As Many As 20 On The Block, Including Responder To Wall StreetBy Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The secret is out.

CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer has learned exclusively some of the fire houses on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s chopping block. Some say shutting them down could put your safety at risk.

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Twenty fire companies are on death row including, sources said, Engine 271 in Bushwick. And unless there’s a last-minute reprieve communities all across the city could be in danger.

“It’s very serious. Mayor Bloomberg is asking the Fire Department to roll the dice on public safety. If you close one fire company, let alone 20, even one fire company will impact the safety of New Yorkers,” said Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, D-Queens.

“When response time goes up you’re talking about loss of property and loss of life,” added Councilman James Vacca.

Vacca is all fired up about the expectation that Ladder 53 on City Island — in his district — is on the closure list.

“We know our budget is bad but no one can justify jeopardizing life and limb and public safety,” Vacca said.

Sources told Kramer that others expected to be on death row are Engine 161 on Staten Island and Engine 4 at the South Street Seaport.

When Engine 4 left the firehouse on a call Wednesday, firefighters wondered whether it would be among their last in the dense Wall Street area near ground zero.

Kramer asked fire union official Edward Boles to explain, for example, what closing Engine 4 would mean for fire safety.

“Engine 4 is the first engine to respond if there was any tragedy at Wall Street,” Boles said. “Wall Street is the economic capital of the world. They’re also a mass de-con unit, so if there was a major terrorist attack they would be the first ones to help out.”

People who live and work in the area are terrified.

“It’s such a compact neighborhood that you need someone here to respond quickly to any type of fire because it would spread like wildfire,” said Tom Rooney, who works in the area.

“Its scary, it’s absolutely scary. I don’t know what else to say,” Lower Manhattan resident Toni Sosinsky said.

“A lot of new apartments around here. All of these office buildings have become apartments, so I don’t think you should close it down. When you look at the density of the amount of people who are moving down to the Financial District, now they need it,” added Michael Springer, who also works in the area.

And Boles has a message for Mayor Bloomberg:

“Please, for the sake of the citizens of New York City and for their safety, don’t put dollars before lives,” Boles said.

The FDNY is already operating with nearly 600 fewer firefighters. City officials said it doesn’t expect to release the full list of the doomed 20 until sometime next month.

Agree with the fire company cuts? Think the mayor is putting lives at risk? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

Marcia Kramer

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  1. Roman says:

    “It’s very serious. Mayor Bloomberg is asking the Fire Department to roll the dice on public safety. If you close one fire company, let alone 20, even one fire company will impact the safety of New Yorkers,” said Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, D-Queens.

    What’s your solution, Crowley???

    1. walter says:

      The solution – Why it’s the leftist mantra “tax the rich.” Of course, it’s not the rich who would benefit from having these companies; but Dems think “the rich” should pay for everything.

      1. Diana says:

        The wealthiest 1% of New Yorkers earn 45% of the income – and pay only 23% of the taxes. So yes – tax the rich. Eliminate their tax cuts.

      2. Robin Daugherty says:

        And yet the wealthiest 1% of New Yorkers doubtless cause or are involved in about 1% of fires. And 1% of other government-provided services. And 0% of welfare payouts. Why should their “fair share” be proportioned based on their income?

      3. Steve says:

        Diana read what you have writen 1% pays 23% that means the other 99% makes up 77% but the top 5% make up over 60% so that means that the remaining 95% only pay 40% or 0.42% each while the top 5% or 12% each. I say raise taxes on the 95% and lets see how bad you want those services.

    2. amplitude jones says:

      bloomberg has the money to pay for out of state criminal antics attacking the constitution- HE can afford to keep the stations open!

      1. Popeye says:

        Robin dear what would u base income tax on,if not income. Im one of the people who pay the the 77% of the taxes. Ive never started a fire and never collected any government-provided services. My taxes r based on my income. I am just missing the point u r trying to make.

      2. Woodtick says:

        YES, he spent all that money sending undercover people to AZ for a hairbrained idea. How many other crazy ideas has he spent money on?

    3. Ron from Texas says:

      It’s amazing to see the results of modern liberal government start to unravel. NY as a city has been spending too much and subsidizing “slackers” for too long. When 20% of the city is on food stamps and certain demographics have +70% illigitimate birth rates (isn’t it nice that the “rich” get to subsidize these babies until they grow into adult criminals at an alarming rate). Maybe if the city didn’t have to pay for two fire departments, the active one and the retired one (rich public union plans allow public union early retirements at ages long before the average private tax payer at benefits far larger than private sector and with medical benefits that are greater than the tax payers. Fact is the trough has been over crowded in NY city by welfareites and greedy public union workers.

