NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New Yorkers may have been gratified in October, 2010 when the United States Postal Service issued a new stamp depicting the serene face of Lady Liberty.

The statue, not so much.

The photo on the stamp, taken by Raimund Luke, doesn’t show the iconic beauty towering in New York’s harbor. Instead, it is a shot of the replica built outside the New York-New York Casino in Las Vegas, the New York Times reported.

The 14-year-old replica is half the size of the 125-year-old original. Its lips are in a bit of a pout. The nose is sloped. The eyebrows are thick. It has a faintly beleaguered expression, as compared to the stern, stalwart expression of the original.

If the one in New York is proudly carrying the torch of freedom in front of the world, the one in Vegas seems to be drunkenly hailing a cab.

Postal Service spokesman Roy Betts said three billion of the First-Class Mail Forever stamps have been printed and it is not being pulled from the market.

What do you think of the stamp? Should New Yorkers feel besmirched? Sound off in our comments section.

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  1. Robert says:

    SO FRIGGIN’ WHAT? Once again, the media hand feeds the citizen-sheep something that doesn’t actually MATTER and which NOBODY noticed so that the actual problems of our world are, once again, ignored or at best, pushed back to page four.

    PEOPLE, IT’S A FRIGGIN STAMP. The Liberty, AirMail Stamp made in 1971 wasn’t a photo of the actual statue either. It was an artists rendition, but no one got their knickers in a twist over that, did they?

    News agencies need to quit acting as if this is some disastrous, offensive and un-American mistake that needs to be addressed. Shut up. No it doesn’t.

  2. Rick says:

    If you’re going to make a stamp that has a famous symbol of ANYTHING representing the “United States of America”, especially something as famous as the “Statue of Liberty”, DO IT RIGHT!!!!! The French should be appalled; I know I am. Let’s make the next stamp have the picture of the famous “Mount Rushmore” and add Obama to it. Would that be okay with everyone? I surely doubt it. Except for the certain group of people on the left that thinks he’s some kind of God!!! Oops, I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t offend anyone, you know, like the stamp of liberty did!!!

  3. Christina says:

    Here’s an idea: The US is BROKE! So, instead of spending a bundle printing stamps with incorrect images on them, privatize the entire postal practice. It would save our government millions if not billions, our mail and packages would arrive quicker and less damaged, and you know UPS and FedEx wouldn’t have made such a stupid mistake. As an added bonus, postage would probably decrease thanks to go ole capitalism and market rivalry.

    We can teach babies to read, young children to speak 2 and 3 languages, teens to wear condoms, and seniors to use a computer and text via cell phone. But I guess the US of A’s government is just too much of an old dog to learn anything new.

  4. Crystal says:

    Las Vegas is home base for the shadow government of the united states..

    This is a message to the world…The U.S.A. is conquered.

    You are now a citizen of a slave nation. test what I am saying…read your constitutioin and then try to walk down the street carrying a rifle. Open carry.

    Try to picket a business…if you are anyone other than a communist union organisation, you will be told to leave and to get a permit from your city…what happened to the right to gather?

    pick any right your parents or grandparents once practiced and you will see that you have no rights…at least not the rights that our country was founded on.

    infact most people don’t even know what their rights once were because our natioin has been complacent for a long time.

    seek out your grand parents and great grandparents and ask what used to be common place and you will see….

    even the civil rights movement would not beable to happen to day…believe me… you are a slave. read aldo huxley, brave new world….we are there….watch soylent green and you will see…

    recieve your daily programing from your favorite program on t.v…..

    open your eyes….and cry.

    1. Crystal says:

      Read “The Money and the Power”
      Howard Hughes, the Mormans, and the Mob along with Harry Reid….
      America’s Shadow Government and how it came to ve.

      I have become very jaded because of the knowledge I posses. I can read between the lines. What saddens me the most is how the love of man has grown so cold.
      Really no one cares anymore.

      we get in our cars and drive to work and this is all we care about.

      we are ripe to participate in the next great atrocities…we will be right up there with the germans who manned the prison camps…read Corrie Tin Boom and see how the citizens of germany averted thier eyes as the wemon were marched from the trains to the prison camps, half starved, covered in feces from a four day ride from one camp to another in train, cramed together like so many cattle.

      would you have avereted your eyes?

      How many times a day do you look away or choose not to see?

      How many times in your car?
      How many times at work?
      How many times at the fast food restaurant or the day care?
      How many times at walmart?

      we are a sick, sick people, may God forgive us.

      It is sad./

  5. shaver says:

    Looks like a work of art to me. It does not have to be the real statue of liberty. Most stamps are all works of art, not actual photos. I think it’s modern, graceful and perfect the way it is!

  6. Robert says:

    The Vegas Liberty is a TRIBUTE to New York’s Liberty. .. only a clueless media-hawker would think that using the former is an insult to the latter. Perhaps New Yorkers will be insulted that the actual Liberty wasn’t used in the stamp design. That’s understandable. Nowhere in the world is there a greater concentration of self-important douchbags who can’t see the rest of the world around them.

    The Vegas Liberty does not have waves of metal corrosion on her face and so makes a much nicer close-up than the original. No one noticed this until some bored news room picked up on it and put a spin on it that made it seem insulting.

    We already spend too much money on fixing what’s not really broken, leave it alone.

