But Is There Any Way You'd Pay $700 A Month To Live There?

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — For those who live in New York City, the crowds and limited real estate can sometimes leave residents craving a little more personal space.  That’s clearly not the case for one Manhattan woman who calls a 90-square-foot apartment home.

Artist, writer and professional organizer Felice Cohen lives in the tiny dwelling overlooking Central Park and pays $700 per month in rent.  She said she wanted to live in Manhattan, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money to do it.

On her first night in the apartment, Cohen said she suffered a panic attack because of the limited space between her elevated bed and the ceiling.  Eventually her friend, who Cohen had stay with her for fear of falling off the bed, got her to calm down. She hasn’t suffered another attack since.

Cohen, who said she spends most of her time in the apartment at her desk and writing, admits there was “some compromise” when deciding to live in the cramped space, but said “it’s worth it.”

“I look out my window and it’s New York City,” Cohen said. “I mean, that’s my backyard.”

Cohen said she initially planned to live in the apartment for one year, but loved the “quiet, cozy little space” so much, she’s been there for three.

SOUND-OFF: Would you live in such a small space in exchange for paying $700 rent? Let us know in the comments section…

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  1. Rockrose Development says:

    This tiny apartment is insane. I’ve never seen anything of this size mentioned in apartment listings for NYC and I’m curious as to how Felice found this tiny space. Perhaps this was once used as an office space?

  2. Glenn Bax NJ says:

    Felice, I think what you’re doing is very admirable. Don’t pay any attention to any of the negative comments. There are people taking up too much space in this world as it is. Why does someone have to show off by living in a 13 bedroom house when there are homeless people in the world. Some people waste so much space. I find your example of organization fascinating and economical. Only use what you need. Just imagine what you could do designing a whole house for a maximum number of people. On the lighter side you could probably make a jail cell fashionable as well. Carry on Felice!

  3. glen pierce says:

    I’m also having that boil checked out that has been keeping me up nights. Might have to have it lanced.

  4. vy says:

    Living like that just because it’s in Manhattan is not worth it.
    Check out Brooklyn or Queens.
    You could probably find a sudio a short walk from Prospect Park for close to the same money, and get a real sized apartment, not a Manhattan broom closet.

  5. Kendrice Rice-Suggs says:

    Finally: an apartment I can wear!

  6. Vyzygoth says:

    Hey Glen:

    Shut up.

  7. haywood jablowme says:

    could have shown some cleavage………..jeez

  8. glen pierce says:

    I like the idea. It would be great for me should i decide to work again in NYC. I could keep my South NJ condo for weekends. The cost to travel from south NJ to NYC would cost around $600 per month alone plus 3 hour commute each way. So the 10 x 10 room would be perfect for 4 or 5 nights. Assuming it was a quiet place.
    Plus, i don’t care for air conditioning. I would need the bed on the bottom area since i am age 63 and a ladder is no good except for an occassional storage retrieve, The location sounds good too. $700. I would be interested. I wonder where one would keep a small car? I hear it costs $900 to keep in garage. Then again, maybe there is a NJ place near Union City to keep the car. And take a NYC bus to get the car for the weekend.

    Anything more than $700 for such a small space would be high. Glen

  9. CP says:

    maybe she should think about getting rid of some of the clutter and give herself 2x the space

  10. kendra says:

    there is know way i would like to live in a place that d—.small that is enough to make a crazy person go crazy..seriously.

  11. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    clearly she is a nut job looking for attention..

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