NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – An undocumented immigrant has been arrested and charged after an accident on Long Island that left two men dead early Saturday morning.

Oscar E. Ramirez-Lopez faces charges for vehicular manslaughter in the first degree, driving while intoxicated and driving without a license after police said the 29-year-old Guatemalan sideswiped a Kia Sephia on the Wantagh Parkway in Levittown causing the Kia to veer off the road and strike a tree, killing its two occupants.

Ilario Scuteri, 49, was driving with his passenger, Daniel J. Gambardella, 46, to work when the accident happened at 4:52 a.m. Both died and were removed from the scene by the Nassau County Medical Examiners Office.

Police said Ramirez-Lopez, who was driving an ’03 Ford Windstar registered to Fabio Marcano, 50, of the Bronx, was treated for minor injuries at Nassau County Medical Center before being processed at the State Police Farmingdale Barracks.

Police are asking that anyone who may have witnessed the accident or has any information pertaining to this incident contact Inv. Sean Michael Pagano at (516) 561-8492. All calls will be kept confidential.

The investigation is continuing.

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  1. Alfonso says:

    CN is a state…………..???

  2. ELLA says:


  3. Sabrina McNock-Harris says:


  4. Sabrina McNock-Harris says:

    There are hundreds of “legal” americans who kill “illegal” immigrants in this country. It’s sad that it’s okay because they are “illegal” Let’s close the canadian border and I can’t tell you have many D*#) russians work at my local mall. Always by the name of OLGA, well, OLGA GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY before I call ICE on your A## you f’ing CRACKER!! Car accidents are sad, period. For every “illegal” who created one, there are about 10 “citizens” who create one. The truth of the matter is, THOSE ARE HARDLY ever reported because this country is racist. I am half Native AMerican. GET OUT OF MY country, CRACKERS to back to the UK where you belong!!!

    1. Tysean B. Smoove says:


      You seem angry. Here, have a sip of this malt liquor that I have on ice. Then we can chillax as we discuss our plan to take whitey down.

      1. Jesse Sharpton says:

        F*** You Tysean(what kind of fookin’ name is Tysean anyway?) Pretty ethnic eh? Sounds like ebonics to me. If you aren’t White, be very careful you haters. Whitey’s making their own plans for you tysean!

  5. Pi$$ed Off Long Islander says:

    Now this is a surprise, illegal, dwi, kill Americans….

  6. Simon says:

    DUI is one of illegal actions. Just about personal responsibility.Not about status,gender,race,etc.

  7. NoneinMO says:

    In 2007, Missouri placed on the ballot a proposed constitutional amendment designating English as the official language of Missouri. In November, 2008, nearly 90% voted in favor! Thus, English became the official language for ALL governmental activity in Missouri. No individual has the right to demand government services in a language OTHER than English.

    That’s rights: There no Illegals in MO.

    Send this to our politicians in NY, NJ & CN

  8. Michael Scott Witty says:

    Reading these comments has made me realize that it is no longer America the Great but now America the Late. Really, people!

    1. jbrutal says:

      dude, take your cleverness and go post on NPR! this page is for people with extra dumbness. your not welcome here.

  9. Citizen says:

    Puerto Rico is in Guatemale? Idiot. Puerto Ricans are US citizens, NOT illegals! African Americans are US citizens. This eejit, like you, bought a driver’s license, but never learned how to drive. ONCE AGAIN: Give everyone a green card, make them citizens if they pay taxes and commit for crimes for 3 years, and not only save on tracking them, but pull in tax dollars to pay for the services they use!

  10. ella says:

    sad just very, very sad two union carpenters on a way to work ……………
    my deepest condolences to their families.

  11. Tuffguy says:

    Everyone loves to hire the illegals for cheap labor. Cutting the grass, construction, carwash, etc… As soon as they want to use our schools for their children, hospitals, everyone points out that they are “illegals”. You cant have it both ways. Would we be having this discussion (about the crime committed)if the person was born and raised here in U.S?

    1. marc says:

      You know, you should actually find out how much these guys are being paid in the industries you mentioned before you write a comment. Have you ever asked one of these guys how much they make an hour? You would probably be surprised. Most of them are on the books (which means they are here legally) and owners must comply with labor laws. Plus, in some industries, they make tips on top of their wages. Are they making as much as union guys? Of course not. But I don’t know many people who are making as much as union guys.

      If you want to talk about an industry that takes advantage of its workers, why not ask your favorite waiter or waitress how much (s)he makes? Don’t be surprised if you hear $2.00 an hour. I’m not kidding. $2.00 AN HOUR.

      Totally illegal.