      1. Soonerdiver says:

        How many ways can I say ‘AMEN!”… Ron you have nailed it right on the head! But then I would not expect the New Yorkers to recognize the truth if it bit them in the a$$. Hook’em Horns!

      2. JD says:

        Once again a person who clearly has no understanding of the actual job of a fireman. The retirement age of a firefighter is lower than “typical”, because of the wear and tear on the body. It is not possible to keep that up for 40 years! So what would you prefer – that we ask these men and women to give us their strongest and healthiest years (for a modest salary), risking their lives and then say – we have worn you out – go find something else to do? The governement pays the firefighters lower salaries in exchange for the pension. A pension system is actually a way for the governement to pay less now and gamble that enough fireman will die yong they don’t have to pay out. I the private sector they pay the full salary when the job is done. It is not – giving money away. And don’t worry – fireman are dying at an alarming rate right now (at not at fires), but health related conditions. SLackers I believe you called them. So likely you will not have to pay these “greedy” firefighters their pensions for long…lucky you! Smart move you made staying in the “private” sector and getting your full pay check when you actually did the work!

    4. Diane says:

      Solution? Sure Cut Back on Forgien Aid and use our money to keep up safe! DUH….

    5. Ron says:

      Bottom line is if you want the services, then you have to pay for them. The Mayor has to raise taxes. By cutting the fire service will increase reponse times. When this happens people will die.

  2. Ed P says:

    We need to close Fire Houses so we can make safe biking lanes.

  3. vladimir says:

    Let those that want to cut fire protection go live in an area with no firehouse. I am all for the firemen getting good salaries. Cut welfare, get rid of the free condoms and needles and get rid of bloomberg.

    1. M says:

      Condoms and needles cost a lot less then care for those who contract HIV.

      1. amplitude jones says:

        then stop paying for HIV..the government is not formed to SAVE people from their own actions!

      2. A says:

        we shouldn’t have to finance your illicit and immoral lifestyle…get a life zero. You pare part of the bunch who is sucking thie country dry…..

  4. Jonny Dongel says:

    The Fighting Bravest

  5. Chris Owenski says:

    Plenty of money for the illegal aliens via healthcare, public schooling, social services etc etc in the sanctuary city. Next big disaster who responds. Bloomberg.?Like the rest of the politicians and the big shots, They were all heading for points north like Poughkipsie on 9/11.

  6. Dan says:

    What else would you expect from bloomburg?

    1. Jim says:

      I’d expect him to cut Welfare , Section 8 , Medicaid . Stuff the tax payer does NOT need!

      1. john says:

        Firefighters, welfare, medicaid, section 8 recipients and IV drug users get one vote each. FIrefighters are by far the smallest group in NYC and protest the least. Do the math. The uproar over an equal cut in welfare payments would be far greater.



  8. justin says:

    Good, let Wall street burn down

    1. walter says:

      Absolutely. That’s just the incentive companies would need to move the financial district to another state.

  9. Rascal69 says:

    Bloomberg had to place a $50 Million dollar order for free condoms and needles so he didn’t have enough left for the Fire Department.

  10. Benny Franklin says:

    Hey Tom, looks like Garrett hit a nerve! Do we really need 6 man engines and 6 man trucks on all of SI? Here is a great idea, put the FDNY on the same work schedule as LA City Fire Dept. 24 on and the 48 hours off. It would save millions and keep the fire companies open.



    1. Otto says:

      Willy- Writing in capitals doesn’t make you smarter, it makes you annoying. Firefighters get paid very very well to do an occasionally dangerous job. They clearly are good at that… which does not make them good at understanding economics, taxes, finance, operations… the administration of the fire dept. is run by what are essentially union stooges. Union bosses do understand finance, taxes, and economics, and the wring as much money as they can out of the taxpayer… regardless of the needs of the job. Phoenix also runs a 24/48 schedule, and if that is more economical, and it does not impede safety, why not? Clearly it does not impede safety as so many major and minor cities run these shifts. Don’t be a union hack. Think about your brothers who will lose their jobs… and the people who might lose their life, just because you don’t want to work the schedule of the majority of others doing your job. Don’t be so selfish.

