NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — An 11-year-old boy was arrested on charges of bringing a loaded gun to school on Friday.

Police told the New York Post that the boy arrived at Public School 140 in the Jamaica, Queens and bragged to a friend that he had a pistol in his book bag.

The police said the friend told a school safety officer, and the officer checked the boy’s bag and found a loaded Glock 9mm semiautomatic gun.

The boy was arrested on charges of criminal possession of a weapon. His name was not released because of his age.

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  1. gripDAgripe says:

    I personally know the kid. he’s not bad, but just need guidance. it’s his older brother’s gun, which he took from the brother’s bookbag. He had NO intent on killing anyone. Bt we are talking about kids with guns, no telling what would have or could have happened.

  2. bigmamamuley says:

    To Victor, and all the other stupid bigots that commented on this story, remember Columbine? I guess that these upstanding White boys, just accidentally brought their parents guns to school, along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and proceeded to slaughter the teachers, and students at this upscale school. These boys, were from wonderfully nice, and upstanding two parent families. I guess it had something to do with being raised in an racist, White ghetto. This is just one example of upstanding White kids, bringing guns to schools, and killing innocent people. Does these incidents mean that their is something terribly wrong, or missing in all White families?

  3. marina says:

    as far as i know, guns are illegal here, i mean, nyc, if the parents are nypd cops, the gun should have been in their lockers at the precinct, but i doubt it was legally purchased.
    so, the questions is not : who gave him the gun, is how they have the gun
    last time i checked at the supermarket, you couldnt find any for sale on any aisle

  4. Debbie Paesano says:

    This boy probably just took the gun without the parents knowing. That weapon should of been in a safe & the key carefully hidden. Honestly, the impression I get is that he was seeking some attention, b/c he bragged to his friend. However, he didn’t say what he brought the gun to school for, or that he actually was going to use it. I really doubt the parents took out the gun & said “Here son, take this with you for protection.” If the parents were really worried about his safety, then either put in him private school, or move to a safer area. Now he is out of school, and if his parents both work. that is going to give them some issues to deal with. Also the whole family needs to get some kind of therapy, b/c this child may get into other trouble. He doesn’t seem to have a good thought process, or hasn’t been taught there are consequences to our actions. I hope everything turns out okay in a year or so.

  5. pugphan says:

    Yo Marc S…it bees detta way sometimes, divo. smokersodysseycom

  6. Al S. says:

    All peoples of color be needin guns to protect us from the oppressive cracker majority. So say obama and and so say the eric holder. Eric holder good for us, but he got to get rid of that slave name.

    1. Marc S. says:

      Someone actually used the following 2 expressions:
      * “All peoples”,
      * “be needin?”

      Does anyone know how to write proper English these days?

  7. Bushelfoote says:

    If I were an 11 yr old and I went to the same school as this kid it’d probly make sense to bring a gun to school…..If I were an 11 yr old…….As an adult of some 45 yrs…..The entire “Who,What,Where, When,Why flashes in an instant in my mind and I’d just load up the truck and move ’em outta there….really…..whatever’s left doze it and update ….I’ve seen ENTIRE INSTANT NEIGHBORHOODS spring up….with excellent public education facilities and nice liittle towns to buy groceries at and all you have to do is Find Gainful Employment and it’s ALL Yours….On The Price Is Right!!!!!! LOL…….that’s what it amounts to…….AND to boot…they’ll kick this 11 year old kid outta an education because Society can’t/won’t/don’t protect him in some way that made the kid think it’d be the thing to do bringing a gun to school………I guarantee I did not have even remotely any of this kid’s problems when I was 11…..I was trying to go steady with an 8th grader that year….instead of her 6th grade sister! Oh yeah….it was also my last year of Little League Baseball and I was signing up for Pony League……..Poor Kid…………….

  8. victor says:

    more than likly his parents are missing a gun that they gave him,, in the excuse that he needed it to protect himself….or he stold it…ten to one this kid is Black.or a wanabe gang banger

  9. anonymous says:

    a proof of US hell, sad for good sabilings.
    if he play truant, homehiding,
    he could be happy again after stupid ferior gone with wind,
    sing counry-music privately & noisely
    draw sketch liberately,
    press-flower to make handcraft boldly,
    read Manga if he hate textbook,
    eat more candy
    be brave to teethpain,

    anyway, oopus, GUN?
    the ulitimate way by US common law,
    leaves too little room for grid of younth to resettle their passion.

    1. Bushelfoote says:

      As I read this I am first struck with the sense that these are schizophrenic rants that have no sense to them,then next, that the author is either foreign,uneducated or mentally challenged….or a combination therein…..then Ebonics came to mind,then I could extract some sense of reason from it…..I think………..

  10. Crip says:

    Did he yell out brrrraaaatt !!!

    1. Da Persian says:

      Thanks for making me laugh funny

  11. Rod says:

    What was his plan for the GUN ?

    1. Da Persian says:

      He was next up for show & tell

  12. Sarah says:

    I don’t think the question should really be how old he is, rather WHO THE HELL GAVE HIM A GUN?!!?

    1. BigEZ says:

      Clearly you have no idea of what goes on in the hood!

  13. pugphan says:

    11 yrs old wow! What kind of family raises such a child. This is a terrible indictment of our society…smokersodysseycom

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