Situation Serious On Long Island As Victims List Grows To 8

GILGO BEACH, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — There was yet another chilling discovery on Long Island on Monday.

Chopper 2 HD was over Gilgo Beach where police searching for victims of a serial killer found the remains of three more people, bringing the total to eight, reports CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan.

It was a stunning and disturbing development – the remains were discovered along Ocean Parkway, bringing the total to eight. Police now suspect a possible serial killer.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones with more details on the investigation

It remains a perplexing mystery with few clues for searchers and one seasoned forensic expert, who told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis he’s trying to determine whether these eight deaths are the work of one killer, or more — and whether they’ll strike again.

“I wouldn’t be at all surprised. I would not be at all surprised,” John Jay College professor Dr. Charles Bahn said.

“It could be two men who do this together. One of them doing the killing and the other much more interested in the sex.”

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs: This Will Be An All-Day Search

Through dense poison ivy bramble and tick-infested undergrowth a phalanx of Suffolk County investigators intensified the search for the missing New Jersey woman, 24-year-old Shannan Gilbert of Jersey City, and what they found was almost beyond comprehension.

“I’d like to report at this time that we found human remains, three human remains so far in the area between Oak Beach and Gilgo Beach,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said.

A sign announcing the closure of Ocean Parkway on April 4, 2011 (Photo/Mona Rivera)

Flanked by the district attorney, the police commissioner pledged that the identification of the remains will be swift as heartbroken families wait to hear if their missing daughters might be among the latest remains discovered — along a stretch of Ocean Parkway east of Jones Beach.

“The medical examiner is going to be looking at the possibility that Shannan Gilbert is one of the remains,” Dormer said. “We do have forensic and information available to the ME that would either prove it’s her or eliminate her.”

Last week, a fifth individual still unidentified was discovered in rugged underbrush. Four women were found nearby in December. They had worked as prostitutes and escorts advertising on Craigslist.

Helicopters hovered above as cadaver sniffing dogs marched through the terrain. With snow now melted and before the foliage of spring gets underway, the remains were pulled from a 4-foot tall tangle of sea grass and scrub pine, not far from the quiet isolated beachfront location where Gilbert was last seen in May begging for protection at 5 a.m. at a stranger’s door.

“I come over here and start dialing 9-1-1 and I was giving the information and she opened the door and ran. She fell halfway down the stairs,” witness Gus Coletti told McLogan.

Gilbert vanished into the brush. The client she was going to see was cleared as a suspect. As 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports, resident Joseph Brewer’s home was searched as part of the investigation into Gilbert’s disappearance. Brewer said he was innocent in the case, and his home is now for sale.

Oak Beach residents have said that their property values are suffering as a result of their neighborhood being used as a murderer’s dumping ground.

A seven-mile stretch of the westbound side of the Robert Moses Parkway running to Tobay Beach has been shut down.

Are authorities doing enough to stop the suspected serial killer? Sound off in our comments section.

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  1. Justice says:

    “Just because I dress this way, doesn’t mean I’m a prostitute.”

    Right – and just because you have a vagina, doesn’t mean you’re a “lady” either.

  2. LGee says:

    I am appalled that people see this story as a jumping off point for political comments or as a way to slam DEAD victims of a horrible criminal. Where is the sensitivity? What if this were you or someone you cared about? Nobody deserves to be sexually assaulted and dumped by the road. Nobody. Have mercy.

  3. rundog67 says:

    Scary…. let’s pray they catch this guy.

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    1. Casual Observer says:

      You’re a dou*che.

      Oh, I wasn’t supposed to comment here?

  4. freshlywoken says:

    Am I the only one that thinks the PD took an awful long time to search an area where they found four bodies lined up months ago?

  5. Amazed says:

    I am amazed at some of the comments posted. Humans have been killed. Regardless of their occupation or how they chose to advertise their services, they have been murdered! They didn’t deserve that!! Lets not forget someone loves these young ladies. They are someones family member. This is not the time to joke about Obama or anything else. As for the resident who made the statement about the property value going down, I think someone needs to smack the taste out of her mouth! How insensitive!

