Massive A380 Does Number On Tail Of Taxiing Commuter Plane

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – An Air France Airbus A380 collided with a Delta commuter plane while taxiing to the runway for takeoff from John F. Kennedy International Airport on Monday night.

LISTEN: Raw Controller Audio of the Incident (via

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Jim Peters said at approximately 8:15 p.m. the left wing of Paris-bound Air France Flight 7 struck the tail of Comair Flight 6293, which had just landed from Boston with 62 passengers and 4 crew on board. No injuries were reported. Passengers were removed from the Comair flight and both planes were towed.

London residents Claire Bandy and Poppy Lawton were arriving in New York City for the week, but told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis they got a welcome they never expected.

“We were just waiting. We were kind of all having a chat saying it was a bit annoying and then suddenly there was this big bang from one side of the plane,” Bandy said.

“I think it was the tail of the big Air France jet that hit the back of us or something.”

1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon reports: Air France passengers didn’t feel the impact

“The engine of the Air France jet that hit the tail of us and pushed round, and pushed our front end around the other way,” Lawton said.

They said their Delta plane actually swerved sideways on impact, but quickly came to a stop.

“Just crushing noises, like whoa! It sounded like smashing glass or something’s breaking,” Lawton said.

Port Authority Police detectives were on the scene interviewing both pilots and both planes were to be inspected for damage. Passengers from the Delta flight were seen lining up for luggage that would likely take hours to get.

The double-deck Airbus A380 is the world’s largest commercial passenger jet and can carry 525 passengers in a three-class configuration or more than 850 in a single-class configuration. Comair operates regional flights for Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines Inc.

Subsequent Air France flights leaving JFK were canceled Monday night.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    If you listen to the ATC worker,,, he told Air France several times to “Hold Short” If that pilot listened and had done his job,,,,, this incident would not have happened.

  2. Retired says:

    Deregulation of the airline industry has made air travel affordable for most. The flipside is that in order for the company to make any profit salaries must be kept to a minimum and all available resources including groundspace must be expended to the limit of their capabilities. The result is limited space & limited experience as low wages fuels constant turnover. Considering that prices are at or in some cases below fares see in the 70s, reregulation would likely double the cost of airfare which of course is unacceptable. So we are left with minimizing the risks. Additionally with any new equipment there are protocols that need to be established and as is the case with most safety protocols they are the result of some mishap. Hopefully like this one the results are property damage after which new standards can be set.

  3. Paul says:

    Just watch Marcia Kramer’s report on the Tuesday five P.M broadcast where she -informed us that Boeing 727’s have large wiglets similar to the A380 that block the pilot’s rear view ! Really ???

    The Boeing 727 last flew mainline scheduled service in the U.S for Delta in March 2003.

  4. M.Chombo. says:

    Nobody in this wold is perfect, likewise is the equipment/machinery that we make for our use and enjoymet. Therefore, no one should point an accusing finger to Delta, Air France or the ground personnekl at JFK. Satan is always the one who is behind all the bad things taking place on panet earth, and he is the one to be blamed always. This is the reason why the Almghty God intervens and, thus, restrained this particular one from becoming a fatal one.PRAISE BE TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    1. La'Trine the Nurse says:


      For the last time: take your medication, it WILL help you.

    2. Rooden says:

      Sure blame the devil, is there any easier more stupid way? Religion should be abolished so we all can finally have World Peace and do not have to listen any more to these fanatic idiots who basicly are the cause of all evil.

    3. Reg Meirlaen says:

      Sure blame the devil, is there any easier more stupid way? Religion should be abolished so we all can finally have World Peace and do not have to listen any more to these fanatic idiots who basicly are the cause of all evil.

  5. James Jackman says:

    This is clearly another incident that shows why airports need more runways/taxi way extensions, I am glad to hear that every one’s okay & that it only caused minor damage to both planes.

    I am also glad that they collision was not in the air as the potential for a major aircraft disaster do’s not bare thinking about.

    As the results would have been horrific if they were in flight when this incident happened as the A380 carries over 500 passengers & crew and the Bombardier CRJ aircraft had 65 people on board at the time,

    The resulting death toll could have been 565 which would have ranked as one of if not the worst airliner disaster in recent history.

    From: James of Penrith England

  6. Flavio says:

    Why you don’t talk about responsability of Ctrl Twr. They ‘ve Ground Control responsability AND People just for avoid these situations. Someone cleared both aircraft…

  7. Lawyer's dream says:

    …and pax will sue delta for it… (probably easier to sue an American company)

  8. Fernand Evards says:

    thanks god that no one gets hurt on this supposed to be another one terrifying and horrible incident if had happened on both planes. so please stop disputing and putting the blame on both airlines instead of giving them a positive comments concerning on how safety precaution to be taken immediately during the situation.

  9. Emily says:

    people who can’t afford to live in Manhattan should move out and live where it is more affordable and where it is is more likely for them to find a job. Putting these people in government funded housing will just encourage them to remain unemployed because they have a comfortable roof over their heads. It is wiser to help them find jobs and for them to find housing that they can afford.

    1. sayeed alam says:

      nowhere machinery runs but men are behind them. have to really check the checklist in aircrafts and airports and wherever it is necessary to begin operation, should learn and teach, find the shortcommings, avoid to blame and avoid to hide facts, should look for the bright future as this is lesson for all of us.

  10. Stupid american flyer 1 says:

    Sorry about that. Next time we’ll turn on the transponder.

  11. Frogslegs says:

    That’s French drivers for you.

  12. TENBEARS says:


  13. sean padraig morgan says:

    This aircraft is a leap in technology and designed to move a large number of people without clogging the airways. Its size requires special handling and there will inevitably be a learning curve. It has a video camera in the tail to enable the pilot to see around the outside and maybe Airbus needs to include in the wingtips the type of warning sensors that cars have when reversing.

