ORANGE, Conn. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A 13-year-old Connecticut girl missing since Sunday has been found safe.

Orange Police Chief Robert Gagne’s announcement Wednesday sparked cheers just as police and the parents of Isabella Oleschuk were about to hold a news conference.

“I’m happy to announce that we’ve changed the subject of this press conference. Isabella has been found. She is safe. We have personnel going out to her right now. We have FBI, police, and a medic going out to check on her,” Gagne said at the Orange Congregational Church.

WCBS 880’s Fran Schneidau reports the missing child may have run away.

Gagne said he was “thrilled” to make the announcement.

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“We are just…I feel like screaming and dancing. Life come back. Life returns,” a tearful family friend Annette Rubelmann said when she learned of Isabella’s safety.

The seventh grade girl was reported missing Sunday morning. Her disappearance sparked a massive search that included dogs as well as an FBI helicopter and an airplane.

“Whenever there is a mysterious disappearance of a child, the presumption is that it is an abduction until the investigation proves otherwise,” FBI Special Agent Kimberly Mertz told CBS 2’s Tony Aiello.

Orange police had urged local residents to keep their eyes open and report anything unusual. On Wednesday morning, about three miles from the girl’s home, a passerby spotted Isabella poking her head outside of a nearby garage.

Orange Police Officer Jude Fedorchuck was the first cop on the scene.

“I did ask her, did she realize there were a lot of people looking for her, and at the time she said she did not know that,” Officer Fedorchuck said.

Police say Isabella ran away with a supply of Pop Tarts and warm blankets. Her father provided little insight as to the reason for her running away.

“She comes from a loving, supporting family that raised her with Christian core values,” father Roman Oleschuk said.

Some have said the girl was bullied at school because she wears a hearing aid.

“No matter what the terms were that she came home, we would celebrate her return – and we will,” family friend Annette Rubelmann said.

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  1. a mother says:

    Thank GOD, that’s great news……

  2. sharon says:

    THANK GOD!!!!!!

  3. rick.g says:

    there is a living god

  4. David Flores says:

    send her parents the bill for this search. she knew what she was doing when she ran away. send them THE BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. nathan says:

      “she knew what she was doing when she ran away” ??? She’s 13 yrs old. Are you really that CHEAP David?

    2. Copyeditor says:

      Are you crazy? Just how do you know she “knew what she was doing”? I hope you don’t have any kids–they’d just end up in a mental institution with you as a father.

  5. Devenio says:

    While I’m happy this little run away is safe, who is she that she would warrant the FBI? A Missing persons case gets FBI helicopters now? Kids are reported missing each and every hour of every day. Why this one?

    1. T from NYC says:

      I agree. When certain persons go missing and of different ethnic backgrounds, the media coverage and police response varies. Granted it good she is home with her family, but what of the Chinese boy gone missing for a few days, or the Black girl who is bullied and abused everyday (for example). Media has to stop oversensationalizing everything and causing deeper rifts in all communities.

      1. Copyeditor says:

        Because “Black” is not a proper noun, it should not be capitalized.

    2. Sara N. says:

      This child, said to have a hearing impairment, was missing for 3 days unrelated to any custodial dispute. Nowadays that enough to trigger a big search, especially for a child at the age for sexual predators. Glad for the good ending, but I want desperately to make kids understand that running way hurts everybody.

  6. kendra says:

    i thank god that some1 found her cause i remember when my daughter was missing for a few hours and i thought that she was never going to come back to me save and sound ..mind you it was only for a few hours but i thought i was going to go crazy….yeah but thank god they found her…

  7. Mike says:

    Good News is nice for a change

  8. nathan says:

    Happy endings do come around once in a while.

  9. industry says:

    “There were reports that Isabella faced bullying at school and that was why she left. Police had no comment.”

    i am DELIGHTED that this story has a good ending.

    The entire mater of Bullying will never be fully resolved for several reasons.

    First, young bullies that are unchecked grow up and become members of the Police, Teachers and Government.

    Second, dealing with a BULLY in power is impossible especially when they
    wear a badge and have authority over the general public.

    Third, there is an unspoken belief that the BULLY has an important function in society to weed out the weak and inform. IN part, this accounts for bullies as untouchable.

    Fourth, bullies represent what keeps traditional society in check – power, not intelligence. There are bullies of every race and creed watching and watching for those that are weak in body and or mind. They pounce when the time is right.

    Last, EVERY person that has been a victim KNOWS that the concern for their safety and well-being is insincere and simply a facade for the weak in society.
    It is essential that our Governmental, Educational and Business leaders appear concerned and ready to address this problem – they will not.
    They WILL look sad and even shed a tear or two during a victims funeral.

    A bully either has to grow up REALLY quick and develop “skills” for survival
    including the essential ACT and KEEP QUIET -or- look forward to a life of physical abuse, social ridicule and either slow death by alcoholism or suicide for those with a strong desire to end it all.

    Make all the jokes you want, have a ball!

    Few people know the actual hell lived every moment by a victim of bullying.

  10. Otto Matic says:


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