Nearby Surveillance Cams Inoperable, So Cops Lack Clues

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A possible symbol of hate was found near a school in Queens on Thursday, sparking concern among neighbors.

A noose was seen hanging from a tree and there is no word yet on who may have put it there.

As CBS 2’s Demetra Ganias reports, the community is trying not to overreact.

Just across the street from the Walter Ward School in Queens is the tree that sparked controversy. A hangman’s noose was found on its limb. Neighbors are disgusted.

“It’s just wrong completely,” one resident said.

“I think that’s terrible. We all have to learn to live together,” another added.

Donna Walker said she has a young daughter and shutters at the idea of her seeing a noose.

“I would feel sad,” the Ozone Park resident said. “I would have to explain to her what that is and where that came from and it’s not good.”

Witnesses pointed out to Ganias the branch where the noose hung. Police quickly took it down Wednesday morning after surrounding the tree. There are surveillance cameras on a nearby apartment building, but the problem is, Ganias learned, they weren’t working over the last few days so they are no help for police in their investigation.

The incident is familiar to our area, following a case of controversial anti-abortion fliers sparking campus outrage at Princeton Theological Seminary on Monday and an FDNY electrician saying he found a noose in his locker back in early February.

The Lindenwood neighborhood borders Howard Beach. Residents told Ganias they’re working past the racial animosity that boiled over in the 1980s.

“It’s much different than back then, yes,” resident Donna Walker said.

“This is a new age, a new generation. We should be moving forward and looking forward, not backward,” added Howard Beach resident Norman Allen.

“Everyone gets along. I have great friends, great neighbors. I’m shocked,” said resident Jose Amil.

Few actually saw the noose. Some neighbors don’t want the ignorance of one to spark fear, in an otherwise safe place to live.

“In spite of what everyone thinks about Howard Beach, it’s not so. We get along with everybody over here,” Joe Luciano said.

Residents said they are hopeful the person responsible for the noose is caught soon.

Police are still investigating, and no arrests have been made so far.

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Comments (57)
  1. Al says:

    YOU’RE ALL WRONG! IT’S AN ANTI-HORSE-THIEF SYMBOL! IT’S AN ANTI-PIRATE SYMBOL! IT’S AN ANTI-DESPERADO SYMBOL! Sorry, bruthaaas and sistaaahs, but the fact that you dont like something, DOESN’T NECESSARILY MAKE IT RACISM!!! If the world is supposed to ‘get over’ your skin color, why cant YOU?

  2. American Citizen says:

    Police drop nooses randomly and intentionally at various locations to stir local racial hatred. Inciting crime because it means a lull in duties. It works and gets press attention each time they do it. Ignore it – do not let these people get the upper hand in manipulating public emotions regarding racism. Take back your neighborhoods from racists and idle cops.

  3. Ray Peace says:

    There is a larger picture to what is going on in the world. While you all fight over this our planet is dying, goverments are going broke, and people are dieing for freedom. If you want to sit at home and debate on what some jack*** did and race, then fine. But all of our time is slowly coming to an end, and no one will realize it until it’s too late. WAKE UP !

  4. Lorraine Campbell says:

    A noose became a racist symbol through usage and association. Just as the swastica did. Yes. Some black people commit crimes. So do some white people. Some black people cheat welfare. So do some white people. If you think that’s a valid excuse to terrorize young children, you are not the civilized representative of a superior race that you take yourself for.

  5. Bob says:

    I still want to know when the noose became a racial thing. Sure, it was used to hang blacks. It was also used to hang whites. It was used back in Europe well before America existed (in it’s current form)

  6. FTW says:

    How is this a crime or news ? The two young blacks that tried to kick in my neighbor of 40 years basement door in the middle of the day was news and a real crime. We are a neighborhood being victimized by these animals in the 63pct and most of us are white . Where is the news media or is it ok for us to be victims ?

  7. Ronnie says:

    To REDNECKWHITETRASH; what’s wrong, you’re in it.

  8. Steve says:

    someone wants attention…haven’t he/she heard of twitter or facebook…lol…just blog about it

  9. says:

    entire neighborhood gets trolled, film at 11.

