NEW YORK (AP / CBSNewYork) – Katie Couric has confirmed that she’s leaving her anchor job at the “CBS Evening News.”

CBS News issued the following statement: “There’s a lot to be proud of during her time at Evening News. CBS News, like Katie herself, is looking forward to the next chapter.”

Couric also told People magazine in a story published Tuesday on its website that she hasn’t decided what she’s doing next. But she says she is “looking at a format that will allow me to engage in more multi-dimensional storytelling.”

The Associated Press reported three weeks ago that Couric’s tenure as CBS anchor would end just short of five years in the job. Her contract expires June 4.

CBS has not set an exit date but is expected to appoint Scott Pelley of “60 Minutes’‘ as her successor as early as next week.

Couric was unable to move the “CBS Evening News” out of third place in the ratings.

What do you think Couric should do next? Let us know below

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  1. Hmmm says:

    “Rick” got it wrong. CNN is not the Communist News Network–CBS is the Communist Broadcasting System. They picked up that name when Ed Murrow took down Senator Joseph McCarthy.

  2. Hmmm says:

    When is the CBS Evening News studio, that CBS spent all that money on, going on ebay? “None of Your Business” is absolutely right about Bob Schieffer. The show’s ratings actually went up, when he was on. They kept planting stories about his iminent retirement, to try and give an excuse for not keeping him in the anchor seat. Well, folks, he outlasted Katie.

  3. John says:

    Thank God, finally !!! She was an ‘entertainer’ not an ‘anchor’!!

  4. Wil Hansen says:

    The reason the nightly newscasts are still on each night is because they make money and draw 4 times the viewers in a half hour as Fox News does all day. Fox News is #1 in cable news, not in all news, PBS Newshour draws the same number of viewers each night as Fox News. So Fox viewers stop being human centipedes of Rush Limbaugh talking points and look at the facts. Katie Couric had to take her shot at nightly news. She did it now it is time to move on. Every CBS insider I know says Harry Smith off camera is an evil freak and the warm fuzzy image is just that, an image. CBS should have grabbed Anderson Cooper when they had the chance.

  5. Rick says:

    NBC: National Barack Channel
    ABC: Another Barack Channel
    CBS: Couric’s Barack Station
    PBS: Public Barack Station
    MSNBC: More Same National Barack Channel
    CNN: Communist News Network
    HLN: Home/ Liberal News

    Lame stream liberal news media also referred to as the Democrat Media Complex. Control the media and you control the message. It’s why no watches these hacks anymore! So long Couric and good riddance…

    1. HooDatIS? says:

      lol….rick u sillie as hell but very funny

  6. Jimmy says:

    The liberal lady is finally leaving and should retire once and for all and Ve a full time cougar

  7. Beatrice Ladeinde says:

    I love Katie and I’ll be sad to see her leave the CBS Evening News! Katie, don’t allow the rating thing to get to you at all. You’re a smart woman and you deliver the news, night after night, in the most professional way. Hold your head high and don’t for a moment take this personal.

    For all you haters out there, go fix your sad lives and leave Katie alone!

  8. Old Man says:

    Graham has it right! However it isn’t hard to detect the current excessive slant of CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and the BS AC360 crew along with that fool Chris Matthews! There hasn’t been ANY self respecting Anchor since Walter Kronkite and he was liberal and wayward also, NO ONE verifies any story anymore—report it for the ratings!!! Show some skin—-it’ll be OK!

  9. Withheld says:

    Katie should join NPR where she can spend more time exploring stories that interest her. She should avoid reality tv shows and talk shows unless she is simply in it for the bucks.

  10. don says:

    i don’t know where she will go, but whereever it is , i will follow. she is great.

  11. Bill says:

    Go back to Po Dunk Virginia. Thats where she would be if she haden’t auditioned on the casting couch for J Monahan

  12. roneida says:

    “free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last”

    No more smirky, bubbly ‘Dirty Laundry”.

  13. Rod in says:

    Soooooo….. who is this hag????

  14. Tom says:

    YEEEEEA !!!! I hate her with a passion every time I see her on the TV I turn the channel honesty is rarley found in her liberal reporting she has to bash everyone who is againt big goverment . When was Katie lying everytime her lips moved

  15. AM DiGennaro says:

    Why isn’t Harry Smith replacing her. I love him as an anchor,on The Early Show and he has filled in quite often for Katie doing a splended job each time.,.

  16. Missy Rose says:

    That is too bad. I like Katie. I’ll switch over to NBC news now once Katie is gone.

  17. Marina Ios says:


  18. None Of Your Business says:

    It’s about time. Bob Schieffer was great as the CBS news anchor. CBS should have kept him. He reminds me of CBS’s glory days with Richard C. Hottelet and Charles Collingwood and Douglas Edwards. Katie was such a lightweight. I found it interesting that during the coverage of Gerald Ford’s funeral Bob Schieffer was there beside her and doing practically all of the commentary. She contributed one remark that was so lightweight it wasn’t heavy enough to be called featherweight.

    I stopped watching CBS Evening News after CBS dumped Bob Schieffer.

  19. J. Buono says:

    Evening News Anchors are going the way of Beta Max Players thanks to the Internet.

  20. Graham says:

    All it takes to improve ratings is fair, honest reporting. The person delivering the reporting does not matter, if the person is viewed as fair and honest, people will watch!!!

  21. Leslie says:

    Great, hopefully we never hear from her again. It’s Miller time.

  22. joey says:

    who cares, bye bye

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