  7. x1134x says:

    you can tell its not the real statue because it doesn’t have bird droppings and corrosion running down its face.

  8. Celidus says:

    Hey! I are a goberment werker!

  9. Barbara Eggleston says:

    If it was printed in CHINA I would say change it. Are we sure china had nothing to do with it? They print /produce and sell the AMERICAN flags for a lot of our AMERICAN advertiseing and media. Maybe they got the contract to print the stamps and some one sent them (CHINA) a souvenir from N.Y. and thats what they used for reference.

    1. CAPTAIN ARAB says:

      babs works for the stupid post orifice only monopoly that manages to lose billions..lick my stamps baby..

  10. Auburn Dale says:

    Anybody can tell it’s a fake. In addition to the lips, nose, and eyebrows, look closely at the CROWN. Those black rectangles clearly betray the copy because the real statue has WINDOWS through which tourists look out on the harbor after climbing 22 flights.

  11. Columbus_southpaw says:

    Next time I’m posting something through the USPS, I’ll just go to UPS….No insult intended, but I like their LOGO better anyway!

  12. Columbus_southpaw says:

    I guess next time I’m posting something through the USPS, I’ll just go to UPS….No insult intended, but I like their LOGO better anyway!

  13. James R. says:

    Who really cares?

    Is it the wrong lady? Yep
    Did 80% of Amerasians know about this? Nope

    Does the USA have better things to deal with? YES

  14. nySUCKS says:

    Stop yer whinin’ ya got the Space Shuttle. The center of the world is NOT NYC. Perhaps the armpit of the world, but DEFINITELY NOT the center.

  15. roul says:

    Just one more change we all voted for …huh .

  16. Robert says:

    At least they didn’t use the one in Memphis… Thank goodness… That one has to be seen to be believed…

  17. John Danahy says:

    Why should we affirm a dumb decision? Get it right. It’s going to cost plenty, so let the departments heads be forced to absorb it from within their budget without involving personnel hits.

    1. Sebastian says:

      LOL yer glib…. WE would have to pay for it. It was a mistake. Big deal, get a life. Hopefully the person doesn’t lose their job because of losers like you without a life….

    2. Robert says:

      What part of this decision was ‘dumb’ ? The vegas liberty is a cleaner visage and therefore makes a sharper, cleaner picture. You coudn’t have gotten such a nice photo without touching up the NY Liberty. That likely would have raised ire too.
      Actually, what’s causing all the fuss is the spin put on the subject by the article which makes this seem insulting, when actually, it’s not.
      I affirm that this was a good decision to make a sharp photo.
      Making “the department heads.. absorb it from within their budget” is a waste of OUR money. THAT would be a dumb decision.
      Remember: IT”S JUST A STAMP, Dumba$$

  18. leseos says:

    It certainly, out of basic respect shold have been the authentic Statue of Liberty.
    But let’s face it, this country has much more serious issues than this. It is quite unfortunate that this happened, but why spend time and money to revoke and print the correctr version

    1. Flabby Girl says:

      I agree. Reprinting would be a waste of money and resources, though I did find it quite disrespectful when USPS claimed that they liked this replica’s picture and “would have used it anyway.” They give the impression that authenticity means nothing.

  19. JNB says:

    It is truly a shame that the United States post office shows a picture of a “close” replica of a national monument and a source of great pride… They should IMMEADIATELY remove from service and the executive who authorized taking a picture of a statute in Las Vegas should repay the government and/or resign his position with NO GOVERNMENT pension since he has no idea what being a citizen of the US means.. Probably was comped rooms and meals for the promotion of the hotel

    1. Robert says:

      I have a hard time taking seriously, someone whom cannot even spell ‘immediately’ or ‘statue’.
      The Vegas Liberty is a tribute to the NY Liberty and so, therefore, honors citizenship exactly as much.
      You only feel this way because you bought the spin put into the ‘shocking expose’.

  20. OldGypsy says:

    What difference does it make? I passed the Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas evert day for the past five years and it evoked the same feelings that the Statue of Liberty in New York evoked in me. An American flag is still the American flag, even though they are made in China.

  21. Rich says:

    What do you expect from folks whose mail service is inept at best. They recently returned a package to sender saying no such person lives at a place that I have lived for 30 years!

  22. sylvia gritsipis says:

    Land of the free? Home of the brave? What a bunch of bull!!! I am moving to Canada!!!!

    1. RICH L. says:


  23. AndrewA, NYC says:

    it is an inaccuracy of American history. No disrespect to the artist of the replica.
    Photos of the original can’t be obtained.

    1. Robert says:

      English is not your first language, is it? Perhaps you’d like to rephrase that to be more clear? A Vegas tribute to the NY original conveys the same sense of pride of citizenship and reprents the very same patriotism. Just because a spin-doctor tells you to be insulted over a minor difference doesn’t mean you need to eat it up.

  24. Bill Mai says:

    Just like our government.

  25. Ralph Puccini says:

    What a crock! The USPS doesn’t care whether it’s the real Lady Liberty – that’s sad! New Yorkers and New Jersyites SHOULD be insulted!

  26. StanZ says:

    It’s typical of a government agency today. They always make us feel like Number 2. Also, it the NYTimes reported it, it must be so. (?). As the great American statesman Rodney Dangerfield, once said… “Give me Liberty, Then Give Me Vegas”!

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