  12. Bill says:

    Ground Zero Mosque – Yes; NYC Firefighters – No. There is now no question that this clown is governing based on his meida based financial interests. Shameful.

  13. John McGraw says:

    Tom McLoughlin: Sounds like Garret is not the only one with an “envy” and/or “self-centered infatuation” problem. During much of my early life we had voluntary fire departments that cost very little I do not remember any more houses burning down then than now. Maybe you are a little too infatuated with your own importance.

    1. Mary O says:

      Are you kidding? Volunteers for New York City fires? In 2009 there were FORTY EIGHT THOUSAND working fires–and only 73 civilian deaths. Where are you going to get a volunteer department to perform like that? Get real.

  14. ex-Bronxite says:

    Let’s get over it…the days of fires blowing across intersections and fire blowing out numerous windows of an apartment house are LONG GONE! The location of firehouses today were put there during the days of horses dragging steamer fire trucks and no radios. If it wasn’t for the EMS runs the FD does today, most…MOST…NYFD companies would do nothing. It’s time to come into the 21st Century. Some of these firemen and their hangers-on fail to realize that the NYFD has been disbanding fire companies for 100 years, and no one is still jumping up and down about those companies being missed. How come no one from the firemen’s union are standing in front of 29 Engines’ old firehouse on Chamber St (it’s still there) DEMANDING that they be re-organized? How many of them actually KNOW that there was a 29 Engine? And how many of THEM care?

    1. william lebourveau says:

      Wow what a shameful clown you are – what do you do for a living – do you ever have to put your [joke] life on the line for your lil job – Are there productivy tergets they need to meet-like say dieing on the job is worth $$$$$______.
      You must work for city hall.

    2. Mary O says:

      I guess you missed the two five alarm fires in Queens ON THE SAME DAY in July. And the four alarm in Manhattan that week. All of them had “fire blowing out numerous windows”. Oh, how about that seven alarm in Chinatown?

      I guess you don’t live in NYC any more.

    3. Steve says:

      Broke means Broke people, The Credit cards of the city can are overcharged. I know most of you cannot understand this but there is no one to absorb the chapter 13’s anymore. everytime we as a people think we can continue spending . Let me say it agian We Are Broke, Busted Mac &cheese is to expensive Broke

    4. J.J. From the Bronx says:

      Sadly ex-bronxite is 100% correct. Fire house’s can go weeks without actually seeing a fire. How do i know this, you ask?? I am In such a fire house. I remember the good ole days of the 80’s, running from 75 to 75, but these days are gone. Its a new dept. One that Removes the smoke eater and puts in the smart guy, go figure.

  15. fredlave says:

    This is a variant of the “Washington Monument Ploy” – whenever the Congress wanted to cut the Department of the Interior’s budget, interior would threaten to close the Washington Monument. Bloomberg wants the public to feel the hurt caused by budget cuts. Notice that he didn’t try to renegotiate municipal union contracts.That might create labor unrest à la Wisconsin.

  16. flangegpp says:

    proof that liberals want old people to burn up. extreme liberal policies!

  17. popeye says:

    Dont cut the police/fire services, cut the 3 billion dollar dock project.

  18. John McGraw says:

    Quit paying administrators such ridiculous salaries and open these stations back up.

  19. Tom McLoughlin says:

    Garrett, You’re a simple fool, that’s all I can say. You must have a really bad case of envy, of wishing you were something more than you are. I’ll bet you’re one of those clowns who wears your uniform all summer long going to all your silly parades, trying to convince youself you’re a hero, when deep inside you know you’re just a wanna-be.

    Fire Departments are paid to stand by, to be ready, to be on call. In NYC, just as in most big cities, we go to more fires than you’ll see in twenty lifetimes, and few of them make the news. A small two-cents fire can be just as deadly as a multi-alarm, and the risk of a floor giving way or a room lighting up is always there. And as to a sprinkler replacing a fireman, I’ll say it again, you’re just a fool. Sprinklers don’t force doors or make on-scene rapid life and death decisions. Sprinklers ought to be mandated everywhere, but they’re not, and even if they were they’re only a part of the solution. Having a well trained Fire Department standing by, ready to respond, not tied up on EMS runs and out of service when someone’s child is trapped in a bedroom is the answer. I’d be no less foolish to suggest first aid kits in the home can replace EMS than it was for you to suggest what you did, but you chose to make such an ill informed comment that only portrays you as an insecure child who wishes he could be a real fireman when he grows up.

