EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP)— Out with Xanadu, in with The American Dream.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney: You’ll Find The American Dream In The Meadowlands

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and mall developer Triple Five laid out ambitious new plans Tuesday for the troubled Xanadu retail and entertainment complex at the Meadowlands.

Photos: See More Photos Of The American Dream

It’ll be renamed “The American Dream” and the developers say the $3.7 billion megamall will be even bigger than their own Mall of America near Minneapolis.

It will have a glass-domed, indoor amusement park and water park with views of the city, an ice skating rink, stores, a movie theater and indoor ski slope.

“Skis, snowboards, everything you need it’s all there,” Paul Ghermezian with Triple Five told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Find The American Dream In New Jersey

“It’s an extraordinary destination for them to come and enjoy themselves and spend time with their families,” Christie said. “I do have some issues with the way this building looks and it’s getting a makeover, it’s getting a new name, it’s getting a new look.”

They want to be done by the fall of 2013 so it’s ready for the Super Bowl to be played in the New Meadowlands Stadium next door.

Christie and Triple Five said the expansion of the never-occupied Xanadu project to 3 million square feet will generate 9,000 construction jobs.

The state will help finance the project with $200 million in sales tax incentives.

Last month, Christie called Xanadu the ugliest building in New Jersey — and possibly America.

Jon Hanson, who headed a committee appointed by Christie to study the future of casinos, racetracks and Xanadu, said the complex needed to shed its Kubla Khan-inspired name because “nobody in New Jersey knows what a Xanadu is.”

What do you think of the new name and look? Let us know below

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  1. Hans Schmidt says:

    On Sat, 21 May 2011 12:11:31 -0400, Not Again wrote:

    >Seems governor of NJ is really desperate regarding his white elephant

    >Why would he want to consider the Ghermezians/Triple 5?

    >Triple 5 were involved in Las Vegas with bribing an official, trying to
    >get a casino licence. The bribe recipient testified to FBI.

    >In Alberta Canada, there is ongoing RCMP investigation involving bribing
    >senior ATB [bank] official to get $440 million.

    >As for their solvency, when they tried to do billion dollar project in
    >Silver Spring, MD, FBI RICO and all media including Washington Post
    >headlined: THEY HAVE NO MONEY !

    Did Triple 5 ever pay the Simons for their share of the Mall of America in

    >Instead of doing this deal, NJ would be better off holding international
    >competition, inviting alternative proposals for redevelopment, such as
    >for condos, gated community, or what?

    >With skyrocketing fuel costs mega-malls are no longer as attractive as
    >they were 30 years ago, as some consultants [Miller for example] have
    >already stated.

  2. Bell says:

    I live 2 minutes away. Can’t wait for the added traffic and the end of Sunday blue laws. It’s been my life long wish to destroy the re-emerging wetlands again. Welcome to NJ, the gutter state!

  3. jrjunky says:

    With the price of gas lets start dumping the garbage there again, why should we have to drive all the way out to PA to dump? It would take two years to fill up just the race track and afterwards tap the pile for methane. Much more money would be made than from Giant Stadium, the arena and the race track. I mean they are the “New York” Jets and Giants, let NY build em a stadium..

  4. Ed says:

    Why another out of town company coming in and suck money from the tax payers again ? Ever hear of local developers who don’t hit and run ? Hartz Mountain, Mack Caly, etc

  5. hal says:

    You guys sound about as fun as a bag of rocks, my 10 month old daughter cries less than the lot of ya…. and you know when this thing opens you all will go at least once to check it out, i hope you have a good time there

  6. JH says:

    What a waste of precious space, perhaps a large park and Ball fields would have been a better choice.

  7. Jax says:

    How many of you have ever walked a trail in the Meadowlands? Patronize Xanadu all you want when it is completed, but instead of waiting for that, take Route 3 to the Mill Creek Mall in Secaucus, stay straight through the lights (past the Starbucks, etc.) and at the final light for Sam’s Club, take a left, at the next light take a right into the parking lot of the Bob’s Discount Furniture, and — aha! — on the right, an entrance to manicured, maintained trails. I’m not the only one…

  8. Sean says:

    It’s getting expanded? That means the wetlands, an ecologically sensitive environment will be getting diminished further all so people can go spend money they can’t really afford to spend to buy things that will just end up in landfills or floating around in the world’s oceans.

    Great! Sounds great!

  9. GH says:

    Tax incentives are on the come. Not really giving anything up because your not generating any taxes from the property currently. A part of something is better than 100% on nothing.

    Also, if the teachers would pay more than 1.5% of their health insurance premiums they could re-employ themselves.

  10. JrJunky says:

    Sure my family will run out this place for the privilege of buying 12 dollar hamburgers 6 dollar Cokes and then go shopping and come home with all the overpriced merchandise, sure I will be doing that every week. Really the closest we will ever get to this horror is Rutts Hutt

  11. Jo says:

    I hope everyone who voted for Cristie is happy. He should be run out of the state, and take his rich, non tax payers with him. If he keeps going this will be a third world state.

    1. Parker says:

      It’s already a third world state thanks to the Democrats. Let’s not forget that this empty, fugly building was approved and built under the Corzine administration. The same administration that failed to extend the “millionaire tax” that was no tax but a temporary surcharge for people that made over $250,000 (far from people making a million or more). It’s ashame that dopes like you would rather bend over and keep taking it up the rear than have someone who has teh guts to actually try to change the way things are done!

