NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The ongoing disaster in Japan has renewed efforts by activists to shut down the Indian Point Nuclear Complex.

Roughly 20 activists gathered at Union Square on Saturday afternoon to call for the plant to be shut down.

Operators of the plant, which is located 40 miles north of New York City, said their two nuclear reactors are safe from all types of dangers. What happened in Japan won’t happen here, they said.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports on the protest

But some people say Indian Point is a disaster waiting to happen.

“The Indian Point Power Plant is located near the intersection of two earthquake faults. Nuclear energy cannot be safe. Plutonium can contaminate the environment for hundreds of years. Studies show that New York City could not be evacuated in time,” protester Tom Syracuse said.

One person said on a YouTube post that the plant’s frequent siren tests are leading residents to believe that everything in the future could just be a test and not a real emergency.

“If you have to test them so much to see if they work right, how will people react when there’s an actual problem?” the man said.

One of the problems people fear could be an earthquake like the one in Japan.

There are some fault lines near the plant, but geological experts say the chance of a earthquake happening hear are slim.

Some people also worry about the plant being a target for terrorists.

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  1. Adam C. says:

    I would estimate that 90% of the people who are scared of nuclear plants don’t have the simplest education of how they work and what safety features they have. Additionally there is a major lacking in the understanding of ionizing radiation and how it works. The majority of the 90% are not bad people, they just get all their info from scare tactics and news organizations feeding on fear and not education.

  2. Robert C. says:

    I love that in the picture, someone has a sign that says “There is No Safe Dose.”
    The Truth:
    I Just finished a 1 month outage at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. I told my girlfriend to go ahead and travel while I was working the outage because I would be so busy and wouldn’t have time to see her much. In my 1 month outage, I recieved 15mrem. She flew to Spain, Morocco, and then Florida where she spent a week on the beach. I guarantee she recieved more than 10 times the radiation I did in the 1 month I worked at the plant inside of containment.
    People that are against Nuclear Power, 95% of the time don’t understand it or the redundant safety measures that we put in to place and hold at the utmost importance.

  3. Patsy McMichael says:

    I would love to see all of the US nukes shut down for just 60 days…..long enough for the American public to see what life and their bills will be like without the nukes up and running. We have become so use to electricity that we dont even think about it being gone. I would like to hear the screaming when those first bills roll in……lol. Of course, that wont happen.

  4. shirley r says:

    Good for them! Shut it down like Trojan in Oregon. When it comes to radiation, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you” is not true. Educate yourself about the TRUTH of nuclear radiation.

    1. Thomas Clegg says:

      Shirley so it was a good thing that we became more dependent on the middle east or polluted the air more by burning more coal? When they closed Trojain. So tell me o’wise one. What crack pot web site or book do I read to educate my self more on the dangers of radiation. Who wrote this book or article. What is their background in nuclear? So if you have to use irradiated medicine to cure yourself you won’t use it even if it means you will die? I notice you used a computer and a modem. Was it powered by a windmill or solar. Thank you for using nuclear power to write your uninformed comment.

    2. Adam C. says:

      That “nuclear radiation” your scared of helps millions in the medical field with radiology. How many x-rays have you had in your life? Have a smoke detector? Those contain a metal forged from reactors. And its there to save your life!

  5. Tom says:

    Since the 1970s, the development of nuclear power has dragged, not as a result of accidents, deaths or injuries. It has dragged because of the voices of naive politicians, individuals and pseudo scientists who are free to make any claim they wish with regard to the viability of other “options”. The problem of transmitting electricity from the Sahara Desert, Oregon or anywhere else is not important to them. Neither are the monumental usnsolved REAL technical issues with actually generating large amounts of electricity that way as well as the known (and as yet unknown) detrimental environmental effects. But that doesn’t matter. When you are not bound by the ties of reality and have no accountability for your words, either logically or ethically, you can have a forum for whatever nonsense can come out of your mouth. Unfortunately that voice can influence enough processes that a nation’s energy policy can be stalled, with the only solution remaining a continued and more desparate dependence on foreign oil. Hey – what about capturing the tides? – there’s a good one….

  6. don cafarelli says:

    Ritchie T has no concept of the cost of transmission

  7. RichieT says:

    When you consider what it’s finally going to cost, how long it’s going to take to clean up, how much damage is permanent, the number of people that will die because of diseases related to being exposed to radiation, even at a very low level. it accumulates , not dissipates over time, and what it would cost to develop more efficient clean energy sources? which, in the long run, would cost less?/ One half of one percent of the Solar Energy in the Sahara Desert,could power all of Europe.