  6. Casual Observer says:

    Have faith. It’s only a matter of time before law enforcement beats or sodomizes a confession out of someone with their night stick. This is New York after all.

  7. Hale Merry says:

    Do you know how much these ladies where charging for their services?

  8. Casual Observer says:

    Has anyone given the standard and cliche “our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. May God help you in your time of need during this terrible tragedy” yet?
    As God is my witness we WILL find this evil evil animal and bring him/her to justice if it is our last action on this earth!!!

  9. Tea Party in 2012 says:

    nobama will never catch the killer. Just wait and see. He won’t. Should have elected McCain and crime rates would be very LOW. I guess this is what you voted for, DIMocrats. I suppose the silver lining is that Sarah Palin will be able to run on her own in 2012, win by a landslide and clean this country up!!!

    1. bob says:

      Way to politicize everything. I guess McCain would catch this guy like Bush caught Bin Laden right?

    2. Marty says:

      This post is most likely a plant, posted only to degrade the common folk.. Nothing more. Nothing less. The OP seems to be proud of their own ignorance.

    3. THETRUTHHURTS says:


    4. Checkmoot says:

      News for you. McCain was not running for Chief of Police in New York. Are you just ignorant or are you really that stupid ???

      1. THETRUTHHURTS says:


    5. Checkmoot says:

      Typical Tea Partier with a two digit I.Q. Thought McCain was applying for a job as Chief of Police.

    6. Johnny says:

      What an idiot! What does the president have to do with any of this?? And yeah if McCain was president all the psychotic serial killers would just stop!
      Stop politicizing other peoples misery

  10. Igor says:

    Maybe it’s the ghost of Julie Klein reaching out from Talisman.

  11. KPMc says:

    If that’s the case here’s hoping your on his route.

  12. Giacomo says:

    Hey man, there are some people in this world that don’t have the social skills you have my friend. Ads like these have been around for years for all kinds of people. They’re not idiots, the exploring or lonely or awkward or just touring. For someone like myself, I view it as a kind of carnival. And that’s what this comments section has become. It a carnival and we all want to give our opinions and shout at each other. Some people need to take a step back from the nasty comments and take a breath. We are all in this together whether we see it or not.

  13. Ruth says:

    Forensic guess: This is someone who uses Craig’s List to get his victims has been doing it for a while. He’s gravitated to Craig’s List, it’s anonymous and easier to pick unsuspecting victims. They meet him at a location of his choosing, or a place he is very familiar with where he can take his time to abuse and kill them. This person is white, in his mid-40’s. He may be a family man, middle class to upscale professional. He’s very intelligent. He’s been doing this for a while. He doesn’t kill them there, but dumps the bodies. I don’t think he lives in that area, but he knows it well, or used to work in that area, or is familiar with that landscape. He may also go back to that dumping ground after he dumps them. He’s intelligent, methodical, precise. He’s controlled, and does not make mistakes.

    1. Ruth says:

      He has an attachment to this area. No one would suspect him coming there…so he’s either a hiker, fishing as a hobby, or pretending to enjoy the scenery. No one would suspect him though. He’s friendly on the outside, but lives a complete double life. This guy is very controlled, but after a period, he can’t control his urges. He hates women, and if he is married, she is very complacent, and he is very controlling over her. He may live on Long Island, this is his stomping ground area, no one would suspect him. There may be a comunity 10-15 miles near there where he lives. He goes off the island to get his victims. He does not kill them near his home, but it has to be in a quiet and desloate enough place where no one will hear or suspect. His victims have nothing to do with the island, in fact, that’s why he gets on the internet. They will only see him one time. He uses his car to transport…either picking them up before killing them, or transporting them afterwards. He’s very methodical so he probably will not have them in his car after killing them…he may do it outside.

  14. Justin Harmon says:

    Wow – property values? Really?

    1. JM Mars says:

      That was my reaction, Justin. I guess it takes all kinds, but like you, WOW.

  15. Larry says:

    There’s always some idiot so swayed by fox news calculated misinformation and intent on voting against their own interests that a hate obama post has to enter into a completely unrelated course of discussion.

    1. Ricky Chance says:

      While I am in no way an Obama supporter, I have to agree there is no room for a post like that in this case

    2. Penny says:

      kind of like you just did?

