NE W YORK (CBSNewYork) – The Egyptian cobra who disappeared from its enclosure at the Bronx Zoo has found a new place to hide out: cyberspace.

Zoo officials have said they are confident the 20-inch, venomous snake is lurking somewhere inside the building its habitat is enclosed in. They may want to check again, though, because the cobra has been tweeting up a storm on Twitter.

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The snake’s first tweet: “I want to thank those animals from the movie ‘Madagascar.’ They were a real inspiration.”

The cobra then considers what to do with newfound freedom: “I should take in a Broadway show. Anyone heard anything about this ‘Spiderman’ musical?”

The snake isn’t the first fugitive to detail his exploits on Twitter. The so-called “Barefoot Bandit” kept followers fascinated by popping up on Facebook every now and again. Colton Harris-Moore was captured in 2010 after crashing a plane in the Bahamas – but his Facebook fan page had about 20,000 members.

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As for how a snake – with no hands or fingers – manages to Tweet, the answer is obvious: “Ever heard of an iPhone? Duh.”

The snake has more than 33,000 followers already.

Zoo officials say the creature isn’t large enough to strangle anyone, but its venom is extremely deadly. A bite would be lethal to humans inside of 15 minutes.

We’ve heard of anti-virus software for cyberspace, but now we’re forced to wonder: do they make anti-venom?

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Will you be following the snake’s exploits on Twitter? Do you think the zoo has done enough to catch it? Sound off in our comments section.