NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Mets fans have long been ready to put Oliver Perez behind them. On Monday, New York answered the call for Perez’s release.

Perez, who is in the final year of a three-year, $36 million contract, learned of his fate after a Monday morning meeting with general manager Sandy Alderson and manager Terry Collins.

“When they told me, I almost knew what they were going to tell me,” said Perez. “It’s one of those times you don’t feel great, but I don’t want to quit. I think I’ve got more in my career.”

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Simply put, Perez didn’t do his job.

The embattled lefty surrendered consecutive homers to Jeff Frazier and Brian Bixler during the Mets’ 7-4 victory over the Washington Nationals on Saturday, crippling his chances of staying with New York as a reliever.

“I think they gave me an opportunity,” Perez said. “They were fair with me when I came here. ‘We’re going to give you an opportunity to be a starter.’ I didn’t do anything great. They moved me to the bullpen trying to be a lefty specialist. And the last game, that was a real horrible job.”

LISTEN: A somber Oliver Perez speaks to the media on Monday after being released by the Mets

The Mets chose to absorb the $12 million remaining on Perez’s contract rather than keep a pitcher who has been ineffective in trying to make the team as a reliever.

“The velocity was not there. The command was not there,” Alderson said. “It wasn’t going to work in a starting role. It didn’t appear as if it were going to work in a relief role, at least anytime soon.”

LISTEN: Sandy Alderson on his decision to release Perez

Perez, whose velocity has been down since he won 15 games in 2007 season, was 1-6 with a 5.94 ERA in seven starts to begin last season before being moved to the bullpen. He went on the disabled list with patella tendinitis in his right knee on June 5 and made just six appearances the rest of the season.

He was in the mix for a rotation spot this spring but quickly fell out of the competition. The Mets decided to try him as a situational left-hander, but that didn’t work out too well, either.


“(Perez) didn’t get it done,” Collins said after the left-hander’s latest bad outing.

The Mets will also have to eat second baseman Luis Castillo’s contract, owing him $6 million for 2011.

“For a variety of reasons it was important to have them in camp,” said Alderson. “To start with, I didn’t want to do anything rash or reflexive given what I had heard about the situation here. And so I think it was important to bring them to camp, and then once brought to camp give them a legitimate opportunity. I think in both cases we tried to do that.”

Statement from the Mets:

The New York Mets today announced that they have released lefthanded pitcher Oliver Perez.

The 6-3, 205-pounder had one year left on his contract.

“As I said during the winter our plan was to bring Oliver to Spring Training and give him a chance,” said Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson. “After trying him as a starter and out of the bullpen, we felt that we needed to move in a different direction. Terry and I met and I went to Jeff (Wilpon), told him my recommendation and Jeff approved on behalf of ownership.”

Perez went 0-5 with a 6.80 ERA in 2010 after going 3-4 with a 6.82 ERA in 2009. Overall, the lefthander is 58-69 with a 4.63 ERA during his nine-year major league career with the San Diego Padres, Pittsburgh Pirates and Mets.

Does Perez’s release make the Mets a much better team, or did you just want him out of sight? Sound off in the comments below…

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Comments (43)
  1. Roy says:

    What’s another 12 million in debt for a team that’s going bankrupt . They will just write it off when they go belly up!

  2. francisco batista, bronx,ny says:


  3. badman says:

    he gets to sit around and do nothing for a year and gets paid $12MM. he’s no dummy. He should get himself a couple of goddesses.

  4. FromALifeLongSufferingMetsFan says:

    Dear MacGyver, along with this letter is a paperclip, a rubberband & a straw. Please save my Mets.

  5. Edward says:

    Even defending a Mets player Mets fans still fuss about it by comparing that player against another Mets player. Mets fans are never happy, they’re a joke. Misery loves company.

    1. dico j. says:

      I agree…………L. Castillo signed with the phillies today. With the rotten way Met fans treated him, i’m sure he will get many a big hit against the Mets this season. I can’t wait !

    2. dico j. says:

      I agree………..How many big hits is L. Castillo going to get vs. the mets this year? With the rotten way Met fans treated him, many i’m sure and hope.

  6. NYMetsFan says:

    The bottom line is the Mets gave Ollie every chance, every opportunity and he just couldn’t deliver. He never deserved to have his contract renewed and he most definitely should have been let go last year.

  7. Travist G. Powell says:

    Only in America can you get paid million$ for doin nuttin.
    What a country!,what a country!

  8. The Great Cartini says:

    Regardless of how well Beltran, Castillo, Perez, Piazza, or any other player had performed over a three year span – none of them deserved the millions they were paid during their final years…

    Piazza was a dog defensively.

    Beltran is injured too often, and has not produced since 2008.

    Castillo has been a roller coaster – and only put in one good season in blue and orange.

    Ollie personifies inconsistency – he had a bad attitude and ate a lot of money. He won’t be missed.

    Moral truth is just trying to draw attention and incite a strong reaction from readers – this isn’t racially charged, and anyone with half a brain understand that.