    1. Thomas Clegg says:

      Richie T So you can produce that much power from solar panels in the Sahara Desert. Gee how come no big power companies have thought of that? How come non of the Arab mansions that the Arab kings and princes live in have solar panels on it? I see a lot of oil wells in the area, but no solar panels. So why don’t you take your hard earned money and invest your life savings on solar panels in the Sahara Desert? Just because someone says it does not make it true. Next time you write something this crazy that people who work in the industry are going to read think about how it will be responded to (after we get over laughing).
      As for the JUNK SCIENCE you are talking about as far as the effects of radiation over long periods of time. I have been working in the nuclear industry for 28 years. My live time dose is over 13 Rem.with no effects from radiation. In my 28 years of working in the nuclear power industry I have never heard of anyone I knew coming down with Thyroid cancer. So really how dangerous is low levels of radiation over long periods of time? Richie think about where you get your information from because it is just a bunch of anti-nuke rhetoric!

    2. Patsy McMichael says:

      Richie, Where is the huge solar field which is going to power NY when the nuke shuts down….it’s there now…up and running?….it is built and ready to go?…It is being built and will only take 5 years to deliver power?….Or has the land not even been found….not to mention the number of overcast days in the northeast. Plus….How is the Sahara power going to get to Europe?

  8. Tom says:

    Several million people live in this area. 20 people showed up for a protest. Maybe CBS should defend sending a news crew to cover this….

  9. Thomas Clegg says:

    Poidomani if you let the people who know next to nothing on how a nuclear plant works get the last word, they become the experts. My pride as a nuclear worker will NOT let that happen! I write in so the people who are undecided read what I write and understand I have an answer for all the anti-nuke rhetoric.
    Joan the NRC report that MSNBC took and twisted to get viewers never rated any nuclear plant as the most dangerous. Joan the next time go to the NRC web site and read the report for yourself. By the way don’t try looking for the most dangerous nuclear plant. The NRC is a professional government origination and does not stoop to the level of MSNBC.

    1. Jack says:

      Well said Thomas! Keep up the good work. Antinuclear activists are threatened by you because you actually know what you’re talking about (perish the thought).

      Things like reason and accountability will always be a threat to those who peedle fear for a living.

  10. poidomani says:

    People, let’s not even pay any mind to these attention seekers…we should be mourning the massive loss of life and rooting for our nuclear brothers who are trying their dambdest to protect the health and safety of the public. These shameless fools are using a tradgedy to push there own adgendas. And not even supporting it with fact. Understand this….the earyquake is not what caused this tradgedy…it was the tsunami that flooded there diesels. If a tsunami this large hit indian point then nyc would be gone anyway. I say we shut the plant down in the middle of july and august and let everyone enjoy their rolling brownouts.

  11. Ryan Knott says:

    Notice she is Typing this on a computer.

  12. Joan says:

    Two weeks ago, MSNBC reported that Indian Point is the most dangerous nuclear plant in the country.

    1. poidomani says:

      Wow you got most dangerous from highest risk…im glad you don’t work at the plant

    2. Gerrick says:

      Even if it was it still would be safer than ANY coal plant. The average coal plant dumps 1000 tons of radioactive uranium in the environment and another 1000 tons of radioactive thorium from coal fly ash. This would be categorized as high level waste if it came from a nuclear facility. Coal as an industry also kills almost 20,000 Americans a year. That’s 5 times what Chernobyl MAY have killed in the past 25 years according to UNSCEAR and the WHO.

      So go ahead, shut down the nuclear plants and replace them with coal and natural gas, just don’t ask why the streams are full of lead and mercury, the rain has turned to acid, or why your children have lung cancer.

      1. Indranil says:

        Dear Gerrick, I find your comment really inspiring. I am posting your comment in my facebook. hope you do not mind it.

    3. Steve says:

      NBC also once said that GM Pickup trucks were prone to burn in an accident. NBC paid out $140 million to GM in a slander &libel settlement.

  13. Thomas Clegg says:

    Charlotta we have other safety systems besides batteries. One of the backup safety systems is the aux boiler feed pumps. Two are run by electric one is run by steam. they are back up to send water to the steam generators. So in the event of loss of power, the steam driven aux pump will run on steam produced by the reactor heating water. It will pump water keeping the reactor water from boiling away and causing a melt down.
    Back to the land mama I and my fellow employees at Indian Point want to thank you for using our power to run your computer, your motem,your computer screen, and watching TV that lead you to this web site. Thank you for helping to pay my salary!

