TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — New Jersey wants to know if its medical marijuana program violates federal law.

The Star-Ledger of Newark reports state Attorney General Paula Dow’s office sent a letter Tuesday to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Dow asked whether those licensed to sell or grow marijuana and the state workers who will administer the program would face arrest.

The request comes after Washington state’s governor last week threatened to veto legislation that requires state employees to implement a marijuana licensing system. The Justice Department had warned that Washington state employees could be liable for breaking federal law.

New Jersey Democrats and Republican Gov. Chris Christie have been at odds over how to implement the medical marijuana program. Christie has imposed regulations that would tighten access.

Should medical marijuana stay legal in New Jersey? Leave a comment below…

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  1. lee says:

    of course it would be a good idea to keep it legal. The Dea should be concerning themselves with eradicating crack and meth and other drugs that ruin people’s lives and children, xanax, etc. Not spending all our taxpayers money to eradicate something that is actually healing and helpful. Ask yourselves why the dealers of crack and meth don’t get paid serious attention too!!! As they continue to harm otherwise good people and tear thier families apart. How many children, teens, young adults and even 30 somethings have lost thier actual productive lives to the likes of chemical substances and why are these substances not the number 1 priority of the federal Government or the DEA, yet they cause the most harm to people, thier families and the communities. They spend ridiculous amounts of money each year on, for instance $800 an hour on a helicopter in kentucky to find hidden marijuana patches, give me a break!! What a waste, is that really necessary? What is the big problem. For some reason they are off the path and fighting the wrong fight. Then blame medicare and social security for our debt as if medicare and social security could even put a dent on our debt, which probably has not much to do with those anyway. If a government offical wants a limo and driver, use your own salary for it and let the taxpayers money be spent properly and for the betterment of our country. Stop wasting our money on so many jails, etc when there are truely only a few criminals, and those are the ones that should be in jail; rapists, murderers, child molestors, makers of substances that harm people including pharmacueticals, and generally only things that cause harm. Drunk driving, beating people, torturing animals, etc. There are only a number of things that cause harm to others and those are the only things the law should be concerned with on the criminal level. Honsetly who cares if people want to spend thier hard earned money on poker! It’s thiers, they earned it!! If that’s what makes them feel better, stay home at night and out of the bars, reducing drunk driving then what’s the problem?? Things have really gotten out of control and the governenment is ausing it’s power, it was created to protect people. Honestly, where’s the honour in the way things are being run these days, our forefathers might be ashamed!!! Believe me there’s a solution for every problem but our government has forgotten it’s heart!!

  2. Charles Gregg says:

    Its strange that so much marijuana is being grown in the mid-west. N.J. Is making or has already made marijuana legal for the medical community. A marijuana ID system is being implemented .Read the writing on the wall the government is going into the marijuana business. STRAIGHT UP…. Governor CHRIS CHRISTIE. A REP.
    Has the Senate trying to figure this out Medical ID and Marijuana Program for the Medical Community- MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROGRAM Sounds like some other kind of programs they started in the 60’s They called that Medical to. That did not work out to good either.. This is big bucks. The marijuana is not the greatest thing about this, its the ID, run out go to the nearest marijuana dealer get your self what the ID quota is the police can not arrest you, you can legally have it on your person. Some can have it and some can’t, it will never work. Just going to put a lot of people in jail. AND THE POPULATION will take that has a signal the government will have to decriminalize marijuana on the books and the police probably won’t enforce it. times a changing..

  3. Ron says:

    Wow are they serious, politics never change. They already know it’s illegal, they just want it in writing so they can snitch out to the feds where these people are and shut them down federally. It’s like when a brother and sister tattle tale on each other. He hit me…

  4. Johnny Handsome says:

    Once the Feds find a way to tax it, all problems will be solved.

  5. Herb Dakine says:

    People seem to forget that this is a free country and the founders said that a man has the right to ingest whatever he wants–those are their words not mine –so do not let the big pharmaceutical companies or anyone else take your freedoms away!!!!!!

  6. Aceof Spades says:

    Of course it is federally illegal to sell and distribute. State can let you sell but if the feds come they will shut you down.

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