    1. Rowdy Boots says:

      Dear Tom,

      Yes, you are right. Firemen and women are vital for the safety and security of the city. There are hundreds of millions of wasted money spent on non-vital services.

      It is becoming more clear that the Mayor and his party do not know how to run a city. It is time to try a new form of politics…from the ground up. We need firemen to run for office. We need people who actually risk their lives daily in the halls of power. We need different kinds of citizens to take the risk of office and prove that citizens can do it.

      The Best,

      Rowdy Boots

    2. maxschuberth says:

      Well Said !!!!

    3. garrett says:

      Thanks for the comment Tom. I completely understand what fire departments are for. I also understand that it’s a system saturated with a sense of entitlement. I have no interest in fire fighting. I did so for three years on a volunteer service. I understand what it takes. I also understand that grown up decisions have to be made and no child likes it when you take their toys away. I would be the first one to pat a fireman on the back for a making a rescue. In fact, I participate on my departments commendation committee and look forward to rewarding those who do well. It’s just fire departments can’t really justify the amount of toys (read fire engines, trucks, ladders) they have. It’s a system that has played on the publics fear for too long and now the public is getting emotional fatigue after years of scare tactics. I’m sorry you feel the need to retaliate like some child who was just scalded on the play ground. Actually, most firemen of your mentality react the same way when they are challenged. They don’t like being told that what they do most of the time isn’t dangerous. Time to wake up, the money just isn’t there.

  20. MEC2 says:

    But at least there isn’t too much salt or any trans-fats in your foods.

    Choke on it, New York, reap what you have sown. Free people get the government they deserve.

  21. Junior says:

    Sorry, I fully support the FDNY and NYPD and all the other emergency agencies, but cuts need to be made, nobody is happy when a cut affects them, but, it is the way it is. You will be just fine and I am sure it will all work out.

    1. John McGraw says:

      Good comment.

    2. Rowdy Boots says:

      You are ‘…sure it will all work out..”?

      Typical lib attitude–“someone will solve it, why should I care?”

      or “oh, stop complaining, it will work out…”



  22. Garrett says:

    Unfortunately this is the way of the future. I’ve worked in a fire based system for 10 years and it’s just not sustainable. I will say this, fire personnel have a great PR machine. I’m not sure how their system is set up but it’s not the firemen who do most of the work, it’s EMS. It’s hard for fire dept higher-ups to justify the immense amount of money that a fire department costs. It’s even harder to justify the money when they can be replaced by sprinklers. Even the firemen know this. Thats why lots of fire departments are making ambulance calls. They need the run volume to justify their budgets. I’m not discounting the work they do…..when they do it. Most of them go to work to get some time off. Lots of them run businesses out of their fire halls. It really is an easy job on the average. Like it or not, it’s a service that is educating it’s self out of a job. I’m not saying that fire prevention should stop but the public is a lot more aware now of fire hazards than when the fire service was started. Combine that with product safety and the fires just aren’t there as much. I certainly do not want anyone to lose their job but the work just isnt there.

