NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Apple has dumped a controversial “gay-cure” iPhone app launched by Exodus International after thousands of people signed an online petition demanding the company remove it.

Wayne Besen, the executive director of Truth Wins Out, said Apple made the right decision.

“They listened to their customers and they are taking this incredibly hateful anti-gay app off the shelf and they should be applauded for it,” Besen told 1010 WINS. “Hopefully such an app won’t slip through the cracks in the future.”

Exodus International claimed the app was “designed to be a useful resource for men, women, parents, students, and ministry leaders” providing access to current news, information, and resources from the group.

According to its website, the ministry believes “homosexuality to be a multi-causal, developmental issue and that any individual can experience freedom through the support of caring individuals and the healing power of Jesus Christ.”

Truth Wins Out said the group’s message is “hateful and bigoted” and that the ministry commonly uses scare tactics, misinformation and stereotypes of LGBT life to recruit clients.

“This group believes they can pray away the gay, it’s incredibly offensive to gay and lesbian Americans,” Besen said.

Over 151,000 people signed a Truth Wins Out petition on which stated that Apple was supporting homophobia by having the app available in the iTunes store.

“It’s a good thing that this app was pulled because it’s incredibly offensive, it has tons of misinformation and is really just a smear campaign against the gay and lesbian community,” Besen said.

Truth Wins Out claimed Exodus’ app relied on twisting legitimate research in its effort to dehumanize LGBT people.

“This is not a question of free speech, but of stopping a virulently anti-gay organization from peddling false speech at the expense of vulnerable LGBT youth,” John Becker, Truth Wins Out’s Director of Communications and Development, said in a statement. “Exodus may pose as the victim, but they are a victimizer that has left a trail of shattered lives and broken families. We are grateful that Exodus has lost at least one platform with which to disperse its dangerous message.”

Besen said they were surprised and pleased to find out the app had been pulled off the shelves Tuesday night.

“Apple understood their customer base and they saw that their base was dissatisfied,” Besen said.

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  1. Henry says:

    Sarah is correct in that groups that claim they want equality but they can not allow others the same privilege. Let the app be. If Apple is only concerned about their profit margin they will remove it when it fails to sell. What Apple is really concerned about is a lawsuit from those who are crying foul.

    Personally, I am neither for or against the app. As far as Exodus is concerned, I’m not necessarily condoning of their methods but as one who has lived in the lifestyle that they offer help out of I can honestly say that they did not help me. However, they did act as a stepping stone for me to find relational healing, which in turn helped me out of a lifestyle that was for me very destructive.

    If you want to live as GLBT, go for it. By the same token, I want the right not to live that life. Ultimately, we all will stand before the Creator and give an account at that time.

    If Exodus’ promoting a “cure” is dangerous propaganda I don’t believe it is any more dangerous than the propaganda purported by groups who maliciously take a stand against individuals’ right to change.

  2. T Madsen says:

    Sign of things to come?.,..We’re all for Free Speech so long as we agree with what you are saying. DOesn’t sound like tolerance to me.

  3. Michael Birch says:

    I’m gay and couldnt care less about the app.. I think the entire ordeal was rather stupid. Anyone who is dumb enough to use an app to try and receive advice on how convert a gay person is the least of my worries.

  4. Spoiled yapping dog says:

    A cure for teh ghey?!! Don’t make me laugh. The ghey gene is swimmin around in yer DNA Thingy so it’s with you for life. At best this Exodus app has as much medicinal value as EXtenze. And we know how well that works, cause it doesn’t

  5. Sarah says:

    You will NEVER receive a dime of my money! Not that one little person matters to your billions but to bow down to these idiots that cry over everything because the world is not EXACTLY the way THEY think it should be, please grow up. You care more about your profit margin and whether their complaints will keep this group from buying your products than what is right or not. Well guess what, you have awakened the other side of the aisle and maybe that will be what affects that profit margin.

    1. taybor says:

      I will now end my boycott of your products because you’ve shown as a corporation that you care more about what is right, rather than only caring about your profit margin.
      Thank you for recognizing that decent people don’t want this type of hate.

      “People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”
      -Soren Kierkegaard

      1. Sarah says:

        Why do your rights to not have the app available to anyone trump my rights to be able to get it? It isn’t about freedom of speech. Your group claims they want equality for all. If that was the real case, that app’s availability would not bother you. You weren’t forced to buy it! I should have the option to buy it but because you cry and stomp your feet like little kids, you get what you want. This will not last long. You’ll all be knocked off your pretty pink horses soon enough! Equality means equality for all not just who you deem it necessary for!

      2. BigEz says:

        Bravo Sarah Bravo!!
        Well said.

      3. Justin says:

        Sarah, you are awesome. I could not have worded it better. Prepare for the gay wrath that is soon to come.

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