    Mets fans were endeared to Endy Chavez and Pedro Feliciano during their stay in queens. We rooted on Alou, Hidalgo, and Tatis as they tried to rekindle their careers.

    Mets fans had enough of Maine, hated B.Looper, aren’t crazy about jay bay, and didn’t cry when Chruch, Mientkiewicz, Greene, or Frenchie left town (although each was somewhat well liked)… Mets fans don’t hate Beltran, but would favor “the right” trade….

    NY fans, like most fans, like any player who puts up numbers or plays hard…

  9. Joseph says:

    Someone reel back Junior Ortiz from the computer. Junior the same players you laud about bringing us ALMOST to the WS are the same players that kept us away from the WS. You can trash Piazza or Strawberry all you want – but they made it to the WS. If I seem to recall, it was Beltran being caught LOOKING at a K that ended our last close stretch to the WS. But who cares what their background/race is – just produce – that’s what I say.

    1. Junior says:

      Josephine, Pizza hit a pop up to CF in the 2000 WS that every thought was going to be out out. Bernie did not move, stayed on the grass area, was not any where near the track let alone the wall and Mets fans thought the ball was gone. Almost winning is not tha same as winning Josephine. Well, for Mets fans almost is better then nothing at all. LOL.

      No one is trashing Straw or Pizza, you need to read what I wrote, maybe you can read, but can’t comprehend, either that or you must wear a special helmet. Once again Josephine, Mets fans are trashing Beltran when Beltran was the Mets best player before his injury.

      1. Junior says:

        “…Mets fans are trashing Beltran when Beltran was the Mets best player before his injury”

        That is a stupid comment. What are you – stupid or something?

      2. Joseph says:

        Junior, do you always resort to personal attacks when you are backed into a corner? I never said Beltran wasn’t the Mets best player before his injury nor did I say he was. However, the fact of the matter is that Beltran has an image of never having been a “clutch” player which I think the facts speak for themselves. Beltran is not known for the “big hit”. Great stats, but unfortunately not there enough when needed. You could say the same about David Wright. Wright is streaky – and when he stinks, he’s zero clutch. But when he’s on, he is the guy you want at the plate. Not really with Beltran unfortunately – he doesn’t have many memorable hits. Piazza was very clutch and was the guy you wanted at the plate with the game on the line. We all wanted Beltran to be that guy, but he never was.

        Until you stop it with your ridiculous personal attacks on everyone who doesn’t agree with you – you’re just making yourself look more and more like the laughing stock that they already think of you. All personal attacks do is indicate that you’re not very sure of your own points.

  10. Kurt Spitzner says:

    The mets did not release oliver perez because he was mexican they did it because he not only STUNK as a pitcher he had no desire to try and help himself or the team last year when asked to do so!And just as Frank R. said below wouldn’t the “white” players now be the minority, so whats all of your points with regard to that ridiculous contention?

  11. George39 says:

    The Yanks should pick him up! He’ll end up winning the AL Cy Young!

  12. metfan says:

    Junior, check your stats.
    1999 40 hr, 124 rbi, .303
    2000 38 hr, 113 rbi, .324
    2001 36 hr. 94 rbi, .300
    and a more demanding position!

    1. Junior says:

      more demaning position, the guy who could never throw a runner out. The bottom line here is Mets fans make Beltran seems like he was a scrub, I showed you facts that you did not know period. Beltran was a 5 tool player before the injury.

      Yeah, now your digging up every Met who has played in the last 50 yrs & so far you’ve come up with just one or two names because that’s all there is & that’s what you should have done before posting & not like the that idiot Tommy who stated Beltran has been injured the whole time, He was wrong, my case was made, period. Class is dismissed

      1. metfan says:

        The point was you said
        “No met has ever put up those numbers”
        You were WRONG!
        Demanding position- The wear and tear on a catchers body doesn’t even come close to any other position.
        Make your point but keep it factual.

      2. Junior says:

        I stand by my statement, look up the numbers, Piazza had 94 RBI’s in one of those years, Beltran in THREES STRAIGHT YEARS HAD OVER 112 RBI’S , Pizza’s were not, GET MY POINT, 3 STRAIGHT YEARS OF OVER 112 RBI’S.

        Pizza SUCKED as a catcher, great hitter, horrible catcher, plus Pizza was on steriods and THAT’S A FACT, everybody knows that. And again, the idiot Tommy stated, get it through you’re little pea brain, stated Beltran was injured the whole time. I corrected that statment.

      3. J Stephenson says:

        Go back to PR Junior, the other guys are right, you sound silly.

      4. metfan says:

        You can pick out one stat, the RBI’s that Piazza didn’t have.
        Look at the other 2!
        He didn’t hit less than 36 all 3 years.
        Beltran didn’t hit that many 2 of the years.
        Batting average Piazza 300 all 3 years!
        Beltran never came close.
        Offensive- there is no comparison!
        Stick to the facts.

      5. Uncle Freddy says:

        I wish Beltran would go to the dermatologist and have that huge mole cut off the side of his face

  13. Ralph says:

    Junior, you’re right no met has done that for 3 straight years. Darrly Strawberry did it for EIGHT YEARS 1983 to 1990 and would maybe be in the Hall of Fame had he not gone to LA, maybe. Oh and D Wright did it from 05 to 08.