  12. Mike says:

    I am amazed at how little people understand taxes and revenue. My guess is this is probably a lack of knowledge from our wonderful NJ teachers union. Cant teach what you dont understand.

  13. Alex says:

    I question if it will be successful but really hope it is – and why not? Why do we in NJ keep hoping for something to fail here?? If it succeeds it will make the area a better place. And people, the sales tax credit comes from the place after it opens – it currently doesn’t draw a single dime in sales tax.

  14. Jamey says:

    Is it even possible for ANYONE in the Christie admin. to NOT pile a gratuitous insult (“Nobody knows what a Xanadu is”) on top of yet another motion to transfer $$$ to Christie’s rich benefactors?

    Let’s be clear about one thing: Despite Christie’s attempts to dismantle support for it brick-by-brick, NJ’s public schools are among the top three nationwide in terms of performance. You can be damn sure that we know of Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan.” Heck, my son, a seventh-grader, had to memorize the first four stanzas…

  15. toast says:

    This is a failure in the making.

  16. billybob says:

    Whenever they show a night shot rendering for new architecture, YOU KNOW it will be much uglier by day!

    1. chuck m says:


  17. bill says:

    Oye!! People will really love NJ now!!

  18. Fred Medowlands says:

    What a Joke..!!! American Dream????? huge mall to be mostly closed on Sundays due to Blue (obsolete) Laws. Not to mention the overcrowded and already congested Route 3.

    No matter what they do, how much money keeps pumping to it, it’s a failure on the making from day 1. This time, it will be greater mess..!!

    Good luck with the name, it’s to cheesy for these economical times and generation, perhaps back in the 50’s or 60’s would’ve been sort of an American Dream Mall, but times are changing, internet is overshadowing retailing and this one will not be an exception.

    1. JOHN says:

      The blue law is in Paramus, NOT the Meadowlands. So you would rather leave that fugly eye sore the way it is. Christie didn’t put it their, he is only trying to make a bad situation a little bit better.

  19. Bob says:

    Govener fat ass wastes more money again. Try slimfast you cow.

    1. Nick says:

      Would you rather have 50% of new revenues of 100% of nothing?

  20. Ruthgirl says:

    I live in New Jersey, and I know what Xanadu is.

  21. Heather says:

    I’m so glad our fearless leader is using his time wisely worrying about a freakin mall in the middle of a swamp! Maybe the Northeast Corridor trains will get to Penn on time after this monstrosity is finished…oh wait, we don’t care about commuters in NJ!

  22. Chuck M says:

    I can’t imagine what kind of makeover could make that place look better. The whole design is a nightmare from its shape to its size. It looks like a coal mine was thrown up by the ground

  23. Nick says:

    It’s amazing how many people don’t know what a tax credit is.

  24. wayne says:

    wow , such negativity. come on !
    it will eventually provide thousands of job, tax revenue and act as a beacon for migrating birds! but really “the american dream” argh
    how about the “meadowmall” cool

  25. big al says:

    another example of shifting taxes from rich / corporations to working class…

    everyone should pay their share…

  26. gbel says:

    its a tax credit wich wont cost the state any out of pocket money but will cost it the $200 million in tax income which could be through time. This will be recoupe throught the income tax and sales tax collected by the state from the sales and new jobs created by the project.

  27. Eric Shawn says:

    How about the truth behind that mess…. who were the folks taht presented the at design concept in the first place!!! An mose so lets find out just who was sitting around the table when that design was presented and all gave it a thumbs up Saying they LIKED the DESIGN… Name some Names there!

    1. Dave says:

      I agree – Probably the same Einsteins who approved calling it The American Dream!

  28. Bob says:

    Great, lets throw more money down that rat hole! I have an idea lets layoff more teachers fund it.

  29. michael says:

    That spot would have been great for a casino [see Yonkers Raceway-Empire Casino]. Next to the race track and would have brought in so much money, the politicians wouldn’t have known how to spend it all. Let me run the state. I’ll get you back to even.

  30. joanne smith says:

    a mall!!!!! who the heck has any money to spend in a new mall? unless people have jobs,the fact is, no money, no spending. that goes for gas too.

  31. MOZES says:


    1. Brent Alan says:


  32. Monz1172 says:

    Kathy, you are so right!..and while we are at it let’s read the Stalin Doctrine every morning before class!

  33. tired Taxpayer says:

    Kathy – Can’t do much of that with just 200 million. Especially not with 200 million that doesn’t arrive until the new facility is built. It’s not $200M cash, it’s $200M tax credits – big difference.

  34. kim says:

    I’m excited! I live next to Xanadu and have to look at it everyday. I can’t wait for something spectacular in this area. We often have to leave this area for shopping now, we will have our own shopping mall! Contact me if you need ideas for stores types. Good luck!

    1. Dave says:

      Leave the area for shopping? Have you gone down the road to Jersey Gardens or up the road to Paramus Mall? Hello!?

  35. Dave says:

    WOW – The American Dream – What an improvement! I guess for Christie – anyplace with a Food Court is his dream!!

    1. Montclair Mom says:


    2. demetri says:

      Because Christie looks like a hippo

  36. TJ O'Rourke says:


  37. keith says:

    Waste of time and money – more money. Tear it down and build a parking lot.

  38. Leonard says:

    So Christie didn’t have enough money for a second Hudson rail tunnel, but he has enough money for a tacky mall in a state that already has enough malls?

    1. Parker says:

      Maybe you should do some research and find out the difference between a TAX CREDIT and actually giving them $$

  39. Cindy says:

    Anything is better than what it is now!!!

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