Domestic violence calls are the worst, most unpredictable, volatile calls ever. And it usually comes again and again from the same place. People never learn. A cop was killed on a domestic call across the street from my house by a guy “resisting arrest” He was ultimately indicted for assault by the brillant grand jury. He only did a couple of years for beating up his girlfriend and pushing a 22-year-old cop to his death. He’s out on the streets and the cop is still dead. That’s justice? In NY it apparently is.

    1. Jack says:

      The guy who pushed is a killer, but the whole system surrounding this domestic violence laws has many flaws, and it should be equally responsible for this officer’s death.

  7. says:

    Society is set up in such a way that your right to self defense is limited… you have no choice but to call the police … so you owe not one anything for responding to a job they choose to take.

    1. slPpy says:

      next time u burn my fries i should slap u across your mouth. Its your job!

  8. Reenie says:

    My response is to kevin Who are your peeps? Lowlifes and thugs? That’s the problem if you live with good intentions your so called peeps will prosper. Nothing good ever comes out of people who only set out for destruction.grow the $&@$& up! May the Police Officer rest in peace!

  9. Kevin says:

    Hey MB. They did. Oops. You are taling about the defendant.

    1. Tuffguy says:

      Hey kevin, who do you call when you’re getting robbed,house got burglarized,car accident,etc?

      1. says:

        Society is set up in such a way that your right to self defense is limited… you have no choice but to call the police … so you owe not one anything for responding to a job they choose to take.

  10. Kevin says:

    I don t feel sorry for the cop or his family at all. I have little sympathy for people who don t care about me or my peeps? Dig what I am saying. 1 down. How many more to go? Most of you are crying crocodile tears anyway.

    1. boo hoo says:

      Kevin, i think you have a terminal brain cancer

  11. The Mr. Goodbar says:

    Alain Schaberger shall be remembered as a saint. I wish Charles Bronson was alive to preside as justice in this case.

  12. Walter Hochbrueckner says:

    RIP Young Man

  13. bobby says:

    28 times this skid was arrested and 12 times the police were called for domestic violence ?The judges,The D.A., parole board,AND THE WHOLE DAMN JUDICIAL SYSYEM failed here …The Judges have this officers blood on their hands .This Skid should have been locked up .What s travesty …God Bless the family ,friends,and co workers of this officer May he RIP…….If you notice not one word about those who are responsible for allowing this dirt bag to keep walking the streets …..

  14. Jim Gordon says:

    George Villanueva should receive death penalty.
    He should not continued living in jail with free room and board for some many years!

  15. liz says:

    May that officer RIP. Very brave! My hearts go out to his family!
    What else is there to say.

  16. Frank Robinson says:

    Alain is the son of a dear friend of mine from high school. He was an outstanding person who I have personally known since he was a child. He was the one of the nicest people I have ever known. Rescued by his mom and dad from Vietnam in 1975, he was a Navy vet, serving on the USS Constellation and later the NYPD, my heart grieves for him, but most of all, for his mom, May, a truly special person, as was Alain. He will be passionately missed by me and all that knew him.

    1. The Kay Family says:

      From our family to the Shaberger family. We are so sorry. Words are not enough for us to tell you how sorry we are.

      When will the NYPD learn? Sending officers to a domestic dispute is one of the most dangerous calls.

  17. ewynntex says:

    HMMM….let’s put two and two together here…..Villanueva, multiple arrests, probably here in the country illegally, probably has 10 children out of wedlock and all on welfare, none which speak English, and all his baby mamas are on welfare too…..And a dead cop…..Connect the dots people. Ain’t that hard to do. NYPD should not have even responded to this domestic call. Those people like Villanueva like that sort of drams.



  19. lulu says:

    why not despatch in twos and threes with tazar? Protocol sucks.

  20. capt bill's daughter says:

    let’s send him to test for radiation leaks at the nuclear power plant in japan

  21. DeeMee says:

    Probably get a manslaughter conviction. I’m sure he got a nice beatdown by the cops already freakin crackhead should be put down like an animal

  22. industry says:

    “Charges are pending against the suspect.”

    REMEMBER, we are in the age of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.
    The LIBERALS control the Justice system through legislation on-the-bench.


    Liberals _know_ that SOCIETY is responsible due to their
    oppression and prejudice regarding “certain select groups”.
    The “suspect” was merely acting out due to decades of oppression
    and mistreatment by the Capitalist, Conservative Majority.

    So, it is the Capitalist, Conservative Majority that is at fault and
    should be held accountable.

    What is WRONG with all of you??????????????????????

    1. Darrell(Canada) says:

      Your an idiot!!!

  23. Marina Ios says:

    What does it mean: “charges are pending”??, wasnt he sentenced to life on the spot?
    there is by far too much bureaucracy regarding these criminals and they end up killing people, wives, girlfriends, police officers, etc,
    too much leniency
    with this type of deranged individuals it should be : “one strike, youre out”
    God rest the police officer in peace, condoleances to the family and his collegues
    it is a shame…..

    1. Darrell(Canada) says:

      I agree with you 100%

  24. ewynntex says:

    The death of a police officer should make the folks at CBS and New York City very very happy because they are totally against law enforcement people, and the people who support law enforcement people.

  25. capt bill's daughter says:

    the murderer doesn’t deserve a trial, or a long prison sentence at the people’s expense. the vikings would punish the criminals of their day by taking them out to a fjord at low tide, burying them up to their neck and let the incoming tide finish the rest. my dad was nypd for 34 years, and experienced a similar sitiuation with a partner on a domestic violence call. as part of the extended long blue line, my condolences to officer schaberger’s family, and his departmental family. bring back the death penalty. rip officer schaberger, you’ve answered final roll call. thanks for your service & sacrifice.

    1. Darrell(Canada) says:

      Would definitely be justice!!!

  26. cathy says:

    28 prior arrests what up with that he should have been in jail after the 2nd one now we have a dead officer My prays go out to the Schaberger Family and fellow officers

    1. Darrell(Canada) says:

      My thoughts exactly!!!

  27. Cecelia says:

    You are correct Stumpy. 28 prior arrests , that’s insane. My heart goes out to Officers Schaberger family. Criminals are treated like royalty. Police have to tippy toe around them. That is BS. The system needs to get tougher with the criminals. Get their families involved. Make them pay for the food and medical our taxes have to pay for with these criminals are in jail. (that’s if they ever get there). I lost a brother to murder. My brother is six feet under and his killer has been out for years. What’s wrong with that picture? Peace be with the family of Officer Schaberger.

  28. Ron says:

    Tht is so sad…My condolences to Officer Alain Schaberger’s family and friends…

    1. Darrell(Canada) says:

      My condolences as well!!!

  29. clyde says:

    My prayers and condolences go out to the family of this brove officer.

  30. Stumpy says:

    28 prior arrests and he’s on the street. When will people wake up. 28! Bring our troops home and build more prisons, now. Three officers and still a death because the police are “handcuffed” in many instances. Educate everyone about domestic violence so that thew perpetrator knows fully what will happen to him/her and educate victims to call at the very beginning and educate anyone who witnesses such behavior to call the police, yes even the kids, perhaps more so Payers and hopes for the safety of our law enforcement people..

    1. Truth says:

      Too bad no one wants a prison built anywhere near them

  31. Ms. Chocolate says:

    . Handling domestic violence calls are very scary, because the scenes are never the same. Officers never know exactly what their up against. God bless Officer Schaberger and his family.

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