    1. Jack Russell says:

      Garrett, I’m a 23 year professional firefighter-paramedic. You got a few things fairly close, but even on those things you don’t seem to comprehend the concept of the modern fire service. I work in the Dallas Metroplex. I see plenty of fire to justify the existence of a full-time 24/7 fire department. But, in our department and most in the metroplex EMS is part and parcel of the fire department for a reason. Each of our firefighters is a paramedic, which is the highest level of EMS professional. Each of our engines carry a full complement of all the EMS equipment that is on our ambulances. We all to the state mandated continuing education for EMS exactly like the continuing education for fire service that is required annually, several hundred hours. Because of the complimentary nature of the two fields, its a natural fit. I’ve made countless emergency medical calls to 300+ pound patients on an upper floor of an apartment building with no elevator. I have carried cots down flights of stairs, I’ve done compressions in the stairway on the way down, I’ve carried ECG monitors and oxygen for the patient being lugged down where the two man ambulance crew and the four man engine crew was completely utilized in accomplishing the transport of the patient. By the same token, I’ve been assigned on an ambulance for innumerable shifts and responded to a structure fire and been one of the first to enter the structure pulling hose to the seat of the fire. Complaining that “…its not the firement who do most of the work, its EMS” is absurd. When we have a multicar pileup on one of the three freeways that run through my district it takes two fire engines to respond with the ambulance to keep the flow of traffic off of the accident scene and to extricate the patients while emergency medical aid is provided concurrently. I’ve done this long enough that I’ve seen no less than a dozen fire engines wiped out by drivers oblivious to the meaning of flashing lights and those deadset on flooring their accelerator the instant they have cleared the rear corner of the first block engine in the roadway. Because my job includes first response on water leaks when your home is flooding, first response on vehicle accidents to clean fluids and accident debris off the roadway, first response to people trapped and panicking in elevators, first response when window washers are suspended 20 floors up, first responder when a child is trapped upstairs in a burning building, first response when someone jumps off an overpass and flies through the windshield of a driver underneath, first responder when a car runs through a restaurant and traps a family of five under his car, first responder when snow collapses a roof, first responder when an aircraft crashes, first responder when a tanker fliips over and leaks every chemical known to man, first responder when it rains 6 inches in 24 hours and a car is washed into a creek with a kid strapped in a carseat, first responder when a welder collapses inside a water tower 120 feet above the ground, first responder when the SWAT team enters a hostile environment (yes those unarmed paramedics on the SWAT team are us), first responder when the kid with the peanut allergy can’t draw enough breath to sustain life through his swollen airway, first responder when the construction crew cuts a 6″ gas line, first responder when a pipeline trench collapses and buries a construction worker 15′ below ground level. I’m quite capable of earning a great living without being a firefighter-paramedic. And, I grew up in a rural community in Louisiana that didn’t have a paid fire service. I experienced being in a vehicle accident where every occupant in the car was knocked unconscious for the duration of the 20+ minute response time of the EMT-Basics. I know we can survive without the fire service, but I’ll assure you that you will definitely sense the lack of security that exists in the community when its gone.

  23. Oops46 says:

    This should be about political decisions, not about courageous firemen. There is not enough money to pay for every thing. So if everyone would give 50 percent of their income we would only be behind by 300 billion per city. Unless of course we let the church do it’s duty and feed the hungry, then there would be no debt.

  24. Jen says:

    See folks – it all catches up sooner or later. We can’t afford entitlements out the yingyang for welfare, etc… I don’t care what side of the political fence you sit on…this should not be acceptable. Demand to know exactly how your tax dollars are being spent – and what services are NOT being cut. Bet you’ll find you could most certainly do without most of them – but we can’t do without police/fire

    1. JK says:


      This is exactly how the arguement should be presented. The more that goes to welfare and a bloated government where a supervisor makes 180k/yr the less we have for parks, firefighters and police. These are things that benefit us all rather than beneift the people who mostly choose to take rather than give,

  25. joizyboy says:

    Yep, better to let the city burn to the ground rather than tamper with union benefits.

    1. JamesD says:

      That hits the nail on the head. You can have fair wages and benefits, and get good snow removal, fire, police, road repair, and street lights, or pay huge benefits and pay, and be forced to cut back on city services.

    2. olddog3006 says:

      Bingo! First & formost $’s in the budget go to those rich benefit/pension plans of those retired. Next $’s in budget go to those rich benefit/pension plans of current employees. Whatever is left over goes to provide the services they’re actually charged with doing. It’s happening in EVERY puplic service secter, and unions are the blame!

  26. Ed Goodwin says:

    Can’t “defund” the do-nothings, the 3rd & 4th generation loafers, the ilegals, etal and WHY they would RIOT. Keep it up NYC & AMERICA the have nothings do nothings and want ‘everythings’ WILL (and this will brand me as extreme) out breed out vote
    and ‘out get’ all of US……and WE WILL GO DOWN. There is no other option, thanks to the professional vote getters. May God have mercy on US all…………..oh that’s right we got rid of HIM.

