NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Get ready for a new sight on New York City streets: the “Taxi of Tomorrow” is being developed by Nissan.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb: We’ll See Them In Two Years

Mayor Michael Bloomberg revealed the winner of New York City’s “Taxi of Tomorrow” competition Tuesday. The Nissan NV200 taxis will hit the street by 2013.


The Nissan NV200 taxi boasts a number of unprecedented features: there will be airbags for passengers, a GPS system, USB charging ports, separate climate controls, sliding doors with exterior lights on both sides and a see-through roof.

The cab will get approximately 25 miles per gallon, nearly double what the Crown Victoria gets.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports: New York City’s New Street Fleet

Nissan will crash-test the vehicle with the partition in it, a first for the city.

“It’s going to be the safest and most convenient cab the city has ever had,” Bloomberg said. “They will be custom designed to meet the specific demands of carrying 600,000 passengers a day in New York City traffic.”

Bloomberg said Nissan’s cab was developed in particular for the peculiarities of New York City cab service. The mayor had previously asked for the public’s help in selecting the next cab.

Ford and Karsan, a Turkish company, submitted entries into the competition, but were nixed. Karsan even pledged to build their cars in Brooklyn. Bloomberg said the process was fair and open to everyone, and dismissed any talk of alleged conflicts of interests.

The existing fleet of cabs will be off the roads by 2018. All New York City cabs will be the Nissan NV200 by the end of the decade.

David Yassky, the Taxi and Limousine Commissioner, said he believes the Nissan NV200 will finally pick up the mantle of the beloved Checker cab of yesteryear.

The contract between Nissan and the city will last for 10 years and is expected to be worth $1 billion in sales for Nissan, according to Yassky. The sticker price of the cab is about $29,000 for the first model year, Yassky said. The total cost of ownership will be far less than a Crown Victoria, because it will consume less gas.

Bloomberg said that even though a foreign maker won the contract, even Ford wasn’t going to construct their cab in the U.S.A. Bloomberg said Ford wanted to build their fleet in Turkey.

You can check out a video review of the Nissan NV200, which is already available overseas, here.

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  1. J. Walker says:

    Will the drivers still be able to scratch the plexiglass license ID holder
    so that you cannot read their names?

  2. JGNY says:

    I Don’t get it. The great left wing nonsense didn’t win out? Why do these new cars use gas? No plug in available? Put a solar power cell on the roof and go…….. Maybe a windmill on the back and a solar Cell. NO gas needed at all. Make no sense as to way the new pug in nissan was skipped over.

  3. jerseyjoey says:

    Mr. Bloomberg I must commend you, I have never seen in my long life anyone person Hated as much as you, Everyone i know from the city hates the ground you walk on, wow what power you have to create so much energy in the human emotions, you should take a trip to Pakistan for a week, the terrorist will be begging to surrender. And to think I thought i was hated more over my conservitive posts and liberal bashing, im jealous.

  4. Yoda says:

    Run again he can not, so cares he does not.

  5. joebkny says:

    The Turkish design had so much more of a back to the future 2 look to it. this one is just so 1990s

  6. joe for mayor says:

    this car is hard to climb into for the elderly. i bet you hell want new cars for his overweight cops maybe it should have a pull out tray for their doughnuts.a physical every 6 months for cops. he wants to close more firehouses again. layoff cops and bring soldiers to patrol. you still cant balance a city budget even though you are a expert on finance. rooosevelt saved the whole country after the depression

  7. TJ says:

    This proves Bloomberg has now logic or taste. We have a city that is pushing for innovative design and green technology and he decides to go with an ugly mini van! He should salvage this at least by making nissan build a handicap accessible cab. I will not get into a mini van cab for the fact that I am not a middle aged person who has given up. Maybe however this is what he wants to get rid of the cabs and clear up the streets If I was the taxi cab commission I would fight him tooth and nail (even the system now with 10+ different models is better then this.

  8. Bob says:

    Nissan will be making ALL the vehicles in the USA. Which goes on top of paying import tariffs for materials while strengthening the US Dollar.

    Ford will be making ALL their vehicles in Turkey. On top of that, they will take advantage of the generous government subsidies and tax loopholes to not give back to America.

    I don’t even need to discuss Karsan, I think most people already know that that option was a lose-lose.