    1. Tommy says:

      Thank you Ralph. Junior is a MORON

      1. Junior says:

        Tommy thanking Ralph, classic, one moron thanking another.

    2. Junior says:

      Ralph, Wright has never hit more then 33 hrs in a season, Beltran hit 41. The most rbi’s Strawberry ever had was 108 & Straw ONLY had three 100 RBI’s seasons in those years you listed & not in straight yrs, Beltran tops that 3 straight yrs with more then 112.

      You’re not much of a Mets fans, you may think you are & it shows you don’t know jack. Tipical Mets fans, always talking without knowing

      1. Diane Laine says:

        It is spelled “typical”. Go back to 4th grade.

  14. Tommy says:

    Beltran has been injured during most of his tenure here and has been grossly overpaid. In fact all of the under producing, over payed players on the Mets are “Spanish” as I am guessing you are too “Junior”. I also seem to remember Mr. Beltran watching strike 3 pass him ending the last playoff run. Batting .275 and .276 is not good enough for a $15M+ outfielder. Try .300+ and 35 – 40 HR. Beltran can’t even play 40 games in a season. Strawberry, H. Johnson, Piazza, Hernandez all put up better numbers than that and for a lot more years. Looks like you are the MORON Junior.

    1. Tommy says:

      Roberto Alomar stunk here “Junior”. He’s also a great guy too – spitting in umpire’s faces and cheating on his wife and contracting AIDS.

  15. long time met fan says:

    you guys have to be kidding me with all this spanish stuff. it’s a known fact that hispanic players are NOT hard nosed players and in the mets case that showed up everyday. A little nagging injury and they go right to the bench. Wright and Reyes are not as good as the met fans would hope, Reyes especially, and i love the guy – but at least for the most part you get 100% out of Wright everyday. Castillo was our best player two years ago but he is just so done and needed to go – Ollie is just a wacko and needed to go as well. it is a shame becuase the guy had talent and just lost it. he is his own worst enemy.

    1. John says:

      what’s 100%, He hit just 10 hrs in 2010, it’s not the best fielder, makes terrible throwing errors, he made 20 last year & 18 the year before & he strikes out a ton 162 last year & 140 the year before. If that’s 100% I hate to see what he does at just 90%.

      Wright is over-rated. Reyes & Wright are the next to go within the next 2 years.

  16. Moral Truth says:

    discrimination against minority olayers and thats the moral truth

    1. Frank Ricciardi says:

      More than half of the players in MLB are Black or Latino, that makes White players the minority, does it not?

  17. Robert says:

    Mets Clean House !!!!! finally

  18. srek says:

    It does look obvious that the NY Mets have something against UNPRODUCTIVE baseball players…

    If these guys were any good – they’d be treated better. Angel Pagan seems happy enough, and was probably our most popular player this year.

    Also – neither Ollie nor Castillo is “spanish” – they are spanish-speaking, latino, or hispanic

    Anyhow – good riddance….

    1. Monty says:

      yeah until Pagan strikes out with the bases loaded against the Phillies you will then want him out. Mets fans are hiprocites, 4 years ago Perez was their best pitchers and you cheered him on.

      Look how well he pitched game 4 & game 7 against St. Louis in the NL championship, yet your overrated players Wright & Reyes didn’t do much & their the ones Mets fans love to say their the face of the franchise, chokers the two of them. Just look at their numbers in September of ’07 & ’08, especlally Reyes.

      Mets fans are the worst fans in all sports.

  19. Frank Morrissey says:


  20. Moral Truth says:

    It does look obvious that the NY Mets have somethiing against Spanish baseball players and thats the moral truth

    1. Tommy says:

      Sure, that’s because our former “Spanish” General Manager (Mr. Minaya) only signed “Spanish” players.

      1. Tommy says:

        And they have all played terribly and/or been injured the whole time (Beltran, Perez, Castillo, etc)

      2. Junior says:

        hey, tommy, the Latino players were the best players on their roster you racist moron, other then Wright, it was Reyes, Beltran, Perez & Delgado who took the Mets to the NL championship and one strike from the WS.

        They were good enough for you then right MORON!!!, you cheered them on, but you blame them all for losing, what about Wright, Glavine & Wagner, weren’t they part of the problem as well? During the two historicial choke years ’07 & ’08 Wright, Glavine & Wagner were the reasons why they lost in September & it was Beltran & Delgado who carried the team.

        Let’s see how far the white players take the Mets this year?

      3. Junior says:

        as a Met, Beltran in ’06 hit 41 hrs, 116 RBI’s batted .275, in ’07 he hit 33 hrs, 112 RBI’s & batted .276 & in ’08 he hit 27 hrs, 112 RBI’s & batted .284.

        And you call yourself a Mets fan. When healthy Beltran was their best player.
        No Mets player has ever put up those numbers in 3 straight years. It goes to show little tommy, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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