  14. treb says:

    the ground crew on duty should be sacked asap

    1. vermonster says:

      As unfortunate as this is…one plane dinging another while on the ground happens all the time.

  15. Ousman manneh says:

    What is all these troubles around us in the world that suppose to be peaceful?If we cannot maintain peace and stop intrefering into others right, we will continue to make these silly mistakes leading to loss of innocent lives!

  16. haw Yee says:

    Another fat, lazy, incompetent, irresponsable yeehaw Air traffic controller who stuffed his face with his hamburgers and fell asleep reading Playboy.

  17. bean says:

    If we are to follow the philosophy of this bigot, Collective guilt is acceptable. Since there are many Boeing accidents, America should stop producing aircraft, which has had aircraft subject to many design flaws (fixing problems is usually a better solution I would suggest). America has bombed the wrong people in Belgrade (the Chinese Embassy), Afganistan (wedding parties), Vietnam, etc. We should stop all petrochemical production because we have poisoned hundreds of thousands throughout the world. Shut the military down because we have shot down civilian aircraft by accident. According to this person’s philosophy, America should stick to what they do best. I.E., pornography, since we are the largest producer of the stuff, being fat, rude and lazy, and killing each other since our murder rate exceeds any civilized country by the thousands.
    Would not a better solution be to try to improve ourselves and not point fingers at others.
    Judge not…….

  18. Mostafa says:

    Thanks God noone was hurt,The world could not digest another disaster on the top of Japan, killings in Lybia, Ivory Coast and all these ugly scenes we see on our TV every day taking place around the world.

  19. zerihun says:

    …astonishing news wow thanks to almighty GOD, no injury at all,,,you please take care of unsafe flight, life is short…

    1. Sandra says:

      That is very true nothing can be exchanged for life
      there is need for extra care wen it comes to matters concerning life please

      1. Success says:

        My Dear Sandra,
        You were very right nothing can replace life.
        I give God all the glory because He is our safety.
        In the same way, the runway controller should be extra careful to avoid subsequent occurence.
        I will say again God thank you for averting the tragedy.

  20. Tunde Okuneye says:

    A very bad one but thank God no injuries/death recorded. The ground traffic controllers should be questioned.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Ah, we give credit to god for no injuries/deaths, but it’s not god’s fault that this happened in the first place? Why the double standard?

      1. God says:

        Because you’re an @zzhole, Micheal H. That’s why.

    2. chuck says:

      How do you know there were no injuries? The passengers aren’t mentioned in the report.

  21. Alan says:

    Been on a SinAir A380 before from Sin to Lon…its a hugh flying monster..thanks God..the accident is only occured during taxiing…

  22. observer says:

    eh, well accidents do happen and not everyone is well awake and alert nowadays and so if u happen to be on one of these jets and met with some accidents then it is bad luck then. heard every now and then got plane problems although safety suppose to be good but then maybe not good enough. everyone is human so bear with it. sori.

  23. YV says:

    They should be questioning the ground traffic controller. Why did they put the small plane on the way of the huge wingspan A380 (or wise-versa).

  24. Tom says:

    Did anyone stop to ask the passengers if one big plane carrying 850 people in cattle class is a good idea? This plane is just too big, hard to move without hitting other planes. Airbus 380 is the Titanic of Airplanes.

    1. YV says:

      They’ve never built a plane with 850 seats, that is why nobody asked that question.

      I’ve flown on Emirates’ A380 a few times. Great plane!

    2. Stuart says:

      Thats just what they said about the 747 but I think that turned out OK!!!

  25. Mark says:

    Maybeit’s the overcrowding at JFK (as well as LGA and EWR. Maybe we can get that high-speed rail money that Florida turned down for a high speed link to and an uograde of Stewart Airport. I read that Gillebrand was lobbying for the money for NY>

  26. kendra says:

    yes please do more to inspct the safety of our planes so no one else gets kllled…and maybe next time don,t have both planes taking off at the same time please..

    1. arptguy says:

      Kendra? Hmm, the same Kendra on TV? Your comment is something I would expect from her. One aircraft was taxiing ON A TAXIWAY to the runway for departures, the other was sitting ADJACENT TO THE SAME TAXIWAY waiting to park. THERE WERE NOT TWO AIRCRAFT TAKING OFF AT THE SAME TIME, OK?

  27. supercain says:

    Air France always has at least 1 or 2 accidents every year…

    1. philippe igoa says:

      What are you talking about ??? No it does not ! Where do you get your information?

      1. Mike says:

        Try, then you’ll know where the information comes from. Air France outpaces China Air, Indian Air, and a few other notorious airlines.

      2. tiffy says:

        These numbers don’t represent the reliability of a company. It just gives the number of accidents, but not the number of flights. 1 accident on 2 flights is a lot worst than 10 accidents on 10000 flights ! Also, the listing is only for airplanes supported by Airfleets.

    2. hole_in_one says:

      holes at the top of planes made by ugly, fat, incompetent, arrogant yeehaws?

    3. Stuart says:

      I haven’t read the figures but reported accidents are usually not the airlines faults, for example injuries caused by turbulence. Air France and Delta, along with all western airlines are incredibly committed to safety. Anything allowed to fly in US or EU airspace has to be to get permission

  28. badman says:

    Scarey flying seems it even would be anymore scary delta. Sucks.

  29. Robert says:

    Scarey flying seems like it would be unsafe. Maybe even scary.

  30. jack tripper says:

    Delta sucks

    1. Mike says:

      Delta sucks? How many planes have they put into the Atlantic this past year?

  31. chico says:

    Scarey flying seems so unsafe anymore.

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