  27. sally bots says:

    id love to know what u do for a living… if the day ever came that you need the firedepartment, how long do you want to wait? do you know the difference in responce times from vol depts to paid depts ? im willing to bet no you dont .. the avg nyc responce time for a fire truck to arrive is under 4 mins….the average responce time for volunteers is over 13..and all vol dept are situated in small towns with little populations nyc fire comps all almost respond at bare minimum to over 2000 calls a yr and many as high as 5000. most vol comps go btwn 500-1000 calls a yr at most… the nyc fire dept is very aggressive on interior attacks… vol dept very often put the fire out from the outside,by that time your house is completly burned down… get a clue b4 you bash the greatest biggest and busiest fire department in the world

  28. tom says:

    Kathy,You say your father was a fireman?[been called firefighters for over 30 years] Probably not in an urban area. Over 350+ socalled” members of the good old boys club”, gave their lives for the people of this city. Perhaps you have forgotten or maybe you weren’t born yet. These men are at the Pathmark buying lunch or dinner for the entire shift. They all carry personal radios. When an incident is transmitted, they immediately leave and respond to the alarm. Sounds like one of them dumped you for someone with a brain.

    1. Kathy says:

      Dear tom
      My dad was a proud member of the FDNY for 25 years. My point was that were I live in SINY there is no need for 3 fire houses and no need for 30 firefighters to go shop at path mark. So Burn in helll jerk o f f

  29. sally botz says:

    firefighters may have a lot of free time occasionally at work while they are in between calls but they are our first line of defense..they are more helpful then the cops…and i dont care if they go to only 1 fire a year, its something not every1 is cut out for…how about the countless hrs they spend away from families nights holidays weekends? i reallly belive u have to be an arragnant liberal to say close the fd and make it a volunteer dept..

  30. Ramon Vargas says:

    Liberals, you never hear them cutting 20k welfare recipients do you? The bureaucracy is never cut off!

  31. Tom McDonald says:

    This could be a Gaddafi moment for Bloomberg. Liberals always cut essential services first. It’s so cliche. It’s time to put an end to tactics like Bloomberg’s and overthrow the tyrant.

  32. Thomas A Kelly says:

    collective bargaining?….this is the effect when it is the government (liberals) and the unions against the taxpayer. The union gets more for less and in return vote for the libs….net effect: services have to be cut because of runaway benefits when money gets tight.

  33. WOLF says:


  34. MollyGirl says:

    Close them down! Real firefighters volunteer and work a Real job to support there family’s.

    1. Chris says:

      Well I don’t agree completely about the real fire fighters. Those who work full time fire fighters are no different then those who do it voluntarily. So cities decided to go full time while others chose not to.

      Yes it is cheaper to run a volunteer department and pay for on call response.

      But to demean those who do it full time is uncalled for.

    2. whatupdunn says:

      Also, it’s “their”, not “there” you rube.

    3. whatupdunn says:

      What do you do for a living that is more of a “real job” than running into burning buildings to save people?

    4. ts says:

      Hey MollyGirl,
      Obviously, you know zip about the work of the FDNY to make such an idiotic comment. Also, it’s “their”, not “there”, and it’s “famiilies”, not “family’s”. A high school diploma might have helped.

    5. Count Yob says:

      Volunteer firefighters may be acceptable in some suburban communities but more highly built-up cities require skilled professional firefighters. I do think, though, that the uniformed services get too many sweetheart deals for work rules, pensions and disability. If NYPD and FDNY contracts were reformed to eliminate these abuses then the city wouldn’t have to make so many cuts.

    6. Richard Fox says:

      Molly, You are an idiot!

  35. bebopdead says:

    The Bloomberg Administration didn’t see this coming?
    Hello? Is someone clueless in NYC?

    Typical. Liberals are always short of cash and start screaming cuts to Firefighters and Police to raise extra cash. Predictable.

    It would be a totally different spin if it was a conservative in office.

  36. Ted says:

    Fear mongering, nothing more. Close 20 frat houses, no loss

  37. Gloria Guerriera says:

    I don’t understand this, already 600 hundred firefighters short. Companies closing. Some nut case judge who is imposing his will on the FD not being able to hire because of some supposed reasoning about the entrance exam not being fair to minorities. All we read about is teachers being laid off and senior citizen center closings. Well if he goes through with the firehouse closings, we might not need those teachers or centers. We will probably lose those people who need those services in fires or other emergencies because of lack of firefighters .Nice way to go Mayor. This Mayor has it in for theFDNY. I truely believe it was his faullt that thosa 2 firefighters were lost at the Deutche Bank fire. Those 2 people on trail now are just fall guys for the Mayor taking care of his cronies.

  38. Joe Doakes says:

    The ultimate cost of liberalism is public safety. This is nuts.

