NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The weekend’s right around the corner, and that means some fresh movies at the theater. Katie McGee takes a look at what’s new at the box office.

This weekend features two very different films. One is an action movie about making fantasy a reality, and the other, based on a bestselling book series, is the sequel to a “wimpy” movie that flexed some  muscle at the box office last year.

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In “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid:  Rodrick Rules,” we pick up once again with young Greg Heffley, played by Zachary Gordon, who’s been having a hard time bonding with his older brother Rodrick, Devon Bostick.

To help keep the family peace, mom has a plan.

“For every hour that you spend together without fighting, you each earn a mom buck, which you can then trade in for one real dollar,” she said.

While Rodrick tries to play nice, offering big brotherly advice, Greg’s busy with day to day life in the 7th grade, from crushing on the new girl in school to coming up with the next big internet sensation.

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Also in theaters is “Sucker Punch.” Set in the 60’s, the film stars Emily Browning as baby doll, who’s been taken to a Vermont mental institution against her will.

Looking for a way out, Baby Doll uncovers a secret, and gathers a group of girls together as they try to make the ultimate escape.

The film also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish and John Hamm.

Out in limited release is the comedy “Peep World” with Sarah Silverman and Michael C. Hall and “White Irish Drinkers”  starring Karen Allen and Peter Reigert.

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