  12. Robert Senn says:

    let him rot in jail for life thats istdegree murder not manslaughter what the hell let shoot them all

  13. Jerry says:

    The true killer here is the US govt. who is not at all proactive with illegals and driving infractions.
    Here we have tax paying citizens killed by a non taxpayer. Triple jeopardy,now taking up court time and costs.
    He ultimately will spend much tine in jail again on our dollar?
    where does it end??
    The immigrants quality of life may improve here as well as his family at home who receive his hard working dollars,however, it is chipping away at our lifestyle,quality of life and in this case left children and wives fatherless.
    Is this bizarro world or what?

    1. Christine says:

      Who ever let him drive, his vehicle ,too, should be held accountable!

      1. MORules says:

        Yes, Christine, there’s a lot of people who should share the blame –inlcuidng the car’s owner, whoever served him the alcohol and the U.S. Gov’t who allows these immigrants to run amok. Only the state of MO has no illegal immigrant problem. In MO you must speak and write english to get any public assistance. Well, all the illegals just packed up and left town.

    2. FedUpUsCitizen says:

      You Hit the nail on the head. We need more thinkers like You in the US Government. Close the borders

      1. PLANNED TO FAIL US ALL says:


    3. Truth says:

      Illegals pay taxes as well. Their paperwork might be illegal but the employer doesn’t know that but they still pay taxes. People who work at walmart, burger king, etc are paying taxes and I doubt all of them are legal. Hiring a white kid who is in high school to cut your lawn or the little girl selling lemonade should be payingbtaxes as well. Where do you draw the line? Fact is illegals take alot of jobs that most Americans don’t want. Then you have the lazy people on welfare who don’t even bother working or try to. The whole system is screwed up. I blame everyone in Washington and all the local politicians.

      1. DayLaborersRule says:

        Most day laborers don’t pay taxes. They get cash. There families receive public assistance–food stamps, free healthcare (yes, free, including medicine & taxies to and from the hospital) and a free education. We are fools to let them live here illigally.

  14. David Goldstein says:

    Hispanic are the worst drivers…they caused over 90% of all auto accidents.

    1. Sabrina McNock-Harris says:

      @ David Goldstein

      site your source about your driving comment, or is that just a “fact out of your A##?” Serial killers are 99% white in this country. They are the worst killers.

      1. David Goldstein says:


        Gargle my man-sac.

      2. badman says:

        he meant they caused over 90% of accidents on the wantagh parkway yesterday morning at 4:52AM. and he would be right. and you can have his man sac as soon as his mom’s done with it.

    2. Marie Rivera says:

      This has to be the most ignorant response of the bunch. Oh, and if you were trying to be funny..Stick to the day job.

  15. marc says:

    RealAmerican really is an American – dumb as a box of rocks. No wonder the rest of the world, especially China, laugh at this country and are rapidly putting it back in its ignorant third world place

  16. Tru-Christian says:

    Perhaps educational courses could be offered, regardless of immigration status, to alleviate this misfortune. Education and awareness are the root of solutions!

    1. andrea says:

      I said it before and i will keep saying it we should make mexico part of the united stated.

      1. Jose A.Ortiz says:


      2. Cosmonauts Rule says:

        Why should we? Look at a map and you will see that Russia is 3x the size of the U.S. We should ship these convicts off to Russia’s Baikonur Cosmodrome so they can be rehabiliated into ASTRONAUTS, instead of mowing people down.

      3. badman says:

        yes and also the island of Lampedusa

    2. Bill Dikant says:

      In the last 20 or so years I have spoken to many “HIGHWAY TERRORISTS” on the issue of D.W.I.,and ya know what Mr”True Christian”, damn fools keep Driving under the influence!. A woman in Wisconson who Killed a person some time back, was just arrested for another D.W.I. charge!. Knowing what your talking about “Mr. True Christian” is the root of a solution.

      Bill Dikant, D.W.I. Victim Advocate,
      Castleton, N.Y. 12033-1604

    3. Katie says:

      Jose, so you won’t think Mexico is being picked on without cause, here’s some interesting info, according to Texas DOT, in 2007, 28% of all traffic related fatalities in Tx were caused by an Uninsured, Unlicensed, Mex Nationals living illegally in Texas. 28% is huge & that was 4yrs ago.

      If this Guatemala citizen had been in Mex when this accident happened, justice probably would’ve been instant & severe. Mex doesn’t have a good Human Rights record when it comes to those caught inside it’s borders illegally.

      1. Sabrina McNock-Harris says:


        You don’t think that illegal canadians and russians toward the northern part of the US cause accidents? WOW, you are a genius! DID you know that there are dozens of stores in WA and in ID that waive the canadian flag?!?! THIS ISN’T CANADA! why don’t we close that border? Oh that’s right….canadians are white! I forgot they carry that “we are white and we can break the law” card. got it…see..I am just native american. My ancestors were here when your D*#) Mayflower crashed here! Go back to the UK Katie, you bloody tart!

