NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A high school art teacher was arrested and charged with making terrorist threats on Friday, accused of threatening to bring a gun to school – and going on a Columbine-style massacre.

The teacher, 34-year-old Sabrina Milo, allegedly told co-workers that she was going to bring a gun to school. She allegedly said she would “settle some scores” and “do what needs doing.”

Milo has taught art at the school, Fort Hamilton High School, for ten years.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports

Michael Arkous, one of her former students, said he thinks it was all talk.

“I don’t think she would ever bring a gun,” he said.

According to the complaint, Milo sat at a school lunch table, crying and enraged. Court papers quoted Milo as saying she “wanted to bring a machine gun under a trench coat to school, and it would be Columbine all over again.”

The reference was to the 1999 Colorado school shooting by students that left 13 dead.

Milo lives on Staten Island with her husband, Ken Anderson, a former Army officer who teaches junior ROTC at the school.

Nanette D’Agostino, who lives next door to Milo, said she couldn’t believe that Milo would have meant it.

“That would be strange – odd,” she said.

At the school, students and parents voiced support for Milo.

“I just think it was a big mistake,” parent Mary McEvoy said. “I don’t think she really meant it.”

Milo was ordered held on $100,000 bond.

“We don’t have any comment,” Milo’s attorney, Andrew Stoll, said. “I think it will be dismissed in the grand jury.”

Whether it was blown out of proportion or not, making such a threat is certainly a red flag these days – not to mention a felony.

Milo got into trouble at the school a year ago for striking a student’s hand with a ruler. She was reprimanded, but returned for this school year.

Bail for Sabrina Milo was set at $100,000.

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  1. Mr.Philip Philips says:

    “Don’t you dare I will put an end to you”. The big guys put it on paper and settle it in court. The middle man shout at each other until they have nothing else to say, and the poor fist it out in the street. Sometimes the parent of the child goes wild but we pass it off as rage. So what . The common man merely repeats what he reads and hears the same you write in the news. So whats the difference, we are all doing the same thing .As for the law they probably have nothing else to do, And each and every one of you know what you will do when you have nothing to do. “Poke around”. Cook up something make a name for yourself, here’s your big chance.

  2. Subarustiguy says:

    Agree with everyone that said if the students would be put under investigation a TEACHER saying something like this should absolutely be held accountable as well. This lady is an art teacher, had it been a subject that is actually hard to teach I might have been able to relate with the level of stress. That’s not the case though, she’s just an art teacher. Boo hoo your job is so hard. Sad that these type of people are allowed to teach our kids. She is an adult according to her age, it’s a shame she couldn’t behave as one.

    1. Kai says:

      It’s a shame that whoever you are can’t seem to realize that everyone can be under a lot of pressure regardless of their profession. It saddens me that types like yourself seem to think they’re so much better than others. Do read up on Matthew 7;3-5 and re-think the things you just wrote.

      1. Subarustiguy says:

        It saddens me that people like you don’t think before they write either. It’s just as you said, everyone is under a lot of stress. Do we all go around telling co-workers that we’re going to bring a gun to work and start killing people? Is that normal behavior for you Kai? Maybe you should get off the Internet and get yourself psychologically evaluated.

    2. artteacher says:

      Look you moron….. I am an art teacher and the job is no less stressful than any other teaching position. We teach the same children, the same behavior problems and are accountable in the same way. You have no Idea how hard our job is and how ignorant people who do not feel that it is important to the world make it even that much more difficult! I am not condoning her comments or thought process. She was obviously dealing with her stress in a poor manor and yes she should be held accountable. But do not let the poor choices of one reflect the hard work that many do very well!

  3. Kai says:

    And this is exactly why the rest of the world doesn’t take the US seriously. Not allowed to blow off some steam anymore and cry a little? Real colleagues would’ve comforted her and talked to her, not run around like giddy geese crying WOLF.

    1. Michael Saveme Silverman says:

      It seems everyone here has convicted her without hearing all the facts, only the allegations. We don’t even know who made this alleged report, or why they waited so long to report it. If it were reported right away I would say maybe the allegations were more credible. but the fact that time had elapsed shows doubt as the the authenticity of the allegation.