  16. Joel says:

    If Christie was in there he would have solved this already and jailed the people or fried them. But instead you have a bunch of incompetent fools running the operation.

  17. Wolfman Jones says:

    I think the serial killer is likely one of the “aristocrats” living right there in that community.

  18. Robert says:

    Couldn’t it have been that med student from Boston who ended up killing himself??

  19. Paul says:

    I’d be looking for a first responder; or somebody that was rejected as one. Somebody who knows that marshland, well, and feels confident about dumping a bady there. A lifeguard, a conservation officer, a state policeman or an EPA agent….somebody who would be able to park on the side of the road and have good reason to be there if he were questioned about it.

    1. wtsane says:

      WAAAAAAY too much CSI, CSI Maimi, NCIS, NCIS LA, and about a thousand other police procedurals. The only real conclusion that can be drawn from this, is that there is someone out there, who kills people, and they tend to favor (from the evidence so far) girls. Too many Junior Detectives out there…

  20. oldpootface says:

    …where’s Clark Kent when you need him?

  21. TJ Jackson says:

    “Police now suspect a serial killer”…This took a degree in journalism?

    1. Andrew says:

      Actually i believe i’m more incredulous that “the police NOW suspect a serial killer”. The journalist is just reporting what the police said, the police are the ones who made the statement. I wonder how many hours at the academy it took to teach them that eight bodies in a specific geographical area might be related and the work of a serial killer. Just saying.

  22. HARLEM GOING H.A.M. says:


  23. lenny says:

    phalanx ???
    I stick my middle phalanges up at whoever wrote that.
    and… oh… don’t kill prostitutes… it’s bad.

  24. leslie says:

    NY will probably figure out a way to tax the bodies.

    1. J says:

      LOL Actually there is already a death tax Leslie.

  25. Camille says:

    I left Long Island thirty three years ago and I’m glad that I did. You have to be a barbarian to live there.

    1. lordburninghole says:

      Please come back.

    2. Jonathan says:

      Well, unless you’re a prostitute, you have nothing to worry about!

    3. HARLEM GOING H.A.M. says:


    4. Donna says:

      That’s ridiculous!

  26. Wondering says:

    How old was the boy? Could it have been the son of one of the prostitutes?

    1. You creepy presumptuous nut says:

      What boy are you talking about, Mr. Serial killer?

      1. You attentive reader says:

        I believe he’s referring to the boy mentioned in the article, Ms. Thorough Reader.

      2. chefyumyum says:

        That was a typo. It should read “body” not boy.

  27. Mangoman says:

    That’s pretty barren land and rugged terrain, especially in the mid spring to late fall. I have a 4 wheel drive permit and do alot of fishing off the surf around those parts. The brush along that stretch is full of poison ivy. How anyone can get into that area to dispose of a body is mind boggeling. Should check all the local drug stores for someone who constantly buys medication for poison ivy. When I go out fishing, day or night.. there’s always vehicles left unattended along that stretch and I wonder where the hell could the owners of those vehicles gone? Now..I don’t want to know.

    1. Jessica says:

      Poison ivy doesn’t affect everyone equally. Most of my family doesn’t really react to it at all – I’ve never had poison ivy despite playing in thick woods most my childhood. My friends often complained about it but I played in the same places without ever having a problem. To this day, I can’t identify the stuff because I never got any kind of rash from it.

    2. Rob Meier says:

      Yeah I remember many times during the summer parking there on the motorcycle. The State Troopers were always giving me parking tickets. You would figure you could hide a motorcycle pretty easy in bushes. Nope, if there’s money to be made they are out in force. Where’s the cops when you need them? When seconds matter, cops take minutes.

  28. Steven P says:

    oak beach residents are more concerned with their property values decreasing because of these murders than the fact that these poor people are dead? Seems to me like this murderer should’ve directed his efforts at the aristocratic oak beach residents. Guarantee when they find the suspect, itll be one of the bikers that frequent the beach regularly. This is truly horrible.

    1. Kevj says:

      Maybe the aristocratic oak beach residents dont want that riff raft hangin around their community. I dont live there…I’m just sayin.

