NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police say a Nassau County medical examiner’s office has confirmed the remains found this week during a search for possible victims of a serial killer are human. That makes 10 sets of remains found along Ocean Parkway in recent months.

The first remains found Monday morning were about 1.5 miles east of the entrance to Jones Beach on Long Island. Later in the day, a skull was found several miles away.

On Tuesday, State Police said it completed its search of the area in Nassau County believed to be consistent with where the remains were discovered on the Suffolk County side. Other than helicopter searches, the State Police has concluded that portion of the search and is moving the investigation to other avenues.

“We’re doing it by chopper right now. We”ll mark any area that they search if they see something suspicious,” said Ed Mangano, Nassau County Executive.

“We’re concerned, outraged that some animal could murder someone and discard their body by the side of the road,” he added.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports: No New Discoveries In Aerial Search

“It’s really shocking that it happened here,” said Vanessa Perez of Valley Stream.

Four sets of women’s remains were first discovered back in December in an isolated area of Suffolk County near Gilgo Beach. All were identified as prostitutes advertising on the internet.

Recently, four more remains were found but have yet to be identified.

With Monday’s discovery of a skull near a bird sanctuary in Nassau County and a set of human remains found only hours earlier near the landmark water tower, forensic psychologists were weighing in.

“I think this is an area that the killer feels very safe in and there’s no reason to believe that it’s not the same killer. There are some subtle differences. The first four were covered in burlap, the last four were not, but that doesn’t mean they’re different people,” said Lawrence Kobilinsky of John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

As police try to figure out if they are dealing with one or more killers, they also want to know who called the teen sister of Bronx victim Melissa Barthelemy not long after she disappeared.

“I just know he’s a sick individual and needs to be caught as soon as possible. We’re afraid because he’s still out there,” said Lynn Barthelemy, Melissa’s mother.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall on the tale of the tape

Security cameras are seen at Oak Beach on Long Island - Apr 12, 2011 (credit: Sophia Hall / WCBS 880)

Security cameras are seen at Oak Beach on Long Island - Apr 12, 2011 (credit: Sophia Hall / WCBS 880)

Police in December were following up on the disappearance of a Jersey City, N.J., woman seen working as a Craigslist escort in the Long Island area last spring when they happened upon the first of the corpses. None of the victims, however, is 24-year-old Shannan Gilbert, whose disappearance remains an open case.

Although police are keeping hush hush about what was videotaped the night Gilbert went missing a year ago, there are four security cameras attached to a building outside the Oak Beach private community where authorities say she was last seen running and screaming for help.

Although the videotapes are taped over every 24 hours, the videos are also stored on a hard drive.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall with a new twist on the Gilbert disappearance

Now, a family member of Gilbert’s tells WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall that they received a call from a doctor who lives in this community.

The doctor told them that Shannan was incoherent, so he took her in to his home rehab to help her and, the next day, a driver came and picked her up.

The doctor, Peter Hackett, said that he did speak to the police and he talked about the search for human remains along Ocean Parkway.

“This is important that this is done because these people need closure and we need to find this girl if she’s alive,” said Dr. Hackett.

Are you concerned that the killer might not be caught? Do you think police will find more victims? Leave a comment below…

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  1. mm says:

    that beach is like his trophy room….sicko..

  2. Gonnagetem says:

    One very strong possability remains. Taht possability is that the gilbert case and those of the 10 discovered bodies have nothing in common. gilbert could have been a single abduction and the discorvery was a flkke.

  3. joseph says:

    when your job needs to carry a gun then you know the job is dangerous no one forces you to be a cop you do it for the ego and power get soldiers from iraq who need jobs now one cop in acar in nyc is enough too bloomberg should learn economics because he cant balance a budget after being a expert in his own profession pretty sad this is supposed to be your expertise about budgets

  4. nyc city girl says:

    I do not believe the cops on LI. are capable of finding who is the killer.

  5. Taquan says:

    Why are serial killers alway a White man?

    1. ronnie says:

      the beltway sniper ind.c. was a blck kid,jerk!

      1. Taquan says:


        oh, how i hates whi-tay!

  6. Mets Fan says:

    The uncivil servants pandering for coffee at the local 7-Eleven while filching $140,000 from the tax payers for a mere 36 hours a week are the biggest crooks on Long Island.

    A soldier endures so much more for so very much less than these twinkle toes who park their cruisers 3 abreast in rough and tumble Merrick.

    Send in the NYC ESU or a National Guard unit to patrol the beach, let NYC Detectives to solve this case, and process the evidence at the FBI crime lab and this sick and twisted piece of slime will be apprehended.

    Keep the county loafers to secure the 7-Elevens.