  14. Aron Kay says:


    1. Baron K says:

      Getting arrested just makes it sound like you don’t know how to assemble and protest properly.

      Good for you that you hate and despise one of the cleanest and safest means of energy generation in the world. You deserve to live next to a wind farm with its mandatory back-up natural gas plant all the while drinking that water full of radioisotopes from fracking.

  15. Back to the land mama says:

    My messiah is not Obama nation~my messiah is mother earth and you dumb sheep believe everything the news and the goverment tell you~please send yourselves into another planet or dimension or whatever~just stop pillaging and raping the earth~all you dumbned down sheep live on it~the most dumB generation of adults…you are killing my future you greedy electronic consuming IDIOTS! and you wonder why the earth and planet is at the state that is in~go to your mirrors the culprit is reflecting back to you! WAKE UP!!!BAAAAAAAAAAH

    1. UMMMM says:

      You refer to people as ” dumb sheep” yet you seem to have a love for mother nature. Do you feel that sheep are dumb and mean less to the world then yourself? Also you used the term “electric consuming IDIOTS”. Are you not using electric to go online and write your silly little comments? I think people need to step back and realize what it is they are asking for. Why don’t you get a group of your activist friends and hug a bunch of trees and see if it generates enough electricity to power 33% of NYC. I am glad you have an enthusiastic personality but why don’t you waste it on other issues that need to be fixed.

  16. Vince says:

    If people in New York want things to worry about – instead of Indian Point why not look right into their OWN HOMES – try this one on for size….

    The Renewable Fuels, Consumer Protection and Energy Efficient Act of 2007 includes new lighting efficiency standards and will effectively phase out the use of 100W and 75W incandescent light bulbs by the year 2012…that’s next year!

    Environmental do-gooders and Washington elitists think they’re smarter than you and me, of course they neglect to tell you whats the other side of the equation – Fluorescent lighting gives off minute particles of X-ray and other electromagnetic pollutants, including mercury, that pose potential health risks. Researchers have also determined that CFLs can cause headaches and eye strain, and can hinder productivity for those who are dyslexic or suffer from attention deficit disorders. Those who work indoors under fluorescent light are twice as likely to get skin cancer. None of the potential threats are inherent with incandescent lighting., but people in NEw york city – most often users of the larger wattage light bulbs and in an effort to save the wat have been switching over to these bulbs….

    Here is another kick in the pants though – notice in the above the little blurb about the MERCURY poisioning? Well these bulbs are required to be disposed of as hazardous waste – ITS RIGHT ON THE PACKAGING – how many of these “protesters” do you think send their hazardous waste to a hazardous waste dump after they have spent a year under the exposure to those energy efficien bulbs breathing in that mercury?

    More then likely NONE – to easy to toss the bulbs into the trash and forget it – leave it to the other guys problems when they burry the bulbs in some land fill that is NOT IN NEW YORK.

    But Let chicken little worry about the sky falling, and these protestors worry about the threat of Indian Point while they ignore what they willingly and freely begged for to be brought into their own homes!

    At least of course untill they come down with cancer or some other sort of lung disease, from the exposure to what is in their own homes, but they will run out and hire laywers to sue someone else because its not their fault after all…..

  17. Back to the land mama says:

    PRO NUCLEAR FREAKS NEED TO SEND THEMSELVES TO ANOTHER PLANET WITH THEIR NUCLEAR REATORS AND COMPUTER GADGETS TO KEEP THEM WELL LIT AND ENTERTAINED…please leave the planet earth so us sentimental and peaceful humans can take care of the earth how it trully needs to be treated

    1. Art says:

      Then, Freeze in the Dark!

  18. linda turillo says:

    We don’t need this power and could be sourcing ours on renewables (wind, solar, geothermal) instead.

    It’s just b/c major corporations have bought some gullible public misunderstanding of this issue that some support having this plant 40 miles from NYC.

    This one and the rest should (and could) be shut down now.

    1. Ryan Knott says:

      Unless you want to replace it with a coal plant no it couldn’t. At this time renewables do not produce enough power to be considered a base line power source.

    2. poidomani says:

      Not to mention that then all these people would cry about the birds flying into wind turbines and how bad a solar array would look in our beautiful smog filled state

    3. Jack says:

      Do some math for us Linda, how many square feet of solar panels would it take to power New York City? How much power would those panels make at night?

