By Sean Adams

RYE, N.Y. (WCBS 880) – After two coyote attacks last summer, the town of Rye is not taking any chances.

Town officials are keeping their guards up and police commissioner William Connors wants residents to be aware.

“It’s really just a public education message at this point. It’s important to not show fear and try to instill a very healthy fear in the coyotes,” Connors said. “If the animals are lingering in driveways, if they’re lingering in front of people, that’ll give us the information we need to take up some trapping.”

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There have only been a few coyote sightings in Rye this year, but Connors said there are simple things that can help prevent attacks.

“If somebody runs into a coyote, they should act confident, make noise, rise up and make themselves look bigger and wave their arms, throw things,” Connors said.

It will also help to eliminate attractions around your property, he said.

“It’s important to secure garbage which is a primary food for them. Bird feeders not only provide a source of food, but they draw off the kind of animals, rodents, and birds and things like that, that the coyotes will feed on. And leaving pet food outdoors is also a bad thing,” Connors said.

Police will use pepper pellet guns to scare off coyotes. If that doesn’t work, Connors said they’ll turn to traps.


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  1. bob says:

    OMG you people are pathetic .Leave your pets inside or go out side when they go out .To bad for the little in convience I mean you did move north into the Country setting what do you expect when you move into the Country .These animals are not bad they fear humans.I have lived upstate for many years .2 attacks last summer makes the so called experts want to bring fear of these animals .Again they are more scared of you then your fear of them …Don’t believe these idiots They want you to fear them so they can justify killing them …..

  2. Tim Kriz says:

    in Iowa you can kill a coyote any time, they don’t have a limit on when and how many you can kill, you don’t even need a license or permit. They are a danger to livestock here though.

  3. Anthony says:

    Coyotes should not be killed, because they are less of a pain than Canada geese. Get ride of the Canada geese.

  4. Leesh says:

    In Central NY they are common, but nobody freaks out

  5. Bernadette O says:

    Why don’t they just shoot the crazy animals!!!!!!!!! I think it is ridiculous that in CT you can’t kill a coyote. I am an animal lover but these coyotes kills, cats, dogs and attacks humans including children, I saw if you see one – kill it!!!!!!

    1. bob says:

      Hey lady @BO yes they kill small animals .That’s the cycle of life … They have to eat also .You eat cow,pig,fish,but you have the luxury of having animals killed,gutted,and cut up for you .SO if your worried about your small PETS get off your lazy ass and take your small pet out if you live in a Coyote area .As for humans it so very rare that a Coyote would attack a human .They are more scared of humans then we are them .If you allow a small baby UN attend ended then forget the COYOTE SHAME ON YOU .You shouldn’t be a parent ….Learn to live with the animals that you humans moved in with .Just because you as humans move in doesn’t mean that animals have to go ….Pathetic Heartless selfish People you are ….

      1. BAFL says:

        @bob – couldnt have said it better.

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