  7. yankeesfan says:

    all of you police bashers are such aholes….probably the same people who bash teachers, yet you don’t even have a real job. Try doing a community service job for a day rather than spending the day commenting on Yahoo news….Hey JETS FAN….. You wouldnt last 5 minutes doing the work of a police officer who has to see mangled dead bodies of women or children…maybe cops or firemen should PROTEST you when YOU have an emergency and say Sorry..”I need to get my free food now”. You are a moron..and do you even have a JOB????

    1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

      anyone who watches MLB is brain dead.I would bet you are a cop and a dumb one as well..

  8. Glenn says:

    Too many of you people watch CSI…….Lets just hope this sick SOB is caught soon.

  9. Save the whales says:

    $140,000? Holy cow!!! No wonder our taxes are so high. We have soldiers fighting in Afghanistan for 1/5 what these police officers make, and the cops call patrolling Nassau and Suffolk County a dangerous job. Hire the soldiers after their bid is up and I guarantee they will perform far better than these incompetent county cops will. It will save the taxpayer an awful lot of money and protect people far better from this cretin.

  10. Kat says:

    how do we even know how long ago these killings occurred….this could be years old, where it would be doubtful to find the person who killed these people….. could be way late….. we shall see said the blind man..

  11. NYC Resident says:

    Why is this person using burlap bags? Is this person obsess with these types of bags?

  12. Jackson says:

    JETS FAN, you really are a police basher, please stop , dont worry about how much the police officers make if you are so hung up on this maybe you should have chosen this great profession. dont worry the police officer, that you bash, may someday save your life, always remember that. my prayers go out to the familys who lost these loved ones.

  13. Jets Fan says:

    140,000.00 per officer for 3 days a week work and we have 10 young girls dead, and possibly more??? Fire the lazy loafers and hire a competent crew for half the price and double the police force at no expense to taxpayers.

    Ah yes, ’tis true no more crime lab in Nassau County.

    No wonder the counties are broke.

    For the amount I pay in taxes WE DESERVE BETTER protection.

    Build a 7-eleven by the beach and I guarantee better police protection.

    1. john says:

      bring in the city detectives….enough of the wanna bees!!!

  14. Diane D says:

    Maybe some repressed Mama’s Boy (ealry to late 30’s) who’s mother was/is overly religious and who’s mother suddenly took sick or died. (I think I ready too many crime books)

    1. Dina...Smith says:

      I think it’s Michael Lohan.

  15. Johnny from Long Beach says:

    Cops are to busy raiding high school keg parties, and taking their weed.

  16. B Regina says:

    Does anyone work with the paranormal using an EVP recorder?…perhaps an expert in this field can go to the different areas that the bodies were found and perfom and EVP recording…maybe they can get their info through this venue…being experienced in the paranormal I have encounter many useful results just in and around my own home…you never know…this past christmas I had relatives over one evening and after we came home from dinner our train set was a wreck on the table top…so I performed an EVP recording and heard that Johnathan had wrecked the train set…so I asked my nephew Johnathan if he did that…and he answered yes…so it seems that the spiritual world can work in anyone’s favour….B

    1. Laughing says:

      B Regina,

      Wow! I love hearing the “unhinged” explain things. More please.

      1. B. Regina says:

        Listen don’t knck something before it is negitively proven…I have been performing EVP recordings in and around my residence for quite a few years now…ever since we noticed objects moved in different places in our home not to our doing…so, it is merely a suggestion…I am not “unhinged” as you so placed such judgement upon me here in your comment…hey, you never know…so sorry you are not open-minded…I almost at least 200 EVP recordings and personal photos in my possession with acclaimed spiritual activity in and around our home and surrounding towns…it is no laughing matter…I have factual evidence, people in this field of experise have helped professionals solve mysteries…all I did was offer a suggesiton…you can do what you want with it….though in my experience people who have passed away in a particular locale usually have their spirit reside in that particular area…this has been my given experience thus far….my mother and I always perform and EVP session at my late father’s grave site…you would not believe what I have recorded…it would simply amaze you.

      2. B. Regina says:

        I don’t truly understand the “why” , with these ladies supposed history and ads on Craigslist, that the killer was not located yet…they found a year or so ago one or two men that commited heinous crimes answering ads on Craigslist…so why not now? Have the detectives accessed and searched the investigation through Craigslist accounts and activities of these women that were murdered…these women supposedly placed ads on the Craigslist site so why can’t they connect the killer with this info? The killer obviously responded to the womens ads…there should be archived history for all their activity? Or were all these murders not from a Craigslist ad?

      3. Still Laughing says:

        B. Regina,

        Can you prove your paranormal experiences? If so, have you won the million dollar prize that James Randi has offered for the last 47 years?