      2. Dr. Zaius says:


        This is just a hunch, so bear with me: did you take your medication today?

    4. Kevin says:

      How would this education be funded?

  17. any says:

    Being illegal immigrant didn’t cause this man to kill two people. It was being DWI that caused it. KEEP YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

    1. WorldCitizen says:

      Finally a competent person..

    2. Bill Dikant says:

      Amy, An ILLEGAL, is still an ILLEGAL, with out a DRIVERS LICENSE,Operationg a motor vehicle, capable of Killing or injuring someone,no insurance more than likely so if he did injure or kill, there is no finincial assistance to the Victim’s so they go it alone.Does the Word “HISPINAC” solve your problem.

      1. DL says:

        Word to use is CRIMMIGRANT. Don’t slur the good Americans of Hispanic descent, call these illegal criminals what they are.

      2. JUST FACTS 007 says:

        Since the corrupt Obama and Holdre are allowing all these illegals to keep pouring in, they as well as the US Government should have to pay the family.

      3. badman says:

        even better than CRIMMIGRANT, use the work CRIMBEPHANT. That is REALLY clever and sums up my self-hatred-fueled rage.,

      4. Sabrina McNock-Harris says:

        Define “illegal” Bill. Does that also cover the Mayflower? I am sorry, did the Pilgrams carry proper citizenship papers/ID cards? I am Native American…to me, Bill….YOU ARE THE ILLEGAL! GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY and take KATIE with you!!!! You Sick, SICK sad skinhead!

    3. GuatemalaRules says:

      Disagree. If this guy would have stayed in Guatemala (where he should have), this would have never happened. That’s a fact, Amy.

  18. Barry Levine says:

    I say let everyone into the US and this way they can get a pension, food stamps, rent aid with Section 8, free lunches for their ten kids, free medical for the next ten pregnencies, disability payments if they are too drunk to work, help from all kinds of charities and who knows what else. I do not mind paying taxes through my ass to help my fellow man….if they can maneuver the system to do all of these things then I deserve being their slave.

  19. us says:

    When will those politically correct finally admit that immigrants (including the illegal ones) are not an asset but a burden and danger to the country?

    1. marc says:

      Get your head out of your backside you ignorant prick.

    2. Rugbyball says:

      The Native American Indians agree with you. Now get out!

      1. REGULATOR says:

        WELL SAID!

  20. Katie Dawson says:

    Sorry for the family/friends of the 2 men murdered.
    Sadly this is a daily event in states like TX. Biggest culprit is wrong way DUI drivers on freeways late at night.
    1 Illegal had a Defense Atty explain to a judge it wasn’t his clients fault for hitting a car head on that killed 2 teens returning home from their prom. Advised the DOT was at fault since the freeway signs are in English & therefore the DUI illegal didn’t know he was going the wrong way.

    I lay the blame for traffic deaths due to illegal drivers at the Fed Gov front door, if Immigration laws had been enforced the past 20yrs many of these needless deaths wouldn’t have happened. …..

  21. RealAmerican says:

    Once again a piece of garbage illegal alien who broke and enter America killed US Citizens. When will black carter begin to protect our borders?

    1. Jorge says:

      RealAmerican is ReallyGay

      1. badman says:

        and probably superfat too, with a chronic bacon smell

    2. tiki1936 says:

      biggotry has nothing to do with your intelligence level, if you cannot say something intelligent, say nothing, it won’t reveal how backwards you relly are

      1. jbrutal says:

        and using, lot of commas, in run-on sentences, reveals your need for a GED. Back to school for you!!

    3. Sabrina McNock-Harris says:


      Was Timothy McViegh your friend? Was he a true american? Was he? Are you pround he served this country. I rather have a few “illegal” people living here than even ONE more Timothy McViegh. Remember the gun shots in AZ? Was the shooter “illegal” NOPE, JUST ANOTHER OF YOUR KIND, WHITE MAN!! More white terrorists in this country than I care to count! Let’s not forget that 99% of all of the serial killers in this country are WHITE!! Sorry, to pop your “all illegals do is kill american people” mentality. You’re narrow and ignorant view point is evident and too obvious. Better run now, don’t forget those KKK meetings! I am sure you are pround of your serial killer, govern building bombing, Az gun shot killing type of people.

    4. Sabrina McNock-Harris says:

      “attack Canada” LOL you are an idiot REAL AMERICAN!

    5. Sabrina McNock-Harris says:

      You are an idiot, “realAmerican” and claiming I say something that I didn’t say only caters toward your immaturity, ignorance and tantrums. “Attack Canada?” I never said that. isn’t the cut and paste feature just wonderful….hmmmmm who’s idenity should I take over? MORON

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