      It seems to me that Milo was well liked by her students but disliked by at least one or more her colleges and possibly the schools administration.

      if you don’t like someone all you need to do is make an anonymous phone call to 911 saying “so and so” has a gun, that you have seen it, and wham the police will break down anyone’s door, In this case tell some one you have heard them make a watered down statement.

      terrorist threats is a crime defined by statute, the one must make a threat, with an intent to cause fear, do so in a manner that is public, and must be specific to an action that is a crime.

      S 490.20 Making a terroristic threat.
      1. A person is guilty of making a terroristic threat when with intent
      to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, influence the policy of a
      unit of government by intimidation or coercion, or affect the conduct of
      a unit of government by murder, assassination or kidnapping, he or she
      threatens to commit or cause to be committed a specified offense and
      thereby causes a reasonable expectation or fear of the imminent
      commission of such offense.
      2. It shall be no defense to a prosecution pursuant to this section
      that the defendant did not have the intent or capability of committing
      the specified offense or that the threat was not made to a person who
      was a subject thereof.
      Making a terroristic threat is a class D felony.
      IT IS MY CONCLUSION THAT, no crime had been committed, her statement if true, had been distasteful but had not risen to the level of criminal conduct. there exist sufficient doubt to the veracity of the allegations. furthermore Prima facially the allegations do not meet the requirements proscribed in the statute to support the charges. Therefore,

      2) that 1983 ACT color of law violations had occurred.
      3) Milo is still suffering false arrest.
      4) Milo is being maliciously prosecuted.
      I NOT AN ATTORNEY, this is not an exhaustive nor completely accurate list detailing the steps necessary to Sue the City of new york but rather a general “guide on” doing so, consult an attorney, for all cases are unique and have specific requirements due to the unique nature of each case.
      but I recommend,
      1) sending out a NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE to “all parties” to the city comptroller, very briefly describing the situation using proper verification language as required by NY CPLR rule 3202 (I believe)
      ******may also need to serve the attorney general of the state of NY.
      2) arranging a 50h hearing as may be proscribed by law
      3) sending a DEMAND LETTER no less than 30 days to the necessary individuals /agency’s before filing suit in state and federal court.
      ******also Accepting an ACD would bar bringing a Malicious prosecution suit as described by,Hollender v. TRUMP VIL COOP., 58 NY 2d 420 – NY:Court of Appeals 1983 and reaffirmed by O’BRIEN v. Alexander, 101 F. 3d 1479 – Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit 1996,”[I] na malicious prosecution action, it is for the one who brings the suit to establish that the criminal proceeding… terminated in favor of the accused. Indeed, it is `only when [the]… final disposition is such as to indicate… innocence ‘that this burden is met.”

      Also I see a lot of people in this comment thread willing to accept double jeopardy and see criminal punishments imposed both in criminal court and by the DOE again with out knowing any facts. its amazing!

      Its bad enough that she has been exposed to public ridicule with malice aforethought (how did the media get there in-time to see the “perpwalk”), subject to criminal prosecution, and a civil punishment which will I’m sure will contain a punishment so remedial that it will constituent a criminal punishment at the preponderance of the evidence and not beyond a reasonable doubt.

      I remember hating the communists as a child because they would summarily ruin a citizens life, without due process. i am starting to see the same thing is happening here.

      heaven save this republic!

  4. Trish says:

    THE FIRST AMENDMENT IS IN QUESTION NOW..we are no longer allow to say anything without being reprimanted or sent to jail.

  5. Bernie Sanders says:

    ha ha you’re an idiot !

  6. Cos says:

    I agree with most of the comments here… She was blowing off some steam. I’ve had my moments at work also – where politics rule. These days – especially in the computer industry – it’s not what you know, but who you know. With the comments made by someone earlier, it seems that there may have been alterier motives behind this whole ‘scandal’. In the words of Jesus Christ, “…Let he without sin cast the first stone.” Don’t tell me that everyone here has never said anything foolish or out of anger…!?

  7. Alina Dominguez says:

    Apparently colleges don’t teach how to be a ‘professional’ anymore…..and the Board of Education needs to introduce some psychology testing.