      But hey, don’t let a silly thing like mathematic, science, or the principles of engineering stand in the way of your fear campaign.

  19. Don C says:

    Ess, you should have considered staying in Oregon. Apparently the facts listed haven’t helped to give you an objective perspective. While you choose to ignore, or challenge, scientific fact as stated by Dan, Tony, Vince, Art, Ray, Chuck and Thomas, Indian Point continues to run safely. The validity of the plants have been repeatedly proven, as have the system redundance, safety and capability for emergency response. However, it is your right to an opinion notwithstanding the stringent review and oversight provided by the NRC which has repeatedly assured the public of the plants’ safety. (Oops, that’s right, I forgot – they must not know what they’re talking about either). Oh well, I guess that you should just continue your emotional ranting with the rest of the geniuses at Union Square. At least it’s a reason to get out and meet people of like minds. Personally, I’ll share these moments with my grandchildren in 20 years when the plants at Indian Point are still running safely.

  20. Thomas Clegg says:

    Isn’t funny how all these protesters and some of the people who comment on this web site about how dangerous Indian Point is live with in 20 miles of the plant and won’t move. Gee if I perceived something to be that dangerous to me or my faimly, I would move right away. Why are they not moving?

  21. Thomas Clegg says:

    Ess you seem to have all the answers. You must work in the electric industry HA! Here are some facts. Each one of the reactors at Indian Point produces 1,000 megawatts. That powers about a million homes. Denmark is the leading producer of wind power. They are about the size of Massachusetts and a half. They have about a 3 million population. In that small area they have 5,500 windmills, that supply about 16% of there power. Germany just spent one billion dollars on solar panels, that produce less than 1% of their power. Indian produces power about 90% to 95% of the time. The only reliable ways of making electric are oil, coal or nuclear. So 1,000 megawatts if you us oil it’s 40,000 barrels of oil a day(42 gallons is one barrel),if you use coal it’s 9,000 tons of coal a day.We in the nuclear industry use about 16 pounds of uranium a day to make 1,000 megawatts

  22. charlotte says:

    Diana, you are spot on! It’s the plant’s power supply that is the real issue. If that goes down in a heavy storm or blackout we’re in serious trouble. Indian Point’s backup supply only lasts for 4 hours! Even the Japanese had an 8 hour supply. If we’re going to allow these plants to exist we must demand strict safety measures and have proof that they’re being enforced. People who work at these plants must be heard when they voice safety complaints. So far none of this is happening. Have you seen any reporting on NBC, owned by GE, about whistle blowers at San Onofre? We aren’t even getting the real story about how awful the situation in Japan really is. No one wants the stock market to take another dive….

    1. Chuck says:

      There’s enough diesel fuel at the Indian Point site to last several days. That’s more than enough time to cool the plant to cold shutdown conditions. Did you make up the “4 hours”? Or did someone tell you that?

    2. poidomani says:

      Are you kidding me??? You obviously have NO clue how this plant works do you? Please elaborate on who said the plant is only rated for 4hrs and how indian points only backup is batteries!! Idiots

    3. Seriously? says:

      Dumb fear monger. None of that is true. Nice of you to take a serious situation and undercut all of it’s credibility with lies. You may as well just donate your money to the nuke industry for all the “help” your giving to protesters. People like you shouldn’t be allowed to speak for causes, you only undermine them with stupidity. Shut up and let the intelligent people explain why nuclear is bad with facts instead of bedtime stories please.

  23. Ray Arcella says:

    Terrorist are not dumb like some anti-nukes.They will never attack the Indian point reactors.The containment structures are so strong (8 to 12 feet thick of rebar embedded concrete. The 1and 1/4 inch steel rebars encircle longitudinal and latitudinal approximately at every 4 inches center-to-center. Experts agree that if a plane the size of one that crashed in to the World Trade Center were to hit the reactor containments; the resultant penetration would be 8 inches.

  24. Peter says:

    There will always be people that will protest nuclear energy production whether it is safe or unsafe. The fact is we live in a world with growing populations and endless reasons to consume more energy. Unless everyone is willing to control their energy appetite, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon, and the cost for more traditional methods of electricity production will rise in cost due to more expensive carbon-based fuels, then there is no other alternative to affordable energy than nuclear production. Wind and other methods are not cost-effective and cost more and consume more energy than they produce for generating a given energy level. In short, other than coal and nuclear, there’s no cost effective alternative at this point in time. Sorry, but those are the facts, and while everyone can have their opinions, facts are facts. You can’t eat your cake and have it too.

