NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The crisis in Japan has triggered local concerns over radiation as trace amounts of radioactive iodine were being detected in air and water in New York State.

Above-normal readings were a direct result of contaminated steam from the Fukushima nuclear plant, but New York’s Department of Health insisted there was no cause for alarm.

Health experts, monitoring drinking water and taking air samples, said the amount of radioactivity was simply too low to be considered dangerous.

Trace amounts of radioactive iodine 131,  linked to Japan’s crippled nuclear power plant, were also showing up in rainwater samples in neighboring states, such as Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

“This tiny, tiny, tiny amount doesn’t really pose any risk. Again, the question is, will things get worse?” said Dr. Timothy Button of Stony Brook University Medical Center’s Department of Radiation.

“The real concern is large scale releases of U235 and plutonium. You want to keep those locked up. You certainly don’t want those let out into the environment.”

Button said that until Japan’s nuclear plant is stabilized, radioactive iodine may continue to show up along the East Coast, but that parents should not worry about kids playing in the rain, pets drinking rainwater, or anyone eating vegetables from their gardens.

“Any radiation is no good,” said Aquebogue resident Kathy D’Eletto said. “Believe half of what you hear and none of what you see.”

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  1. Atomic Racer says:

    What to do in response to the radioactive emissions coming from Japan:
    Quit smoking. Get some exercise. Eat a healthy diet. Stay out of the sun.

    All of those efforts will reduce your risk of cancer, whereas there is no risk of increased cancer incidence from Fukushima. The benefits of low-level radiation exposure outweigh the risks (it causes more cancerous cells in the body to die, which are always there in all of us, than it creates). Yes, there is a safe dose of radiation. You receive a safe dose every time you get an x-ray image of your teeth, every time you drink a beer or eat a banana, every time you enter a granite building (ok, your basement too), every time you turn on your gas range, and every time you come near the waste (ash) from a coal-fired power plant (coal contains about 10 ppm uranium).

  2. Tom says:

    Radiation levels from the rain were above normal in Columbia county NY on 04/04/2011 and 04/05/2011. Rain = 21microRoetngen/hr .
    Average background is 15 to 16 microRoetngen/hr.

  3. kc says:

    It’s Just like the air at ground zero, (IT’S SAFE, LOL)

  4. b says:

    Like Kathy said – NO amount of Radiation is Safe. Strontium, cesium, iodine, are standard but we have mox with uranium and the worst: plutonium. a small amount of Plutonium would kill off most the planet.
    Todays headlines prove that plutonium is seeping out of the plant #3. do the math.

    Also – lets not forget every baby on planet Earth born after 1986 has strontium 90 in it’s bones. the effects will circulate the planet. Prepare now or the invisible Killer will take you with a whimper later. DON’T BELIEVE THE MEDIA. Damage control is their job. You will find out things on a need to know basis. if that is okay with you keep defending background rems and all that BS. Start changing your diets NOW!

  5. Busy Mom of One says:

    If New York is experiencing radiation from Japan, wouldn’t the whole country. New York is almost as far as you can get from Japan in the US with the exception of a few states. After all, I’m sure all those jet planes do not cross the country en route to Japan because they want to take the scenic route

  6. radtec says:

    You’re already exposed to 300 mRem of background radiation annually, give or take a few mRem depending on where you live. The miniscule amounts of Iodine being detected can NOT be proven to have been generated in Japan. Even if it was/is, it’s not going to give you a dose any higher than eating a banana or slurping down a shot of whiskey. keep things in perspective and do yourselves a favor and learn about radiation and how it works.

  7. CSI says:

    What happens over time when we keep breathing and drinking this tiny amount of air and water?

  8. Susan says:

    We will never know the truth. Govt does not want to put the panic in the public, just like in Japan.
    Won’t see the affects until yrs downt he road.
    Everything is hush, hush!

  9. Apocalypse says:

    …and this is how it starts.

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