  10. John D. Hanig says:

    There is a better than even chance it was done by a teenager just trying to be controversial without considering the possible ramifications and consequences. Kids do dumb things all the time out of sheer ignorance and poor impulse control.

  11. redneckwhitetrash says:

    Lets see; we have a liar and chief, in the Oval Office that refuses to enforce existing law. (defnece of marriage act) We have a black President that his hijacked healthcare. (continuing to implement Obamacare despite the ruling of a Federal Judge) We have a black president that has appointed an openly racist Supreme Court Judge with impunity (Sotomayer). We have a Justice Dept that refuses to prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation in Philadelphia!

    All of the above really happened and people are making a big deal over a piece of rope? What is wrong with this picture?

    1. The armchair philospher says:

      Let’s see. Bush lied all the time. Your health care system is still in tact. I still can’t get insurance. Most republicans are racist, like yourself. Voter intimidation and manipulation in Florida by republicans. What’s wrong with this picture? Just look in the mirror!

    2. Stephen Murdock says:

      hahahaha…your a joke…get over your racist self an African American was elected president and he is really good at it…

  12. jason says:

    It is “shudders” not “shutters.” The biggest drawback to modern-day journalism is that journalists now have to rely on spell-check to edit their work.

    This is dumb. Everyone is overreacting about everything nowadays.

  13. got a brain says:

    Very simple, if the ding-bat media would stop making a “story” out of a piece of rope, and ignore the “few” who rant and rave over the smallest thing, then this would not “be” a story and people would stop doing it because it wouldn’t be fun anymore. Duh. Although it was VERY funny about the cops “surrounding” the tree HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! so it wouldn’t get away???

  14. Me says:

    What if it were a square knot of a sheepshank? A noose is a very handy know for hauling materials. What’s the buzz?

  15. Larry Schwarz says:

    If it was a joke it is not funny.Zero tolerance when it comes to racism of any kind.A kid who wore a KKK hood to school in Salt Lake City was suspened,should have been expelled.If they are doing this on private property that alone is a crime,a misdeamanor.

    1. reddneckwhitetrash says:

      But it is OK to allow voter intimidation (black panthers) and appoint openly racist judges to the Supreme Court! (Sotomayer)

      I don’t care much for racism either. As a white victim, of racism, it seems that only minorities are protected from racism!

      1. badman says:

        “victim” of racism. poor little baby.

        you don’t need protection from racism. you need protection from your own impotence, rage and general dumbness.

    2. XMAN says:

      Hey Larry you liberal Obama voter wake up Obama is selling the Jewish people down the river to the hangman Arabs dope..

  16. John says:

    It was probably some kids playing cowboys and rodeo.

  17. INJUN says:


  18. Bernie Sanders says:

    This is the year 2011.. What is wrong with this world.. We need to come together as humans and not the color of our skin or the religion we believe in!

    We are human we are people .. everyone needs to get along and live in peace enough is enough already !

  19. was abe lincoln right? says:

    lincoln begged the blacks to go back to africa after the slaves were freed, did your black history prof. tell you that? I wonder what america would look like if they listened, what would bushwick look like?

    1. prwiii says:

      Too bad that it was the white man’s greed that brought them here in the first place…

      1. Teager says:

        You do realize that slavery of Africans began in Africa, don’t you? The African Royals of the time kidnapped lower class Africans to use as their own slaves. When European settlers came to Africa, the African Royals saw a chance to make “money” and began selling the slaves to other countries. It was not White Man’s greed that began slavery, it began within Africa’s own “Class” System. Do your research and check your history. White man’s greed is what took the land from the Native Americans and killed the majority of them, supressing them them, taking away their hunting grounds and limiting them to small areas of land that weren’t even fertile enough to grow food. Uneducated comments like yours are what keep racisim alive. Today is a new time and without the past, where would we all be now?

  20. sam says:

    damn whiteys

  21. Embarrassed for you all says:

    There is an appalling lack of intelligence on this page, as proven by the rampant racism and horrendous grammar, including the reporter.

    1. INJUN says:


  22. nj says:

    you are a racist pig what if it aint white it aint right

  23. Bear says:

    Atleast we know where you stand!