  25. Renata says:

    wow 247 people don’t care

  26. Art says:

    P.S. …and if you’re really worried about a terrorist’s act, peer over the Hudson to the chemical plants in New Jersey.

  27. Art says:

    Nuclear power is Safe and Vital to America’s future economic freedom. There has never been a Nuclear related death at any nuclear power plant in the US. The plants are designed to address equipment failures at the plant and natural disasters.
    Not having nuclear power is what should keep you up at night. Nuclear power produces no green house gases and is a renewal source of power. We should be endorsing th building of hundreds more of these plants and telling the foreign dictators and potentates to keep their oil.

    1. Ess says:

      Art you’re crazy. First of all you’re ignoring what happened in Japan. Secondly just because an accident hasn’t happened doesn’t mean that one won’t happen. I’m sure the people in Japan were thinking the same before the disaster. Disasters and accidents are part of life.

      1. VInce says:

        OK lets not ignore what happened in Japan – lets take a look at it.
        A tsunami with a height of over 7 meters struck the site of 6 BWR type reactors, built 40 years ago – of which they where designed to sustain a tsunami of 6 meters- but they came throught it.
        Because the owenrs of those 6 reactors chose not to follow recomended deisgn modifications from the late 70’s – the owners chose to operate with inadequate means of supplying back up power in the event of something of this nature. THey chose not to provide additional emergency sources of alternate power – insted relying on the fact that they had 6 different generating reactors on the site.
        Of course when the worst happened, and all 6 of the plants began running on battries as they where designed to do – they also chose to say NOTHING TO ANYONE THAT COULD HAVE PROVIDED HELP BEFORE THINGS BEGAN MELTING. This was self serving face saving at its worst – emergency power could have been there before the battries ran down, and would have allowed them to keep things coooled properly.
        Instead the owners waited hoping they could recover and not have to ask for help.
        THe problem is not NUclear POwer, its the corporate outlook that ended up causingmost of this problem.
        Newer designs do not rely on human foactors; and in the USA currnt nuclear plants are continualy forced to upgrade their facilities to address these sorts of issues as they are discovered, learned or someone comes up with something else people knowldegeable may have overlooked; just as even now the NRC is going back to look at all the sites to see what if anything needs to be changed or upgraded,
        Once those decisions are made, the owners in this country will be given the same choice, fnd a way to adress the problems with workable solutioons, or shut down…
        Indian Point generated 700 mil in taxable profit in 2009 – not likely to shut down, but they will do what it takes to address real issues and concerns that come from this mess in Japan

        Want to close Indian Point? Not a real problem – simple solution is everyone in New York City – go to your electric meter and cut the little wire, pull the meter out of its pan, and cover over the balnk hole – wala no electric, no need for Indian Point

      2. Brandie says:

        Ess, you’re an idiot. I’m one of those people in Japan and you know what I think? That the damn plants withstood a 9.0 EARTHQUAKE that it was not built to withstand in the first place!!!!



    The Risk FAR outweighs whatever benefits that it provides. Period.
    I’d rather be unemployed or dying of horrific cancer than having it loom over our 22 MILLION thyroid glands.

    1. dennyboy34 says:

      If you’re that concerned, go home tonight and sit in the dark using only candles for light.

      1. Ess says:

        That would be better than a nuclear disaster.

      2. Vince says:

        BEtter make sure your candles are made with bee’s wax harvested from naturaL FARMS AND PROCESSED USING WOD FIRES

        oh AND DONT DRINK THE WATER _ after all one biological agent in those open storage pools up in the catskills and everyone in the city is dead in 48 hours – hows that for a terrorist threat, but no one seems to worry about those things – since they are totaly beyond being controled or defended against they sleep simply and soundly relying on our government to protect them in those cases ( the government and the lone officer assigned to patrol each of those huge pools of water open to the air)

        They dont worry about the polution spewing into their lungs either from those generating stations con ed owns either – after all cant see it why worry about ti.

        They alsod otn worry about the radation they are exposed to everyday thanks to those modern subways tunels they travel in or the decay from the stone and concreete work. _ think Im joking, get a rm-80 newer geiger counter) and walk around and see what your exposed to without being able to stop it, or go to the back of the villiage voice and by one of those self monitoring dosimeters, and wear it for a month while you live safe and secure in that mess of a city – then send it otu to be processed and see what you took in – and Indian Point had nothign to do with any of that – its all natural – and 100 times more then any 100 workers at any nuclear power plant in the us is exposed in any year.