    2. Hates Ignorance says:

      Are you kidding?? You guarantee its one of the bikers?? I hate to tell you, bikers are the FIRST ones to string people up for doing this kind of stuff, and would NEVER involve kids! You obviously have not spent time around bikers. You are too busy judging books by their covers.

  29. lawyer for a day says:

    doesn’t anyone care that my 2010 Volvo twin-turbo S80 can do 0-60 in under 6 seconds?! Let’s keep our eye on the ball, people!!

  30. Joseph Wootten says:

    OK, why the hell is prostitution illegal, and abortion legal? It seems like one gets someone killed, and the other gets someone killed. HMMMMM????? I’, confused.

    1. Stew says:

      It seems to me they need to be looking for someone who has had a bad case of poison ivy. I’d check all the drugstores which have sold calamine or doctor’s offices who have treated anyone with severe poisoin ivy.

    2. Kevj says:

      Whats one thing got to do with another??

  31. steve smith says:

    Who cares what their occupations are, or how they advertise? They don’t deserve this, no human being does. That’s like saying women who dress a certain way deserve to be raped. Furthermore, YOUR home prices should be the least of your concern. It’s pathetic,do you think the Japanese are worried about property values?! Get your priorities straight and hope that someone in YOUR precious little enclave is not the Target or actual home of this maniac!

    1. PeriBlue says:

      The word “deserve” doesn’t enter into this, but prostitutes knowingly engage in a highly risky & illegal business, and it’s not surprising when they end up this way. Some men just want sex, but there are so many sickos out there & these women deliberately & knowingly put themselves in harm’s way. So you are wrong — it has everything to do with their “occupations” & how they advertise. I also disagree with your likening of being a prostitute to dressing a certain way. For instance, wearing say a short skirt is in no way the same thing as setting oneself up in a prostitution business & going somewhere alone to meet strangers for sex. Having said that I still do feel sorry for what has happened to them & especially to their grieving families. Hopefully they will catch this sicko soon.

      1. Kev says:

        Could not have said it any better. Clear logical thinking…..

      2. Local Resident says:

        Many people are becoming aware that not all prostitutes engage in the practice willingly.

        Some are enslaved by drug addictions, which I do not excuse, but which are powerful motivators. Pimps and drugs can require superhuman effort and outside support to get away from.

        Others are lured in as innocent young teens yearning for attention, whose older “boyfriends” turn out to be pimps who use violence and intimidation to keep them in virtual sex slavery, often for years. Ever notice all the “missing” flyers for young teen girls? Not all are runaways. Look up “human trafficking” for more info.

        We can’t possibly know the motivations of the murdered women. They do deserve our pity, and also the benefit of the doubt. These are someone’s daughters, and they are no more.

      3. u says:

        legal prostitutes don’t get exposed to this. either way no victim is at fault just the sicko thats killing

    2. Elyse Lottier says:

      thank you for saying what you did. I am so sick of hearing that “another body of another prostitute or sex worker” was found. This should not be what defines these women. They are much more than women who may have been getting paid for sex. They are daughters, mothers, friends, aunts, cousins…they have suffered enough both before and during their untimely deaths and should not be vilified more by the press. May they all, now, find a final resting place and rest in peace and may their families finally have some closure and peace of mind.

  32. nathan says:


  33. David says:

    I would have to say that we are probably looking for someone with some serious mommy issues.

    1. Kiki says:

      Strange you would use “mommy” in your post.

  34. Officer Dumb Ass says:

    Suffolk County PD = FAIL

    1. johnnyg says:

      Don’t forget the Suffolk PD high salaries!

  35. JHanna says:

    Steve Levy: a person of interest.

    Suffolk County; a dispicable place where hate crimes, other serial killers, fascist politicians, and drunk driving occur without interfearance…

    1. TiminPhx says:

      Why not mention people that cut into line, those who leave shopping carts in the lot, and those with Justin Bieber ring tones? How silly a collection of things to throw into a post about a serial killer.

  36. Gerry says:

    I’m worried about my property values suffering from the American economy being in the Greater Depression but what can I do?

    1. brookly says:


  37. Toady says:

    What about the boy victim? This killings aren’t limited to prostitutes.