  39. Steven says:

    Hey, we in NYC need the money to support welfare deadbeats, which are multiplying like rabbits constantly. So don’t cry about the firehouses closing, your money is instead helping keep people at home to take care of their seven fatherless children and feed and clothe them and provide shelter. .

    1. RufusVonDufus says:

      Tawana had 9 kids all name LatWanda. When the Rev asked her one day how she got a certain one to come when she wanted her she replied that she called her by her last name!

    2. justjack says:

      don’t forget bloombergs pets, the 25-50,000 illegals in NYC that get 1000 check monthly by putting an x next to their request, yes it happens and will continue while we elect jew boy victims like mike as mayor

  40. Kathy says:

    I say let close the 2 out of the 3 in my neighborhood. At any givin time there are 5 fire trucks and 20 firemen shopping at the Pathmark by my house. My dad was a fireman but these new guys are just jerks who throw on there ugly dress uniform and go down to the local pub to get drunk and harass the young ladies.
    Like all good old boys clubs this one needs to be stripped down from top to bottem!!!!!

    1. Gloria Guerriera says:

      Hey, numbnuts! If you think you could handle the job like you dad did and better than the guys doing it now, why don’t you take the job. Last I heard fire still burns as hot now as it did in your dad’s day and the job is just as dangerous today. And I was on the job before your dad probably was.

    2. Matt says:

      If you plan to deamonize the fire department, you should perhaps make an attempt to utilize proper grammar while doing so. For example: ” …jerks that throw on there ugly dress uniforms and…”
      The word there is used to describe a location, such as “look over there at Kathy. She’s a moron.” The word you were looking for is the conjunction of they and are, forming “they’re.”So used correctly: “look at those firemen. They’re snappy dressers in dress uniform.” Not a bad English lesson from a dumb fireman from Florida, was it Kathy?

      1. BigRed says:

        You idiot. The proper word to use in the sentence she wrote is THEIR.
        Yes, it was a bad English lesson from a dumb fireman.

        “jerks that throw on THEIR ugly dress uniforms……..”

        THIS lesson brought to you by a not so dumb firefighter of 33 years from Ohio.

      2. BigRed says:

        Oh,and by the way, the correct spelling of “deamonize” (as you wrote it) is DEMONIZE.


    3. Jimbob says:

      I guess they aren’t allowed to eat ? A basic necessity in life no ? Especially if you are engaged in a physical job. Terrible argument and learn how to spell….. “bottom”…..Or maybe you didn’t eat today.

  41. joey shamus says:

    it shoujld be done correctly…but how about the days or let alone weeks and months that go by when some of these units do absolutely nothing?

  42. Nathan Perlman says:

    This pos Bloomberg lives in BERMUDA.

  43. Felix says:

    This is great.. Let everyone see how the city will close the FD and leave all the other non essential departments open. like free housing department , food for the non workers department, find the smoking violators department, etc

  44. crackHeadsIN_NY says:

    Why doesn’t this moron cut welfare and giveaways; and open up commerce. WHAT A FRAUD.

    NEXT JOB FOR FRAUDBERG = PRISON = 250 Years. So we never see his dumb ass again.

    NEW YORK get off the crack.

  45. Craig Michaels says:

    If you don’t like it, move out.

    1. phil221 says:

      My guess is you have never lived in NYC otherwise you would think differently.

  46. CHARLIE says:


  47. pyramos says:

    But they can pay for illegal’s education.

  48. Robert Stanton says:

    How do you sleep at night Mr. Billionaire you will have blood on your hands from fatalities from these closures !

    1. bdc says:

      The same way that you go to sleep with the blood of people because you won’t pay for doubling the fire department size.

    2. Gloria Guerriera says:

      He’s already got the blood of the 2 firefighters killed at the Deutche Bank fire on his hands.

      1. uihgyugyu says:

        Giulani was the mayor then.

  49. Christopher Lehman says:

    “People who live and work in the area are terrified.”

    No there NOT!

    1. Rolando says:

      No they’re not.”

  50. heatherfeather says:

    Let Wall Street burn. Bunch of thieves.

    1. phil221 says:

      Heatherfeather take the feathers out of your brain and know people will die it is not about just wall street people actually live in that part of Manhattan.

      1. Jimbob says:

        Relax Phil. Heatherfeather probably just moved to Williamsburg from Wisconsin and claims she’s “from” Brooklyn. She has to get to know the city better.

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