    2. Fred says:

      How about building NEW with current technology instead of 40 yr old plants ?? I forgot you want power but just dont generate it near me and OHH yAA dont raise my rates,just give it away. Wake up..Until the “Messiah” bankrupts the nation and doesnt issue any NE#W permits PAY UP>>

  29. Tony says:

    This plant exists because it provides 30-40% of the electricity to NY City and surrounding areas. The power is desperately needed, and a plant shutdown would cause electricity rates to skyrocket (and possible blackouts or brownouts). In addition, shutting it would have a devastating effect on the local economy, which is already suffering from the recession. The highest expected earthquake for this area is about 5 (not 9 like was seen in Japan). There is no Tsunami threat, because Indian Point is on the Hudson River and not along the oceanfront like the Japanese reactors. The West Coast of the USA is far more vulnerable to high magnitude earthquakes and Tsunamis than southern New York State. Indian Point should be allowed a 20-year license extension. Regarding the terrorist threat, that has already been addressed by major security upgrades at the site following the 9/11 attacks.

    1. Ess says:

      Tony like Art you’re a dreamer. Your mind is in a make believe world that thinks nothing will ever happen till it does. Then it’s panic city. Nothing is terrorist proof. Your citing all the economic stats and completely ignoring health risk. That’s backwards. The most important thing is your health. Without that you got nothing. Wake up!

      1. Robert says:

        Health IS important, that why I prefer nuclear over coal. Why are you shilling for fossil fuels? They are the only current viable alternative to nuclear. Just because you want something else, if it is vastly too expensive and won’t actually provide the solution you desire (renewables) doesn’t mean ranting in a comments section will change reality.

  30. Diana says:

    A real concern is anything – anything at all – that could interrupt the power supply to the plant for long enough to be a danger. This could be a blackout with complications, doesn’t need to be an earthquake or a terrorist attack. That combined with the dangers of the spent fuel rods, the plant’s location right on a major waterway and the millions of people living within the evacuation zone. . . .why does this plant even exist? We need wind and solar, not nuclear.

    1. Dan Nuta says:

      Agree with the wind/solar solution.

      Howver, we’d have to move all the US people to Mexico to make room for the solar panel needed to power 1/3 of New York. Also, attend prayer services on a regular basis and pray for sunny days and no large hail which would destroy the panels.

      Have you ever listened to a wind turbine? The sound will make you love Indian Point!

      1. Ess says:

        Not true Dan. I went to Oregon many years ago. Oregon is cloudier then NY state and rains constantly yet they have solar energy. Clouds don’t stop solar energy. And the sound of the wind turbines would not make anyone love radiation. We gotta start changing and trying these not so new renewable energy sources. We’ve been delaying and making excuses for decades. Then if a disaster happens everybody starts panicking. Japan was a warning sign.

      2. Greg Hampton says:

        Hey Dan, I live in Oregon and we get less than 1% of our power from solar and only slightly more from wind despite having a massive wind farm in the Columbia Gorge. You simply can’t argue numbers and energy density with people that failed basic math. People love the commercials narrated by children and funded by oil companies promoting solar and wind because they are gullible and that dreamy way of thinking works on them. As long as they refuse to have an open mind and learn the science and facts behind it they will continue to be the unwitting tools of the fossil fuel industry.

    2. Steve G. says:

      Well if you want wind and solar power then you’ll have an eye sore of thousands of whooping machines or more acres of panels than you can count to replace Indian Point. So Diana how many solar panels do you have on your roof and have you severed your power line to your house in protest yet? Or are you just waiting for someone else to solve your problem with Indian Point? I did a quick calculation comparing the amount of space they needed in Germany for a massive solar plant and to replace Indian Point it’d take about 40 square miles of panels. So who’s neighborhood are you going to cover with these panels, maybe yours? Oh I know, put them upstate where all we have are trees. Oh but that’ll affect your view of the mountains on your Sunday drive upstate. And don’t tell me that Con Edison can buy replacement power which you’ll gladly pay extra for because as soon as your bill goes up you’ll be complaining about that instead of Indian Point.

      1. RichieT says:

        I have no idea where you got your information from. Do a little research, there’s enough solar energy in the Sahara that 1/2 of 1 % could power ALL of Europe. We have desserts in this country.. We have a national electrical grid, we have the technology, they just won’t spend the money in the right places. I have friends that have an organic farm 90 miles North of NYC. They’ve been running totally on solar power for almost ten years. The area where their panels are set up. is about 160 sq feet.

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