  24. anglican says:

    the reason the italians don’t like blacks is they are both fighting for the bottom position on the social ladder.

  25. Angela says:

    Racist are usually uneducated white trash, so why give so much attention to their antics? Whoever hung the noose needs to get a life.By the way, what exactly is the “black plague”? I have not heard that one before.

  26. Holder,E. says:

    They would be eating those zebras

  27. injun says:

    If it not european americans you would be riding zebras .

    1. heywood jablome says:


  28. Holder,E. says:

    You are right. After they destroyed Canarsie, they’re looking for the the next nice neighborhood to f up. They are like a plague.

    1. Bear says:

      cyber badman. Get out of ur mom basemen and get some fresh air!

  29. HeartLand Girl says:

    IF THEY ARE AMNIMALS SO IS EVERYONE ELSE>>>just what do you think we humans are??>>>thats just a name…we really dont know who we are or why God created the “HUMAN race” …only GOD does. You should not judge others until you look at the log in your own eye…and God said,” He will be the judge of ALL of us”…not you or anyone else on this EARTH.

    1. Baldy says:

      R U joking, Heartland? Why don’t you move to the brainland instead.

      1. RS says:

        R U joking Baldy?…. get back to hairland and get some hair….better yet go crawl back into the hole you came out of…

  30. victor says:

    looks like some people are tired of being second class citizens and showing it. the wrong place, but it shows that people are tired of seeing minorities getting off with just a hand slap…

    1. Joe Bob says:

      That’s a good point victor. There are no minorities in prison at all. How can that be? Oh wait ….

    2. Bear says:

      Victor, bigots like you days are numbered in this country! I wouldn’t doubt if you would do something like this. You are one of them who believe white people must get everything easy and everyone else has to work.

      1. nj says:

        .I live in a country were all we did was help the negros escape from being slaves and they still call racisim at everything . I know alot of young black men and this is what I think if thier mothers and fathers had taught them how to work and respect other peolpe then there would not be alot of the trouble there is and as for racisim goes it is useually the black people that are screaming it as a way to get there ass out of trouble, now i will admit there are also alot of young black men that are real good people and they work hard for a living and these ones have all my respect as they have earned it . so please parents teach your young men and women to work hard for what they get not that the world owes them everything on a silver plater as they deserve nothing for being black just as a white man or women derserve nothing if they dont work hard to get it .so bear the only ones who are racisist here are people like you guys , i dont care who you are or what colour you are live right and work hard and then you will have a good life so for those of you who dont get the hell off welfare and get a dam job. because I PERSONALLY AM TIRED OF WORKING HARD EXTRA HOUR BECAUSE THE PEOPLE ON WELFARE DEPEND ON ME AND OTHERS THAT WORK HARD.

  31. Sam says:

    Obviously.. who ever put the noose there… Knew that the cameras were not working on the apartment building across the street.. But anyway… it is just wrong..

  32. Karma is a hell of a thing says:

    does everything have to be about racism? theres no proof it had anything to do with hanging african americans. what if it was just a stessed out employee who just wanted to end their life? people are just too sensitive these days.

  33. Steve says:

    The noose, the anti-abortion posters in NYC and Princeton, blind, anti-Muslim hysteria from many corners. Hopefully the noose in Queens is just the work of one fool – and not a sign that the “birthers” have finally lost their marbles.

  34. willie says:

    you do not have any where to go back to read your history

  35. REAL TUFF GUY says:


    1. Da N Word says:


      Your spelling sucks balls.

  36. USA_Chucky says:

    Many more white people have sung from a rope than black.

    1. Steve says:

      Your argument is PEA-BRAINED. Why don’t you consider your argument on a per-capita basis, and not in absolute terms?

      1. Holder,E. says:

        Steve, blacks don’t use that ratio when it comes to prison or welfare. They just like to use the total number.

  37. MICHEAL says:

    Why don’t go back to where ever you come from TRICK !

  38. John Blutarsky says:

    LOL, she “shutters at the idea ” exactly how? How about proofreading before publishing?

  39. J says:

    You disgusting racist.

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