      4. B. Regina says:

        I have absolutely no idea who James Randi is nor what you are speaking of…I do not seek to win pirze money for my evidence. All I know is what I have is the proof I have recorded through the past two years and my personal photos that which depict spiritual activity in and around our co-op complex and personal experiences. The grounds our complex was built on dates back as far as the 1500’s. I also have a few neighbors with the same spiritual activities.

  17. Curious says:

    I am wondering, since Nassau County now has no crime lab, who is going to process these remains?

  18. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    I am sure the Nassau and Suffolk PD took off today it is raining out.Good day to dump more bodies if you are a killer.I watch CSI all the time..

  19. Jets Fan says:

    NCPD & SCPD $140,000 and still panhandling for free coffee at 7-Eleven, and free food at the local diners. They are really starving. PPPPPlease!!!!

    Maybe they should have been investigating all the missing persons cases. Maybe we should just raise the property taxes some more so we can hire more loafers working 3 days a week and can cash out at 20 year.. During that time they can be found parking car to car.

    I guarantee that people would take that job for half the money with ALL the education they need to command that lofty salary.

    Real tough being a cop in the counties.

  20. Love the Island says:

    Hope they are looking at the option that the killer brought them there by boat…it only makes sense being that they all seem be on the bay side. Quite a few wrapped in burlap…clammer? Just a thought without knowing any of the details.

  21. Jackson says:

    Jets fan, sounds to me like you are a know it all. knocking the police.. the Suffolk County police, Nassau County police, New York State Police, and the F.B.I. will find this dirt bag, investigations take time, but do you know as for you posting how much money they make, whats wrong with you, and by the way cops are entitled to eat dinner, just like you do you fat slob. and if you did get a ticket by d.e.c. you probably deserved it catching shorts and keeping them.
    dont worry the police in this State are doing a fine job and they deserve every penny they earn it…. keep up the great work guys and girls…

    1. jtorres says:

      I’m with you, Jackson. Hey jets Fan! You think it’s so easy and overpays, why don’t you man up and join the police force in Nassau or Suffolk? Or maybe you can’t meet the requirements. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re afraid. Stop being a Monday morning quarterback and let the authorities do their jobs because you obviously can’t. You’re so smart? You tell us, who’s committing these murders? Who’s dumping the bodies? When were they all killed? Why? You don’t know, do you? I guess you’re not any smarter than the people you’re criticizing.

      1. jersey_sucks says:

        Well, 140k is a lot and cashing out after 20 years is rediculous.

  22. Urban Resident says:

    I think every resident and former resident of Long Island are suspects.

  23. GONNA says:

    The police department can’t be blamed for these murders. the crimes were committed and bodies well concealed. HAd the one girl not gons missing. the rest may have never been found as soo ans they were.. The police investigation is proceeding as expediciously as possible.The officers you see at the diner are patrol officers, Their primary function is not to investigate incidents that have occured. But crime alredy in progress.

    I do believe, however. the killer does not want to be caught. Why? Becasue the bodies were so well consealed. If his actions were that of a killer seeking attention. The bodies wouldhave been lefft in a more open place. As I understand, from the information released by the media. The bodies were all discovered in brush or weeded area.. Marsh or swamp like.. Any DNA or physical evideence (shoe prints, blood, unire, semen, and alike) would have disapeared with the changing climate and weather conditions. however intentional or unintentional.

    It’s not likely, the police will find any actual evidence (including trace) other than the bodies. They will need to rely on link or common evidence with te victims. ( race, prior location, build, haircolor, facial similarities, socail status, other thatn Craigslist) they need to focus on places they visited prior to the murders. Places that victims last visited ( restraunts, clubs, diners, etc). Yes, the police will also need to look at cell phone records for each of the victims ( once each of the vistims identities have been determined.

    I’ve given my profile of the killer. Based on information relased by the media. It will be interesting to see just how accurate the profile is.

    My deepest, heart fealt condolances go out to the friends and families of all the victims. i hope all thier iidetities will soon be discovered..

    there is one more crucial piece of evidence that will need close attention. the approximate time of deat ( Month, day, and year. As well as time.

    If I am not mistaken. he may have already made a geographical location change. But he is still on the prowl. and likely still active. the bodies hsve just not yet been discovered. I din’t say this to cause fear. Simply stating a very likely probability.

  24. Jets Fan says:

    Part of the blame should be placed squarely on the over-paid police dept of Nassau and Suffolk County. Where have they been? This sick individual has felt shown wanton disregard for life and felt comfortable dumping bodies in desolate stretches of beach and yet where are they? they are all hanging together at the local diners 5 cars at a time instead of patrolling the streets for $140,000.00 per year.

    How about the State and Park police where are they … giving ticket to fishermen. Law enforcement has done a wonderful job.

    How about investigating all the missing persons cases?

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