    1. Harp says:

      What boy victim? Who said anything about male remains?

      1. Living far from NY says:

        I too read the part that linked and said “Last week, a fifth still unidentified boy was discovered in rugged underbrush. ”

        A boy?

      2. Living far from NY says:

        Ahh. I bet it is a typo. “Body” without a “d” is boy. Good editing CBS. Made a change in the article that made it seem a boy was a victim here too. Shame.

      3. Andrew says:

        Hey, practice those reading comprehension skills Harp, they could come in handy someday.

  38. Glad2LeaveNY says:

    If anyone who has been there will know…Gilgo is a barrier island surrounded by water. The parkway going toward there is lined with beach dunes, on one side, the Atlantic Ocean and the other side a large creek. It takes a boat to ferry the homeowners to their nests. Any car can stop at anytime and go unnoticed by the people living there. This killer could be jetting there from a number of highways. Meadowbrook Pkwy up toward Merrick or Freeport. Ocean Parkway going out east toward Islip. Long beach, Lido Beach, Point Lookout. This wouldn’t be the first serial killer transporting bodies around Long Island in their car.
    Hard to believe that the police didn’t do that thorough a search the last time they were out there investigating.

    1. kat says:

      I think the problem was the snow. It snowed right after they found the first bodies and as you know didn’t stop snowing all winter

  39. No one says:

    ‘Police say Gilbert responded to a Craigslist ad soliciting sex,’ so why don’t they check her computer for a clue?

    1. At all says:

      Cause if they did, it would uncover many interesting names involved in the prostitution web…. hmm…. politicians, business leaders, entertainment people, etc….

  40. Ben says:

    That area will only be used because the killer feels comortable there. It could be one of the town’s residents, or someone that was there as a child.

    1. JL says:

      LOL, Ben…do you watch Criminal Minds??

      1. David Israel Santa-Axman says:

        lol ben you must watch criminal minds!!!

    2. Richie says:

      Maybe it’s you and you’re just trying to throw us off with your CSI-like analysis.

  41. Frasier says:

    You live by the sword you die by the sword – what’s the matter with these girls? Who meets strangers for sex these days and if you do you wind up like one of these woman.

    1. PeriBlue says:

      I agree. It’s called asking for trouble.

  42. brooklyn4ever says:

    Are you kidding me????? Who actually gives a rat’s butt about the value of your property??? How about thinking that you are living in your dreamworld with a demented serial killer? Or if the person is not living among you, that they are coming into your neighborhood in the dark disposing of bodies? How about thinking that these women were someone’s daughter. or mother or sister, or aunt and that there is no closure for their families? Bet if it was you, your house value would be the last thing on your mind.

  43. victor says:

    Hey mister mayor, your city is a battle ground, what are you going to do about it…sofar all you have done is sit on your Duff. how about doing something to protect your city(I forgot that you have to ask Obama before you can do anything)vv

    1. NYCJosh says:

      What? This is NOT in NYC. It’s out in Long Island. What are you talking about? This is one guy dumping bodies on a pretty much deserted stretch of beach island. There may be about 25 houses there total…

      1. tony peppers says:

        youre a goon.

      2. CPT SKOAL says:

        seriously its empty, quiet, dark and you need like 20 Mil to get a house out there

  44. Suzan says:

    Cameras should have been placed out there months ago…They spend to catch speeders……..ENOUGH ALREADY!

    1. kat says:

      Do you really think that whoever this is is still dumping bodies there?

  45. Osama cares says:

    This is the work of Mayor Bloomberg. Dumping homicide victims from NYC in Long Island to show the murder rate dropping in NYC.

  46. Flynn says:

    Oh boo-hoo — the value of my home is dropping. I’ll have to cry about it as I drive my Hummer to get my $200 facial.

    How about people are dead? Someone’s daughter. Someone’s Sister.

  47. Dan Te says:

    I think every resident within 10 miles of that area should be considered a suspect….

  48. CREEPY says:

    Kind of gives another perception for going to the beach to show off your body

  49. nj says:

    as long as idiots answer these type of adds they are going to find and run into these type of people

    1. Eleanor says:


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