  8. Janine says:

    Just last year a teacher/professor killed some colleagues because she didn’t get the promotion she felt she should have gotten. In this day there are two things in all of the FREEDOM OF SPEECH we have or think we should have that we don’t or shouldn’t say….at least not out loud where we can be heard, and they are as follows: (1) I’m going to harm the President and (2) I’m going to carryout a terroristic act.
    Children are getting in trouble for the things they say, because we just don’t know anymore!!! Children are carryout Columbine acts!!! We just don’t know anymore!!!

  9. Anthony Summers says:

    Who screens these nutjobs?….ah,…who cares,….it’s only taxpayer money.

  10. cat says:

    I have known her for many years and she would NEVER EVER actually do anything like what she said. bad tempers vent, and she was not thinking to say that at all, out loud or two herself, but criminal? She is an amazing human, brilliant and caring with a temper to be her only fault. How many of you said things you didn’t mean?

    1. A Change I Can't Believe In says:

      oh,….so I can walk into your job a threaten you,…and later say “lighten up,…I didn’t mean it!”……yeah, ok….

      1. Michael Saveme Silverman says:

        there was not threat, there was an expression of her thoughts and feeling, which is protected speech. a threat, is specific, even yelling “i’m going to do a terrorist act” is not specific enough to warrant an arrest for terrorist threats. it must be specific in nature that’s what the statute requires. or maybe you think it is OK to arrest someone for something that is not a crime but close enough.

  11. survivor030406 says:

    I hope if I reach 64 that I marry a 34 year old too.

  12. H.J.R. says:

    Thanks Mike…I agree with you 100%! You are thinking clearly and sensibly. Too bad so many people are too blind to see that they are now a cog in the very machine that will eventually imprison them. Today, everyone is guilty until proven innocent and your fallibility will probably seal your doom as in this poor woman’s case. Look over your shoulder before you express any discontent or before you vent…some dumb ass will misunderstand you and turn you in to the authorities where you will then be processed into the criminal system for simply being…human!

  13. Yew Zionists at LARGE, and then some says:

    CLEARLY This is a bunch of Bu**sh(t

  14. bubble51 says:

    What did this teacher think was going to happen when she made the comments? Of course she was going to be arrested. Whether she meant it or not, that is one thing you do not say while you are crying and being enraged. She needs some time out in a mental hospital.

    1. CANNIBAL KNIGHT says:


      Obama should be IMPEACHED

      1. K. Woodard says:

        This woman is the REPUBLIC she’s there to teach and not act childish. The teacher that reported this could have saved a LOT of lives including her own,
        if a student had made these remarks all of you REPUBLICS would have said lock the child up and throw away the KEY. And who knows the FOOL could snap at any time.,So watch what you say and practice what you preach the children can’t say things like this neither should any adult be able to speak those words .

    2. Guenevere Dean says:

      Her husband runs the Junior ROTC program at the school. There are a lot of LIBERAL faculty there who want to see the program get tossed out. This woman is an innocent pawn in an atrocious attempt to shut this program down. I want to know the whole story. (By the way, artists are by nature sensitive and passionate, who can disagree with that?)

    3. survivor030406 says:

      @bubble51 psychiatry has killed more people than every soldier who has fought in every war since 1776. It is disgusting to see people like you promote this murderous cult of control freak yuppy trash. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      1. survivor030406 says:

        correction… more people than every solder who has DIED in every war…

  15. iggy says:

    mr.phillip, you use a lot of words that I suspect you have very little idea what they mean. If you think her case is in any way related to ‘free speech’, then I hope you do not vote.

  16. mike says:

    What the hell man, your country the US has become a police state. When will you guys wake the hell up. What happened to free speech. The woman was obviously just letting off steam over something. Are you now going to arrest anyone that says. “F… Y…” as a sexual threat. Lets arrest everyone that says something when they are in a bad mood.
    Come on guys, this is madness dont you think? You people need to start understanding that you are in serious trouble. Do you not see what’s happening in the US? Must people from another country point this out to you?

    1. iggy says:

      @mike, what country are you from?

    2. Michael Saveme Silverman says:


  17. Trina says:

    Please don’t take any chances these days serious.

    1. Guenevere Dean says:

      Yes, let the FEAR-MONGERERS have their way.

  18. Mr.Philip says:

    Its the silent dog that bites not the barking one.Don’t we all blow out steam at one time or other ,Its good for the individual. Thats what we call freedom of speech.She is not the prophet. Let her go.

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