    Bottom line: Nissan was clearly better for America than even Ford. Yes it might boggle your mind, but we live in a complex time of multi-national global trade and currency-levels that are tied to one another, so the average dumb-dumb might think this was a sour deal, but I am confidant Bloomberg made the right choice.

  9. newyawker says:

    This says nothing about being wheelchair accessible, even though the design looks close to accommodating it. Is that not a violation of the equal access requirement of the disabilities act? Wouldn’t we get a cost savings in eliminated Access-a-Ride? Foolish!

    And how do you deactivate the passenger airbags for little people to prevent decapitations?

    Why is it not electric powered?

    And, of course, the contract for these could have a requisite for some part of the manufacturing to happen within NYC. Why shouldn’t the NYC expenditure go into the local economy? Retool the Stella plant !

  10. omer says:

    karsan was the best, it was specifically designed for a taxi. really bad choice.

  11. the big E says:

    Climbing into an SUV can be difficult for many people.
    All those amenities: you can look forward to increased fares to pay for all the bells and whistles.

    We need basic transportation, not rolling entertainment, at a decent price.

    1. Nickel says:

      Hard to get into ? What are you, a 400 pound slob. Look how low it is to the ground and the room inside.Great choice, for the average person.

      1. omer says:

        how about the wheelchair access

  12. Ron says:

    It should have been FORD. It may not be made here but at least it is an AMERICAN company. Unfortunetly not many cars are being made here any more.

    1. BrooklynMexi says:

      It should have been an American vehicle.

  13. jack says:

    Bottom line is, it was Bloomie’s decision. He doesn’t care if its right or wrong.
    If it turns out bad, he’ll just blame it on something else and keep on truckin. He could care less, he doesn’t take taxi’s.

  14. nyc says:

    I hate the SUV Taxi’s. They are hard to get into, some have no leg room ! Bring back the old Checker Taxi’s. They were like London’s taxi’s, very comfortable, lots of room and easy to get in and out of ! Also, bring back owner/driver taxi’s, all problems will end. It’s these poor foreign drivers that are the worse the city has ever had ! When is this mayor leaving ?

  15. Tom Rodeheaver says:

    This is a ridiculous choice. Ford should have be chosen and told they had to make them in the US.
    Build American, Buy American!

    1. Michael H. says:

      The Fords would have been made in Turkey, according to the article. The only company that would have made them in the United States, ironically, was the Turkish company that was knocked out early on. The NV200 is currently produced in China.

  16. Robert T. says:

    What The Freak! Why is it that when jobs are needed here in the US, a decision is made to buy NYC cabs imported from somwhere else. I’ll never take a cab ride again

    1. Shannon D. says:

      Did you bother to even finish the article? Even if Ford was chosen the cars would have been made abroad. Ford would have had little to no advantage for American jobs here.

      Though I’m happy you’ll never take a cab again, good for the environment and easier for me to catch mine. Thanks!

      1. Aron Szenasi says:

        Did you read the article? The Turkish company would have use engines from Detroit and manufactured the cars in Brooklyn.

  17. Steven says:

    Are you kidding me ??? With all the people out of work in our tri-state area you agree to have them built, a 10 billion dollar contract OVERSEAS ???? What is WRONG here ???

  18. Beth says:

    Will this taxi be handicapped accessible? e.g. wheel chairs? Very few are right now. Also will they all be hybrid? Ridiculous that they stopped rolling out hybrids in NYC!

  19. Philip philips says:

    Busses catch fire easily because of their height and can turn turtle so can these taxies, They would make good grocery trucks though. Some thing sleek and fast would be fine it is always time that matters. Lets catch up with that.

  20. jerseyjoey says:

    Buy American

  21. Manny Khushalani says:

    what about madalines some people have one hundred mmadalines and they make the most of money and the poor taxi driver pay higher price for gass and hardly making any thing.

  22. Harry says:

    what an ugly looking Taxi. Ford crown vic has more leg space and has been a tried and tested vehicle over decades. These ppl have never driven a Taxi and has no feel with the ground realities.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Yet the Crown Vic can’t handle somebody in a wheelchair. It is also being discontinued by Ford and will no longer be available for purchase, even as a fleet vehicle. I love the Crown Vic as well but its day has come.

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