NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – There will be no Mother’s Day celebration for Genovese organized crime family capo Anthony Palumbo, whose dear old mom turns 91 next week.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell: The Judge Said The Line Has To Be Drawn Somewhere

As Palumbo was sentenced to ten years in prison for plotting a murder 19 years ago, his attorney begged the judge to let him surrender sometime later.

“Let him stay out for Mother’s Day and his mother’s birthday,” said the attorney.

The prosecuter pointed out that Palumbo has been out on bail under very lax supervision for some time now and it’s now time for him to pay the price.

“Well, how about just let him have Mother’s Day,” asked his lawyer again.

“No Mother’s Day,” said the judge finally. “You have to draw the line somewhere.”

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  1. tony soprano says:

    why do you people feel bad for this guy he is a criminal

  2. Enzo Carputo says:

    i miss you my frind

  3. enzo carputo says:

    tony we love you imiss you veriy much i drink xyou to

  4. Anonymous. says:

    Tony D is one of the classiest, loving, kind gentlemen i have ever met in my life. This whole case was complete b.s. All the bad guys are away so the government will make a rat say anything to convict whoever is left around even if the stories are weak and lies. Not every man in the mob is a wiseguy, there are a few that are “good”fellas that actually help a lot of people. It’s a shame Tony got the full 10 years and his poor mother can’t spend a little more time with him, and the methods the government is using to pin crimes on these guys is unmoral and un-american. God bless you and your family Tony.

  5. MichaelFromSeattle says:

    I feel sorry for his mother. She’s ninety-one, and Tony will be away for eight and a half years with good behavior.

  6. John Adams says:

    Irene Cornell?
    Gee, I thought you passed away years ago.

  7. Desia A. Ritson says:

    I think that is wrong.She will never see another Mother’s Day for his Judges action, what is one week more. The Judge is making this too personal. I pleas for him to change his mind fro Anthony ‘s Mother more than anything. Judge you can have this on your head if you go through with this decision!

  8. John Adams says:

    Irene Cornell? Gee, I thought you passed-on years ago.

  9. John Adams says:

    Only those in high political office, such as Barack Obama, can legally get away with plotting murders.

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